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  1. Glad it worked out EFB... my instructor in Chester wants to get checked out in the new CTLS when it arrives so he can refresh my skills from time to time. There is a new Kappa at the airport and I think its bookings are pretty steady for instruction. So, hopefully there is a trend starting up her in New England and perhaps more instructors will get their feet wet in LSA's. Went flying with a pal today in his Arrow up near Millbrook NY (great lunch) and went for ice cream at Block Island. I learned Flight Following, what a great way to travel.
  2. Ok, thanks... I believe there is a guy at Brainard as well. 3rd hand info, worth a call EFB
  3. Is Tony the guy out of Brainard? Anyway, there has to be one around here... great luck, let's meet up one of these days... we are lucky to have a beautiful area to fly around in. Andrew
  4. I live in CT too. I too am going to get checked out this year. Did you call FD USA in Woodstock? They have people who know people...
  5. AGLyme

    Airventure 2018

    So, the plane arrives from Germany in October. I should have my Flight Review done by September, which means my PPL, earned in 1978, will become active again... Did earn my tailwheel endorsement in a Piper Cub a month ago... and transitioning into a Kappa shortly for more hours/X country/ ATC practice, etc... My goal is to fly to OSH 2019 from SE Connecticut... which will force me to gain good training skills between Oct and this next Summer. I am an early bird when I travel so getting there early without all the hubbub, i.e. Saturday is probably what I will plan for. One question please, can people ride small electric scooters (the only thing that will fit in a CT I think without dominating the entire front seat) all over the grounds? I do know people rent bikes, but I never see bikes in any of the videos... other than the scooters the Volunteers bomb around on... Oh, sorry … two questions,,, is there a FD gathering like the Cessna's... blah? Thanks, Andrew
  6. AGLyme

    Mammoth Yosemite ... Right Base two seven

    Amazing photography... thank you. Andrew
  7. New to forum. After years of tons of research on all of the available 2 seat planes out there, I decided the CT is the very best plane for me in terms of safety, reliability and mission. I am re-learning how to fly as I am one of those who is getting back into flying in my late 50's... after stopping flying when I was in my early 20's... looking forward to sharing experiences with the group and learning from all of you veterans. The plane should be delivered in October. In the meantime I am taking lessons in a Piper Cub, and then into a Kappa LSA after I receive a tailwheel endorsement in the Cub. Had a good buying experience with Tom up in Woodstock. His approach is to my liking, the warts and all... which builds credibility. No product is perfect, but I think the CT designers did a lot of very good things that will stand the test of time. I believe the new FD owners have the right formula and culture to get FD back to #1 very soon. Every company goes through a fixit period. Fortunately the product is excellent. I am fortunate that the USA Dealer is right up the road. First question please... I plan on taking trips in the CT after I get comfortable flying it... has anyone ever carried a foldable bike in the plane? Thank you for supporting this forum I have enjoyed reading the many posts. I have learned a lot.
  8. Just saw this... plane doesn't arrive until the Fall. My #1 passenger will be my 26 year old son who has Special Needs... and one of my big worries is him pushing on the rudder pedals accidentally. What an incredibly smart solution. How can I buy one please? Well done. Thank you, Andrew
  9. AGLyme

    bought one, delivery in the Fall...

    Yeah, I wish the weight were "upped" based on legit manufacturer data instead of some random Govt number... oh well. Paul, that is good to know re the "912i"... and agreed, really like Tom's approach and experience. PS: earned my tailwheel endorsement today in the Cub. Next up, the "Kappa" LSA which will get me ready for the real thing in a few months.
  10. AGLyme

    bought one, delivery in the Fall...

