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  1. I have no complaints. Your solution sounds like a positive upgrade however.
  2. Bill... Floor mat photos. Note the Velcro which is important due to the potential sliding while in the natural sitting state in the plane. Warmi, I’m at a small airshow and parked right next to my plane is a sting. Looks like a spacious and clean-lined plane.
  3. Paid $180k for the mats, FD threw in the Plane. The mats are affixed to the floor because they would slide all over the place otherwise. I can take pics if you wish. I will be flying tomorrow so will send them your way Bill...
  4. I have floor mats. They are great for keeping dirt localized, and they look nice and give a "premium" feel. Honestly, they don't add any additional flying comfort.
  5. Okent, had the same issue on my way to OSH from CT. discovered a position that was temporary but effective. While cruising, I put my feet up over the pedals and rested the balls of my feet on the firewall. It allowed me to stretch my legs a bit. I have a CTLS perhaps our configurations are different. Try it out next time.
  6. Even flying from Florida/Georgia seams like a major deal with that huge speed bump in the way. Kent, I think waiting a year is probably a good thing for my skill level (scaling the Rockies... like holy sh**...). The thing I learned about the trip to OSH is that the plane is comfortable and able. It really is a cross country machine. Climbing from 7,500 to 9,500' to get over some clouds was a no-biggie when I was flying. I never dreamt I would fly that high before I went on the trip. Flying to Page would be the ultimate trip for me and it is def. on the bucket list. Worth flying on to Tuscon to visit the Pima Air Museum, about as world class a facility as it gets. I visited it when I was out in Tuscon this past Spring but I only had 2 hours. Need 2 days. Gary, I will look into the Sun n Fun thing and see if we can get an area a la Oshkosh. I will call Tom P and see if he has any ideas. I'd like to see the new FD model.
  7. I plugged Page into Foreflight and after review I realized that the time commitment was too great. I am based in Connecticut. The Page area looks spectacular however and I can see why people flock to it every year. Thinking of flying to Sun n Fun in the Spring, a lot less daunting and a good stretch trip on top of my OSH travel last July. Perhaps something could be organized at Sun n Fun.
  8. I reviewed the Tecnam p2008 b4 I purchased the CTLSi. It is a great looking/performing plane but had the LSA weight limitation virus big time. And it was priced 15% more. Effectively a single place plane with the 914. Further, at the time (year ago) the Dealer network reach for the inevitable squawk or two was limited. I think this new CTSW variant is a great plane as long as the price point stays low. The CTLSi is a great two place plane for 300 mile trips, and the best plane in its class for 800 mile trips by oneself. The new F model killed the CTLS model because of a new production technique. Less material, bigger cabin, similar price point. Which is what a good, forward thinking aircraft company should do.
  9. My gut is that they will drop the CTLS from the line. Replaced by the F2. Then followed on by the F4. this model has its place for the ages. Perfect cheaper trainer for flight schools and an economical choice for owners. I would love to have 100 extra pounds available for trips etc. and isn’t the price point about $140k? The plane loses some sizzle regarding the extra flight displays, hat rack (which is nice to have) and longer wheel base (also nice to have) but the cost savings are significant. I saw this plane up close recently, I like it. Thank you for the report.
  10. I have Bose noise cancellation Headsets. The Spotify App on my iPhone for music, via Bluetooth, sounds surprisingly clear... I find that I prefer grooving to ATC or nearby airport frequencies when I fly long distances and don't listen to music much. But it is nice to have on really long flights.
  11. Did the "Frame" somehow bend slightly in a rough landing? Do your rod ends have the tell tale red ink? If so, are the nuts and bolts pulling away from each other? From what I gathered during my issue, if you start adjusting the rod ends, you risk the front wheel/rudder track getting out of balance. Is there a FD Dealer nearby you can take the plane to ? May want to ground it until you get a professional opinion. Doesn't look right at all.
  12. EB, 521JW's engine was Sport upgraded by Rotax before installation at the FD factory... my throttle action is totally linear... The long flight with your wife must have been a blast, hopefully she was comfortable.
  13. That's good to hear Andy... I will be buying Parts soon at Annuals, etc... To put the airframe market health in perspective, here is a list in Wiki that reveals some airplane manufacturers who are no longer with us... For Example, Piper emerged from bankruptcy in 1995... a no-brainer since the Parts sales to Piper owners was/is a very good and profitable stand alone business... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Defunct_aircraft_manufacturers_of_the_United_States I figured that a company (like Flight Design) who was fairly new, who had a good sized installed base of aircraft flying around the Globe, and who was "cleansed" of liabilities and debt post-bankruptcy, had a good chance of being financially sound for a long time... that was my thinking at the time of my purchase.
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