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  1. Can confirm. Used "SP-GEN-AP" when I got my cert about 5 years ago.
  2. Flying in rain

    Speaking as someone rated by the FAA to maintain, inspect and calibrate AWOS stations, I can say that it's entirely possible for an AWOS to report light rain and better than 3 SM visibility.
  3. AeroJones CH7T/B Heli

    I'm impressed. Either a world-class pilot or a very stable airframe for it's size. Or both.
  4. Flat tire issues

    If you're buying $7 wheelbarrow tubes at Ace Hardware, you're going to have problems. $45 Airstops or Leakguards, not so much. I had two or three flats before I got the message. None since. I do my own tire changes, using lots of care and tire chalk and haven't had a problem since. And the $7 tubes will get you home if you're stuck somewhere without support.
  5. Oil temps back to new after all these years

    Stagnant temperature inversions are not uncommon in the Sacramento Valley. I've had the outside temp be as much as 10 degrees hotter at 4,000 feet than at ground level.
  6. Looking at that picture, I have to wonder if excessive wing flex, either landing or in the air might have been a contributing factor.
  7. Setting the Parking Brake One-Handed

    I only wear the lap portion of the safety belt until I'm ready to take off. Putting on the shoulder harness is on my pre-takeoff checklist. Wearing the shoulder harness on the ground interferes with several things. I took the advice of my instructor/airline captain and leave it off until I'm ready for takeoff.
  8. Passed check ride today

    Excellent. That checkride was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
  9. Sorry for the late followup. I disconnected the ports from the instruments and blew the ports and lines out with air. Everything started working fine again.
  10. revise the sport pilot program

    Should have been NOTAM'ed and you should have stayed home. I would have.
  11. I'm looking for an unserviceable Neuform 3 blade to make a ceiling fan.
  12. CTSW wanted in California

    Hi neighbor. I'm in the process of relocating from Davis to Grass Valley. I did a lot of training over the Lincoln Logs. After I've gotten things settled a little better we should get together. I own a 2006 CTSW N386JK.
  13. Exhaust Springs

    Has anyone tried the spring install/remove tools used on the old automotive drum brakes? Seems like that might work well.
  14. Glad you're ok. My wife is an avid cyclist and sometimes I have to remind her that flying in the CT is safer than backroads cycling.
  15. Beating the 100 Hamburger

    So when do we get to beat the 100 hamburger?