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  1. https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/faa-clarifies-ads-b-preflights-ga-is-exempt/
  2. I have e-mailed the guys at swift fuels in the past, when i was first considering the CTSW, From what I remember is they really don't want to ship/sell you a 50 gal drum, The shipping costs make the cost of the fuel unreasonable, I do not remember the price. The way that the fuel cost would be reasonable, was they have a tank they will let you use/truck to you, if you buy "x amount" of gallons, I think it was in the neighborhood of 500 gals, This option is intended for fly-ins and the like. I wish I would have saved the e-mail's. But that is what I recollect. Needless to say, I was not worth it/feasible, in my opinion anyway.
  3. From the assembly manual Then goes on to say Mushroom in reference to the inserts
  4. With rocket replacement, Matches price shown on BRS website, Check website for current chute only repack cost.
  5. Ohh dang, I thought I was getting a free fill up... 😀
  6. Finally found were i read this: So I would read that as: If you ever want the aircraft to be (legally)considered airworthy after a deployment, A notification must be sent to BRS informing them of said deployment.
  7. If you pull the master "switch" It is my assumption that this disconnects all electrical from the battery, So even if the dynon stays on, the battery should not be effected.
  8. Two weeks ago, Had my daily driver sent to spearfish South Dakota, Met up with some family, had a great weekend. N915CT is now at Toms, getting the rocket/chute serviced. Put 16 hours on it that weekend. The CT line is an amazing, underrated aircraft! Rain Shower over KRAP First night in spearfish Left at 6 am on the way back, With storms in the area, Stopped for lunch in KAIO, In line for some fuel, At 9,500 msl Mississippi flooding Mississippi 2019, Mississippi Mississippi 2019
  9. For EGT: Richer = Hotter, Leaner = Cooler It is sort of counter intuitive, the flame propagation lasts longer when richer, and the flame front may still be burning when the exhaust valve opens, This creates a higher EGT. A lean mixture will actually have a higher flame temp, but the duration of the flame propagation will be a lot shorter, thus allowing that temp to be absorbed into the surrounding metals. when the RPM stays constant, this means less "heat" or energy is exhausted out the exhaust. meaning lower EGT's Do the the fuel injected models use a wide band? Thanks,
  10. Any ideas of the cost of the LED light? The Drop in FD approved replacement?
  11. Is it worse than the Incandescent? Thank you Kent, I will look into this when my battery is kaput.
  12. Do you have the PN you used for your battery? That is odd that I have blue lights,
  13. When I was initially looking to purchase a CTSW, I tried searching high and low for information on flying one at night. I understand that this is a light sport, so it may not apply to most users here. I did end up deciding to go with a CTSW, part of the "needs" was to be capable of VFR night flight Last Tuesday, I got night current in my CTSW, I did have a CFI with me as a safety pilot, since it was the first time at night in this aircraft. Thoughts; 1.The landing light is mediocre, but does work, I would guess that the throw of the light is about 500-600 feet down the runway at 50 ft agl. Not the greatest, but for the occasional night flight will suffice. the runway i was using is 150 ft wide, and lights up around 80% width at 50ft agl 2. The "alternator" cannot keep up with the landing light, Since I was doing full stops, with taxi backs, I had to shut off the landing light on the taxi back to the runway, The volt meter on the dynon got down to ≈11.8 volts at one time, until I realized it and shut off the light. On a side note the green nav light( it is new on my plane) was bright enough to see the taxi lines with the landing light off. but just barely 3. It was pleasant surprise, and I did not know that there are lights in the sight tube windows. It boggles my mind that they decided to make these lights blue though. Furthermore, the compass also has a light. I did not know this. 4. The cabin light (on bulkhead) works very well for checklists/ect. again I have no idea why they decided to make it white, A red filter is in the future for me. 5. I need to add, "landing light on" to my down wind "night" checklist. 6. The switches are not lighted, not really a problem, but kind of surprising that they did not think about back lighting these switches. The landing light and cabin light are the last 2 on the right. Something that needs to be remembered, and try not to mix them up. Thought I post my thoughts in case prospective/future pilots can now have a little more information abut flying these things at night.
  14. Are you saying your Dynons have fuel gauges for each tank? (quantity and location)
  15. The Rocket to parachute Lanyard is clearly seen hanging out of the hatch, that would indicate that the rocket pick up collar was attached to the rocket as well as the parachute. Regardless, I have E-mailed BRS about this incident, Since the BRS documentation states that you are required to report any deployment to them, No response, yet, But at least they are aware of this incident, If they didnt already know.
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