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  1. I use “Simple green” towelettes... on the wings and other painted surfaces only... never the glass. they work great. I then reapply “210 spray wax” on all Painted surfaces. The same spray wax is also used to remove the bugs on the glass.
  2. I flew last winter in Connecticut... I merely plugged in the battery charger that came with the plane. The Rotax starts right up
  3. My airport employed an older Light Sport "Kappa" for lessons... it was very popular and booked solid. Sadly, the plane was totaled in a grass landing attempt. I spoke to many of the students, they loved it. This may not be a popular comment, but I believe all students should be taught in "rudder-intensive" airplanes like Light Sports or tail draggers. The flying skills I employ flying the FD CTLSi are "finer" than the skills I employed flying the 172 or P-140 for sure.
  4. Thank you for having the courage and strong character to share your experience with the rest of us. Too many negative variables came together and it just so happened to be your turn in the barrel. I’d be lying if I said I have never put myself in harms way (unintentionally) and if one more straw were loaded in the camel’s back during my hard-won learning adventures, I’d be the one presenting the post mortem. Arnold Palmer would climb down from the cheering throng’s shoulders after a win and escape to the privacy of the locker room, put his head in his lap and agonize over all the bad shots. The lessons learned in your note combined with all of my agonizing is making me a better pilot. Piloting is the ultimate journeyman’s trade. Hope you put the insurance check in the bank and sleep on the flying decision for a spell. Think of how much more experienced a pilot you are now. I’d fly with you as PIC in a heartbeat.
  5. I’ve always felt that a PPL is just that. Why create a whole new license and add more confusion, esp around training ? If I have a medical condition that has the propensity of creating more risk, then my PPL should reveal specific restrictions such as night flying, # of passengers, weight (class) of plane etc.
  6. I just need a passenger side rest. On long trips, and when I want to change positions, I put my feet (way) up and rest them against the actual fire wall. It is a bit awkward but works. And in a pinch I can access the pedals quickly
  7. My plane is in the shop... 100 hours, hard to believe. Will measure as soon as I get it home. Risk is ours. For me, it is an essential safety item.
  8. This is starting to become a reality thanks to Okent... great work man !
  9. Old CT trick: put clear tape over the 2 aeirelon linkage Access holes. The glass cockpit radiates much heat in on a sunny day. someday I’ll be able to spell aerolon
  10. Andy, Suggest Call FD Woodstock for paint specs and tips. They have a local pro who has touched up and painted many CTs over the years.
  11. Great write up... welcome back.
  12. I believe you FM, I didn’t study it hard... at 2 lbs it’s a no brainer.
  13. Count me in too please, I will take the 2 pound version ; )..., but I think it is made out of steel, at least the one that I saw. Thanks.
  14. FM, I agree that the metal option is a superior design. The PVC version is extremely light, it comes up easily and it can easily be stored in the CTLS hat rack shelf or rear storage. My plan is to use it only when my oldest son flies with me. It is more of a "guard" than a "rest", i.e. I don't want him to kick the rudder pedal(s) while landing/takeoff for example. He has CP. OK, The popular metal version is made out of steel, it weighs about 10 pounds if I recall. It is beefy and the plate (folded in the photo) pops up covering the rudder pedals and is a legit "rest". I saw one up close once, impressive design. If anyone is building one, please add me to the list. The attached photo is the one I saw in Woodstock I think...
  15. Sully, I sent several mails, no replies. Here is a photo of one I saw in a CT that was in the Woodstock facility for repair. It is extremely light and ingenious, however, it is not the bomb proof design that the metal one is. I built one like the one in the photo (I don't have a pic of it sorry), haven't tested it out yet however.
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