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  1. Andy A

    3D Printed (FDM) Cabin Plugs

    I'm okay with $60. I'd love to be the guinea pig. I'll send you a pm.
  2. Andy A

    3D Printed (FDM) Cabin Plugs

    Any chance you would be willing to make a set for me? I'll gladly pay for you services.
  3. Andy A

    Baggage space CTLS

    We have a CTLSi and I would say no, the standard size carry on will not fit. In my experience, duffel bags (or other soft sided bags) are the only thing that will fit.
  4. Andy A

    Garmin 496 for sale

    Anybody interested in buying a Garmin 496 GPS? Physically in near mint condition. Hasn't been used in probably 3 years. I doubt I'll ever use it again. Not sure what its worth. I'll get it and the manuals together and post a picture sometime today. Let me know if you are interested.
  5. Andy A

    Mactan Cebu to Sicogon Is

    Were you able to fit the kite board in the baggage compartment or did you have to put it in the copilot's seat? Looks like you know how to have a good time!
  6. Andy A

    Triple Tree Chilly Chilli Fly-in

    In case you didn't make it, you missed a good time. 322 airplanes made it to the fly in on Saturday. Pretty impressive for a one day event.
  7. Andy A

    Triple Tree Chilly Chilli Fly-in

    The Triple Tree Chilly Chilli Fly-in is this weekend at the Triple Tree Aerodrome near Spartanburg, SC. Excellent 7,000 ft by 400' bentgrass runway. SC00 (SC zero zero) is the identifier. Must purchase your tickets in advance. Definitely worth the trip if you are near by. I'll probably be there...weather depending. http://www.tripletreeaerodrome.com/chilly-chili-fly-in.php
  8. Andy A

    Garmin Pilot

    Does anybody know what aircraft ide tifer we need to use to save or file a flight plan in garmin pilot? FDCT isn't recognized.
  9. Andy A

    2011 CTLS available for new home

    Looks like a great price on this airplane!
  10. Andy A

    uAvionix skyBeacon for ADS-B Out

    I swapped out the SV-GPS-250 with the 2020 by myself. Its pretty easy. An hour job if you have a second person to help you. You'll need some metric hex keys, a wire cutter/stripper, pliers, and something to splice the wires (wire nuts). You have to take the overhead ceiling liner out to access the back side of the existing antenna. I think you have to remove 6 or so small screws to do that. Then to remove the existing antenna, you'll need to use a pair of pliers or the correct size wrench (about 10mm I believe) to hold the nut on the backside of the antenna and a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws on the outside of the airplane. I was able to remove the existing antenna by myself, but had to have a second person help me install the new one because its hard to work both sides of the screw by yourself. Its a pain in the butt to splice the wires, but there are only four, so it doesn't take very long. After that you'll need to adjust a few settings on your Skyview and your are done. No reason to do the FAA required ADSB refund test flight, because its not eligible for the refund. The guys at Dynon are pretty helpful if you have any problems.
  11. I actually think the CTLSi is the easiest airplane I have ever flown. Coming from a Cessna 310, it took a few hours to work out the landing, but other than that, all you do is give it the gas and go. In my opinion, the only thing that requires any effort is keeping the ball centered. The 310 was an easier plane to land, but I thought it was pretty easy to fly too.
  12. Andy A

    Need a fuel cap

    I want to buy an extra fuel cap because I feel like one of mine is about to break. Does anybody have any recommendations on where to get one?
  13. Andy A

    Weight increase on our CTs?

    My CTLSi weighs in at 856 lbs.
  14. Hypothetically speaking, if the LSA weight limit was increased on our CT's, what would it be increased to? When I was shopping for ours, I heard several people (including two different people which specialize in Flight Design sales) tell me "don't worry too much about the useful load, fill the tanks and put two people in it and fly it". They said 1320 pounds was established by the LSA rules and the airplane could handle much more than that. I've heard a couple people mention these planes are operated at higher weights in other countries, but I have never been able to find any literature referencing that. Does anybody know what the actual recommended gross weight for these airplane is based on the design and aerodynamics? I feel like the gross weight of 1320 pounds was used based on the LSA rules, and Flight Designs stopped their calculations there. I started my search looking for a CTSW because I liked the 500 to 600 pound useful load, but ended up with a CTLSi with a 466 pound useful load. I personally doubt a gross weight increase on older planes will ever happen, but 150 pounds would make a world of difference on the CTLSi's.
  15. Andy A

    Airplane Taxes

    I would pull a VREF report from AOPA's website and if its less than the assessed 75k value the county is using, I would try to get it adjusted. The county I live in in South Carolina charges annual property tax on the airplane you own on January 1. This year we will still be paying taxes for the Cessna 310 we had earlier this year. Seems like is was only $300-$400 last year. I see a lot of planes in my area registered to LLC's in Deleware.