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  1. I've been asked "Say equipment" a few times over the years while on VFR FF. I answered in plain English at first ("mode C transponder") and then later with "/U" (even though I had a portable GPS). Since I'm not IFR, I figure whatever equipment I have or don't have is moot, other than the Mode C TP. Also, thanks for the tip about Foxtrot Delta Charlie Tango. I haven't used FF since I acquired my CTLS, so that tidbit helps since I had not yet looked up the identifier for my bird. With my previous plane, an Aerotrek A240, I'd tell them Echo Foxtrot Oscar X-ray.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's a KR-2 homebuilt.
  3. Good job, Andrew! And thanks for the photos. It must have been kind of surreal to fly so near to the Chicago skyline.
  4. I've been looking for something like this in which to invest my life's savings! 🤑
  5. Epic journey and great photos! I'm glad to know I'm not the only owner who has the left Dynon configured as a 6-pack. 😁 After having flown round instruments for so many years, my scan wasn't adapting to the ribbon views.
  6. I had the same issue on one of my early-ownership flights. I used zip ties to make the connectors snug and stable, and it hasn't happened since. Eventually I'll buy the doo-dads from Spruce.
  7. I'd forgotten I already sold my soul to buy my CTLS, so I'm set.
  8. Does -12° truly increase speed? if so, how much? (I'm too lazy to research it myself.)
  9. I'd be tempted to sell my soul for this info. 😈😇
  10. Went to the hangar this morning to drop off some things and found one of my main tires flat - again. That's my 3rd flat on the mains in the 11 months I've owned my CTLS. Both were due to punctures, probably mesquite thorns. So, I get to fix another @#%&ing flat!
  11. Upon re-reading the Dynon site, I believe you're correct, which makes sense. The site says for "redundancy" you'd have to have both units equipped with an adaptor, which tells me you can have wifi with one or both units. Regardless, I'm glad to have both units equipped. I wouldn't want one unit to be jealous of the other. Sooo, I still have an extra adaptor, if anyone wants it. 😁
  12. From reading the Dynon site, you must have two adaptors if you have two Skyviews, one for each unit. Why there was one already installed is strange - I don't think that's normal. My understanding was that an adaptor isn't standard a component on a unit, it's an add-on item.
  13. I bought two Dynon wi-fi USB adaptors to create a wi-fi environment in my CTLS in order to upload flight plans created in ForeFlight. As you may or may not know, if your CTLS is equipped with 2 Skyviews, then you must have an adaptor in each unit for wi-fi. Upon removing my Dynons to access the USB ports in the back, I discovered there was already one adaptor installed, so all I needed was one more. Now I have an extra adaptor. Before I return the extra to Dynon, does anyone here need or want an adaptor?
  14. I've considered one of those. How do you ground it while pumping gas into and out of it?
  15. Andy, Tuff Jug claims it shuts the fuel flow off when the tank is full. Have your Tuff Jugs performed well in this regard?
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