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  1. Andy A

    Trying to get the most speed out of my CTLSi

    My throttle is probably only 70% open when I am at 95% power. I have to push it the other 30% further to get the final 5% of power out of the engine. I have always thought that was strange.
  2. Andy A

    Trying to get the most speed out of my CTLSi

    Thanks for the advice. Just to clarify two things. First, the 95% power setting is what I am reading off the Skyview display. This is the fuel injected version, so I am not sure if the carbureted models have this same reading on the display. Secondly, I picked 3,500' altitude because I live next to the coast and pretty much at sea level. All of my "fun" flying is below 3,500', most is around 1,500' and 2,000', where I am not too concerned about speed. If I am going somewhere, 4,000 to 6,000 is the desired elevation, dependent on the winds. Our field elevation is 90'.
  3. I adjusted the prop on our CTLSi last week and picked up a few knots. Before the adjustment I was seeing 105 to 107 as TAS during cruise. After the adjustment, at 3,500' (my most commonly used altitude), WOT will produce 5,600 RPM. I am now getting about 112-115 knots TAS as my max speed. If I pull it back to 95% or about 5350, I am getting 109-110 knots cruise speed. Is that the best I can expect from this airplane? By adjusting the pitch, I now can access the full range of the green RPM arc. It will just barely hit 5,600 rpms...I have seen 5,610 rpm one time. Since I have no intention of operating it above 5,500 rpm (in fact, I plan on using about 5,300-5,350 rpm for cruise) is there any reason to adjust the pitch of the prop any more? Maybe the tundra gear on our plane is causing it not to go quite a fast as some of the others, or maybe its the additional weight of the fuel injected engine. Is there anything else I can do to get closer to the 120 knot max speed without over reving the engine?
  4. Andy A

    uAvionix skyBeacon for ADS-B Out

    I just installed the Dynon SV GPS 2020 antenna on our plane and now I'm ADSB in and out compliant. It only costs $570. If you have the Dynon 261 Transponder, Dynon 470 (or 472) ADSB receiver and the Dynon SV GPS 250 antenna, its an easy swap. Just remove the 250 and install the new 2020. Splice 4 wires and the new 2020 installs in with the same 4 screws. Change a few settings in the setup screen and that's it. But...don't expect to get the FAA $500 rebate if only installing the 2020 antenna. I just got denied the rebate from them.
  5. Andy A


    I renewed yesterday with AOPA. I went with the $1,000,000 combined single limit and $100,000 hull value for $1,547.00. 2014 CTLSi. The other option was $1,187 for $1,000,000 each occurrence limited to $100,000 per passenger. We used Travers Insurance for years and they always had pretty good prices. That is Travers...not Travelers.
  6. I spoke with Dynon’s tech support and got it worked out. The firmware was not up to date on the transponder. If anyone else has this problem go to the transponder setup screen. The first line is the transponder firmware version. Look at the last few numbers. The current version is .11. If yours isn’t up of date look for the load button at the bottom of the screen and press it. The firmware is already saved in the unit but hasn’t been installed until you load it. Easy fix.
  7. Does anybody know if I can get ADSB traffic from my Dynon Skyview system to show up on my Garmin 796?
  8. I just upgraded my Dynon SV GPS 250 to the new SV GPS 2020 ADSB compliant model. I have Dynon Skyview Classics with the Dynon 261 Transponder and 470 ADSB unit. The old 250 was working perfectly for weather and ADSB in. After I installed the 2020, everything is working exactly the same as before. It’s picking up other planes but not sending an out signal. Does anybody have any recommendations on what could be wrong?
  9. Andy A

    Glider tape question?

    What is the purpose of the tape on top of the stabilator? I removed mine yesterday because it was bubbling and looked bad. After I removed the tape and glue, its just a smooth surface underneath. There is no gap to seal or keep clean under the tape. I don't see why I should put more tape back there.
  10. Andy A

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    Flying Monkey, I'd love a copy of the prop adjustment instructions if you have them. My email address is andy@andersonoilcompany.com. I'm going to order the prop protractor you recommended now. I tried to PM you, but for some reason it said you couldn't receive messages. Thanks for your help.
  11. Andy A

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    Where is the best place to buy a Neuform Adjusting Gauge?
  12. Andy A

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    Thanks for the advice. By the way, those seats are awesome! Sorry I hijacked the thread.
  13. Andy A

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    105 to 107 TAS seem to be pretty common according to the Dynon Skywiew at about 5200 rpm. We got the plane just before summer and all the flying I've done so far has been in 90 degree heat with lots of turbulence. It seems like there is always a headwind too. I am ready for some smooth air this fall and winter to really dial in the airspeed and rpms. I feel like the prop may need some adjusting, but don't want to start with that until after we get some smoother air. I feel like the propeller pitch has been set by Flight Design so it will not allow me to get into the yellow or red area. the highest RPM I have ever seen is about 5350 and that was when the airplane was getting pushed down in a downdraft.
  14. Andy A

    Awesome new seat in my CTLSi

    I feel like our CTLSi also has a cruise speed of about 105 knots. The summer is pretty rough here in the south, so I haven't been able to pinpoint the cruise speed exactly. I'm ready for some cooler air this fall so I can start adjusting the prop. I kind of thought we had a dud with the 105 knot speed, but at least now I know there is another with the same speed.
  15. I changed the oil and filter in our 912is about a month ago. I followed the directions posted on line and in a video I found. First I burped the engine, then removed the oil plug, then removed the filter. I did not pre fill the filter, but I did use 3 full liters of oil. Ever since then, Oil oozes out of the overflow when it sits for a while. When I check the Oil, I burp the engine first then check it. It appears it has been over filled because the oil level is over the flat part of the stick. It’s really starting to mKe a mess on the underside of the plane too. Any idea how it got overfilled, when I removed the plug and filter and let it drain until it appeared to be empty?