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  1. SkyrangerRich

    Aileron Trimming with no Aileron Trim

    Hi, it's "CT Flyers", don't think it's specifically for UK, but is certainly predominantly UK folks. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1938950586142430/?ref=share
  2. SkyrangerRich

    Aileron Trimming with no Aileron Trim

    Hi, Received this on a UK CT Facebook group, thought I'd post it here for general info and in case anyone else has a similar question in the future: "Hi Richard There are springs in the luggage compartment to make small corrections to the roll trim. a little more tension on the left spring should correct the roll" Haven't tried it yet, but will do during the week.
  3. SkyrangerRich

    Aileron Trimming with no Aileron Trim

    Thanks for the replies all. I definitely don't have rudder or aileron trim. As Tom says, there's every chance it was left off for weight saving to get it into our Microlight category. I've emailed Flight Design and asked if it's available as a retro fit. Yes, I noticed it when flying solo, but 90% of my flying is solo (normally in a squadron of EV97s, Eurofox and C42s). There just be some adjustment in the aileron system somewhere. Will call the UK Flight Design rep on Monday.
  4. SkyrangerRich

    Aileron Trimming with no Aileron Trim

    Weird. Wonder if it was an option that the original buyer of mine didn't select? Any idea how to adjust the roll trim on an aircraft without trim adjusters?
  5. SkyrangerRich

    Aileron Trimming with no Aileron Trim

    Thanks Ed, but unless I'm looking in completely the wrong places, the only trim wheel I have is for the stabilator. Serial is 06-10-01 There's nothing on the rear cockpit bulkhead, which I believe is where the rudder trim would be, and nothing behind the little moulded in pocket on the centre console which is where I think the aileron trim wheel is?
  6. Hi, My CT has a tendency to gently roll left wing down when cruising straight and level, not a lot, but enough that you can't take your hand off the stick. It's a late 2006 build and I don't think has the aileron trim that later aircraft have. How do I adjust the ailerons to dial out the roll? Thanks
  7. SkyrangerRich

    CTSW Cruise Speed

    I've got a 2006 CTSW, would like to avoid stab flutter! I'm what way was the vibration noticable? Through the stick, or entire airframe? Can you see this extra bulkhead with the stab attached to the aircraft? Thanks.
  8. SkyrangerRich

    T Coupler

    I've got my instrument panel out currently, and will be in the hangar tomorrow, let me know if you would find any pictures useful.
  9. SkyrangerRich

    T Coupler

    I think the static port on my CTSW is in the very bottom of the fuselage, you can see the plastic pipe through the hatch on the floor under your feet on the P1 side of the aircraft. You must have a static line? There are two pressure feeds going to your ASI and/or EFIS? (An airspeed instrument is effectively showing the pressure difference between the dynamic pressure from the pitot and the static pressure).
  10. SkyrangerRich

    CTSW Cruise Speed

    Really interesting thread and timely for me. Bring a new CTSW owner I'm currently trying to baseline aircraft performance to enter into Skydemon (like a European Foreflight). Did a couple of runs yesterday, 7 degrees (C) at 1800ft asl, -12 degrees of flap. 4400 rpm is 110knts IAS. 4800 rpm is 122knts IAS. Totally non scientific, just me buzzing around the sky straight and level, no triangles etc.
  11. SkyrangerRich

    Play in Aileron

    Hi, Had my permit inspection on my CTSW, no major issues found. The inspector did point out that there's a little bit of play in the ailerons, if you move the control surface you can feel (and hear) some slack in the control system. Not a lot, approx 3mm of up/down movement at the training edge of the surface. Is this normal, or have I got a loose joint somewhere? Thanks.
  12. SkyrangerRich

    Battery and jumping it

    I don't know if it's standard fitment, but I've got an Anderson SB50 plug at the bottom of my cowl, secured to the bottom of the engine mount. It's connected directly to the + and - on my battery for easy charging and jump starting. I'm thinking about either moving it or adding another, possibly in the P2 footwell, where it'll be a very short wire run to the battery.
  13. SkyrangerRich

    3D Printed (FDM) Cabin Plugs

    I've got rubber bungs in mine. Yours look 100x better. I'm almost tempted to (finally) buy a 3D printer just to make these up.
  14. SkyrangerRich

    Dragging Brakes

    Thanks for the replies all. Spent a few hours on it this afternoon. WHAT A TERRIBLE BRAKE CALIPER DESIGN! The pins the pads slide on are threaded. It feels like the pads get hung up on the threads which doesn't help them move back off the disk. Those little springs between the pads that push the pads off the disk are odd, they're never going to be powerful enough to retract the piston... Anyway, I've cleaned it all up. Smoothed the threads on the pins a little and neatened the holes in the pads so they can slide a bit more easily. Feels like it's rolling better, but low cloud prevented a circuit to test. The brakes feel plenty powerful to me, we've got a 4% slope on our runway, brakes have been man enough to stop me when landing downhill.
  15. SkyrangerRich

    Dragging Brakes

    Brake pins out and the wheel spins beautifully, so it looks like it's the brakes. Looking into the caliper, the pad springs seem to still be in there, but the pads aren't able to slide clear of the rotors. I assume I can't push the pistons back into the calipers without releasing some fluid out of the system?