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  1. Yes, I washed my plane once and thats where it came in, on the side of my plane where the holes are for the flaps. Both my hat racks were covered in water.
  2. Yes, these post are correct. I utilize flight following all the time. FOXTROT DELTA CHARLIE TANGO is the aircraft type that they can enter in their system.
  3. Hello all, I am having the same issue with the flaps on my 2009 CTLS each time I do a preflight. During each preflight, I push in the battery breaker and lower the flaps to 35 to conduct the visual inspection. The flaps lower extremley slow, and the flap motor doesnt sound smooth like normal, but somewhat strained. After they eventually get lowered, I can raise them back up and start to lower them again, and they will beging to operate as normal. Then for the rest of the flight, they work normal. This occurs everytime, but only when I operate the flaps for the 1st time of the day. Has this occured to anyone else, or does anyone have and ideals on what this may be? Thanks in Advance, Aaron
  4. Sorry you are having that problem. I dont understand why they do that. My DPE got in my CTLS on checkride day and it was the first time he had seen one. He was good with me sending him the POH before hand to look at. Good luck. (Im out central/eastern side of the country).
  5. I bought some Compsiclean wash to wash my aircraft with. I then placed a small amount of the Compsiclean wash in a spray bottle and then filled the spray bottle with water. After shaking it up, I use that to clean the bugs off of my plane with. It works great!
  6. I recently purchased the Light Speed Zulu 3 headsets. The Lightspeeds have a dip switch, and the instruction manual advises to set the dip switch to stereo or mono, based on whichever audio your aircraft has. I read the POH and I can not locate anything about which one the 2009 CTLS may have. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Stereo or mono on the Lightspeed dip switch?
  7. I would like s pair of the clear fuel covers as well. PM or email me on how you want me to pay. Aparsons07@gmail.com. Aaron
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