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  1. Thanks Tom, makes sense looking at the replacement LED. If anyone needs a spare lens let me know, I'll never likely go back to halogen at this point. Thanks again for the help guys! 🙂
  2. Great information, thanks ibjet!
  3. Just so I know what to prepare for, is the lens siliconed to the bulb housing itself? I can tell my lens has been siliconed, I just haven't pulled the cowl until I get a bulb to see if the whole assembly comes out with the lens as 1 unit or if the lens stays in place and the bulb and housing just butt up to it. Thanks in advance guys!
  4. Hi guys, Would this be the same bulb a 2012 CTLS uses? Mine burnt out the other day without warning, would like to upgrade to LED, my lens is still in good shape.
  5. Thanks again to everyone for the input, you guys rock!! I'm loving the CTLS too by the way, awesome little plane. Having lots of fun, my dream since being a teenager is finally coming true. Couldn't be happier with the plane and this forum as a resource, hopefully someday I can return the favor!
  6. Lol no doubt Ben! I wish, have to save that cash for avionics upgrades first. Maybe in a few years. I guess for now I'll use my wireless earbuds and see how that works, or even just 1 if they don't allow me to clearly hear the intercom/radio.
  7. Thank you, yes this makes sense and come to think of it there is some distortion in the head sets - and I never thought about the GPS "talking" because I've never heard it do so. I have some avionics upgrades scheduled and will be sure to mention that and make sure I get that working at the same time. Thank you so much for the input! I always figured the distortion (prop or engine noise) was just my El cheapo ASA headsets.
  8. Is there a setting you have to adjust on the P3000 perhaps?
  9. I have that too but nothing changes. It is marked "XM Radio" on the top with no markings on the bottom. In either position it doesn't do anything.
  10. Is that the same switch as the XM radio switch? I've tried both positions on that one without luck. Where is this other switch located? Thanks flyingmonkey!
  11. I forgot to check the notify me box
  12. Hi guys, So I'm finally soloing in my 2012 CTLS and have been wanting to listen to some music off my phone. I plugged my phone in via an aux cable to the input Jack and have tried switching the XM switch back and forth but am not getting any music or noise for that matter out if it. Intercom works fine, is there something simple I'm missing? Thanks and happy flying!
  13. Hi guys, Just wanted to give a shout out to Schrager Hampson Aviation Insurance for helping me out with a policy on my new to me 2012 CTLS. David was really great to work with, got my CFI approved without experience in one of these planes, got me approved with only 1 hour logged in a 172 and came in $600 cheaper then everyone else. In total I had around 10 quotes out there, many from other agencies that were recommended on here. Their website is https://planeinsurance.com. I highly recommend giving David a call whether your a new pilot like in my case or a seasoned one. Friendly, efficient, transparent, helpful and competitive. Couldn't ask for more! Give him a shot next renewal, it may save you some bucks.
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