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  1. EB3

    do I need to filter mogas?

    After getting some questionable gas one time from a local station, I now run mogas through a Mr. Funnel as I pump into my gas cans. I don't know if it's actually doing any good, but it's some peace of mind.
  2. EB3

    Cool Dynon Feature...

    That's a helpful feature! I'd only flown "steam" instruments" prior to acquiring my Dynon-paneled CTLS, so I'm still trying to learn about all the Dynon system has to offer.
  3. EB3

    Decals & Pin-striping

    Cool, Buckaroo! I wouldn't think it'd take so much labor to remove the old graphics. Seems like it would be a simple pull n' peel, but apparently it's not so easy.
  4. EB3

    Decals & Pin-striping

    Who is Aron? If you decide to call him to inquire, let us know how it turns out. I found a photo of the checkerboard pattern, and it does look sharp!
  5. Sometimes I look at my CT and consider peeling off the factory decals and pin-striping so it would be an all-white airframe (except for N-number, of course). Then I start thinking about applying decals/pin-striping of my own design/preference. It's about 99% certain that I'll never actually do this, but it is food for thought, something I can fall asleep to sans counting sheep. Anyone else ever done this?
  6. EB3

    A Good Day

  7. EB3

    Cargo platform for folding bike

    Nice execution of a great idea! I've also wondered about the possibility of placing a folding bike in the front seat area. I don't own a folder, but I've thought about getting one.
  8. Andrew, great story, keep'em coming! You're right about Rob Rollison, the AeroTrek guy. I bought my 2012 A240 from him, and he's been supportive of the product. I bought my CTLSi in July 2018 because while the AeroTrek is a wonderful airplane, I needed a Light Sport plane with longer legs, a bit more speed, and my wife loved the idea of the BRS. After purchasing, and after only a few flights, I wasn't sure I'd made the right decision. I'd loved everything about my AeroTrek so much, it just made it harder for me to adjust. However, my last several flights have convinced me that I absolutely made the right choice - the CT is outstanding in every way, and just as much fun to fly. I still wince when I think about the $$$, but I'm consoled by reminding myself that I now own one of the best aircraft in the sky and, besides, it's only money, and when my days on earth end, it won't make a damn bit of difference.
  9. EB3

    Be safe - lock your doors

    Did you try intimidating the bears by loudly and proudly announcing that you're a pilot?
  10. Wow, that's disappointing, regardless of whether non-disclosure of the DH was intentional or unintentional.
  11. Good experience. Check your messages.
  12. Thanks, Roger! You stated it very well. My mechanic's first thought was that the clamp might've bitten too far into the hose, thus the leak. He suggested replacing the hose and clamp and using thread sealer to ensure no more leak. That procedure ought to do the job, so I appreciate the affirmation that perhaps we're on the right track.
  13. Only 25 hours on my plane, and there's a fuel leak where the fuel hose attaches to the exit from the gascolator. At least that's where it appears to be - it's moist up at that spot, which produces drips at a very slow rate. My mechanic tightened up the hose and then the gascolator itself, but that didn't stop it. His next move will be to remove and replace the hose and clamp, along with adding a sealant. Anyone else ever had this issue?
  14. EB3

    Airventure 2018

    Kent, I read your trip story, and it's very inspiring - thanks for taking the time to post and for the great photos! A story like yours reminds me that I need to get off my ass and have an adventure with my CTLS. That's what it was designed for, and why I bought it.
  15. I've considered taking these classes every year (5) since I've owned a Rotax 912-powered airplane. What holds me back is my total lack of any mechanical experience and a self-perception of non-aptitude. Do guys like me typically do OK in these classes?