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  1. I'm trying to figure out which E-Prop and components I need for my 2014 CTLSi. It looks like the model I need is the "3 Blade Rotax 912S Tractor" DURANDAL 100 range, shown here https://aircraft.e-props.fr/product_info.php?cPath=3_31_32&products_id=1. A few questions come up. 1. Should I get the basic Carbon Fiber prop or get the one with Titanium leading edges? 2. My Neuform prop is 65", so I am assuming I should get an E-Prop in 65". 3. Do I need an extended hub (spacer) to push the prop out past the cowing? 4. What diameter spinner do I need? Measured in mm? I spoke with Tom at FD earlier today and he said he would help me get it approved, but I need to submit the information prior to him for reveiw.
  2. What are my options for props that are approved by Flight Design? I'd like to try one from E-Props.
  3. If I convert to ELSA, can in install an in flight adjustable prop?
  4. Maybe it was just a coincidence the annual inspection and shear screw damage happened at the same time. Either way, I am glad the repair is free vs. paying $750 for a new servo.
  5. I wonder how the composite materials used on the CTs compares to Cirrus? A lot of Cirrus' planes have TKS systems. Apparently they don't see an issue with it.
  6. Good point about the redundancy. I wasn't thinking about only having one EFIS system. On a side note, I am considering selling my CT and moving back to a 4 place airplane but I don't think my budget allows for the glass panels that I have become accustomed to on the new airplane and the thought of going back to steam gauges is killing me. Those Skyviews are incredible!
  7. Yes, Seahawk did the annual. Nice guys, but I'll be looking for somebody else to do it next year. Back to the autopilot, I calibrated the servos yesterday and after talking to Arian with FD, I feel good about the calibration. When I test the servos, I don't get full left or right stick movement. The stick will move all the way forward and back, but I only get about 1" of movement left or right. Also, when i press the level button (with the engine turned off and airplane on the ground) the stick constantly jerks about 1/4" each way. I took the servo out and it looks like the shear screw is still intact. Any recommendations? Update: When I actually took the control arm off of the servo, the shear screw was broken. A new one is on the way from Dynon and hopefully this will fix the problem. I am assuming Seahawk Aviation broke the shear screw when they removed the wings for the wing spar inspection.
  8. Why keep the existing analog instruments? My CTLSi only has the Skyviews and I love it. I thought I would need the analog instruments coming from a "six pack" background, but after about 2 or 3 hours of flying time, the EFIS was all I needed. I would recommend ditching the analog instruments and going bigger with the EFIS. I promise you'll love it!
  9. How much does it cost to get a CT deiced? I've heard horror stories about it costing thousands of dollars for light twins.
  10. I’m still trying to work out all the bugs caused during my last annual. I was flying yesterday and my Skyview Classic autopilot on my 2014 CTLSi would not fly level with the autopilot engaged. When I press the level button it holds altitude but after about 10 seconds it rolls into about a 10 degree left or right bank. Does anybody have any suggestion where to start troubleshooting this? It does the same on Alt/Trk mode and Alt/HSI mode. It worked fine prior to the annual inspection. I am thinking I might need to calibrate the servos.
  11. While flying at power setto gs above 80% I keep getting a stuck Mike sound on my Garmin 255a Nav/Com. The RX light keeps flashing just like it is receiving a signal over the radio. If I turn down the online on the Nav side, nothing changes. If I turn the volume down in the. Om side, it goes away. If I press the monitor button to monitor the standby frequency it goes away. If I trip the breaker on the radio and just leave the j tervom on, it goes away. If I pull the power down to less than 80% it goes away. Any recommendations on what is going on?
  12. I am over 2 months in on the annual inspection and rubber replacement in our 2014 CTLSi. The mechanic keeps complaining that he is having a hard time getting parts from Lockwood Aviation Supply in Florida. Has anybody had issues getting parts from Lakewood recently? Or is my A&P just jerking me around? Does anybody know a better place to get parts for the rubber replacement?
  13. I'd like to know your opinion on the Husky vs the CT. It's been on my watch list for a while. I'm considering selling my CTLSi since I'm having a hard time finding someone to maintain the Rotax engine and do annuals on the LSA in my area. I've been thinking about going the taildragger route.
  14. I've had pretty good luck with rubbing alcohol cleaning the underside of my plane. I do have a couple of brown stains from the fuel drain that I haven't been able to clean with it though. It does work pretty good on the wing tip vent areas if you get to them pretty fast after flying. Where are you located in SC? I live in Myrtle Beach, but keep the plane in Marion, MAO.
  15. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
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