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  1. I used the attached instructions, except I pried out the fuel with a utility knife and screw driver in small chunks, instead of using a chisel. BRS-5 Rocket Disposal Instructions.pdf
  2. Madhatter, Did you find VGs at 2% of chord, on both the wings and stabilator, to be the best location or was there no difference 2% vs 6%?
  3. Thanks for the idea of mounting it on a tray behind the 696. That’s what I did.
  4. If I try the antenna on top of the glare shield, is it a good idea to put a ground plane under it? Should it be bonded to the avionics frame?
  5. I’m looking for advice from those who have installed the GDL 82. Did you install the GPS antenna on the exterior or inside the cabin, e.g. on the glare shield?
  6. Andy, I’m working on converting to ELSA too. Can you send me example operating limitations? Thanks
  7. I bought a 2009 CTLS and need transition training, ideally at Olympia WA.
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