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  1. SkyrangerRich

    ELSA possible fuel flow fix???

    Noted. Will consciously underthink it!
  2. SkyrangerRich

    ELSA possible fuel flow fix???

    I'm very new to flying CTs, but isn't it as simple as flying as coordinated as possible, manage the fuel balance levels as described above and then if/when your tanks get very low, rock the wings every few minutes. I've made a note that when I'm in circuit (and therefore always flying turns in the same direction) to do a bit of a rock each leg. The pipework from wings to engine has some capacity (effectively a small header tank), rocking the wings should keep at least one side of these full and as long as one side always has fuel in, all is ok. Or have I grossly misunderstood something? As I said, I'm new to the CT and very keen to learn.
  3. SkyrangerRich

    Hi! Introduction and some questions

    We're still in Europe for the time being and are hoping that this ridiculous Brexit is eventually just quietly dropped.... I've made some progress on my questions above. Decided to ask Flight Design to make me up the instrument panels, although (much!) more expensive than having a local engineering shop copy the current ones, it is much easier and will mean that my plane has much less time out of action while I swap over. I provided Flight Design with a very rough sketch of what I need and they were happy to make them up. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out. Will post pictures here. Flight Design also sending me a brand new set of cockpit stickers so that I can make the inside look brand new. As for paint, a UK Flight Design distributor gave me a paint code (RAL 9016). It appears to be a very common colour for PVC window frames! I've bought a very small pot and the match appears to be spot on. I've not been able to fly my CT yet due to weather so have spent hours tracing wiring and removing bits. It was originally specified with a Bendix King Sky Map in the P2 panel, which has long since been replaced by an iPad. I've been able to remove two switches a redundant GPS module and about 6ft of wiring no longer required.
  4. SkyrangerRich

    USB Charging - Without Any Interference!

    I had one of these "Charge4" USB chargers in my previous aircraft. They're specifically designed for aviation. I liked it so much that I've just bought another for my CT. https://charge4.harkwood.co.uk/ UK based, but I'm sure they'll ship internationally. More expensive than other options perhaps, but worth it for a fit for purpose device in my opinion.
  5. SkyrangerRich

    Hi! Introduction and some questions

    Ha. I hadn't considered that! If anyone has a really good match and has the paint code, I'd really appreciate it. I mentioned up thread that I wanted new instrument panels. Flight Design do supply them, but they are 150euros each. I'm going to get a local engineering shop to make me some using the old one as templates I think.
  6. SkyrangerRich

    Hi! Introduction and some questions

    Thanks Tom. It had a new parachute fitted in 2010 - I don't know why. Which do you all have? Lamborghini white! Even the paint is special. This little airplane gets better and better!
  7. SkyrangerRich

    Hi! Introduction and some questions

    Hi all. I'm now the very happy owner of my 2006 CTSW. Weather here pretty unpleasant, so spent a couple of hours with it in the hangar, just looking around and feeling smug. My BRS has got two stiff cables that seem to come out of the top of the rocket and into the parachute pack. For some reason, this doesn't seem quite right. You can see them in the attached picture. There are a couple of chips in the gelcoat that I'd like to touch up. Is there an off the shelf product that's a good colour match? Thanks!
  8. SkyrangerRich

    Hi! Introduction and some questions

    Thanks for your help all. I've contacted FD.
  9. SkyrangerRich

    Hi! Introduction and some questions

    Thanks Tom. Makes sense. I'll be removing the current intercom, so hopefully these sockets can go too, trying to remove "clutter". Does anyone know if patterns for the panels are available anywhere? (Or whether new panels are available to buy?)
  10. SkyrangerRich

    Hi! Introduction and some questions

    Thanks for the reply. So a separate intercom output, over and above the twin plug outputs on the intercom system itself? What use is it? All I can come up with is the ability to record audio? Once the aircraft is formally signed over to me, I'll have to trace where they go.
  11. SkyrangerRich

    Hi! Introduction and some questions

    Hi, I'm in the process of buying my first CT. It's a 2006 CTSW with approx 600 hours on the engine and airframe. I'm based in the UK, I know this is largely a US forum, but I've spent a long time lurking and it's the best CT resource on the internet. I hope you don't mind an international imposter! I'm moving over from a Skyranger, a very popular microlight in Europe, it's also got a 912 in the front and weighs a similar amount to the CT, but the performance is light years behind (90mph cruise at 4800rpm). I know the particular CT I'm buying fairly well, it's lived next to my Skyranger in the hangar for 3 years. The current owner bought it from the family of the original owner (who had died), he's ordered a brand new CTSS. My first job will be to refresh the instrument panel, keeping the D180, but fitting a new radio and transponder and upgrading the switches etc. Current owner is not the most technically minded pilot, so there's a couple of sockets and switches which he doesn't use and doesn't know what they are for. I'm hoping you can help. The 2 gold sockets and the button below in the attached picture. Any idea? A trawl through Google images shows other CTs with similar installed. Also, I suspect I'm not the first person to put in new panels. Do any of you have patterns for the outline of the "mushroom" panels that I can give to a engineering shop to cut out? Are the placards for the throttle, flaps etc available anywhere? Apologies that I've rambled on and turned this into such a long post. Many thanks, Rich
  12. Thanks. I'm sure it's got the later tail though (have compared it to a CT2K tail which seems less "deep"). Is there a way to know for sure?
  13. Hi all. Can I jump on this thread, rather than start my own (which would have very similar questions!)? I'm very close to purchasing a 2006 CTSW, It's a nice spec, D180 panel etc. How do I identify the latter tail? (Is it the full width trim tab?) On this particular CT the lower fin (the bit below the tail) has a strange "bumpy" finish, rather like magnified orange peel. Is this common or an indicator of a repair? Also the instrument panel is rounded at the top - from the pictures I've seen I was expecting a more square 3 panel arrangement. Is this just an earlier layout? Thanks