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  1. I was over Long Island sound coming home from a breakfast recently.. beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. Then my Dynon said "Traffic"... So I scan the screen to determine where the traffic is... and it revealed an icon literally right on top of me, same height... I am looking around all over the place but I didn't dare adjust the flight pattern. In about 30 seconds it went away. Spoke to a guy the other day who is a Corporate Pilot and occasionally ferries GA aircraft and he told me that that condition happens sometimes... basically, my system picked me up. The icon was me. Unnerving. He explained It isn't a Dynon thing, it is a System (GPS network???) thing. The Dynon did its job.
  2. Bill, I forgot I took a photo of the clips when I attended Roger Lee's Rotax course in Tuscon. See the two (I believe stainless steel) clips on the #1 and #4 wires. This is a 912 ULS engine. Looks like the part # is visible as well.
  3. At airport tomorrow, Will snap a photo and post.
  4. They are "clips"... effectively hold the wires in place. The new iS engines come with the clips installed (mine did). If you want a picture of the clips, happy to take one for you next time I am at the airport.
  5. Congrats Mike. How did the dongles work out? Everything (including Garmin) synced up ok? Good work !
  6. cleared during 25 hours maintenance after replacing the fuel filter and cleaning the gazcolator. Note that the fuel pressure was high (3,18 bars w/o aux pump) before the cleaning, and then back to 3.00 bar after the cleaning and filter replacement. Glad to hear you had the above work done, and. for clarifying the re-start procedure. I too had an early fuel pressure issue and I don't have the bar vs psi conversion graph handy however we had similar issues and results (my pressure reading too high as well). I am also glad you contacted FD Germany. One quick check you can do yourself, open the left side gas tank cover and use a flashlight to look at the top of the aluminum tube and make certain it is clear of debris. It is critical that the tube be allowed to breathe. I have added that check in my preflight procedure given my early experience with the aforementioned rubbery paint flaking. In America, we invented the fine art of suing each other and blame shifting..; )... seriously speaking, with a known event such as an engine quitting during flight (you deserve a medal for the restart), I would place the plane in the hands of the Dealer (and FD Germany) and demand a sign off that all is well with your plane. You may be correct about the gas thing, but I am still of the mind that you had some form of blockage in the fuel return system. The system relationship (fuel tanks, header tank, air venting, filters) is allegedly fool proof -- unless something artificially blocks it. Fortunately, our North American Dealer here in the USA was accommodating and immediately reviewed my pressure spike issue. What I do from time to time is to take a photo of my panel during climb out and cruise. I take these photos because oftentimes when I "feel" that something just isn't quite right with RPM's, or pressures, I review the past photos and can determine a value Delta, if any. Thank you for posting this critical event and very much appreciate your follow up posts.
  7. My personal experience.
  8. I think you are more right than wrong ct9000, I hope the guy raises the issue with the dealer/factory ASAP... There is a rubbery "paint" that is applied to the inside of the gas tanks that sometimes flakes away during the early life of the plane (esp on the aluminum return line tube in the left gas tank -- the tube is fuel injection specific) , which could also be an issue at the fuel filter(s) level.
  9. Analysis: Both tank were filled with a poor Mogas 95 (suspected to be still winter fuel). I have never done this before on this 912is (usually using Mogas 98 from car filling station). MBenoit, I too have a 912is, Hobbs is 73 hours. I was taught (unofficially, not Rotax sanctioned) to run both fuel pumps before a Hot start... for about a minute. Only as a way to start the engine quickly, not as a precautionary fuel starvation problem. Did you contact Rotax and Flight Design??? You mentioned that you believe the root cause is the gas quality... are you certain? This is a big deal, I am hoping Rotax and Flight Design are both following up with you to study your situation. Since the plane is new, there may be FOD in the system (dust from sanding, etc.) and perhaps you should take a look at the fuel filter chain. There may be something blocking or semi blocking the fuel lines back and forth between the Header Tank, the Gas Tanks and the Engine itself. If I were in your situation, I would ground the plane until Flight Design (and possibly Rotax) performs a thorough analysis on your fuel system. Good work on the re-start.
  10. I think folks have had it with this public baloney. Stop the hating Monkey and live up to your own policies of name calling and politics. If you and others want to humiliate people that’s your prerogative I suppose, I’m (and many others who are wisely avoiding this posting) saying it’s juvenile and harmful. All I have tried to accomplish is to pay forward and give back with my newbie flying and CT experiences. Based on private feedback, most of my posts were appreciated. You crossed the line too many times got called out by me and you went political. At the end of the day it’s your sandbox, posting here is no longer enjoyable and you and Ed have your wish. I will only post when I see you, Ed or anyone else downvote some poor downvotee who wants to share his/her experience with the CT.
  11. Ed the SW and LS are similar. But you were helping your pal out I think. Touché.
  12. Not “mad”, disappointed... at least everyone now knows who the mad downvoter is... the lady doth protest too much...
  13. Adults Anonymously downvoting is weird Sport. Take it offline Andy... unlock your mail please.
  14. Tried to send a private message Andy (Monkey), but you "aren't accepting messages". Please stop downvoting and the hating man, the CT world is too small and this site actually is highly political according to several who have contacted me. Anonymous downvoting is for teenagers on socializing sites and nerds who got beat up as kids... Debate is healthy and we all learn. Downvoting serves to get rid of people... I am accepting private messages so let's take the debate offline where it belongs. Thanks, Andrew
  15. I noted you were anonymously "Downvoted", there are a few veterans on here who "own" the site at least in spirit and therefore your post has been completely dismissed without any challenge or argument. So, off with your head and don't come back ! This forum is a "non-political site", yet sadly and often hugely political... God bless 'em. I am a new pilot and a new CT pilot and have made lots of landing mistakes, but I disagree with a couple of your tips... for example, and in no particular order: The moderate Turbulence comment. Went on a lunch run with a Bonanza, two Arrows and a Navion not too long ago. Windy and turbulent. It was one of my rip the bandaid off moments. The way back (hour flight) was worse than the flight over, i.e. the wind picked up. But, I was "fine"... meaning, the others complained about the turbulence big time, I wasn't uncomfortable at all... In my unscientific way, I think the -6 flaps choice shrinks the wing enough where the CT can fly with the old standbyes and hold its own. I am landing 99% of the time with 15 degs flaps and similar power settings as you described (my RPM's at idle are about 1,450, so a bit slower than yours). Your method, except the "look at the runway" point, is sound except in crosswind or shear conditions which my airport is famous for. I came in the other day, straight "enough" in a cross wind, with 15 degs flaps, and a low power setting and at the last minute I pushed the stick all the way to the left to my leg and couldn't go anymore, thankfully the plane straightened out... if the wind had picked up I would have been in trouble. I contacted my instructor and told him that him I need to work on less flaps, more power to attack the cross winds and shear conditions. So, I am going to work on that. Looking down the runway instead of to the ground has improved my landing finesse a ton. I used to look at the runway instinctively and there was always that pop up at the end of my flair. My engine temps have been fine, however, I haven't flown in 90+ weather yet. I love the roof window, it's great in the pattern turns and it's a good quick check to make certain a Cherokee or Cirrus didn't decide to land on top of me. I tamed the sun with a static cling film, works great. Managed to cover 99% of the window. Finally, I end up with the stick in my lap... I "Stall" land... and when the plane's mains hit the ground I keep the stick back, and let the nose down gently. Landings are going well, big improvement in Short Field... nothing more fun than a short field and 30 degs flaps landings... however, as noted above, I need a different technique for cross and shear. More speed, more RPM's over the control surfaces. Thanks for posting.
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