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  1. I will give that a try on my next day off. Thanks for all the advice!
  2. You talking about mounted on the firewall inside the cockpit or in the engine compartment? Ill look through the maintenance diagrams tomorrow and see what I can find. Would definitely like to get it figured out. It’s just odd that it was working perfect and just randomly started acting up. Thanks for the help!!
  3. So I did a small search and could not find anything. Sorry if there is already a conversation covering this. I am having trouble with my flaps. Sometimes when I switch from one setting to another they don’t change right away. The numbers will just sit there and flash. If I leave them on the setting I’m trying to go to then normally if you give them a Minut or so they will eventually go but it’s not a consistent amount of time it takes from one time to the next. Sometimes when I switch them they go right away like they are supposed to. Hopefully someone has some insight. Thanks in advance.
  4. Where is your audio input located in the plane? I remember the guy I purchased from saying it had one but then I forgot about it and haven’t seen it since ( can’t really say that I have searched for it though either, lol).
  5. Does the fuel mix before or after the fuel selector? I only ask because I haven’t notice mine level when sitting in the hangar but I always have the fuel shut off.
  6. Thanks for the explanation. When I made the post I kind of figured there was reasons people hadn’t already done it and everyone was going to say don’t. Lol I was really hoping for a good explanation like that though so I could put all together. I figure asking questions like that and getting feedback is going to be the best way to become more familiar with the systems that I don’t quite understand why they are the way they are. I hadn’t thought of it not having a header tank and how that would affect it. Thank you!!
  7. I understand those concerns. When I purchased the plane I got the idea that it’s safest to make sure to leave about 5 gallons in each side for safe measure. It just seems like so much fuel to leave on the table. In a cross country you could easily go another hour and still have one hours reserve. I wish they had a selector valve for left/right/both. It just don’t seem that feasible.
  8. So I’m still new to the CT life. Also haven’t converted to ELSA yet, but will be soon ( that’s not the topic of this discussion). Lol With that being said, has anyone that converted to ELSA thought of installing a fuel shut off right next to each each wing where the pickup comes out? I know aircraft spuce has them relatively cheap and it seems if you installed one on both sides, then you could control fuel level by shutting off the tank that was lower on fuel and force the engine to pull from the other tank. Correct??? Maybe??? i know some will say it’s not necessary and have comments the don’t pertain to if it would actually work. I’m more interested if anyone has a reason it would not work or they don’t think it’s a good idea because of a safety issue???? Not it trying to start an argument or debate with it. I just think it would make me feel better if I ran my tank low and the other side had a lot left, if I was able to shut that side off that was low on fuel and save a little that way I could have both tanks open and be able to get fuel from both while landing. Just something simple like this mounted up by the wing on a aluminum plate or something similar
  9. I just looked and the only drain hole I can find is on the side of the footwell about 2 inches up and 2 inches back. Should there be another one? having just that hole still let’s a pretty big puddle gather. Lol
  10. I have been working on mine today and haven’t got to a point to try it. I did find that the flap that is controlled by the heater cord was not opening all the way. The other thing I did was went and got one of those window kits for a home that uses double sided tape and shrink wrap plastic and I covered the holes up with that. It looked a lot better than the packaging tape I put on there the first time. Lol I would think you could also use that for the openings behind the seat if you didn’t have anything in the baggage area that could put a hole in it. I also used used some foam window seal from Home Depot to help seal up where my door did not seal at the front of the door.
  11. I will definitely be checking that out. Thank you!! Also so as far as flying in a T shirt I will have to do some work on that too. I had multiple layers including a winter jacket in single digits and I was freezing!! Hopefully I can get that lined out. Thanks for the help!
  12. Thanks for the info. I was wondering about the plate inside. I just didn’t know what there was inside of there structurally to attach too other than just having screws held in by JB weld. I’m glad there is a metal plate. That makes me feel better about repositioning the door. Mine is just like yours was. If it’s bright outside I can see a small bit of daylight at the front of the door shining through. When I was out of town I left it sitting on the ramp overnight and went back the next day to find the footwell full of water!! I’ll have to give that a looking into. That sounds like it could be the best option
  13. I’ve got a 2005 ctsw that I just picked up and my door definitely needs moved forward about an 1/8 inch. There is an air gap at the front and looking at the door gaps with the door closed the rear is almost touching. I was wondering how you relocated them forward? My hinges aren’t slotted. It looks like the are just screwed in. Was hoping for some insight before I just started taking things apart! Thanks!!
  14. Have you had it in the rain since doing this? Even just parked? Just wondering if there is any leaks?
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