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  1. Let's do it again soon. Next time, folding chairs, long underwear and a huge thermos of coffee, the best dis-organized airshow I ever attended...
  2. 3 short vids to post. Second time landing on grass for me, we had an absolute blast at another beautiful grass strip in Connecticut. Met Kent W (former SW owner, current Husky owner) and another pilot pal of mine from Chester for breakfast at Poughkeepsie,. On the way over I had GPS trouble - first time I flew after the 2 year Transponder checkup. I was "helping" the Transponder tech with the Dynon and I discovered that I clicked on the wrong Transponder model... Kent said that at one point, FlightAware revealed I was clocking 200 miles per hour... I diagnosed the problem and fix on the iPad at breakfast. After breakfast we flew to N41 (Waterbury Airport). Kent went first in his beautiful blue Husky, my pal in his C-170 and I pulled up the rear after I fixed the GPS... watched those two land at the airport which is set up in some hills so the scenery is beautiful and distracting. Kent knows my "too fast on Final" on short runways weakness so he reminded me to trust the plane and specs... Kent is a superb stick and rudder guy. I maintained about 54-55 knots on Final which makes all the difference. Approach wasn't perfect, wind was sporty... but the plane is still intact Kent bought two pumpkins from this nice young girl who painted faces and phrases on them and the game was to drop the pumpkins on a "white" garbage bag at the end of the airstrip. It was not a "white" garbage bag, rather it was a painted black bag... suffice, we could barely see it. This is a quick vid and you can barely see the pumpkin as it was small... but we did come in second place, not with the throw in this vid however... the door/window was open on the right side of the airplane and it was freezing but really fun. And the third installment of this absolutely fascinating, spellbinding adventure 🙂is a fly by of a DC-3... the airport attracted a bunch of pilots from all around, Cubs, C-170, C-140's - a pile of them, a side-by-side cub (forget the model, quite rare evidently), a C-190 that did a cool fly by, and a Mooney that did a fly by as well... people set up chairs, poured coffee and enjoyed watching planes fly by, land, and takeoff on the first legit cold day of the year. Really fun day.
  3. Darrell, what is your standard technique for grass takeoff ? Flaps/ Vx/ when retract flaps blah? Thx Andrew
  4. The file will download to your computer... I don't know how to make the PDF "clickable", avoiding the download. Sorry...
  5. That's strong. I think I averaged about 100kts on my way back from Illinois, first leg was 6 hours. Glad I re-pitched, the plane takes off with more power and def cruises about 4 knots per hour more... Flying on some grass this weekend again, will appreciate the extra power.
  6. That’s amazing performance. Meaningful on a long trip.
  7. To SandP’s point... and Roger’s constant Drum beat advice on logs in jillion’s of posts... what story does the logbooks tell? Has the Seller kept up with the bare minimum Service requirements ? Can you call his A&P? overlay what has been done with what needs to be done, come up with a cost and place the cost monkey on the back of the Seller. Kent Wein, former SW Owner, has pics somewhere on the forum of a new labeling job... you may want to reach out to Kent re cost etc, his Re-do was beautiful... Maybe the Seller will merely be delighted that someone is finally going to love the plane properly and take a far lower price to pay for a perfectly serviceable plane.
  8. If it were me, and I realize it isn't... I would explain to the Seller that there were mechanical "Surprises" that you did not take into consideration when you agreed to the Price. 1) Drop the price to exactly where you are comfortable. And yes, buy a plane ticket home if he doesn't agree. I suspect he will sell at the revised price as long as you are respectful and logical... which goes a long way with that generation (any generation really). 2) Fly to Tom Baker's airport and hand Tom the keys and a blank check. He knows what is safe vs a luxury (i.e. you can choose to fix it or not). There are only a handful of people in North America who have the experience with CT's as Tom has... you could always head west to visit Roger in AZ, or FD USA in CT too... but I think Tom resides near you.
  9. Yup, throw away your logic and go with what Roger said... keep in mind, in plane accidents, everyone wants to blame the pilot... the airframe manufacturer, engine manufacturer, avionics... blah... the Government, the airport authority, the ATC people, the passengers, the Geese, everyone... the last thing you need is someone pouring over your documents in a aha moment... If this stuff truly drives you nuts, there is always hang gliding and RC...
  10. Footrest is a no brainer if you bring passengers. In addition to passenger comfort, if you bring a non pilot passenger, you won’t have to worry about an involuntary kick the pedal by accident during takeoff and landing. Finally, I like having it there when I pack the plane for travel... if anything falls off the seat, it won’t go under the pedals.
  11. That was how about as long As my flight from Mt Vernon IL back to CT recently. If you plan on making long legs like I did (first leg was 6 hours) wear shorts... much easier for the pee activity.
  12. looking forward to your pics and stories... how long is the flight? Have fun.
  13. Finally some good news in 2020... well done.
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