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  1. I’m pretty pumped. I depart MCI early tomorrow to pick up my new bird. I hope she’s all I think she is.... I’m hoping to take the long way home (weather permitting).
  2. Unfortunately, I am only able to offer the simple trouble shooting solutions. Hopefully one of the more knowledgeable members will be along shortly with some other ideas. Good luck. Sorry I wasn't able to help more. Dan
  3. I wouldn't have thought that both jacks would go bad at the same time. Also, I'd think that you wouldn't hear yourself through the headset if it was the jack. Have you tried another headset? Have you adjusted your squelch?
  4. I had a bad mic jack once. The symptoms were very similar.
  5. After seeing the video I think you are correct. So now I just need to purchase a plane & I’ll be all set Ive not seen the plane... but if I get closed on it next week, I believe I’ll have to have the footrest. Dan
  6. Having never flown in a FD, I’m not sure if I need this or not... Im picking the plane up late next week. This seems like a good idea. Could I let you know after a few hours in it? Also, do you have pictures of the footrest in a plane so I can better imagine what it will look like/ do?
  7. It looks like it will be about 7.5 hours of flight if I don't deviate a lot. If the weather is good I may extend the trip a bit. If the weather is bad.... well then I will have to extend the trip! I'll do my best to get a few pics along the way and post them up. Dan
  8. I assume the best way to acquire the LMM would be to contact FD directly?
  9. Well... I’m supposed to pick up my, new to me, CTSW Oct 22... Pending any unforeseen issues, I’ll be flying it home over the long weekend. Im pretty pumped.
  10. I’d like to be sure that it is clear, especially since I am new to the forum... I have no interest in flying an unsafe aircraft & wouldn’t want to portray myself as anything less than a very cautious pilot That said, thank you for the response. I’ve spent my flying time part 91 normal airplane category, & I really don’t know that much about slsa or elsa regulations. Ive skimmed the FAR/AIM, but the differences are not readily apparent.... probably because I’m not sure what I’m looking for. Please feel free to school me on the etiquette of the forum, (as well as anything else, I didn’t want to hijack the thread), but I’d sure like any direction towards a recap of the difference between the flying I’m used to & LSA flying. For instance... I know I can’t fly IFR, but I’m a bit confused about night flight? Again, I’m sorry for the hijack & would only ask for directions to the right area. Thanks Dan
  11. Is there any way, if you’re ELSA, you can know whether the chute is in need of repack? In other words, I wouldn’t replace a great running engine because it hit TBO.... If I could be assured the chute & rocket were in good condition, I’d be tempted to delay that maintenance too.
  12. Good idea. I’m working with Insured Aircraft Title Service in OK. The buyer of my Cirrus used them and it went smoothly.
  13. They didn't say the person's name, only that they thought he would be willing to make the trip and could do so on short notice. I'm waiting on the seller to make some changes to the contract and then I think I'll hire Zone Aviation to train me before I head back to KMKC. I spoke to the shop that did the last annual and they said the plane was in fantastic condition and that the guy handled service with an open checkbook... I liked the sound of it!! This seems to be coming together nicely. Dan
  14. Thanks Jim... If you have anything you’d prefer to share offline, let me know & I’ll send you my cel number or email address. Dan
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