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  1. Have your A&P review your fuel filters... for peace of mind.
  2. There was an AD regarding a precautionary fix a while back about this phenom. The potential problem area was the wire bundle that enters the dashboard area through the firewall. The AD called for a wrapping of the wire bundle with that orangy /brown colored silicon tape. I did it, and, I covered a bundle in the baggage as a just in case measure. I have a CTLSi perhaps the AD only applies to that model.
  3. If you own a CT... get the Al Downs plugs for winter flying.
  4. But the Tecnam’s weight... yikes !
  5. Yup, those Aeroprakt planes are flying greenhouses Warmi. I sat in one once, it was a slow flyer which is why I passed. One of the best things I did on the CT is place the sun screen film on the top window. The summer sun is bearable now.
  6. Compared to every other aircraft I’ve been in, other than helos, the FD planes have the best visibility of any plane. Everyone I have flown with says that. It is what I like the best, the amazing strut-less view to the sides...
  7. Mad, I agree with you 100%... but for one thing about China. Manufacturing Skills have evolved unbelievably quickly to the point of no return for the western economies. And, the robot sellers are discounting their machines heavily to secure a foothold for their brands. With a steep rise in labor costs, Chinese manufacturers have invested significantly in labor-less manufacturing. In sum, quality on high end products is very good. I am familiar with their aerospace side, I’ve spent scads of time there. Sadly for us here in the west, aero build quality is getting better and better. So, JM may have a point that it will work well at a lower upfront cost. However I side with Andy on this one on the simple fact that after getting hit by the proverbial bus, JM’s heirs would not be able to sell the plane without a deep discount. Therefore paying for it twice. It’s bad enough that we Rotaxers have to defend the engine at every GA lunch, imagine the problems getting A&P help. Nightmare.
  8. Very cool. Nice hangar too !
  9. D, KIDI is world class. Best run GA airport I’ve ever been to and Tip is great people. Have fun on your trip there. Don’t forget to check out their new weathervane !
  10. Would love to see this engine in the F2. The F4 will probably have it... but would LOVE it in a certified F2 with a gross weight of say 1,550. Hellova an engine. What what this thread about anyway ??? world record thread drift...; )
  11. Top 10 best selling piston airplanes in 2020 — General Aviation News Found this interesting. No surprise re Cirrus. I was surprised that the 172 clocked in over 200 planes. PS: No electric planes...; )
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