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  1. Philip Welsch

    NEW propeller for CT

    You had no issue with your geographical FSDO approving the "Major Change"? How did your operating limitations change? Did you get new? My FSDO (ABQ) is being a pita about my changing to a Sensenich - which I have FD approval for.
  2. Philip Welsch

    NEW propeller for CT

    What is TBO? Any service in US?
  3. Philip Welsch


    Thank you guys for the discussion. I'm PPL, SEL and Glider, 3000 tt, 1000 in CTLS, no accidents, incidents or violations. I'm 68 and shouldn't be having this issue just yet.
  4. Philip Welsch

    Battery charger

    I used a USB/voltmeter cigarette lighter adapter for a while. The voltage display was always on when plugged in regardless of Master Switch position. 2008 CTLS.
  5. Philip Welsch


    Thanks, my coverage with AIG is identical to yours. The cost has increased to $2750 during the past two years.
  6. Philip Welsch


    Anyone using AVEMCO. I have had AIG for 10 years. My broker of 20 years sold his bookings and retired two years ago and my cost with AIG has increased $1100 during that period. Don't know if the problem is the broker, AIG or the market in general.
  7. Philip Welsch

    Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Your Experimental Operating Limitations probably require your geographical FSDO to provide written approval of the "Major Change", prior to flight, if you replace the Neuform.
  8. Philip Welsch

    Replacing the MASTER switch with a TYCO X2M1G Switch

    If you install the toggle breakers (W-31) to replace the existing W-23 you will need to enlarge the hole - the neck of the W-31 is larger in diameter. Also, to have the toggle face down when off, the W-31 will need to be installed "up side down" relative to the position of the W-23. That means that the wires will need to be untied to make them long enough to reach the proper line and load terminals on the W-31. My W-23 Battery Master failed at 930 hours and about 1,500 cycles. No where near the 6,000 electrical or 10,000 cycle mechanical cycle indicated in the breaker spec sheet.
  9. Philip Welsch

    Continued Use of Battery Charger?

    Odyssey engineer told me to use snoeflake setting for their PC 310 battery but not to charge it directly after flight. Told to wait until surface charge had dissipated before connecting charger so that charger would not think surface charge was actual charge state.
  10. Philip Welsch


    The BS06 is a 6v battery isn't it? The BS12 is somewhat larger.
  11. Philip Welsch

    New Rotax oil filter Service Bulletin

    Dean Vogal from Lockwood said this morning that 010 and 012 filters are not included in this SB. prw
  12. Philip Welsch

    I’m going Elsa and need direction please!

    Watch out for your Experimental Operating Limitations. Have the DAR sent you a copy of them before you change. You could end up with an FAA requirement to comply with all manufacturers life limited articles or include in your inspection program an FAA approved program that provides an equivalent level of safety for those articles. I don't know if this includes engine overhaul based on TBO. prw
  13. Philip Welsch

    Odyssey Battery PC310 Cheap

    Battery Mart sent me PC 310 last week that was manufactured 10 months ago, arrived at 12.05 volts and would not charge above 12.77 volts ( 12.84 v full charge) with a CETEK charger. Returned it for credit but lost shipping costs. Apex will not or can not tell me when batteries they ship were manufactured - only that they will be less than one year old. Historically I get less than 3 years out of the battery. Any suggestions for a "new" battery that will charge fully. prw
  14. Philip Welsch

    Cruise - efficiency vs fuel management

    Could be location of pitot tube relative to direction of slip. prw