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  1. I am over 2 months in on the annual inspection and rubber replacement in our 2014 CTLSi. The mechanic keeps complaining that he is having a hard time getting parts from Lockwood Aviation Supply in Florida. Has anybody had issues getting parts from Lakewood recently? Or is my A&P just jerking me around? Does anybody know a better place to get parts for the rubber replacement?
  2. I'd like to know your opinion on the Husky vs the CT. It's been on my watch list for a while. I'm considering selling my CTLSi since I'm having a hard time finding someone to maintain the Rotax engine and do annuals on the LSA in my area. I've been thinking about going the taildragger route.
  3. I've had pretty good luck with rubbing alcohol cleaning the underside of my plane. I do have a couple of brown stains from the fuel drain that I haven't been able to clean with it though. It does work pretty good on the wing tip vent areas if you get to them pretty fast after flying. Where are you located in SC? I live in Myrtle Beach, but keep the plane in Marion, MAO.
  4. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  5. My 2014 CTLSi is in the shop for an annual inspection and the A&P mentioned the wing spar inspection was due last year but the logs appear it wasn't done. How extensive of an inspection is this? Is it a very labor intensive expensive inspection? Between the annual, rubber replacment, wing spar inspection, transponder check, and prop balance I get the feeling this is going to be an expensive trip to the shop. I thought it was pretty easy to remove the wings on the CTs.
  6. I have XM radio to listen to music while I fly and love it...and I am a cheapskate. Just a word of advice, when you sign up, tell them you want the service, but don't want to pay full price. They almost always cut the price in half with little to no problems.
  7. Our CTLSi has the Dynon Skyview system. On landing, when I am abeam the numbers, I pull the throttle to idle. The ball immediately goes to the left and requires a lot of left rudder to keep it centered. This results in a skid, if not properly coordinated, at our airport's right hand pattern. Just curious if the CT's are actually skidding as much as the ball makes it look, or is the Skyview system so fast to respond, does it make it look like the its worse than it is?
  8. It's kind of a deep scratch. Does anybody know if I could wet sand it with a 5000 grit sand paper then polish it with a buffer and get the shine back? Seems like I've heard the paint FD uses is acrylic and I don't have much experience with that.
  9. Perfect, I just stumbled across that and was hoping it would work. Thanks for the advice.
  10. I accidently scratched my cowling with a screwdriver today. It looks like scratched through the clear coat and paying. Does anybody have a recommendation for a touch up paint pen with an extra fine point and recommendations on what color I would need for a white CTLSi?
  11. My CTLSi is going in for an annual in the next few weeks and is also due for its first rubber replacement. The A&P said it should take about 25 to 30 hours. I have heard it is a lot more complex than it sounds, but was wondering if this sounds about right? I don't know his rate, but I am assuming its around $100/hour, putting the cost at $2,500 to $3,000 plus parts. I wasn't sure if the fuel injected version would be more or less expensive than the carbureted version. Does anybody have any advice here?
  12. I definitely recommend Gregg Ellsworth with AIR. He just provided me with a list of quotes, several of which were cheaper than staying with my current provider's policy. Quick and easy process. According to him, there has been a turn in the market and most insurance companies are higher than last year. He thinks the insurance companies are ready to make some money.
  13. If you are using the Skyview, you can set up a VNAV profile to descend to a certain altitude at a certain point. For example, you can set it so you will be 1000' above the runway 1 mile before you get there to help enter the traffic pattern on a VFR flight. Or you can set it to follow a 3 degree glide slope from the final approach fix of the RNAV approach down to the MDA a half a mile before the airport. The options are pretty wide open. Go to youtube and search "Skyview ILS Lite".
  14. I spoke with Seahawk Aviation and they sounded like they were competent to work on LSA and Rotax engines. I'll be taking the plane over there in the next few weeks for an annual inspection, rubber replacement, transponder check and possibly a prop balance...sounds like an expensive trip. Next year the parachute repack if due. I'm ready to get some of these expensive items taken care of so I can enjoy the low cost of owning an LSA!
  15. Does anybody know anyone in the Carolinas that you would recommend to do an upcoming annual and rubber replacement on our CTLSi? I haven't found any body relatively close that is familiar with the rubber replacement on the 912is engine. There used to be an A&P near Wilmington, NC, but I was told last year he was no longer in the area.
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