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  1. Hi guys, Just wanted to give a shout out to Schrager Hampson Aviation Insurance for helping me out with a policy on my new to me 2012 CTLS. David was really great to work with, got my CFI approved without experience in one of these planes, got me approved with only 1 hour logged in a 172 and came in $600 cheaper then everyone else. In total I had around 10 quotes out there, many from other agencies that were recommended on here. Their website is https://planeinsurance.com. I highly recommend giving David a call whether your a new pilot like in my case or a seasoned one. Friendly, efficient, transparent, helpful and competitive. Couldn't ask for more! Give him a shot next renewal, it may save you some bucks.
  2. Thanks! Yes I did, as it sits with me having no hours this is the quote I received through Falcon (going to get more quotes too): $2586 Plane only $85k hull value (year) $3334 (Plane with floats installed $125k total value) Reviewing some quotes posted on the forum, I expect once I get my PPL and log some hours that this will come down 25%-35%. Does anyone have suggestions on where else to get some quotes and/or would like to share their hours, current rates, and current providers?
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied to this thread, I closed a deal on a 2012 LS with Clamar 1400 Amphibs yesterday. Can't wait to get my training done, decided on the full PPL. Now just an avionics upgrade. See you in the sky fellas! Thanks again, Jon
  4. Also, how many hours does it have on it since the repair? Thanks again, Jon
  5. Thanks Sid, I must not have slid the "notify me of replies" button on this one, I appreciate all the info. Does this one have the early or late airelon system? Another member had mentioned the first 35-40 LS's made had a different system which was updated after that time.
  6. Yes it is Warmi, I've been talking to Brandon a little about that one. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Thanks Tom, I sent them an email, we'll see what they have to say. I appreciate the lead and info if nothing else.
  8. Sounds good Tom, would you mind letting me know the name of the flight school? Wouldn't hurt to inquire anyhow.
  9. Thanks Tom. Do they plan on listing it on here or one of the other classified sites do you know? Or is there any way to get ahold of the school directly to possibly save them the hassle?
  10. AGLyme that does appear to be the case, which is great. That sounds very promising Tom, do you have contact information for her that you could PM me?
  11. That's excellent information, thank you Tom for sharing.
  12. I don't even know how to vote either way so can't help you there Bravo
  13. Thank you to everyone who has responded so far, I really appreciate you taking the time to share your input and experiences. I'm still on the fence about the PPL, but I may end up going that route as my CFI has never completed a SPL for a student, only a PPL, which tends to make me think I will have a similar experience to yours SportFlyer, so I probably should just go for the PPL. I may be stuck going with a PPL anyway as this is a very convenient place for me to complete this (assuming they do not want to do the research to train for a SPL only), and I can see your points as well JLang and AGLyme as I am in Northern MN which with a SPL would mean not much flying during the winter months, and my plan once I make a deal on a plane to attempt to get my CFI to come with and pick it up. Sounds like the best bet would be a 2009 and up, so that's what I will try to hold out for. Thanks for sharing those differences Tom. It also sounds like I will likely need to spend closer to the $100k mark for what I am looking for, hopefully with the PPL and tax I can be all in at $100k flat, at least that is my goal, which puts my budget somewhere in the neighborhood of $85k for the plane itself. The ceiling was too low for a ride today with my CFI, so hopefully next week as the weather the rest of this doesn't look to be co-operative. Thanks again everyone for all the input and keep it coming. No other owners out there looking to part with their LS?
  14. Thank you for the valuable input Duane & Sportflyer. Due to my location, training with someone familiar with a CT specifically really isn't a possibility as far as I know. I know these guys had a 150 Cessna they sold due to a low demand to rent it, I had mentioned previously that my CFI is not familiar with the brand but I don't actually know that for sure, the owner of the small company I have been dealing with isn't familiar with the FD brand or CT line at all (also a CFI but I will be doing my training with the other guy there). I will find out tonight if my actual CFI has ever flown in a CT or at least a high wing light sport, but I am assuming that he isn't familiar either, otherwise the other CFI would have at least heard some feedback on it, I would think, as from my understanding they have been working together for quite some time. Very friendly and patient guys at any rate, just with our population here the demand isn't there to develop the LSA class, therefore they would have no reason to look into these or any LSA much, which I completely understand. From what I know my CFI has flown many different aircraft, is seasoned, with tons of hours logged. But I also understand these are different aircraft from most, all I can do without taking time off work and traveling for training is put my faith in his experience and see how it goes.
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