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  1. FM, yes, single lever. During runup, the brake lock is applied and the lever is moved forward for runup. When it was time to go, brake lock was released. I don’t know/remember how the rpm adjustment from say 1,600 to 2,100 and vice versa was managed without stopping the plane... I let Tom land and I forgot to notice how it works. It’s slick and the single lever mechanism is solidly built. Carlos, they are taking orders for December delivery I think.
  2. Grass is the next frontier for me. There is a grass airport on Martha's Vineyard where I used to land as a kid in a 172 (Katama )... I am going to do some touch and go's there in the near future to get the hang of it. Flying Monkey has some very good vids on the subject here:
  3. Mike, correct no window venting. I asked about that. There are car-like Fresh air vents in the cabin that are directional... We were flying on a hot humid day and the cabin temps were similar to the CT. re the runup... the brake lock was applied and the throttle was pushed forward normally. Brake lock released and off we went. Anim, this would be a great performer with the 914 or the 915... and from my absolute amateurish perspective, the plane could handle tons more weight above 1320... solid. Ps: climb rate was similar to CT with the 912 injected
  4. Pricing will be interesting. There are a few competitors in this “class” that are priced in the 200’s... if FD keeps the F2 at $180’s ish, and buyers try it, FD should own that end of the market due to the high perceived value. like everything, if it gets popular the price will rise not unlike the early CT’s vs later CT’s (excluding extra screen and fuel injected engine options). In time, I’ll bet the non certified F2 will cost as much as the most expensive Tecnams. And the F2 will have a decent weight advantage assuming the 1320 LSA category weight ceiling remains in place.
  5. I think it will put the LS out of business, but not the recently jazzed up SW... Remember, the SW has a 80-100 lb advantage over the LS which makes it a highly differentiated plane altogether IMHO... Bill, we climbed to 3,000' @95% of WOT... when we got there Tom adjusted the throttle to WOT and we clocked 115 knots w/ a 16 knots direct crosswind... he backed off to about 5,000 rpm and we were cruising around 105 knots... at 92% throttle (sorry I forget the RPM - I think about 4,600) we were about 95knots... and burning 3.6 gals/hour. The thing I love about this plane is the handling... the engineering was well done. He was going to go on a long trip for rides/demos, but the Covid thing, especially down south, needs to settle down. As you can see we did the mask thing and it worked in spite of the hot day, but not a lot of people would want to do that - yet. Darrell, see if you can plan a trip up this way again, he'll take you up. As you can imagine, they are proud of it. I was the second non FD passenger, and the first to ride in the left seat. I forgot to add, one could put a folding bike behind the front seats - similar to a C-152 layout but way deeper/wider...
  6. So, the FD USA guys phoned letting me know that my plane was ready to be picked up as the Annual was completed. No Parts or issues fortunately (150 hours Hobbs). Tom P suggested that he was going to be in the neighborhood and that he would pick me up in Chester (KSNC) and fly me to Woodstcok. He showed up in the first F2 in North America: He let me fly left seat which was cool. I am not a professional plane reviewer but I will attempt to compare the F2 to my plane which is a CTLSi... impressions are as follows: 1) Cabin is spacious and more "refined" than the CT. Nice car-like touches such as shoulder seat belts and air bags... the throttle/brake lever is a linked system, meaning, only one lever. The plane has a Rotax 912 injected motor, there is now only one lever... no carb heat, no mixture and no brake lever... just a single throttle/brake lever. Fairly elegant solution. 2) Upon startup, a noticeable reduction in noise level. Moreover, instead of the high pitched Rotax noise we have all gotten used to, it is a low pitch grumble... note in the above pic, the nose is longer. The engine was placed more forward than the CT which probably has a lot to do with the noise reduction. I forgot to note the sight picture difference as we were barreling down the runway for takeoff and landing... my bad. 3) Takeoff, the nose was raised at 40k's with two of us on a 85 degree muggy day... it climbed similarly to the CT. 4) Since every small plane maker's standard is a 172-like feel, I would say this plane has definitely achieved that. The flying characteristics feel like a far heavier plane than the CT. Literally, like a 172 which I trained in. It is astounding that they designed this heavier feel into a plane that is the same weight as the CTLS. 5) We flew without autopilot, didn't need it... literally hands off 80% of the way after trimming. 6) I asked Tom to land it as I didn't want to pay for it if I broke it...; ) Plus, I always like to study how/what the FD pros do re landing config, etc. I love it, it is a gem of a plane and a legitimate pilot trainer/cross country machine that is a joy to fly. I think FD has it right on this one. If they can keep the price in line with other new models, this plane will be a major contender... well done FD. photo 2: Superb visibility, even better than the CT due to the F2's bigger door... It was easier to get in an out of as well. Note we are flying over the Connecticut River and my beloved Goodspeed Airport is in the upper left of the photo just below the Goodspeed bridge. photo #3: Flying during Covid... note the borrowed headset from the nice A&P guys at KSNC... Photo #4: Woodstock airport... home of FD-USA. It's a 30 degs flaps experience... fun to land and takeoff from. The new owners of the airport are spending scads on a new hangar, rebuilding an old hangar and adding several paved tied downs for the local flyers. It would be an ideal spot for an FD fly-in... hint...; )
  7. FYI Darrell, FD - USA provided the worm style clamp, I did not make the clamp style decision on my own.
  8. I had a small coolant leak. I did what Roger suggested.... and I switched clamps to the screw worm gear type. It worked. I carry an extra clamp in my bag in the plane now.
  9. Agree with you there Bill... I think many people think the end of the world is coming. But it’s not. Most certainly there will be financial collapse given all the Fed, State, Local, Corporate, and personal debt around the globe. I believe the only way to counteract all this negativity is to go flying in the CT and enjoy the freedoms we enjoy in this fabulous country.
  10. No shizz Bill... that’s the point
  11. I would agree, but... offset by people who want to "covid" doing something fun like boating and airplane driving... one of my friends has a boat "share" company (he sells shares of boats, he maintains them and gases them and people schedule the boats, bring their families to the dock and off they go)... business is BOOMING and some airplane sales I have witnessed locally are selling within the week with little discounting. Granted the economy is terrible, and, the need for professional pilots has gone in reverse and will stay that way for a couple of years according to the airlines... so yeah one would think that airplane sales would suffer as they have suffered in every recession. Maybe people are saying the hell with it, if MSNBC is telling me I that my kids can't go to school, that I can/should only work from home and the rest of the world is going to rack and ruin, I may as well have fun... Weird economy out there Darrell...
  12. The Wyoming State Police are out looking for you KW, you stole that thing... sometimes things are just plain worth paying for...; ) PS: Ergo1 is based in our neck of the woods...
  13. Stick and rudder looks like a great time. Envious.
  14. I am going through that exercise presently thanks to family pressure (there are 4 of us). The CT offers phenomenal visibility and economy which would be hard to give up. 70% of home airport conversations with the 1970's era metal airplane guys revolve around where the cheapest gas is.
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