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  1. Seems like a scheduling something around Sun N Fun 2020 would be a great idea Gary
  2. Hello All- I have decided I can not swing a 10 day trip (from Florida) for the Page Fly-in. I am going to camp at X06, Arcadia Municipal Airport instead. If any other SouthEast US Pilots would like to meet up, I'd welcome the opportunity to meet you and share some campfire stories. The Airport has some nice oak shaded camping facilities with a pavilion, fire-pit, grills and hot showers. Not trying to compete with Page, but if anyone isn't going and wants some meet up, give me a shout. October 11-13 @ X06. Gary
  3. Contemplating making this trek from East Central Florida. Anyone heading up and over from my neck of the woods? Gary
  4. Heard from Dynon today. I am told it will need to be removed from the aircraft and shipped to them for diagnosis and repair. It may be a few weeks before I can get that done, but I will circle back with details once it is complete. thanks, Gary
  5. Hello All- I have had this happen 3 times now in about 10 flights. Have any of you experienced this? If so, what was the cause? Thanks, Gary
  6. Todd- thanks for sharing. What fuel were you running? I was running 93 octane 10% ethanol pump gas. Gary
  7. Roger- Thanks for your reply. The A&P I was working with had the same input. He is very experienced w CT’s as well and echoed that he had seen it drop to alarm before but had never had one quit. He also flies CT’s. And has for a very long time. I trust what he tells me and also very much appreciate your input on all things CT. Gary
  8. Yesterday I changed the brake pads on my CTLS. After completing multiple high speed taxi's for brake scrub in, I taxied back to the hanger to drop off the A&P, shut down, settled up and performed the starting checklist. Engine was shut down 10-15 minutes. after engine start, I proceeded to the before take off checklist. and immediately began to get a Low Fuel Pressure alarm. After subsequent shut down and re-start, then continued run-up, it eventually cleared. It is the A&P's belief, and mine as well, that the fuel in the fuel lines inside the engine cowling was vaporizing due to the higher engine temps when shut down; beginning or partial vapor lock. I was running 93 Octane - 10% ethanol auto fuel. I'm in Florida and it was maybe 82 degrees outside. However, I'm told that winter blend fuels with lower vapor pressures are distributed in Florida also because they are cheaper to produce. I've never experienced an issue with this before. Likely this is because I have never attempted to take off shortly after activities that would cause higher temperatures to form under the cowling. It got my attention. I flew to Seabring and added 10 gallons of UL94 to the wings to blend and increase the Vapor Pressure of the Mogas that I still had onboard. I really wish more airports would start carrying an aviation fuel that was unleaded. Just thought I would share. Gary
  9. As a follow up, I did change the brake pads yesterday, as well as the tires themselves. The tires had some significant lumps in them which caused vibration and aggravated the clacking. Replacement of the pads did seem to reduce the clacking. Unfortunately, one of the new tires is significantly out of ballance and seems to cause vibration in the main gear north of about 30mph. Aggravating, but not the end of the world.
  10. Thank you to each of you for your replies. I inspected the pads today and it appears they are worn to right at replacement level. Once I get them changed, I will report if the clacking is alieviated with fresh pads. Thanks, Gary
  11. Thank you for the reply. Was wondering if you have owned your bird long enough to have been through a brake pad replacement. Specifically I’m wondering if fresh pads quiet it down due to less area for side to side movement. Thanks, Gary
  12. I’ve had my 2010 CTLS for a few months now. Enjoy it very much. However, one thing that I do find annoying, is that the mains tend to shudder a bit during taxi and landing rollout. This shudder causes the brakes to clack on the rotors when not applying the breaks. CLACK-CLACK-CLACK....until you apply the brakes then it stops. It starts right back up as soon as the brakes pressure is released while moving. Have any of you guys experienced this? I’m assuming it is the calipers moving back and forth and bouncing off the rotors. But thought I’d check with you guys with some tenure with your CT’s. Thank you in advance, Gary
  13. While replacing some speed tape (I think original 8 years old). I learned of a wheel that can be used on a power drill. It is a material that feels like a waxy erasure wheel. Pros use it to remove pinstripes on vehicles. It worked very well for removing the tape and the adhesive residue. Followed up with some gasoline on a rag to remove any left over adhesive, then wiped clean with alchohol.
  14. Glen- i did. Have made a few weekend day trips. Most recently St Augustine today w my daughter. prob gonna skip the winds tomorrow, but thinking planning on going to Seabring Thursday. are you going to the expo? Gary
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