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  1. Anyone know how to move that connecting rod so that it doesn't interfere with the frame? Is there adjustment under the mushroom? Thanks
  2. I’ve got about 40 hours on my SW. I won’t bother with the 15 minute drive to the airfield if it’s gusting over 20 knots. I landed in a gusty 16 knots full crosswind last Saturday, while the plane might be capable of more that felt pretty much on the limit of my ability.
  3. Hi. Popped down to hangar today to have a look at my steering. Found that the steering stop was positioned in such a way that if the tie rod rotated slightly on it's bush, the bolt on the stop would interfere with the engine frame and prevent steering to the left. There are witness marks on the frame where this seems to have happened already. Have rotated the stop to prevent this. Other thing I noticed is that the tie rod on the left hand side contacts the engine frame, have tried to take a picture. Rod on the other side is centered. That can't be right?
  4. That's insanely helpful, thanks AG. Where are you looking for that view? Is it looking up from below?
  5. Both. I'm not getting a clicking sound, but would definitely describe it as now getting a bit "notchy". Will have a look at those bolts ASAP. Thanks for the reply. Thanks. I'll definitely do this.
  6. Hi all, The rudder pedals on my 2007 SW suddenly feel a bit different, they still operate the rudder and nose leg, but it's (quite suddenly) got a bit stiff. Is there a recommended maintenance procedure for the pedals and nose leg? Thanks.
  7. This is definitely a factor. My 2007 CTSW (-12 flaps) will show 120 knots at 4800rpm, yet even with a slight tailwind I won't be covering the ground at this speed. I think my ASI is at least 10% over-reading, at least at high speed. I'd like to fix it.
  8. Really, really good advice here. Thanks all. Plan is to get 10L cans, I've got a battery powered quick syphon. Only other thing I'm thinking about is one of the quick jugs that dirt bikes use (e.g. https://www.24mx.co.uk/twenty-rapid-fuel-jug-10l?gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=CjwKCAjw583nBRBwEiwA7MKvoG7izKilSAhDp-XM2mpcj1aGLgcj6a6yOOSSVnhPF8z41rnABH7HdBoCLmUQAvD_BwE )
  9. Hi, In a couple of weeks I'm off to spend 10 days touring in my CTSW. Vast majority of strips I visit will be grass with no fuel facilities, so I'll be filling from cans. My previous aircraft had a filler cap in the side of the fuselage at hip height, so it was just like filling a car. Spout on a steel can and pour it in. I'm not going to be able to lift and hold my 20L (5 gallons?) cans at wing height. If I buy a bunch of plastic 10L cans, do you think they'd be ok sat on the wing with a siphon to transfer the fuel (maybe a piece neoprene to protect from scratches)? I don't want to damage the wings by putting weight on them if they won't take it. Thanks.
  10. Interesting that insurance costs are very similar on this side of the pond. 2006 CTSW valued at £55,000 ($70,000) paying £1200 ($1500). That's with me starting with zero hours on type. Was expecting it to be significantly cheaper in the U.S, as it seems much more General Aviation friendly.
  11. Good article here by a chap who flew Manchester (UK) to Canada and back in his CTSW. http://www.microlightflying.org.uk/canada01/
  12. Hi all. I've owned my 2006 CTSW for 4 months. Previous owner handed me a single fuel dipstick, marked with a big L on the top. (Blank on the other side) This and the line in the POH about having a specific dipstick per side made me think I should have two, or a double sided stick. Contacted Flight Design and they've sent me a new single dipstick. It's very different to my old one, is anodised black and doesn't have a side marking on it. Do you have different dipsticks for each side of your CTSW? Thanks.
  13. Can't see the second link (blocked to European traffic) but it's good to see how well the cabin structure has held up. And interesting that the flaps appear to have dropped to vertical.
  14. Have you got aux in on your headset? I've got both Bluetooth and a 3.5mm audio input on my Lightspeeds.
  15. Hi, it's "CT Flyers", don't think it's specifically for UK, but is certainly predominantly UK folks. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1938950586142430/?ref=share
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