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  1. How did you get the panel redone in black. It looks great.
  2. Most modern automotive paint shops (at least here in the states) have a machine that can color match if you can bring them a component. One of the wheel pants or the spinner should do the trick. Mine need repainting and that's how I will handle it.
  3. I just went through this a few months ago when I bought a 2007 SW. Start with the logbooks. Ask if you can make copies of the logbooks so you can study them. I did it with my cell phone, it took less than 30 minutes. If you are a long way away ask if the owner will do it and email you or post it to dropbox or equivalent. Take your time and study the logbooks, where has the airplane been, who worked on it, were all the service bulletins done, how many hours was it flown each year, were there any major repairs, if it had 100 hour inspections was it used for instruction or rental, are logbook entries detailed or just what was required, and so on. You can look up Service Documents for the airframe here: https://flightdesign.com/service-documents/#1531120057294-851a7d13-e89e and for the engine here: https://www.flyrotax.com/services/technical-documentation.html The SW will have the 912 ULS As mentioned, look for the 5 year hose replacement, also the parachute needs repacked every 6 years and the rocket every 12 years could be a couple grand when done together, the gearbox needs removed and inspected periodically 800 hours I think, there should be a few entries for carb synchronization and probably a carb overhaul or two, and the gearbox torque should have been checked a few times and oil tank cleaned every year or so, more frequently if 100LL was used. If they used 100LL oil changes should be more frequent, as is cleaning the oil tank. Watch this video and then part two when it is done, best 90 minutes you can spend to learn a little about Rotax 4 stroke engines. Personally, I like the glass cockpit and the autopilot. Back in the day, that kind of capability would have cost you more than a used airplane was worth. You could certainly expect to pay less for something with steam gauges, or something that has been sitting outside a long time, or something with sketchy records, or high time, or indication it has been sitting idle a long time. You can PM me if you have specific questions.
  4. I have flown since I put the flap back in place and it is much better. With OAT at 40 F I had the heat valve about 1/3 open and was comfortable in a light jacket. In my case the plumbing was all ok, I just wasn't getting any airflow INTO the heat shroud. In my case, I was not feeling any air coming in to the floor vents or windshield. Perhaps you have already tried this, but you might be able to pinpoint where the restriction is by disconnecting the duct hose at the firewall heat valve and push the smoke through just the heat shroud. If that works ok then inject the smoke right at the heat valve and see how that works.
  5. The problem of no cabin heat has been well documented here and as suggested, I covered the cabin openings with foam blocks which did indeed reduce the air infiltration, however I still wasn't getting any heat. I checked the butterfly valve on the firewall and it was working correctly. When I inspected the air plenum that feeds the heat shroud I noticed that the rubber gasket on the front is made up of individual pieces of rubber and not the one piece that is shown in the parts manual. When installing the bottom cowling, the bottom piece of rubber will more than likely position itself so as to block the airflow into the heat shroud. No air flow = no heat. Its easy enough to tuck this rubber piece under the cowl opening after the cowl is fastened and that fixed the problem of no heat. The guy I bought the airplane from did not know about it either. He said the heater did not work. I believe this could also lead to a lack of carburetor heat as well so its more than just creature comfort.
  6. Anybody going to Fun and Sun this year.? I am planning on being there either with the airplane or the camper. We can have a mini get together.
  7. Congrats on getting back into flying. I took a 20+ year layoff from flying after selling my Mooney in 1994. Figured I would never own another airplane till I was visiting a friend who owns an FBO in Idaho. He had a 2007 CTSW that just wasn't as popular in the rental market as he thought so he figured he would sell it. I looked at it, sat in it, fired up the glass panel, went for a ride in it and to my surprise, bought it. Best thing I have ever done. It was my 70th birthday present to myself! Oh what the hell, its the kids money anyway. Enjoy and report back with plenty of pictures.
  8. The 696 is currently installed with 4 small screws directly into the back of the unit through a bracket mounted to the instrument panel. I do not have a 796 to look at but the pictures I have seen do not show the same threaded holes on the 796. There is a Garmin aera 796 bare wire mount which may adapt to the existing bracket. I do not care if the unit is easily removable so I don't need the airgizmo unless its the only option Is there another way to handle this?
  9. Agree with all of that, especially the landing part. I stick one out of three now. Probably wont feel comfortable till I have about 100 landings. I had a 66 C model, loved it but in many ways the CT is more fun.
  10. And just as a last resort back up I carry one of those headband LED headlamps that has a red light in it. Energizer I think, about $15-20.
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I'm assuming incomplete logbook entries. The SL 30 and GPS 696 were added a few years later in 2010 by an avionics shop. They used the ADI breaker for the SL 30 but the RADIO circuit breaker does nothing or maybe the encoder. They must have removed the ADI, built a new center panel, relocated the heater controls, and used the ADI breaker because it was available without relabeling. In which case, there should have been an updated W/B, which there was not. It has been weighed recently but I need to update the equipment list.
  12. I checked AVEMCO and AOPA and went with AVEMCO because they had the same coverage for a few hundred less. I just got the CTSW less than a month ago, have not flown in 20 years but have a PPL/Instrument and 1200 hrs. The usual 100K/1M limits and 60K hull for $1089. There is a $ 1000 deductible which some policies don't have. They said to expect lower next year when i have more time in the CT but probably not more than $100 less.
  13. I have a circuit breaker labeled ADI. There is no reference to it in the equipment list in the logbooks as either installed or removed. The only avionics that comes up with a Google search of ADI is an electronic artificial horizon made by Tru Trak. That doesn't seem logical since it had a D 100 from the getgo. Short of dropping the panel and tracing the wiring (if there is any) does anyone know what this might be?
  14. Many thanks to those of you I met at Page during the unofficial fly in. Good information about the airplane and wonderful camaraderie. Already looking forward to next time. BTW here is a basic log of bringing the airplane home from North Idaho where I purchased it just 2 weeks ago. Bonners Ferry ID to Spokane WA 1 hour CAVU Spokane WA to Bryce Canyon 7 hours with a fuel stop CAVU at 11500 Bryce Canyon to Page CAVU Page to Santa Fe NM CAVU and Santa Fe NM to Rogers AR NONSTOP 5+ hours 620 NM 11500 CAVU ALL THE WAY! I think someone was looking out for me.
  15. Darryl and I came to Page this morning and checked into the clarion. Rain supposed to start this evening into tomorrow. Planning on staying a few days anyway.
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