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  1. Andy A

    Stick on Slip Indicator

    Does anyone know a good place to get a cheap stick on slip indicator (bubble) that I can stick on our panel? Sometimes I would prefer the old fashioned "bubble" than the digital bubble on our Dynon Skyviews.
  2. Andy A

    Garmin 797 Update

    Dumb question. We are relatively new owners of a 2014 CTLSi with a Garmin 796 installed in the dash. I don't think its been updated since it was new. My question is how do I update it? Do I need to remove the unit and take the entire unit to my computer or is there a SD card that can be removed? I'm sure I can figure it out, but wanted to ask on the forum before I give it a try.
  3. Anybody have any advice on tracking down a squeel/static noise in my intercom while listening to XM radio? Our 2014 CTLSi has the toggle switch to the right of the intercom to toggle between XM and Aux music. When I have it on XM I pick up a squeel/static noise. When I switch it to Aux it goes away. Where should I start?
  4. How often do you guys have to replace the trim tape holding the landing gear farings to the fuselage? Our (new to us) 2014 looks like its time for a replacement. Also, how well does the tape stick? I am afraid out plane might be too slick from frequent cleanings for the tape to hold for very long.
  5. I've noticed some light brown stains on our airplane's belly. I'm assuming it's from the exhaust because it's on the same side as the muffler. It's a really light color. What's the best thing to clean it with? If I can get it clean, I'll be able to keep it clean. I clean our plane with Pledge furniture polish after each flight. I just need to clean it from the previous owner's 150 hours of neglect.
  6. Andy A

    Rolls in a CT?

    Just curious, are rolls allowed in a CTLS? Sure would be fun if they were.
  7. Andy A

    Tail tie down strap

    What are you guys doing to tie down the tail of your airplane when it's parked overnight on the ramp? Our Ctls doesn't have a rear tie down on the tail. I've seen the straps used on the tails of other similar planes. Anybody know where to buy them?
  8. I flew yesterday and noticed the throttle gauge area that reads how much percent power you are using had a red X through it and said CFG under it. This was only on the pilots side of the Skyview monitors. I did recently go into the setup menu and updated the 28 day database. Not sure it that caused some problems. Any imput on what's going on?
  9. I was in the market for a 2008 CLTs a few weeks back and there were 2 pretty good ones on Barnstormers.com. Both from private sellers. Mike Davis had a 2008 in Arkansas and just got it out of the annual in early March. It just had the rubber replacement then. Seems like it had about 400 hours. He was asking $85k. Phil Dickerson had also had a 2008 that was due for annual and rubber replacement at the end of this month or early April. He had about 900 hours. He wanted $84,500. His was located in Tulsa. Rex Johnson did the annuals on both and most of the maintenance over both plane's lifespans. I called him and questioned both airplanes and he had nothing bad to say about either. Both owners were super nice and had answers to all my questions. I was leaning toward the one in Arkansas with 400 hours, then an unbelievable deal popped up on a 2014 CTLSi, so that's the one I bought. I recommend getting in touch with both of them. You can call Rex Johnson and ask about planes and his recent annuals can serve as a free prebuy inspection. You might want to give Tom Gutman in Tulsa a call too.
  10. Andy A

    Loose Throttle Control

    Is there any way to tighten up the tension on the throttle control on a CTLSi? It seems like ours keeps creeping up on the RPMs. If I set it at 5,200 RPMS, within a few minutes it creeps up to 5,500 RPMS. Maybe its the plane's way of telling me it wants to run at 5,500!
  11. Andy A

    Control Lock

    Does anybody have a good recommendation for a control lock to lock things down while outside? It's fairly windy where I live and I noticed today how much they flap around without one.
  12. The 2014 CTLSi we recently bought needs some of the white trim tape replaced where the landing gear fairings meet the fuselage. Does anybody know the best place and type of tape to get?
  13. I was told recently that the reason the CT’s in the USA are limited to -6 degree flap settings is to prevent their speed from exceeding 120 knots. I was also told that changing out a flap microswitch would upgrade a CTLSi to the -12 degree setting. I recently purchased a CTLSi with tundra gear and was trying to find a way to pick up a few extra knots to offset the loss of speed because of the larger wheels. Does anyone know if the information I received was correct? If so, where can I get one of those microswitches?