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  1. There is a fleet wide LOA for applying aluminum tape. Look under the LOAs in the forum
  2. That is the video that got me to see what I'm comfortable with in my plane. My departure brief now includes that above 600 make a decision to turn around. Provided no obstructions, at which point it would be the chute
  3. Have you ever tried this? I have many times to determine my decision point. I can easily make it back to midfield at or above 600 agl
  4. Answer 4 you have an engine out on departure and turn around to make the opposite runway
  5. Kind of like that German CT that had stabilator flutter and folded in half? I think the German pilots were able to land it ok.
  6. I am willing to bet that the regs will still have a stall speed limitation in all configurations, which Im betting will still be 45 knots. That would put the RV9 out of the category.
  7. Me too, I'm hoping it's marginal, with the hopes the new reg will allow things like constant speed props. And or raising the gross on the CTs to keep them competitive.
  8. If they are in fact bad they will need to be replaced, Or if Canada regulations allow, (US does not for SLSA) depending on how the plane is registered, You can send them off for repair at https://www.carmo.nl/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=671_2711_4618&language=en
  9. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the modules then try to start. If that doesn't work, Ice the Ignition modules, with a bag of ice for about and hour, if then try starting it. If you search for ignition modules on this site you will find many instances of people in your same shoes with failed ignition modules that will work by being heated or iced. Its a failure of the starting circuits.
  10. https://www.barnstormers.com/ad_detail.php?id=1405865
  11. If you have a copy of the SI I would love to see it.
  12. After some discussion with FDUSA, there appears to be more than just a reinforcement on the hinge tabs. There is some additional modification that is done to the holes in the rear spar where the tab counterweights pass through. So looking at just the hinge reinforcements(which my AC has) does not mean you have the most upgraded stab. Does anyone have any pictures of the modified rear spar? Additionally, Does anyone have a copy of the service instruction for this SB? SI-ASTM-CTSW-04?
  13. My Stab has the stiffeners at the hinge points mentioned in this SB. There is no log in the books about this being completed so I can only assume it came from the factory with the updated stab. This would also confirm since my SN is well outside the range listed in the SB.
  14. I am pretty sure this is only limited to full span trim tabs.
  15. There is no stick feed back but a very unnerving high speed airframe vibration. Like hitting the rumble strips on the highway at 60 miles and hour
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