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  1. Hi everyone. Recently these errors are showing in Dynon Skyview Touch CTLSi . This started after the latest firmware update 15.4.7, may just be a coincidence but in that update Dynon references 4 items, of which at least one may be relevant, see below, about AP, and I would like to know if others are having similar issues? This is after you Trim for hands free and Level flight. Dynon Tech support does not know of a fix, or if it may affect the operation, and I could not get any information on the items in the AP Set up about what the Roll / Pitch Gain or Sensitivity functions do. The Torque is set to 100% in all and the Roll Sensitivity / Gain is 15 / 1.5, Pitch Sensitivity / Gain is 14 / 2.0. >>Fixed: A bug that could cause autopilot yaw slips to affect roll axis behavior.<<
  2. Hi Steve. That seems to be a somewhat common problem, I know of one in FUL that has HDXs and GTR 225, that exhibits a similar problem. Did you try to slightly tap on top of your instrument panel dash, that seems to temporarily stop that Rx signal, and see if it helps? The only thing you can try is to find someone that has a similar radio, that fits your harness and try it in your plane, make sure you do not do anything that is outside the rules of your owner's rules. I read somewhere about another radio SL30? where there was an SB about the distance between the antenna and the HDX cables that may affect it. You could be dealing with similar issues. I do not think the 225 is the same pin configuration but you may find others that have the Make/ model. If you want to continue the discussion, you can send me a private Email, you seem to be close to FUL and we may be able to exchange further details.
  3. Hi. That was my understanding also but I read some messages that described installations that appeared to be done by the owners? Maybe they were Experimentals? I apologize to Okent for having someone giving him a hard time, I don't really understand these ratings, but my intention was more to find if that acft was the same as the one I've seen advertised by someone else and I happen to know a lot of the history, small World? Good luck with your new bird. Okent, if you do find some info on your new install please post here, or send me a private Email, and I suggest you just ignore all these ratings carp. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I think I understand the process but I am still trying to get as much as I've done this, here are the problems I've encountered, cost... type of feedback.
  4. Hi Okent, OK let me know what you find out? Was that the one from OKC Tom??/ that had damage history and sold to a dealer, from a lady in AZ that had it listed for something around 50K and he bought it and listed it at $77K? I was not comfortable with the repair on composite on the wing damage, from what I hear it cannot be done properly unless you replace the complete wing? There was another one that also had damage to the wing, it looks like that is very common with CTLSs.
  5. Hi. I see that many pilots / owners describe the process as self installed, is that something that can be done in an SLSA or Experimental only?
  6. Hi Ben and everyone. Thank you for the feedback. Looking at the Skyguard I cannot find if it's SLSA approved by the FD? It does say LSA but I am not sure if SLSA is implied / included. FD has to give the LOA to get it installed? Will it display the Traffic in the Skyview and or 696?
  7. Hi everyone. What do you recommend for the 2020 out / in for an acft. that has 2xSkyview 10in. and GTX 330 with existing moving map, it also has a 696 which may be irrelevant? Least expensive / most efficient? Best, if money is no object? Thanks.
  8. Hi. Under most circumstances they are easy to handle unless you have a 6% grade and drain that is 10in deep by 4Ft wide with a couple of inches of lip on both sides that if you get a running start the tail scrapes the asphalt, and the rails with a 3 in lip 4in apart. I would like to get that young gentleman to try his hand at it. It can be done but it takes a couple of days to recover, and likely will take longer as time goes on.
  9. Hi everyone. Any ideas on a tug, preferred gasoline, but electric is OK, that any of you use and recommend? Thank you.
  10. Hi everyone. I would like some opinions on the the above setups and which may be more flexible and reliable? Is SL30 capable, or better, to have than a 225 for flights where you may be able to have more flexibility in using it for approaches, with a Skyview 10 in., and the 696, not legally of course, just as a backup. I know that the 225 is only capable of Com functions, but does the rest of the set up allow for anything more with the SL30? Which of the 2 setups are easier to upgrade to 2020? What would the cost be for a 2020 upgrade for each? Thanks.
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