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  1. Tom, rtk, Thanks. Good suggestions both. I would prefer either to retaining on a new AC. Chris
  2. Hello all, I seem to be having a problem others have mentioned, I can't find a DPE! I had originally decided to go for Sport Pilot to avoid having to do a special issuance on a medical certificate, but once I was ready for my check ride I was unable to find a DPE within 5 states that would give a sport pilot practical in any AC! So, I went and got my class 3 medical and completed the requirements for Privet Pilot. Now the local DPEs want me to "Rent a Cessna" for my practical! While I have nothing in particular against Cessna's I would hate to spend a couple extra thousand $ first renting one to cross train and then test in when I have a outstanding AC at my disposal. Anyhow, if anyone has a suggestion of a DPE familiar with the CTLS in Northern CA or Southern OR, or anywhere on the west cost Id appreciate a lead. Thanks, Chris
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