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  1. AGLyme

    Wheel Fairings Weight

    half the weight of the top front cowl... Roger is correct, they literally weigh almost nothing... I had mine off recently.
  2. AGLyme

    CTSW Cruise Speed

    My plane (LSi) weighs 830. I have the "tundra" wheels/fairings and I fly the plane mostly at 4,600 rpm. Travel speed is about 96-100 kts. If I notch it up to 5,100 rpm the plane will go about 110-117 kts. I do pay attention to trim so as not to cross control. The longest cross country I have flown is only 50 minutes, and, I have never tried to optimize the prop pitch, etc... all stock.
  3. AGLyme

    do I need to filter mogas?

    Happen to need gas on a X Country yesterday and filled the tanks with 94 Mogas at Great Barrington airport in MA (KGBR) the great "gas smell" experiment has begun. I will see if my A&P opinions are correct.
  4. AGLyme

    Baggage space CTLS

    I figured, thanks... I haven't put anything back there yet. The net is a very good idea, too much going on back there to risk a bump.
  5. AGLyme

    FDM Gust Lock

    It isn't long to begin with, meaning it can easily be stowed in the bag. compartment... but... how about developing a bar that folds into itself with a friction lock ? like the snow brush attached here. If you develop a universal, adjustable gust lock, now you have widened your market to include every stick and rudder airplane there is (Kitfox, Bristell, etc, etc.).. you may want to tweak the design to include the Zenith brand of Y stick - which sits in the middle, etc... Ingenious.
  6. AGLyme

    Baggage space CTLS

    When you place bags in the baggage compartments... do you bungy-cord everything down? My concern is that everything is going to bounce around and get caught in the various gizmos near the ceiling. Thank you in advance, Andrew
  7. AGLyme

    Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    Smart not to go... may I ask how many hours on the plane/prop? Thank you, Andrew
  8. AGLyme

    Boeing Buys Foreflight

    Sid, can you please give us a report on the FlyQ after you try it out? I am inclined to get it because of the native data relationship with Skyview. It makes sense to use in our Dynons. I have a Microsoft Surface (Windows)... does FlyQ play nice with Windows? Thank you in advance, Andrew
  9. AGLyme

    FDM Gust Lock

    Smart idea... thanks for doing this. PS y'all... still looking for a co-pilot's rudder pedal cover... need it for my oldest who has CP... if anyone has one for sale, I would buy it.
  10. AGLyme

    FDM Gust Lock

    Sign me up. well done.
  11. We had a "good day" window here in Connecticut between snow storms. I felt confident enough to take my 20 yo son up to the famous Sky Acres airport restaurant in NY State (44N) as my first pasenger . Sky Acres is a 70 ish mile trip from home. My in-shape son and his out of shape Dad filled the tanks up to 1,250 GW... the most weight I had experienced in the CT before without a CFI. We still climbed out at an honest 800 fpm and I wasn't trying. It was a bit breezy, mostly just a glancing cross wind down the runway so I decided to land at zero flaps. Final was too fast because I came in too high but managed to get it on the ground in time for the first turn off. Had a great breakfast and quickly got back in the plane for the flight back as the clouds on the horizon looked a tad on the dark side... Getting licensed again and buying the plane were fun... but there is nothing in this world more awesome than taking a family member up flying to "get breakfast". A milestone I have been dreaming about for years... I admire the young pilot/Dads and Moms who are taking their young children on flying adventures... nothing beats it. Fly safely everyone, Andrew
  12. Roger, will call tomorrow. Thanks, Andrew
  13. AGLyme

    do I need to filter mogas?

    Kent, thank you for that App... around me, the lawn mower guys are selling Ethanol free by the pre-packaged gal for $30... I did note months ago that the GB Airport pumps the 94 MoGas... a bit of hike from Chester though. Ideally, I want to get a Rotax Rating and be able to change the oil myself merely for the convenience of it, as opposed to dropping the plane off at a busy Rotax center. Does anyone know how a mere civilian like me can get Rotax training? I won't touch the Annuals, etc... just the oil changes.
  14. AGLyme

    do I need to filter mogas?

    Two A&P's I spoke with told me that they always know when a customer has Mogas (instead of 100LL)... they come into the shop in the AM and the shop smells of... Mogas. 100LL, never. Sounds real to me. Thanks, Andrew
  15. AGLyme

    do I need to filter mogas?

    https://www.surecanusa.com/ Saw this in another forum. If the "hose" is somewhat flexible, this could be a winner for high wing planes.