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  1. Compisiclean products. PH neutral. I'm a bit weary of playing PH Russian rue let.
  2. John Hurst (Sport Aero) is a straight shooter. Honest guy! I purchased a 2010 CTLS from him a year ago. He handled the sale, a few updates to the aircraft, and my transition training. HE has also helped my with any questions or needs since the time of sale. He continues to serve well beyond the sale. To say I highly recommend purchasing a CT through him would be an understatement. Best I have ever dealt with. Gary
  3. I have a 2010 CTLS and do not feel like the stick is tight at all. But then my last plane was a 1963 Cessna 172-D...so I guess its all relative
  4. Sweet Panel update. 2 thumbs up! Gary
  5. No sir, I have a 2010 CTLS. I made a bonehead mistake and ordered the the battery I saw folks talking about; assuming we all utilized the same battery. When it came in and I saw the size I realized it was roughly half the physical size of the battery box in my aircraft. Turns out my aircraft takes an Odyssey PC370. So I have a brand new, in box PC310 for sale. Manufacture date 8/2/2019. I can ship via UPS Ground ($20.32) or 2nd day air ($53.39). Willing to take a haircut on the battery price to cover shipping. If in Florida, I'd probably fly it over to you. Also, I will be at the Deland Sport Aviation Expo in November. Thanks, Gary
  6. CHANGE OF PLANS- Not camping at X06 this weekend. Heading to the Thomasville, GA fly-in and camping there instead. Gary
  7. Will be flying up to Thomasville, GA this weekend as well if anyone in that area is interested. Gary
  8. So I'm a bonehead and purchased the wrong battery for my CTLS. If any of you need this battery, I have a brand new one in the box I would be happy to sell. If you are ion Florida, I might even fly it over to you. Just reach out to me if you want/need it. Thanks, Gary
  9. Seems like a scheduling something around Sun N Fun 2020 would be a great idea Gary
  10. Hello All- I have decided I can not swing a 10 day trip (from Florida) for the Page Fly-in. I am going to camp at X06, Arcadia Municipal Airport instead. If any other SouthEast US Pilots would like to meet up, I'd welcome the opportunity to meet you and share some campfire stories. The Airport has some nice oak shaded camping facilities with a pavilion, fire-pit, grills and hot showers. Not trying to compete with Page, but if anyone isn't going and wants some meet up, give me a shout. October 11-13 @ X06. Gary
  11. Contemplating making this trek from East Central Florida. Anyone heading up and over from my neck of the woods? Gary
  12. Heard from Dynon today. I am told it will need to be removed from the aircraft and shipped to them for diagnosis and repair. It may be a few weeks before I can get that done, but I will circle back with details once it is complete. thanks, Gary
  13. Hello All- I have had this happen 3 times now in about 10 flights. Have any of you experienced this? If so, what was the cause? Thanks, Gary
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