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  1. Andy, l am not a prude when it comes to conflict, never have been. I built a (aerospace) company embracing the notion that anyone can disagree at any time, no matter who you are. Historically, there is always conflict between Engineering, Production, Administration and Sales in companies... the key to any organization is to learn how to manage conflict so good things/ideas/information/solutions come out of it. Allowing anonymous "down-voting" with no ability for the poor downvotee to pursue an alternative view runs the risk of alienating people and effectively kicking potentially good people out of the discourse. Really a needless button on such a small site, with a small population of CT Fliers... not for a site that is set up for information sharing purposes. Why run the risk of embarrassing and alienating people and effectively kicking them out of the conversation(s) ? I hope this is a satisfactory explanation. Happy to discuss offline if need be. Andrew
  2. It is a "bigger" airplane, but, they achieved the same weight as the CTLS. They are using a different carbon layup process... akin to an overbuilt metal bridge designed in the 1930's vs a bridge today... which has the same strength but WAY less material. What I like about the plane is 1) they phased out the chief complaint about the now older design regarding landing-ease. And, 2) there is a space behind the seat that can fit a bike... and/or lots of camping equipment. The new owner has the right idea about technology-investing in products, now they have to invest in a revamped marketing campaign and they will have a winner product for those of us who prefer high wing aircraft.
  3. Swell, another anonymous downvote... last time I complained I was labeled thin skinned. Perhaps, but At least I’m no coward.
  4. This is a good string as I am in the improving my landings phase. Went up for 6x today in a breezy conditions... doing well until the last landing when my left main pulled up a bit... the cross wind did a head fake... coming from the right at touchdown and then banged left immediately thereafter... I need the practice. Thanks for posting guys... and yes Andy please put the other vids on youtube... appreciate it. Andrew
  5. Actually, I find the fuel management in the CT well done. Put gas in the tank, turn on the Master, add the fuel gallonage just added into the "computer" (on top of the fuel that was in the tanks prior to filling)... this is where I compare the sticking of the tank during pre-flight with the fuel quantity remaining figure... again, amazingly accurate. During flight, I check the digital fuel remaining readout and I check the clear tubes in the wing root. Based on my 50 hours of flying the CT (I consider myself a novice), the fuel computer has been a solid source of fuel remaining information building my confidence in the system. I still check the site tubes anyway, it's good practice. In the 'iS" model (fuel injected version of the Rotax), another line of defense is the Header Tank warning light on the panel near the Lane A and B warning lamps. Basically, it is a "gas aint coming in from the wings anymore" warning. The header tank, which is located in the baggage compartment, has about 1.8 gallons of usable fuel. Good feature.
  6. When I bought the plane, FD-NA told me exactly that (what WmInce said). There are no physical sending units in the tanks themselves. I have found that the fuel computer is amazingly accurate however... in relation to the physical "sticking" of the tanks pre-flight.
  7. I have the Bose noise cancelling headsets. The Bose links up to my iPhone via bluetooth just like linking up to a car speaker. Can hear every sound the phone produces. Spotify should work esp if you download the sounds into the phone system beforehand. I have not paired my new iPad with the Bose yet, but I'm certain it pairs the same way.
  8. Excellent vid. I bought the Hudson Sectional a couple of months ago... I will do it by the end of the year. Thank you for posting.
  9. It is beautiful land... no State Income Taxes...; )
  10. On my 2nd solo flight in the CT, I was running up and the Amp Meter was showing negative big time... I turned the engine off and pulled out the startup checklist, performing the broken computer routine, if in doubt, re-boot... realizing then that I forgot to push on the Generator switch. Felt stupid, and now I say the instructions out loud and I don't shortcut the checklist.
  11. Another milestone... attended a California Power Systems Rotax seminar lead by Roger Lee and Bryan Toepfer this past weekend in Tucson. Learned a ton about the Rotax 912. The box with the wires and tubes under the cowling is no longer a mystery, or something to be feared. As I and a few other guys at the seminar felt, the seminar boosted our confidence in the Rotax engine and its amazing technology. Roger and Bryan have lengthy field experience and their knowledge-base overlay onto the Rotax factory best practices made all the difference. My classmates were great guys and passionate about flying and their planes. There were a couple of CT owners there too... Strongly recommend that any one who flies behind a Rotax, attend this seminar.
  12. Someone has to speak up. anonymously down vote? Teenagers do that on Facebook? FM, you are one of the big posters here, as are perhaps another 4-5 people. Be part of the solution don't fire back with a message designed to keep the problem up in the air. Feel free to private message me, I will give you my phone number and we can discuss. Are you the moderator? PS: Vans is like most sites, a fraction of the posters are negative, but, the vast majority are helpful and positive. On this site, the vast majority of the posters are gone.
  13. Why did some coward anonymously down-vote the above post? Thank you for the valuable information okent. For that CT to survive the ditch incident is amazing. I wish this forum were more positive and supportive like the Vans and other forums... Shame. Who is the Moderator here anyway?
  14. I was invited to go out with the airport "guys" for my first $100 hamburger lunch in the plane, ... 1 Bonanza, 2 Arrows., 1 Navion... and me in the CT. a total of 7 people. I flew alone, I left early to practice some t's and l's at home base (Chester, CT - KSNC) and then I turned the autopilot on and flew the 77 mile trip to the Mansfield airport in MA (1B9). Today's trip was a long trip for me and I didn't want the folks to wait. We all parked on the tarmac and as one guy said "nice toy". Meanwhile, I get a text out of the blue from my instructor: "if you are planning on flying today, wait until the end of the day, it's really really sporty" I texted back, too late, I flew to Mansfield. All at lunch mentioned how bumpy the ride it was. Our home airport is infamous for crazy winds and shear. Today didn't disappoint. Glad to hear at lunch that I wasn't the only one being tossed around during the trip to Mansfield. I do note that when the flaps are set at -6 degrees, the ride became smoother. The ride was indeed bumpy, but not "bad" honestly. I was bummed when the 43 minutes trip ended, I was having a blast. I left Mansfield first as I had the slower plane, the other guys followed. The Bonanza made it back to Chester first. The Bonanza guy mentioned on the radio that the landing was a little crazy... and the Cessna in front of me went around. This isn't going to be fun at all... I got into the pattern and the plane started getting tossed around but still in good control and I landed without a problem. The other planes came in. One of my pals called me and mentioned that he was impressed how the "Light Sport" handled in the shear and crosswind... and that I was welcome to go on any of their trips. I was invited to fly with the group to First Flight in North Carolina in May. Going over JFK is daunting, but... need to rip that bandaid off soon. Bottom line, the CT is a great performer. Anyone who is looking to buy/rent or learn in one, don't let the small size fool you... it is a good handling and comfortable airplane.
  15. Call this guy... CT Smart, reasonably priced, and excellent service. Andrew Gregg Ellsworth Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) P.O. BOX 32 | Frederick, MD 21705 Toll Free 877-247-7767 | Fax 301-682-9793 Ph 301-682-6200 gellsworth@air-pros.com | www.air-pros.com
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