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  1. I too have had good luck with Composiclean Products. I primarily use their bucket wash and spray wax with good results. It is pH neutral, which is (typically) a must for composite aircraft.
  2. garrettgee2001

    Clacking Brakes on taxi and landing

    I have a 2010 CTLS that does this as well. I tend to agree that it has something to do with the calipers, as even the slightest amount of brake pressure seems to stop the noise. I don’t really notice it during the taxi out, but definitely after landing. I am not being helpful, but you are not the only one experiencing this.
  3. garrettgee2001

    Going Experimental

    Thanks everyone and sorry for going NORDO, been a busy work week. Still waiting to hear something from the PMI. Once I do, I will update on the status.
  4. garrettgee2001

    Going Experimental

    I have finally made the decision to go experimental. I was down at the local Flight Standards Office (FSO) the other day on some work related stuff, and asked our Principal Maintenance Inspector (PMI) to look into what it would take to go experimental. He got back to me today, and said that it should not be extremely difficult. We talked about changing placards from light sport to experimental, operating limitations, and several other things. He is going to get me a full summary in an email in the next couple of days. He was saying the local FSO has not really done much with LSAs (apparently, they are not super popular around here), so it will be a good experience for them as well. Anyway, I would like to get suggestions from anyone who has gone E-LSA. I have seen some posts about getting records from Oklahoma City and some other things I can't remember right off hand (I will pull all of the stuff I can from previous posts). Additionally, if anyone is interested, I would be willing to "document" what I can about the process. I haven't talked to the PMI yet, but I don't know that I will be using a DAR for this. It will probably take a little longer, but I am not in any huge rush. My biggest concern is getting the operation limitations in the right format. Any suggestions? Let me know if anyone wants this process to be documented, and I will do the best I can to document the process on here.
  5. garrettgee2001

    Potential new buyer needs some assistance

    Can't say that I have been a long time owner (6 months), but I am more than open to helping if I can. I have put about 50 hours on my airplane, of which 40 hours of it was XC. Just PM me if you don't hear from anyone else. I may not be a huge wealth of information, but I will be more than happy to help in any way I can.
  6. garrettgee2001

    Wanted to buy CTLS

    As others have said, a light sport definitely handles a bit differently than a traditional (heavier) single engine airplane. While flying the 172 might be good, it may be best to get as much of your training as possible in a light sport. I have loved my CTLS, but it look me a good 10-15 hours to transition to be able to confidently land the airplane with any wind (have 1800 hours in traditional single and multi engine airplanes). After that time, an a-ha moment struck me, and I can confidently land in a 15 knot gusty crosswind (don’t recommend this if you haven’t at least done some with an instructor who has some CT time). Overall, the operating costs of the CT are what ultimately led me to buying it. It is a factor of 3 times cheaper to operate, all things considered like mx, fuel, etc. over a Cessna 172, and cruises at a slightly higher speed to boot, plus it has much better avionics than you would likely find in a 172 if you have the dynons. I have been very happy with mine (had it about 6 months). Besides from the occasional small things you find (which this community is really good to help out with), the airplane is very dependable and great for not only local fun flying, but also has the capability to be a cross country machine. One thing to note though, if you can afford the extra training costs and can spare the extra time you have to put in it, a PPL will remove some of the SP restrictions, and you will still be able to fly a light sport airplane. If you ever think you might want to use the PPL privileges, it may be best to go ahead and get the PPL while you have your mind set to training mode. Just my 2 cents as a CFI.
  7. It can be confusing figuring out the sport pilot (pilot) limitations vs the sport pilot (aircraft) limitations. Some of the limitations do intertwine, such as the IFR/IMC limitations. The ASTM says they don't allow IFR/IMC in a light sport aircraft, but the FAA will allow it (IMC) under experimental. Even more confusing, a current instrument rated pilot can file and fly IFR in a light sport aircraft (if 91.205 is met), as long as actual IMC is avoided (Aircraft limitation), at least as the current rules are written. So many gotchas to keep straight when flying a light sport aircraft as a private/commercial pilot. Some restrictions follow the pilot, and some follow the aircraft.
  8. Thank you FlyingMonkey. I thought I had seen a post somewhere where you had mentioned that. Curiosity question, was that difficult to get a DAR to approve? If you are willing, I may PM you one day and ask a few questions related to going experimental. I have a basic understanding through some research, but haven't really looked into the "fine details" yet. Still trying to decide if I want to take the plunge or not. In your opinion, is it worth it?
  9. Please note that I said I would like to, not that I have flown a CT in IMC. I have to ask how so? I am a commercially rated pilot with an instrument rating, so no problem there. If one goes experimental LSA, you are allowed to set your own operating limitations, as long as they are approved by the FAA, and including IMC in the limitations has been done per another member on this forum. Finally, experimental allows one to make modifications without manufacturer approval, meaning I could equip the aircraft to be in compliant with 91.205 So, if I am instrument rated, and aircraft meets the requirements of 91.205, then where are regulations being busted?
  10. Probably is overkill in all honesty. My thoughts are to go experimental though, and in the process, have the limitations to allow IFR. I use my CT for business travel, and being able to pop through a thin cloud layer would really be nice. I have no intention of going into hard IFR, but often times in the morning around where I fly, there is a thin layer of clouds around 800-1000 feet, no more than a few hundred feet thick, which prevents me from being able to fly. Haven’t decided on whether I am actually going to do this. I also fly with a GTN 750 on a daily basis, and I very much love it, so a 650 would be a very nice thing to have. Either way though, a GTN is a nice nest egg to have in the event you do end up in trouble with the weather.
  11. I am somewhat interested in this. I was talking to someone about a week ago about a GTN 650, and what they thought about the idea of putting one in a CTLS. What’s the asking price? I am highly considering going experimental LSA. Wasn’t planning on doing it for a while, but if the price is right, I would not mind jumping on this. Thanks, Gee
  12. garrettgee2001

    Garmin Pilot

    I would suggest emailing Garmin and asking about this if no one else knows (I don’t use Garmin pilot personally). Their customer support is usually pretty good from my experience. It may not be as simple as the model code is not in their database. I would think for filing purposes though, it should not have to be, since it is recognized by the FAA/ICAO filing systems.
  13. garrettgee2001

    CTLS Fatality Handiflight

    Just saw this on my news feed. So sad. Handiflight is such an amazing way to promote inclusion as well as general aviation. Sorry to see this.
  14. garrettgee2001

    New Ipad mount

    Literally just blew coke out of my nose. That is hilarious. Totally wasn’t expecting that!
  15. garrettgee2001

    Carb Heat Issue

    Thanks Roger, I did not think about listening for the butterfly valve. I will check that next time I am at the airport to see if I can hear it. It seems to work if I need to pull it on, I will just have to pull the panel to turn it off once on the ground until I can get the sleeve fixed. Best regards Garrett Gee