    Bill, Here is the official narrative on the avionics put out by FD for the model I am purchasing: DYNON HDX AVIONICS The big news for the 2018 model is Dynon’s SkyView HDX integrated avionics, which also has Dynon’s integrated two-axis autopilot with Level mode and a controlled 180-degree turn function intended to fly the airplane out of inadvertent IMC. It’s not the first time the SkyView and an autopilot were used in a Flight Design, but the GT is the first model to get three integrated HDX screens. To say they dominate the cabin is an understatement. Equipped with dual independent ADAHRS, synthetic vision and wireless connectivity to tablets running ForeFlight, there are two high-definition 10-inch touch displays and another 7-inch display in the center of the panel that functions as an MFD and as an engine management system, or EMS. This is full integration, with all displays connected over the network and sharing the data for reversionary backup, plus two of the displays are backed up by 30-minute emergency batteries. For redundancy, there are two pitot tubes. There’s only one EMS module, however, so if it fails you’re on your own for monitoring the aircraft’s Rotax 912iS Sport engine. The aircraft has Dynon’s SV-X83 comm radio, built-in VFR GPS and the SV-2S intercom, but there’s an option for IFR GPS navigators (including Avidyne’s IFD440) for those wanting to do instrument training or fly instrument approaches under VFR conditions. Flight Design has the 2020 ADS-B mandate covered with Dynon’s SV-261 Mode S ADS-B transponder, plus there’s full ADS-B traffic and weather capability through Dynon’s SV-472 dual-band ADS-B In receiver.
  11. AGLyme

    bought one, delivery in the Fall...

    Jubilee design... (grey and grey)...
  12. AGLyme

    bought one, delivery in the Fall...

    Andy, Yes, it is the CTLSi model with all the gadgets. I am landing the Cub on 900 foot grass runways (no tree issues), certainly a confidence builder. I porpoised better than any real porpoise yesterday... gheesh what a learning experience. Subsequent landings were far better. It's all about the training. I went to the just-past Sun N Fun and looked at all the planes I was interested in. To be fair, I wasn't all that excited about "too much technology" because I am far from a gadget geek. I am proud of myself for linking that YouTube video in up top...; )… As I dug deeper, I realized that technology isn't just another language to learn and possibly a distraction in the cockpit, it can also make flying much safer. After flying with Tom and seeing the Dynons in action I was sold regarding the safety aspects. And, I wanted fuel efficiency so the Rotax up front was in my opinion the very best solution. At Sun N Fun, I spoke with lots of plane purveyors who strongly recommended that I NOT buy the " i" version of the Rotax. Again, I did some digging and other than some early issues, the i Rotax seems to work as advertised. The CT is expensive, especially compared to fine used GA airplanes that we all know and love... but, I swallowed hard and decided I would pay 2X the cost of a fine older GA plane with God knows-what issues under the skin. I worked hard like all of you and figured after decades of working my butt off I may as well invest in something that is of high quality and great fun. So I did. I spent lots of time on this forum so I have many of you to thank for helping me make a profoundly important decision.
  13. AGLyme

    bought one, delivery in the Fall...

    That's a great idea... but, it looks like one has to be in shape..; )… Fortunately, there are tons of electric scooters and bikes around that fold up small. It is good to know that a razor will fit. thank you for the idea. Andrew
  14. AGLyme

    bought one, delivery in the Fall...

    Thank you all for the quick responses... Bill, my 19 yo son is a heavy equipment "nut"... he has a summer job loading trucks and trailers with a Loader and he is in heaven. He wants a career around "heavy equipment", hopefully he, like you, will be able to buy a plane one day. Kent, our next door neighbors and friends have a house on Fishers and I'm sure we will be visiting them often. The area where we live is incredibly beautiful flying country -- worth a visit by future CT pals. The Connecticut River, several islands offshore (Fishers, Block, Martha's Vineyard, etc.)… really incredible flying. My Cub instructor laughs when I get distracted by the views... This YouTube kid documented his flight into "Goodspeed Airport" in East Haddam along the CT River ("CT" is short for Connecticut not Carbon Technology...; ) where I do a lot of touch and go's in the Cub (I use the grass of course), a taste of the area. He then flies to Chester, CT where I take lessons with "Chester Charter", a short hop from Goodspeed. Whelan, the light people, own the airport and are based abutting the Chester airport. Note, Chester airport is perhaps the nicest, best managed airport I have ever been to. Note, all planes are under cover. Whelan is a superb Corporate citizen locally. Mike, the photos are unbelievably helpful to me... very much appreciate the effort. I figured I would have to buy something crazy small and foldable and put it in the plane as you have it. Removing the seat is brilliant, never thought of that. I will speak with Tom about how to do that. The pod is interesting and I will look into it. The plane build is underway and perhaps a few carrier bolts have to be mounted during the build phase. I will ask Tom. Thanks again, Andrew