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  1. I spoke with the guys at Dynon. They think I need to adjust the Pitch Sensitivity srtting on the autopilot. The range is 0 to 24. The default is 10. They said to increase it to 15 and see how it does.
  2. Thaks for all the advice. I'll see if any of these items help. I agree 115 knots is probably too fast if I was actually doing a real rnav approach, but when I am out playing around it sure makes the distance go by faster. The autopilot is the only thing that seems a little finicky to me on this plane. The Cessna 310 we previously has was rock solid on autopilot at any speed I used.
  3. I've been playing around with the VNAV approach option on the Skyview recently. It's pretty cool. It will intercept a faux "glideslope" and provide vertical and lateral navigation from the final approach fox all the way to the runway. Today when I started my descent down the glideslope I noticed stick flutter and porpoising at an airspeed of about 115 knots indicated. It feels like an autopilot issue to me. I slowed down to 100 knots and - 500 fpm rate and it went away. Could it just be a trim problem? Any recommendations?
  4. I have a 2014 CTLSi that looks identical to yours, inside and out. My Garmin 797 needs to be updated also. I tried to do it last year and realized it is a huge PIA to get the unit out of the dash to update. You have to take the 4 screws at the corners of the panel out then take the gps unit out of the mounting bracket. If I recall, the mounting bracket blocks where the cable needs to connect to the gps. I bought a cable with a 90 degree bend to permanently mount to the gps to make it easier in the future, but haven't gotten around to installing it. Also, you have to have an account with Garmin.
  5. Looks like Tuesday was a serious day of flying...about 10.5 hours. That 6 hour and 38 minute leg was pretty impressive.
  6. I used the link Tom posted above to test mine. The FAA will send you a report that lets you know if you passed or not.
  7. You'd think you could get leather seats for 285k.
  8. Nice airplane, but $285 seem like a lot of money for what it is. I wonder why the gross weight is 1320? I would think the gross weight would be adjusted to what the airplane is actually capable of handling, since it isn't considered LSA. It would be interesting to see what the gross weight would be if it was in the normal airplane category. It's probably capable of IFR flight in IMC with that Garmin GPS. The link to their website lists a 140 knot cruise. My CTLSi weighs 856 lbs, so this one is in line with that. However, I don't consider the CTLSi to be as nicely equipped as this one.
  9. Are you guys saying anybody can do the removal and reinstallation? Or does it require an A&P?
  10. If you install a vent like the ones that used to come on plastic gas cans, you'll be able to empty the gas cans in about half the time. I got mine off of Ebay. https://www.walmart.com/ip/5-Yellow-Fuel-Gas-Can-Jug-Vent-Cap/782610483?sourceid=csebr037c7d87cc1c8e40daa5737c0ebffccbea&wmlspartner=bizratecom&affcmpid=1199964180&tmode=0000&veh=cse&szredirectid=15613806478403458088310070302008005
  11. Does anybody know anyone who balances props in the Carolinas?
  12. We cleaned the gascolator screen yesterday and solved the problem. It was close to being completely clogged up. If anyone else has this problem, please note that there is as safety wire installed on the wheel on the gascolator that has to be removed before the gascolator bowl can be removed. The safety wire on our airplane was located on the back of the gascolator where it couldn't be seen. We tried to unscrew the wheel for about 30 minutes before figuring this out.
  13. I have a CTLSi and love it. If I'm going somewhere, I run about 5400 rpms and burn about 4.8 gph. I can throttle back to 3 to 4 gph, but lose too much speed for my liking. I have never flown the non fuel injection, so I don't really know what I'm missing. I will tell you that whatever you do, make sure you get a plane with the Dynon Skyviews. They are awesome. I would take a non fuel injected plane with Skyviews over a fuel injected one without them.
  14. AOPA had the best rates or our 2014 CTLSi. $1,547 for $1,000,000 combined single limit. The lesser coverage they offered was about $1,200 but I can't remember the limits. Based on $100,000 hull value...because that is what I paid for it. Also, I am close to you in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
  15. Thank you very much. I just spoke with Arian at Flight Designs and he agrees with your recommendation.
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