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  1. It should be installed behind the display. There are a couple of USB ports on the back of the SkyView Unit where it will be installed.
  2. That’s the plan. Header wrap and fire sleeve the mount after we clean it up, check for damage/corrosion and paint it. Thanks for the help.
  3. During the Condition Inspection today, we decided to look at this on my CTLS as well, even though the SB does not apply to my S/N. While the wires in question are covered in fire sleeve, the fire sleeve had evidently "slipped" down the wire bundle and was not actually protecting the wires. Only a tiny section at the top of the bundle was actually protected. As others have said, check your CT even if it doesn't fall in the serial number range.
  4. Possibly. It’s like the old KLN 94s we have in several airplanes at work. Decent little GPS. The software is from the same time frame as that Garmin. You can still update databases, but you have to use a Windows XP computer to update it, because the last driver published for the card reader was back in 2005. We are in trouble if our XP machine dies.
  5. Not sure about the malware. It is direct from Garmin site. Might just be because it is such an old program. 2005 I think.
  6. https://www8.garmin.com/support/collection.jsp?product=010-00667-42 I believe what you want is the flightbook software. I haven’t used it before though, so I have no advice on its use.
  7. I have only owned it 2 years. To my knowledge, it has never been routinely left in the rain. It has been in the rain a time or two, since I had it, but not left out for days at a time or anything. Has pretty much always been hangared while I have owned it, and I am pretty certain both previous owners as well. As for degreasers, I have not used anything other than the composiclean products, but I can't speak to before I owned it. I am about 250 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, so I can't imagine that would be an issue. And the previous two owners, from what I know were also a good distance away from the ocean. About the only real "soaking" the bird has been in is a good spray down with a water hose, but even then, it isn't drenched in water, but sprayed and then dried (the airplane, not the engine!). Your theory makes sense though, because it does look like some type of liquid "ran" down the mount. The more I look at suggestions here, the more I am tending to agree that it may not be exclusively heat damage, but possibly a combination of heat and something else, just not sure what that something else is. We have checked for leaks inside the cowling, and can't find anything, so it has to be something external, right?
  8. Rex Johnson did the last condition inspection a year ago and didn’t mention it. We did an oil change back in April, I really didn’t give the mounts much of a look over. I pulled the drain plug, emptied the oil, and my mechanic put it back in and safety wires it, and filled it back up. Right after purchase 2 years ago, I noticed what looked like a paint run or overspray on the mount through the oil access door, but didn’t think much of it. Last April was the first time I personally pulled the cowling, and I didn’t notice anything, but again, I wasn’t really looking either. Note to future self though. I will be pulling the cowling more often after this. We are going to take a wire brush to the paint and look for any corrosion. If there isn’t any, we are going to paint, header wrap, and fire sleeve the mount, and probably check it again after a few flights. Also going to very meticulously look for any fuel, coolant, oil, etc leaks. I haven’t noticed any fluid in the ground in the hangar though, so I don’t know. If it is deemed good, going to very closely watch it though. If there is corrosion, I don’t know what I am going to do. No other option than to replace I guess. Anyone know the lead time on engine mount?
  9. I’m not surprised in any way. One thing China is good at is knockoffs. Not in quality though. If for no other reason, I support Rotax because they stand behind their product. Even if this engine is good, I bet their product support will be non existent. If it breaks, “just buy a new one” is the world philosophy now.
  10. Thanks Roger. I hadn't thought about the header wrap, but I remember seeing the LOA for it. I'll go look that up now and get it on order along with some fire sleeve.
  11. That's fun. I haven't had the opportunity to go into a grass strip in any aircraft, but I really want to. Not many nice ones around my area. I have practiced soft field takeoffs and landings in the CT though. Also haven't done a 30 degree flaps takeoff. What's that like. Coming from the Cessna 172 world where 10 degrees is the max permitted takeoff flaps (as well as Diamond twins, where no flaps are used), how does the airplane feel/handle with 30 degrees of flaps on takeoff?
  12. I appreciate the concern. We came out fine, but I am a couple hundred miles inland and not on a direct path. We are getting some of the outer rain bands though. We got a pretty crazy wind/rain storm yesterday, and its been gusting 50+ mph all day today, but no damage thus far. I talked about fire sleeve with my mechanic yesterday, and he agreed that it would be a good idea, as long as there was no damage obviously. I was able to get some pictures today. Some of the discoloration is just grime that needs to be cleaned up. Any thoughts are appreciated. As far as we can tell, there isn't any sagging or deformation, but since we had to cut it short the other day, we haven't been able to get back and really look closely at it. For perspective, these are taken from the left side of the aircraft, looking aft. The last one is the rear of the mount bar. As for the heat source, we can't really figure it out. Everything looks normal in the since of space and clearance. But again, I am far from an expert in these matters.
  13. That is kind of what I figured, but I am far from an expert. He voiced concerns, which is what led to my worry. Lots of coffee consumed today. Thanks!
  14. This one has had me up all night (evidence is posting this at almost 3am). In going through the inspection with a local mechanic, he pointed out an area on the engine mount that has an area where the paint looks like it has “bubbled”. He is thinking possible heat damage to the mount. I don’t have a picture currently (a massive rain storm from hurricane Laura cut us short today), but has anyone experienced “paint bubble” on the engine frame/mounts? I will try to get some pictures if the weather cooperates. Has had me up all night thinking the worst. I can’t really find any guidance in Rotax or CT maint manuals. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  15. Now that, is a good idea. I don't know why I didn't think of that. Just bought a new shop vac about a month ago.
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