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  1. Thank you for all your inputs. I tried a few spots this weekend on my trip, I think I like mounting on the support brace to the right side of the compass (no pics, will get one next time I'm out). it's out of the way of everything, close enough to have access and easy to view. Probably not the most ideal location for most folks. For me the iPad is mostly for flight planning (Foreflight) and traffic awareness. I can easily pop it off the mount if I want to dive into a sectional, but the phone can take care of that too. The 696 is the main nav tool, and my iphone for checklists, airport information etc... Appreciate the help, great forum, happy to be part of it and the CT family.
  2. @Bill that would be perfect if I had the panels setup you are working with. My 696 is mounted to the mushroom and sits in that area, I tried the suction mount next to it but lose too much visibility for my liking. Long term the answer is to reconfig the panel a bit to get the 696 in the center panel, IPad into the existing mount. Photo will give you an idea what I’m working with. @Garrett, sounds like I need the MRA. Once I find a decent place for it I’ll go down that road. Have a couple hour XC tomorrow, I’ll move things around and see what I like. Who ever laid this panel out did not use space wisely.
  3. Done some searching and having trouble with this question. Does anyone know if we need an MRA to add bolted in RAM mount the the CT? I'l looking for a good place to mount my iPad and have tried the strongest 3M double sided adhesive, but since the RAM ball mounts are not solid on the back side the adhesive will not stay secured to the mount. I recently purchased a 2005 CTSW and have loved every minute of flying her. Came from a 172 and this plane is an absolute JOY to fly. This forum has been an amazing resource for me during all stages of the purchase, training and use of the plane. Interesting enough the original owner of N89WD was an active member of the forum up till 2015
  4. Garrett, I'm interested, PM sent just now.
  5. Appreciate the quick reply Eric. Looking forward to booking some time with you in May. I'll reach out as soon as finish my May travel schedule.
  6. New to the forum, new to flying 40 hours into my PPL training, 12 hours solo so far. Looking to buy a newer LSA to finish training and get me through the first few years with my PPL. I've done all the back and forth on rent/buy and I'm a buyer, not a renter. CTs are very high on my list for reasons that have been discussed by many. Problem is getting some seat time to get a feel for them. So, I'l looking to get sometime in a CT, I'm in the SF Bay Area but have had no luck locating anyone local with a CT for rental/training (CFI's familiar with the CTs are around). I'm willing to take a trip for a few days to get seat time. Anyone here from neighboring states or in CA have any recommendations on CFI with/access to a CT I can contact? Looks like there are a few folks out in AZ with CTs, going to assume someone has training CTs out that way.
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