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    Recently acquired Adam Coffey's CTLSi. Adam is a gentleman and was a pleasure to work with. His airplane is as close to perfectly maintained as any I have ever seen! Thank you Adam! My wife, Billie, and I are looking forward to getting familiar with our new aircraft and start building experience and memories. Walt Harsch
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  1. John-Olav and Tim, I have just made reservations for both Bryce Canyon and Page - pleasantly without incident - ha! My wife, Billie and I will be attending for the first time with out CTLSi, N814WB. We are really looking forward to meeting new friends and seeing the area from the air. I think you can get our contact info from our registration page, but please let me know If you need anything more from us. THANK YOU for being willing to organize this event!!! Walt & Billie Harsch Green Valley, AZ
  2. Duane - THANKS! I had mentioned your help earlier, but there were several folks I tried to acknowledge so I hope you don't feel overlooked. I flew today for an hour doing touch & go's. My annual with Roger os less than two weeks off and we will inspect all the mechanical stuff and will go through to Dynon check list and will follow your good advice. Have fun in St. Louis!!! Walt
  3. Thanks Dick. That makes sense. I've had a chance to read through the Dynon Autopilot Tuning Guide that Bill put me on to and I think I can pick a calm morning and go through that myself. Your aileron binding experience also makes sense, and as mentioned above, we will look at all the linkage during the annual in a couple weeks. The plane has just over 60 hours on it now so I'm not expecting "wear" issues per se, but there could be something that has worked lose, etc. Thanks! Walt
  4. Andy, Bill, Dave and Ed - and you Duane! MANY THANKS!! Between family commitments and local winds, I haven't been up again to try out further adjustments to the torque, gain and sensitivity. Bill, at your suggestion, I did find the AP tuning guide and I think it will go a long way toward solving my issue. I also wandered over to the Dynon forum and there was not much on this topic, suggesting that if properly set up, not many folks seem to share this issue - hope that is the case. One good suggestion was to inspect the servos & linkage before getting too deep in the software weeds. I have an annual coming up the end of this month with Roger and I'm sure we will give it a good look. Billie and I continue to be very pleased at our decision to buy the Flight Design. The community support is fantastic!!!
  5. I'm a pretty new CTLSi owner and experienced something today I've not seen before: While on an XC from Tucson to Sedona under close to ideal weather conditions, the autopilot would "hunt" 6 or seven degrees around the HSI or TRK. Altitude hold was spot on and the "average" heading was fine.; Just a gentle roll left and right along the intended path. Same indications on the way home. No change shifting from the Garmin 796 to Skyview. In the Skyview touch (ver 15.3.3) autopilot setup screen, the torque was set at 100 - I varied it down to 80, no effect. Sensitivity was set to 20 and I tried it at 15 and 25 (it would only go as high as 24). The higher setting seemed a little better, but that could have been me getting used to it - ha! Used the autopilot a couple months ago with similar load and conditions with no problems (but, it was ver 15.1 something). Any thoughts or suggestions? The plane is a delight to fly and seems in excellent condition in all other respects. Thanks in advance for your help!
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