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  1. Yeah. There are 4 wires on the Aveo Nav/Strobes. NAV +, Strobe +, GND and Sync. I tied the Nav+ and Strobe + together and attached connected to existing hot. GND to existing GND and capped off the sync (for now). The Sync is not required, but it does keep the strobes in sync with each other. When we do the next wing pull, I am going to run independent nav/strobes, and connect the sync wires. But, in short, the NAVs and Strobe + tied together and then existing ground will work perfectly fine.
  2. Agreed. They are a little steep for essentially the same light. Can’t find many NAV/strobes with the single bolt install for “cheap”.
  3. Yep. I have one of the NAVs that blinks and that doesn't. It still works, just stays solid. The other follows that pattern. My tail light, rather than blinking though more or less just kind of flickers. Wires are good, I think it is getting ready to give up the ghost.
  4. I will gladly provide the bracket and company that I used to get it cut, if you or anyone else is interested. I had them cut from .25 6061 aluminum. Or I can have a couple of sets done up and I’ll send them to anyone for cost of brackets plus shipping. Disclaimer: If anyone wants a set, or wants the files, I take 0 (zero, none, zilch) responsibility for any issues. They work for me, but have not been tested in any manner other than I have them installed and they work.
  5. I am not 100% sure, because I think the winglet’s slight contour could obstruct the white light from certain angles. I can’t find anywhere that specifically says what/where/how the visibility has to be, but in theory it could work. I have thought about digging further into it to see if I can remove my tail NAV for the same reason.
  6. Aveo does have the Ultra Embedded series that could work (single bolt attachment) but you would have to run the NAV and Strobes lights on the same switch/wire unless you run a new wire. That is what I am currently doing, until me and the A&P pull the wings later this month. Edit: link to Aveo Ultra Embedded https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/aveoultraembedded.php
  7. Been working on installing new Nav/Strobes as the strobe function on one of the stock CT lights has quit. Decided I wanted independent Nav/Position and Strobes for better visibility due to higher traffic areas I fly in. Problem is, I couldn't find a set that provided the functionality that I wanted, at a reasonable price, that only had the single bolt mount. Ended up designing and having cut an adapter bracket that connects to the existing mount point, and allows the new lights to attach to. After several revisions, a lot of google researching, and a bit of cursing, I came up with what I have now. Works very well, and the lights are very nice. Have yet to fly yet due to low clouds, but the mount if very secure. Need to do a little paint touch up on both the bracket and the CT where the old lights were, but overall, I am thrilled with the results (this is really my first attempt at mechanical work, I am more electrical minded). Consequently, I have a strobing original CT red light, and a non strobing green CT light if anyone is interested or needs them. Edit: these are the lights I went with: https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/elpages/aveopowerburst.php
  8. 8900.1 - Volume 3 Chapter 15 Section 1.pdf 8900.1 - Volume 3 Chapter 15 Section 2.pdf These two files are from the FAA's 8900 (AKA their operating Bible). Good stuff in there. Almost anything an FAA inspector has to deal with will be somewhere in FAA 8900.1.
  9. At work, we fly 3 earlier model DA-42's and when they were purchased, Diamond was very specific about colors and location. We had some back and forth even about using our logo, because it has dark colors that retain heat at different rates, and they were worried about the carbon/glass fiber and resin. In this video, at about the 6:30 minute mark, they talk about painting the new DA-62. They mention that only specific colors that have been tested for heat retention are allowed, due to an upgrade in the resin system. Not really sure what that means exactly.
  10. Thanks! I don't know why I couldn't find them googling it.
  11. My oil access door has started to not stay closed, and upon further inspection, the ball portion of the oil access door fastener has chipped. I have searched around on the web, and it seems the only place to find the Tenax 2 hole base stud is from Europe. Does anyone have a domestic source (US) for these fasteners? With that being said, if there isn't a US source, does anyone else need any? If I am going to have to order from Europe, then I am going to order several sets. Thanks!
  12. Glad you liked the airplane. They are a bit different to land, especially if you are coming from the certified (Cessna/Piper/Diamond etc) world. The biggest advice I have to give for landings is be on speed. A few knots fast can really lead to some interesting landings. In fact, I would rather be 2 knots slow than 2 knots fast on short final, because these airplanes just want to fly, and don't bleed off speed easily once in ground effect. What specifically were your issues with landings? It took me 10-12 landings before I started to get the feel for it, after having 1000s of landings in Cessna and Diamond aircraft.
  13. I have removed a TruTrak Digiflight II and pitch and roll servos from a 2010 CTLS and they are for sale. I am going to first offer to the forum and see if anyone is interested. Are perfectly usable as is. One note, the Autopilot head unit does have a row of pixels that are acting up. It does not affect the unit. Can be installed as is, or, last I checked, the head unit can be used as a trade in on the xCruz (formerly the Vizion). $500 for the whole package. Send any questions my way.
  14. I can't say definitively, but it could be the baffle that is installed to prevent fuel from flowing outboard of the wing. Given the longish wings with virtually no dihedral, FD started installing baffles with a flapper valve to limit fuel from moving to the outside of the tank and unporting the fuel pickup , to prevent accidental fuel starvation. Look at the post by Tom on page 3. There are some other good posts in that topic as well that explains it to. Can't say for sure, but that is my 2 cents.
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