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  1. Just read the press releases on it.. That is really Freaking Sad. That is a beautiful airport.
  2. They would mostly be used for trips. When the plane is stored outside for a few days. Also. I place rags over my cowl openings. Even in a well sealed hangar down here the mud daubers are sneaky bastards that will build a nest in a day. Anything helps in this case.
  3. @ $245 bux does anybody have any experience with these? Reviews and thoughts appreciated. https://www.aircraftcovers.com/ctsw?search=26555#3
  4. I have been to Rough River as well, I would not want to camp there, There is not a lot to do in the area. Also, It is not Cool(temp) Bugs are terrible this time of the year.
  5. KHLM Park Township Holland Michigan. They have camp sites on the field. We chose to stay by the plane. Need to know the standard Michigan FBO codes to get into the building. Airport is secluded with little traffic. This airport is a hidden gem. They have bikes and the beach is 2 miles from the airport. A really good restaurant is a block away. Been back there twice now. Lovely people at the airport. Hangar is a possibility if the weather turns bad.
  6. Being an engineer at the largest OEM automotive lighting supplier. I have never heard of Vaseline being used. But that doesn't mean it wasn't used decades ago. If this was truly a value added process, I am 100% confident that it would still be an accepted practice, and it is not for many, many reasons today.
  7. My CTsw has the stiff ailerons. I do not have an opinion either way because I have never flown one without. But my issue with it is, it can be a real bear to hold in the rear quartering tail wind position ( full forward and full one side aileron. ) During taxi. If your taxi is long enough. I can find my arm relaxing and not holding it on the stops just due to the amount of force required to hold in that awkward position for an extended period of time. Of course this is relative to your upper body strength and possibly how far back you put your seat. I tend to have mine back in a reclined position, which puts my arm in full outward stretch in the full down position. Combine this with the stiff aileron takes quite a bit of force to maintain that position.
  8. The shunt is on the left side dynon?
  9. https://www.lvppaints.com/RAL-9016-12-Oz-Touch-Up-Paint.html RAL 9016 Touch Up Paint - Traffic White
  10. https://www.archyde.com/news-from-germany-small-aircraft-gets-stuck-on-the-airport-tower/
  11. I had he same noise too, It was the root tape at the leading edge of the wind. Replaced and sound went away.
  12. That is a good Choice, Have you looked at some of the experimentals? RV-10? Glasair Sportsman? I am not sure I would ever buy a certified plane. to much bureaucracy for me.. Additionally, Im not sure I would give up the BRS. It sure is a comfort to have that option. Granted you can have it installed in a 182,($20k +40 hours if install) (Sorry to hijack the thread but was curious about the thought process)
  13. What are you thinking for a replacement?
  14. Are you saying that FD USA would not approve this installation? You mention ESLA only. Also, Can you post pictures of the new panel?
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