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  1. You can get the parts from fd USA. They have the molds to make the wall stiffiners
  2. Tom is talking about my AC, Here is the SI for the trim tab reinforcement. Yes, you need to remove the stabilator SI-ASTM-CTSW-04.pdf
  3. Other than potentially removing a design poka-yoke, as stated in Toms response, Sure no safety issue....: .
  4. It's an amazing spot. Only stayed one night. I will be back!
  5. Short Video of some drone clips, What an amazing area. Link to Youtube Video:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ig8vBaDeUA
  6. I see your information says Cape Town, I will assume your in Africa? I don't think you will get many people on this forum have experience with the inflight adjustable or with a 914, as the US regulations do not allow it. (the Inflight adjustable prop)
  7. There is a Huge process involved, with heating up the material and putting into a press, and many man hours of inspection time. The actual repacking requires a special oven and is pressed into the canister under extremely high pressure.
  8. Agreed, the glastar is on my short list, RV6, RV7, RV9. But you're not getting a dog in the RVs. I think the RV10 or glastar sportsman 2+2 is the holy grail for the best of both worlds. Even the prices on thoes two are unreal. You can buy an early 2000s cirrus for half the price of what the most recent RV10s are going for. Not sure what a base model sling 4 can be had for.. but if you where in the RV10 price range, that's also a contender with a rotax..
  9. Looks interesting, I wonder if the addition to make in inflight adjustable is a simple add on.
  10. Schematic illustrations of lattice modes for a chain of atoms. (A) Longitudinal optic (LO) mode leading to PTE through asymmetry of the pairwise bonding potential shown in Figure 1. (B) High energy transverse optic (TO) mode that greatly shortens the chain giving large NTE as the vibrational amplitude increases with temperature. (C) Low energy transverse acoustic (TA) mode leading to more modest NTE as temperature increases. Structural negative thermal expansion results when the shortening effects of the transverse phonon amplitudes due to bending or torsional motions outweigh the expansion effects of the longitudinal modes. So yes, a single unlinked polymer will expand, but the microstucture of multiple linked polymers will cause a structural negative thermal expansion.
  11. I'm not arguing for or against your point here. But, Rubber contracts when it heats up.
  12. Understood Tom, Just trying show that there maybe 2 different theories on which lamp to choose. I have contemplated going to the LED a lot, but my priorities are for using it at night. If/when I go ELSA, I will/would be putting in a real landing light.
  13. Are you recommending this based off of what? Night flying? Or are you assuming that the OP does not use their AC for night flights and just wants to keep it on all day? I do not have experience with the LED but most people have said the Halogen is brighter and has a better throw. I can tell you from experience that flying with the halogen at night is marginal at best, making it worse by switching to an LED bulb is NOT recommended .
  14. This happens in my SW as well, under the following conditions: 1. Summer (hot) above 85°F 2. Longer taxi >5 mins (Heat soak of engine) 3. Running mogas 4. Not sure if it contributes, but my floats are on the heavy side of the spec, (Right under 7grams). I plan on new set soon, so maybe able to rule this out as a contributing factor. If i have 100LL i do not get the indication.
  15. What Fuel are you running? Did this happen after a long taxi, What was the temp outside?
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