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  1. From an outsider that has no experience with this specific issue. This maybe true, but I would NOT recommend this option, As I could see the possible failure modes of this, Such as not remembering to tighten the handle back down. Leaving the handle off is a good poke-yoke for preventing any issues with this practice. Just an opinion.
  2. Check it out!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI8P7S54A6Y&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0BWcZbwSqKUK-ol7mJuCdjsSGnaFLXDg5V9WYo7v03M3yIY7JmsFE5tN8
  3. Carbon Fiber is not flammable, The Resin is. In fact during composite testing the only accurate way to measure matrix vol vs resin vol (ratio) is to measure the weight of sample, then burn off all resin, and then measure the weight of remaining matrix. FYI, there is a special fire extinguisher for metal fires, most people are familiar with a class A/B/C fire extinguishers. But there is a little known class D that is for metal fires. These are VERY expensive, I only know how expensive these are, because in college, A member on my FSAE team was machining on a magnesium wheel, and the it burned through the mill knee before they wheeled the class D extinguisher over to put it out.
  4. To be honest, I have not looked into it that hard. My guess would be that they would need to be relocated.
  5. http://www.airgizmos.com/760-Panel-Dock_p_83.html Was think about replacing my aera 660 with the larger 760, Looking into this Just an FYI if anyone is interested.
  6. Online pictures of the engine, I am Not an expert! But I see a few issues No Fire sleeve on accumulator Fire sleeve held on by zip ties Fire wall blanket? Possible incorrect hose clamps
  7. https://www.bendixking.com/content/dam/bendixking/en/documents/document-lists/downloads-and-manuals/DigiFlight-II-Series-Autopilots-Operating-Handbook.pdf
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idbGbr99izA&t=235s y
  9. NO. It means that even if it is working well, Due to past problem history, there is a high likely hood of failure, It should be inspected/serviced to prevent you from death.
  10. If you burn more than 30% 100LL you need to shorten you oil change intervals. The current manual shows 50 hours, the 100 hour option is no longer listed. They do have a note showing shorter intervals for leaded fuel, but don't provide a specific number. I change my oil at 25 hours, I run, on average, 60% 100LL due to my mission, ALOT of X-country, At my last annual, There was very little sludge in my tank, ( Tom Noted) And that was on 130 hours from last clean out. Engine in operated at higher than 5100rpm for 95% of the time. Spark Plugs, 100 hours inspection requirement, And to Toms point, They gaskets are 1 time use. so you will need to replace the gaskets at the very least for that requirement, Most people will just put new plugs in.
  11. Would like to purchase them, I tried a pm, but no joy.
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