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  1. garrettgee2001

    ps engineering pm3000 intercom, audio input

    I have seen mixed reviews on a number of different bluetooth to 3.5mm adapters such as this. https://www.walmart.com/ip/AGPtek-3-5mm-AUX-Car-Bluetooth-Receiver-Speaker-Music-Streaming-Receiver-Adapter-with-Hands-Free-Calling-for-iPhone/49335394 If you look on Amazon or other site, you will see a number of products, ranging from $10-$50. I have had mixed luck with cheaper units, but the moderately priced units typically work well.
  2. garrettgee2001

    2010 CTLS For Sale

    Just an update, I drove out and looked at the airplane in Tulsa yesterday. Very pleased with it overall. Placed the deposit down, now just waiting on all of the paperwork with the finance company! Hopefully I will be bringing it home either next weekend or the following! Very excited!
  3. garrettgee2001

    2010 CTLS For Sale

    Thanks Greg. I fly a King Air out of Hawkins a few times a month. Good to know there is someone nearby!
  4. garrettgee2001

    2010 CTLS For Sale

    I am located in the Delta Region. Nothing but flat land here...
  5. garrettgee2001

    2010 CTLS For Sale

    Hello everyone! Been a reader for a couple of months, and just signed up for an account. I actually ran across this listing doing some research for a different CTLS, and instantly knew I wanted this one. I have been doing a lot of research on the CTLS (quite a bit has come from this forum), and have decided to jump on this offer. I have contacted Tom (Sr. and Jr.) and both were extremely helpful. Hope I will be able to make a deal on this beauty! If this goes through, this will be my first aircraft purchase, and I look forward to joining the CT family! Gee