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  1. Odowneyeng, questions for you: I am under the impression that there are no ADs for the Flight Design CTLS, so checking compliance with them should be really easy. Am I correct? (Honest question, I am looking to learn here.) I was told that the FAA can issue ADs for light sport aircraft, but they generally do not, unless it is an extremely unusual situation and they don't trust the manufacturer to issue safety directives (SDs) and service bulletins (SBs). Are there any component ADs for the CTLS? I guess that might depend on what you have installed? Do you know how I would find that out? By the way, I don't understand your points (1) and (2). Many people take on potential liability for many things, for instance, surgeons. It seems like you would get the right insurance and charge enough of a premium to pay for that insurance, and move forward, if you were actually in the business of conducting check rides. SlingPilot: I understand your point but I think I want to avoid interacting with the FAA any more than is legally required...
  2. Tom, this was exactly the original plan (have instructor fly with DPE, offer to pay for DPEs extra time associated with this). Maybe due to too few DPEs in my FSDO, neither of the 2 DPEs my flight school deals with were interested in doing this. They were too busy with other things to consider it within the next 2 months, at least. Maybe my flight school needs to cultivate better relationships with DPEs, or maybe it needs to start looking outside to other FSDOs? I don’t know. At any rate, my problem is now solved as I talked to John Gary in Maine at KSFM yesterday, and I am scheduled for Sept. 1, weather permitting of course. Hopefully I pass! Thank you to everyone who commented. Best wishes to all and happy flying!
  3. SlingPilot: I think there are few DPEs in my FSDO to begin with (Windsor Locks FSDO) and most (all?) DPEs are not going to give a checkride in a plane they don’t have experience flying. And I guess most DPEs have not flown the CTLS. I am no expert here but I guess this is the issue. What does “OP” stand for in your comment? I am curious.
  4. Odowneyeng, I don’t see why I should have to rent a plane and get instruction in it and spend time learning how to do steep turns and etc. in it when I own a perfectly good plane that I have been getting instruction in and etc. I’d prefer to avoid doing that. But, what you mentioned may well be a logical and expedient solution if I can’t find a DPE who will do the checkride in the CTLS. But I think I found one in Maine at KSFM (John Gary). AGLyme, I fly out of Brainard using Premier as my flight school. They are unaware of anyone. At first Daryl Smith was willing to consider it but later changed his mind. From everything I’ve heard he is a good guy, but I have not met him myself. I talked to Tom Peghiny yesterday, he is going to ping his network and see if he comes up with anything. I am going to make a few more calls to flight schools in Long Island and New York and see if they know of people. Within the Windsor Locks FSDO there don’t seem to be any DPE’s willing to do it. I would like to find someone closer than Maine (KSFM) if I can. I’ll post more if I learn more.
  5. AGLyme, Tom Peghiny of Flight Design USA mentioned Tony Debany’s name at some point when I was casually chatting with him. When I contacted Tony he explained he only does Sport Pilot check-rides. I am hoping to take the private pilot practical exam. I will call Tom again and see if he has any other thoughts. If he does I will report them here. Coppercity - I will look for something local but if I get stumped, I will keep this in mind. Thank you.
  6. Help! I own a 2009 CTLS. I am a student pilot. I am ready to take the private pilot checkride now. I am looking to schedule an exam but I am not having any luck finding a DPE who will conduct the private pilot exam in a CTLS. I’ve taken and passed the written exam, I have filled out my 8710, my instructor has signed me off to take the exam, etc. I did not realize that finding a DPE would be an issue. But it is. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your help.
  7. EFB

    Generator whining over intercom

    Hello. I noticed this file when looking for something else: https://flightdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/SN-ASTM-CTLS-02.pdf Subject: "Elimination of Noise in Radio from Dynon SkyView SV-D1000" Honestly I have no idea if this is relevant to your issue but maybe you can take a look and decide? Good luck.