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  1. EB3

    My Cruise RPM Today

    I'm accustomed to normal RPM fluctuation during normal operations. I'm now sure that my situation was due to what others have mentioned: The jump from ECO to PWR mode. I wasn't expecting it and didn't understand it. I'm grateful for the informative replies!
  2. EB3

    My Cruise RPM Today

    Flew home today, and the jump between throttle settings wasn't as acute. It actually settled in +/-5300 RPM, which was fine by me. This is such a great traveling machine! Comfy, economical, fast enough, and the auto-pilot is spoiling me. Also love the ADS-B. Even with flight following, ATC never called out the traffic heading directly toward us at +500 ft, but it showed up on the Dynon, so I quickly lost about 300 feet. Within seconds, a twin passed us overhead going the opposite direction. Had I not had ADS-B and not made the descent, only 500-feet separation would've been a bit too close for comfort.
  3. EB3

    My Cruise RPM Today

    Cruising at the higher RPM is fine, but it's annoying not to have linear control through all throttle settings.
  4. EB3

    My Cruise RPM Today

    Yes, it was a fun and COMFY flight for both of us! Having autopilot is such a luxury - it frees me up to concentrate on my communication with ATC and spend more time looking outside the plane.
  5. EB3

    My Cruise RPM Today

    No, sir - do not know off-hand. It's a 2017 CTLSi.
  6. EB3

    My Cruise RPM Today

    Coppercity, that must be it! I noticed the Dynon doing just as you say with the Eco and Pwr. Between the two settings, GPH went from 4 to 5.2 - a pretty big jump. Is there any way to adjust that? Prop pitch? Or should I just run at one or the other and quit fussing with it? I guess I'm good either way - maybe I just need to get used to cruising around 5400. If I'm out boring holes in the sky, I usually keep it 5000-5100, so I never noticed this issue before.
  7. Today we finally had the opportunity to take a nice XC in the CTLSi - the first since I flew it home from Tulsa in 2018 as a new owner. Today was a 4-hour flight to Conroe, TX. The flight was great, but had an annoying issue with throttle setting. I wanted to cruise between 5200-5300 RPM, but the throttle refused to land in that bracket. I'll use a shirt size analogy: I wanted to wear a L, but all I could find was M and XL. It would cruise at approx 5150, then as I'd advance the throttle in micro-movements, it would suddenly jump to 5270-5300 and then slowly increase, settling in between 5380-5450. It wasn't a smooth transition to higher RPM, either; you could hear the engine roar as the RPM suddenly increased. Micro-movement pull it back, and it would fall back to about 5150. We fiddled with the throttle the whole trip, first me and then my wife - same result every time. There is gap in throttle/power setting, and I have no clue as to why. Anyone? Anyone?
  8. Good info in this thread, thx!
  9. That's great info, AG - thanks!
  10. I've been asked "Say equipment" a few times over the years while on VFR FF. I answered in plain English at first ("mode C transponder") and then later with "/U" (even though I had a portable GPS). Since I'm not IFR, I figure whatever equipment I have or don't have is moot, other than the Mode C TP. Also, thanks for the tip about Foxtrot Delta Charlie Tango. I haven't used FF since I acquired my CTLS, so that tidbit helps since I had not yet looked up the identifier for my bird. With my previous plane, an Aerotrek A240, I'd tell them Echo Foxtrot Oscar X-ray.
  11. I'm pretty sure it's a KR-2 homebuilt.
  12. Good job, Andrew! And thanks for the photos. It must have been kind of surreal to fly so near to the Chicago skyline.
  13. I've been looking for something like this in which to invest my life's savings! 🤑
  14. Epic journey and great photos! I'm glad to know I'm not the only owner who has the left Dynon configured as a 6-pack. 😁 After having flown round instruments for so many years, my scan wasn't adapting to the ribbon views.
  15. I had the same issue on one of my early-ownership flights. I used zip ties to make the connectors snug and stable, and it hasn't happened since. Eventually I'll buy the doo-dads from Spruce.
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