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  1. Same issue in my CTSW. Went away after this year's annual due to the reoccurring SB for gear legs . Taking off the back plate and possibly retorquing the bolts seemed to fix it Again, does not apply to CTLS.. but my experience.
  2. The real question is, is there a good way to power up the avionics without the hobbs running?
  3. Exhaust (flow) is not the item that will increase the BSHP of an engine, A properly tuned exhaust will utilize the resonance of the exhaust pulses to improve the volumetric efficiency, (cylinder filling). meaning that the volume of 1 cylinder is 338 cc's, and 338 cc's of air/fuel mixture make it into the cylinder on the intake stroke then the volumetric efficiency is 100%, this is almost next to impossible on a naturally aspirated(4 stroke) engine, most are running in the low %90's a perfectly tuned 4 stroke exhaust can improve that to maybe 96% but you are talking pre-turbo F1 cars. A 2 stroke can make above 100% due to the transfer ports being overlapped and the inertia of the air moving into the cylinder. but that is only at one specific range (power band) A turbo engine can increase the VE to whatever, until the ring lands decide to blow off. My point is, there is no exhaust that will improve the 912 hp levels by 10-15%. maybe at best 2% with a highly designed system
  4. Please Like/ subscribe/ Thumbs up/ Feedback. I know the audio is scratchy, this will be improved on the next video. Also, the length is a little much. Thanks for watching!
  5. Having quite a bit of experience designing exhaust systems for otto cyle engines, there are many programs out there(some free) that utilize CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) to tune the runner lengths to target a desired pressure wave. This can also be helpful if to tune the resonance to cancel out unwanted sound pressure levels while increase scavenging. Do these designs have a heat exchanger for the heater?
  6. PFFT! 15 to 20% That is 914 HP levels. Seams like if that was the case, rotax would know about it. Sign me up because a new 914 is $30k..
  7. Is the microburst I tail light a direct plug and play replacement for the factory ctsw beacon?
  8. It appears that the HMM shows the springs to help maintain a critical distance, this will keep the "suspension" of the carb at the proper distance, From what i gather it has to do with the carb possibly sagging(due to worn sockets/age/ect) and that would maintain float levels. Also this might be interesting: all 912 uls engines have the carb support form the factory.
  9. Wow! that is a slick setup! Are you using a nano? or did you prototype it on a nano and then use an attiny 85? Not sure if the have I2C bus on them though.
  10. Gotta love arduino's! Nice solution.
  11. That is really neat, Thanks for the video. Can you post some pictures of the controls device in the cockpit? How are the skis lowered and raised?
  12. Holy Crap! That is crazy! I cant even comprehend the amount of damage that is in the picture, let along on the airfield.
  13. Update, We made the decision that even though my plane is outside of the effective serial numbers, I decided to complete SI-ASTM-CTSW-04 . My stabilator had all items listed in the service instructions except for the "big ribs" below The plane went to Tom Baker for the annual conditional inspection and that is when the job was completed, We also opted to replace all the hinges, as well as all rod ends on the trim tab and the cable. FD USA had to make the ribs, and took 2 weeks to receive. Here is the Stabilator with the ribs epoxied in. Tom did an excellent job on the repair. I have since had the plane up to 137 KIAS without any indication of flutter, This did fix the issue. Keep in mind, that just because you plane does not fall into a specific serial range you are not affected. Lesson learned I guess.
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