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  1. david

    CTLS Damaged on Landing This Morning

    hi, if Engine 914 overshoot up to 6500 rpm, what kind of verification regarding crankshaft is required? 1.out of roundness 2.distortion check. please endrose.
  2. david

    Max rpm or?

    For Rotax 914 F2, what is RPM Allowable tolerance i.e 5750-5850 at Turbo .? if IT goes beyond 5900-5950, with variable pitch propeller, then what is first thing we have to check? either propeller or EngineπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ.
  3. Life is short, eat dessert

  4. david

    service life

    hi,This is regarding recent SI-912-022 for Rotax BRP storage of genuine parts.what is service life of Rotax Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Turbo Control Unit TCU?what is the functional testing/bench testing of these components that we can consider that the units is working is okay ?.
  5. david

    New Floats from MS

    i have observe tht bing floats weight after some used 7.86 gram.Tht probelly OVERFLOODING the carburator. Dry weight are 6.4 gram.
  6. david

    New Floats from MS

    if weight of new float pairs chang from 6.5 gram un.used and after some time used weight goes beyond 7.865 gram. what you suggest? S.914.029 REFER no chang in weight, How we can find the quality of 861188 floats pair.πŸ™€πŸ‘
  7. david

    Float bowl pins

    as bowl pin that hold floats are small, but this pic shows the pins are long. WHY?
  8. david

    Float bowl pins

    recently installed a carburator on 914F, but inside the CARB. floats pair was old style and bowl was also differ from new carburator ? problem observed was power boost lost. suggest me please
  9. david

    Rotax 914 Ground testing

    Hi, what is the Ground testing of Engine 914 profile with respect tothrottle %, 10%,, 20%, .......50%, 80% 100 % etc, after Heavy maintenance or line maintenance?As Warm up temp 50c, then How we can go for further throattle setting % after initial start up.?
  10. david

    New Floats from MS

    si.912-029 Ref. is showing details.
  11. david

    New Floats from MS

    Has Rotax 914 floats pt no 861188 and adjust bracket any chemical reaction with 100 LL fuel.??
  12. david

    New Floats from MS

    861-184 as mentioned, The color is blue. part number is different. what about this product?
  13. david

    New Floats from MS

    i have 861188 new float for 914 Engine. can i use this?