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  1. I did have the same issue with the EMS. For that, all I had to do was reboot the system and “rescan” the skyview network and it resolved the issue. I can’t speak for the transponder, as I don’t have the Dynon one.
  2. Are you using a USB power outlet charger. If so, make sure you have a higher current one. I have one that is a dual 2.1 amp port charger. This charges my iPad (albeit slowly) while the screen is on and foreflight is running. Some of the “cheaper” chargers just can’t keep up, and might only provide 1/2 amp of charge current, which can’t keep up with a running iPad.
  3. This is from my CTLS AOI. I have attached a picture and highlighted the limits I used for this setup. This one comes from FD USA, but mine matches it. Hope this answers your question.
  4. I ran into an issue a few months ago, when it was exceptionally cold for here, where the alternator refused to turn on. Me and a local mechanic friend did some troubleshooting with a multimeter, and after about 15 minutes, he thought about reseating the connector on the regulator. Fired up the engine and it worked great. That is the second time in as many years that has happened. Not sure why it does that though. Might be worth trying.
  5. I forgot about that. I did have to slightly move the pitch servo and drill new holes.
  6. Best upgrade I did to the CT. The Dynon autopilot has some great capabilities, and the servos are basically an exact replacement for the TT.
  7. I have the GNX 375 (same thing, but with a ADSB transponder built in), and it makes a great IFR platform. I am also ELSA and IFR capable, and while I would really like the redundancy of having a NAV radio, I have yet to find myself needing it. As long as you always have an out, which you should in these airplanes if flying IFR, it doesn’t really need the traditional NAV. The CT, especially with dynon skyview, is a phenomenal IFR platform.
  8. It shouldn't matter. Garmin usually offers a "Pilot Pack" that allows multiple devices, and it doesn't cost nearly as much as both databases. Even though the devices are linked, their databases should be independent of each other. I have had no issues in our C172 (garmin, but not G1000) at the flight school I work at with the GPS and the Radio not having synced databases.
  9. Interested. Would probably be the weekend only though, depending on work schedule.
  10. Now THAT is an idea I can get behind!!!
  11. That came out really good! Impressed by bracket for the roll servo. I was going to remake the one for the roll servo when I switched to the Dynon Servos, because there were a couple of slight differences, but all I did was butcher some sheet aluminum. Ended up just kidding the stock servo bracket (probably butchered it a bit too). Overall, looks really sound! Also, like the dedicated autopilot power switch. I might have to “borrow” that idea from you!
  12. Interesting article! Sounds like for that price, the performance gains would be minimal, especially considering with even the neuform prop, airspeeds are close to LSA max, and takeoff performance is already great. Probably not worth the $13,000 price tag!
  13. Any pictures (or video) of the final install? Curious to see the final product. Saw the bracket you made, and it looked really good.
  14. I would be willing to get in on this, but I hesitate because of the rule changes coming up in the near future. We might be able to get constant speed props in the next couple of years if the FAA gives in to what the community wants, so the experimental guys (and possibly SLSA crew as well, depending on what FDUSA comes up with) could have that option as well. I would probably take an electrically adjustable constant speed option over this if I had a choice.
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