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  1. I once had a similar issue with the 912ULS in my AeroTrek. I was advised that it could be poor-quality fuel (I was using 91 E10). Drained it out, refilled with fuel from a different station, and it perked right up. No problems since. As an added layer of ensuring clean fuel, I started filtering through a Mr. Funnel. Don't know if it's really making a difference, other than the placebo effect.
  2. Not long after I bought my CTLSi, I thought I had a fuel drain leak, but it turned out to be a leaky hose between there and the fuel pump. A factory clamp had cut very slightly into the hose, so a leak developed. My A&P replaced the hose and clamps, which stopped the leak.
  3. I walked full-speed into the diamond-edged flap of my old C-182A. Went to my knees in pain and my vision went gray. The blood was streaming down my head and nose as I came to my senses. I looked back, and there was a strip of skin 3-inches long dangling from the flap. I wore a big band-aid and a ball cap for about a month afterward.
  4. Both winglets reached out and smote my noggin today. While the right winglet gave me a good bump, the left gave me a bump AND an abrasion. The top of my bald head looks like my wife hit me with a frying pan. I was sweeping and using the blower in order to clean up my airplane's home, and this is the thanks it gives me. I have the winglet covers with the red dangly-thingies, but I never use them. Maybe I should start. At least I no longer have to fear the trailing edges of Cessna flaps. Those things about killed me a few times before I sold those planes. 🤬 Deep down I know it's my fault, but I prefer to blame the plane.
  5. Great info, Skunk - thanks!
  6. Thanks for the info, everyone! Maybe they weren't there in the fist place. The 912 iS in my CTLSi doesn't have them, either. 🤡
  7. We're doing the annual on my Aerotrek A240 which has a 912 ULS. My mechanic noticed that the springs usually attached to the outside of the dual carbs are missing. I think these springs dampen vibration. I'm not sure how to order them since I don't know what they are. I can't find any info (maybe it's because I don't know what they're called). Attached is a photo from the web with the spring in question circled in red. Anyone?
  8. Carl checked me out in my new CTLS in 2018, and he was a joy to fly with. It was during the hot Okie summer, I was tired and a bit nervous, but he made me feel at ease, so it went well. Flew my new bird home later that day, all went well. Thanks, Carl!
  9. LSA specifications/limitations are set in stone at this time, and the CTLSi pushes to the edge of those specs. Since the CTLSi and the F2 are confined to the LSA specs, then I don't see that there'd be much difference between the two aircraft. other than design tweaks. What am I missing?
  10. Yup - AG hit this one outta the park! 😊 As for Warmi's comment, I'm aware of being able to add a BRS to the Aerotrek, but didn't want to go that route. I also wanted the longer legs and slightly more speed offered by the CTLSi. Buckaroo, I don't know Jimmy Cash. There are a couple of A220s located in the Lubbock area (about 120 miles north of me), but I don't know either one of those owners. I keep hoping to run across another Aerotrek "in the wild" so to speak.
  11. Beautiful paint scheme, Buckaroo! I've owned an Aerotrek since 2013, when I bought a new A240 in mustard yellow. It's actually more fun to fly recreationally than my 2017 CTLSi due to its light, responsive, and quick handling. It also makes for a competent XC cruiser. I intended to have the A240 sold by now (I don't need 2 planes 😬), but I've been hesitant because every time I fly it, it's just such a wonderful airplane. The only reason I got the CTLSi was due to its increased XC capability and the BRS (my wife's preference). However, for a fun flyer, the Aerotrek is hard to top.
  12. EB3

    My Cruise RPM Today

    I'm accustomed to normal RPM fluctuation during normal operations. I'm now sure that my situation was due to what others have mentioned: The jump from ECO to PWR mode. I wasn't expecting it and didn't understand it. I'm grateful for the informative replies!
  13. EB3

    My Cruise RPM Today

    Flew home today, and the jump between throttle settings wasn't as acute. It actually settled in +/-5300 RPM, which was fine by me. This is such a great traveling machine! Comfy, economical, fast enough, and the auto-pilot is spoiling me. Also love the ADS-B. Even with flight following, ATC never called out the traffic heading directly toward us at +500 ft, but it showed up on the Dynon, so I quickly lost about 300 feet. Within seconds, a twin passed us overhead going the opposite direction. Had I not had ADS-B and not made the descent, only 500-feet separation would've been a bit too close for comfort.
  14. EB3

    My Cruise RPM Today

    Cruising at the higher RPM is fine, but it's annoying not to have linear control through all throttle settings.
  15. EB3

    My Cruise RPM Today

    Yes, it was a fun and COMFY flight for both of us! Having autopilot is such a luxury - it frees me up to concentrate on my communication with ATC and spend more time looking outside the plane.
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