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  1. I second that sentiment. Been looking at what all would be required for a few months now, but haven't made much progress.
  2. Absolutely love the 1.2 hours I have on it so far. Did the install today. First time installing a ground adjustable prop, but the documentation from E-Props made it super easy. Spent at least an hour getting the blades pitched, but was worth it. Nailed the static RPM on the first try (that was pure luck). Static RPM was 5620-5650 on the ground. With half tanks, the airplane basically jumped off the ground. Did the static runup check, retorqued (checked) the bolts. Did a high speed taxi, and the airplane shocked me how quickly it wanted to get off the ground. Did a couple more high speed taxis, then decided it was time to give it a try (after logbook updates of course). Climb RPM was around 5400-5350, and was climbing about 1200 feet/min at a density altitude of 1200 feet. Cruise WOT was right at 5480. What I can't get over is the "ESR Effect". Seeing the RPM decrease as my airspeed increased on takeoff kind of freaked me out at first, but it matches what E-Props says, and what other users have claimed. Did a short field takeoff and it was kind of cool to be "pulled back" into the seat. Overall, I am extremely happy with the first hour of flight. Unfortunately, the I am "grounding" the airplane for the condition inspection after today's flight. Look forward to breaking in the prop. For those that have doubts about the claims of this prop, it is surprisingly good and the ESR effect (which I don't really understand yet) is something to see.
  3. Just installed an E-Props V20 170mm propeller and consequently, I have a Neuform CR-3-65-47-101.6 3 blade propeller lying around. If anyone is interested, make an offer. It is in good shape, just some minor cosmetic scratches around the root where the spinner has been pulled on and off over the years. I have the blades, spinner, spacer, hub, and mounting hardware. It has 558.2 hours on it, and was the factory installed propeller on a 2010 CTLS. I can provide copies of the logs on request. Otherwise, I am considering making it a piece of wall/hangar art.
  4. I know that the 94UL is approved, so I don't see why the 100UL wouldn't be, as long as it meets/exceeds the ASTM D4814 (US standard) spec that is listed in the latest Rotax Operating Fluids SB. Per Rotax, as long as the AKI is 91 or higher, with a preference of it being unleaded, it can be used. I haven't personally used it or the 94UL though, just 93 Mogas. I would probably wait for a response from (or inquire with) both Rotax and FD. If nothing else, from a liability standpoint if, in the unlikely event something did happen. The insurance man might claim that it isn't an approved fuel.
  5. Headed out in about 15 minutes to install mine that came in a couple days ago. Thanks for the notice. Will definitely check.
  6. I placed the order around August 4th, but they were out of the office for vacation until August 15. So just assume the order was processed on the 15th. They quoted 2 week lead time, and I got shipping confirmation this morning, and it should be here Wednesday. So all in all, about 2 weeks for it to be built (they supposedly build on order), and another 3-4 days for shipping. Edit: Just to clarify, I did order the V20.
  7. Wish I had seen this about a week ago. Just got shipping confirmation of one I ordered…
  8. I use a piece of 2 inch wide packing tape. Sticks well, you can still see inside the holes, and doesn't have a tendency to remove paint when you remove it.
  9. Looking back at an old post about your ignition modules, did you ever get that issue fixed? Could it be back. Try the ice pack trick and see if that helps.
  10. Awesome timing. I unintentionally removed my key about a week ago and thought that it was a malfunctioning key switch. Never crossed my mind about the fuel shutoff valve.
  11. Bolts on the nose gear that allow a tow bar to be connected. Look very similar to “Frankenstein”. An option available for install on CTs.
  12. I am still a possible, work schedule permitting. CTLS. Page only. I won’t know until the week before unfortunately.
  13. In my AOI, this is a statement in the Flight Load Factor Limits section: Up to Vra (rough air speed) (which is 132 IAS, 138 CAS), the CTLS can withstand a vertical gust of 3000 feet per minute. Above this speed, the vertical gust is 1500 fpm. What I think it boils down to is a structural limit. Severe turbulence above 132 IAS (138 CAS) can lead to structural damage or even failure due to the loads that would be imparted on the structure. Basically, if in "rough air", don't go faster than Vra, because it could lead to exceeding the flight load factor. As for Va, my thoughts are related to full control movement, especially full elevator movement, not necessarily just rough air. Just my 2 cents.
  14. I have the dual Skyview classic, so I can’t comment on the HDX. I am also wanting to get it, but can’t justify the cost right now. Let me know if you have any questions.
  15. I did the autopilot change. It was almost an exact fit for both the pitch and roll servos. The Roll servo had to be moved back slightly, but the Tru Trak Bracket works with it. Also had to fabricate a piece of .125 aluminum to connect the servo to the roll "control fork" (not sure if that's the right name). It has been a night and day difference over the TruTrak in terms of function. I also use my CTLS for IFR (experimental), and recently installed the Garmin GNX 375 to replace my Garmin 335 and 696. It is a very capable IFR GPS/XPDR. I considered the Vizion upgrade, but TruTrak was bought out right as I was starting, and Mid Continent was all but worthless at the time regarding the TruTrak. Looking back, kind of glad they didn't help me, because I think the Dynon integrated Autopilot is a much better fit.
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