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  1. If you get it back please post procedure. I lost mine after a "Master Reset" of the 496 - ten years ago. I could not get it back. No other issues between the Dynon and the 496.
  2. Interesting. My replacement floats from Lockwood (p/n 861188) weighed new 6.58, 6.57, 6.51 and 6.55 grams each out of the box.
  3. Replaced floats. Leakage stopped. Two of the removed floats weighed more than 7 grams (7.13 and 7.07). One of these was on each side. These floats weighed 6.5 and 6.6 grams in January. A fuel pressure reduction issue I've had for several months during full power climb (normal flow) apparently also went away. Test flight revealed normal pressure and flow, normal rpm and no roughness.
  4. Fuel draining from airbox drain tube with fuel selector on - engine off. No fuel in carb trays. Floats do not appear stuck. Any suggestions?
  5. Matco Mfg WHLW162L Technical Service Guide REV A 05/08/08, Mounting the Tire and Tube page 12, lines 7 - 11 below the NOTE box.
  6. It's in the Matco instruction manual. You run fishline between tube and inside of wheel with tube partially inflated and wheel halves not tight. You can get all the way around to the valve in both directions. Tighten wheel bolts some and do it again. Do this until wheel halves are too tight to allow fishline movement. Torque wheel bolts and fully inflate tube.
  7. I had similar problem here in New Mexico. Eight ply 400-6 tires, Desser "heavy duty tubes" and the Matco fishline method of tube installation solved it.
  8. I've used 4x600 8-ply from Desser for more than 7 years. I get at least 400 hours and lots of landings between changes. I worry more about the tube condition than the tire and my changes have been to resolve that worry. The 6-ply from Desser would not resist "goat head" punctures (common here on all runways - paved and unpaved) so I stopped using them. The original 4-ply SAVA tires were worthless.
  9. You had no issue with your geographical FSDO approving the "Major Change"? How did your operating limitations change? Did you get new? My FSDO (ABQ) is being a pita about my changing to a Sensenich - which I have FD approval for.
  10. What is TBO? Any service in US?
  11. Thank you guys for the discussion. I'm PPL, SEL and Glider, 3000 tt, 1000 in CTLS, no accidents, incidents or violations. I'm 68 and shouldn't be having this issue just yet.
  12. I used a USB/voltmeter cigarette lighter adapter for a while. The voltage display was always on when plugged in regardless of Master Switch position. 2008 CTLS.
  13. Thanks, my coverage with AIG is identical to yours. The cost has increased to $2750 during the past two years.
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