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  1. Our CTLSi has the Garmin 255 Nav/Com. I haven’t tried to do an ILS with it yet, but know it’s capable. Does anybody know if the autopilot built in to the Skyview displays will provide vertical guidance on an ILS approach? I understand the CTLS is a VMC only airplane, I was just curious. I guess I’ll have to try it out sometime.
  2. We got our CTLSi in March of this year and most of the 40+ hours I have in it have been solo flights. On my most recent two flights with a passenger, I have noticed the AOA indicator chirping at a higher speeds than when solo. Today my brother in law and I were leaving a flyin at a 7,000’ grass strip, we were at max gross weight , 90 degree air temp, 700’ field elevation, 1,500’ density altitude, 15 degrees of flaps and when I rotated at 60 knots, the AOA was steadily chirping. Why was it chirping at 60 knots? I tried to keep my speed up before rotating since we were at max weight, but the airplane wanted to fly at 60 knots. I thought the stall speed in that configuration was around 45 knots. Should I have taken off with 30 degrees of flaps? Also, when we were landing, turning base to final at about 65 knots, I also heard chirping. When I am flying solo, I only hear the chirping on the landing flare...probably around 50 knots or slower. Anybody have any insight on this?
  3. My right side brake caliper stuck today at a fly in. I'm pretty sure the pads are worn too thin and need replacing. I tapped on the caliper and managed to get the piston back in. The brakes started back working, but now the parking brake does not. Any suggestions on how to fix this? There is no tension on the park brake lever, it freely rotates. Second question. It's a 2014 CTLSi with the Mato brakes. Copper/gold in color. Any idea which brake pads I need?
  4. Andy A

    Generator whining over intercom

    I've heard people in the past talk about discharging a capacitor before removing it. Does anybody know if this needs to be done to this capacitor? Do I need to do anything else special to it before removing it? Or just remove the wires, install the new one, double check to make sure the polarity is correct and then I'm done. I just ordered the capacitor off of Amazon for about $30.
  5. Andy A

    Generator whining over intercom

    Found it. Thanks!
  6. Andy A

    Generator whining over intercom

    Can you identify the capacitor in this picture?
  7. Andy A

    Generator whining over intercom

    One more question. Where is the original capacitor located? Is it a pretty easy thing to swap out?
  8. Andy A

    Generator whining over intercom

    Please elaborate. What kind of capacitor and where does it go? The grounds look pristine to me but I don’t really know what I am looking for. I appreciate any advice you have, but I don’t have an A&P background. Thanks again.
  9. Andy A

    Generator whining over intercom

    I noticed today that the generator is grounded to the same bolt that the avionics busbar is connected to. I think all of the avionics and wires on the cabin side of the firewall are connected to a busbar on the copilot's side (no pictures of this). The busbar is connected to the firewall by a bolt that passes thought the firewall which is used as a grounding point. This bolt can be seen in the first two pictures and has two black connectors with wires attached. These two black wires are the ground wires. One wire goes to the negative side of the battery, the second wire connects to the steel frame where the motor mounts are located, the generator is also attached to this bolt (picture 3). I also noticed the other side of the airplane has the same steel frame and bolt with nothing attached (picture 4). I am thinking about disconnecting my generator ground from this bolt and connecting it to the empty bolt located in the fourth picture. Does anyone think this will accomplish anything or will it still have the whining because its all attached to the same steel frame? Also, someone mentioned to me that I might be able to use a plastic isolation washer to place between the 2 grounds. Anybody ever heard of this?
  10. I think I have narrowed down the whining over our intercom to the generator. The whining increases with an increase in power. When I disconnect the breaker, the whining stops. However, I can also hear the blinking of the strobe lights when they are turned on over the intercom. I understand the problem if probably a grounding issue, but, I don't really know how to go about fixing it. Right now my plan is to remove the generator, make sure all the connections are clean, and reinstall. Any other recommendations? Its a 2014 CTLSi.
  11. Andy A

    Stick on Slip Indicator

    Does anyone know a good place to get a cheap stick on slip indicator (bubble) that I can stick on our panel? Sometimes I would prefer the old fashioned "bubble" than the digital bubble on our Dynon Skyviews.
  12. Andy A

    Garmin 797 Update

    Dumb question. We are relatively new owners of a 2014 CTLSi with a Garmin 796 installed in the dash. I don't think its been updated since it was new. My question is how do I update it? Do I need to remove the unit and take the entire unit to my computer or is there a SD card that can be removed? I'm sure I can figure it out, but wanted to ask on the forum before I give it a try.
  13. Anybody have any advice on tracking down a squeel/static noise in my intercom while listening to XM radio? Our 2014 CTLSi has the toggle switch to the right of the intercom to toggle between XM and Aux music. When I have it on XM I pick up a squeel/static noise. When I switch it to Aux it goes away. Where should I start?
  14. How often do you guys have to replace the trim tape holding the landing gear farings to the fuselage? Our (new to us) 2014 looks like its time for a replacement. Also, how well does the tape stick? I am afraid out plane might be too slick from frequent cleanings for the tape to hold for very long.
  15. I've noticed some light brown stains on our airplane's belly. I'm assuming it's from the exhaust because it's on the same side as the muffler. It's a really light color. What's the best thing to clean it with? If I can get it clean, I'll be able to keep it clean. I clean our plane with Pledge furniture polish after each flight. I just need to clean it from the previous owner's 150 hours of neglect.