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  1. Tom do you know what the date/serial number cut off is for legally flying IMC? Asking because my goal is to get my instrument rating and if I could do that in the CT without converting to E-LSA and fly IMC (to me IMC would be nothing more than the local marine layer we get on the coast during the summers) This plane would fit my mission for a lot longer that I thought. We have a bunch of coastal airports that are difficult to access in the summer due to the marine layer, fairly thin at about 1 to 200 feet on average.
  2. Mark, once you install and remove the covers a few times you'll get to 5 mins off 10 to 15 on depending the wind. Here is my order of operations to put them on. Tail and Emp first, cockpit cover second so it overlaps the emp cover, downwind wing (always the pain point), upwind wing. Removal in opposite order to keep them stacked properly for install. The wing covers are the ones that are difficult, especially the downwind wing since the wing wants to blow it off. Once you're settled in let me known and I'll take a video of the process. Or we could get on a call and I'll talk you through it, but it's best to do it after you've tried it yourself so the directions are familiar to you. It's really not as bad as one would think, especially on calm days.
  3. For what it's worth I purchased a CTsw a few months back and my hanger options were none at the local field 5 mins from home within a couple years due to the waiting list or a 45 min (without traffic, 1 hour plus with) drive to a free hanger. I opt'd for a tie down 5 mins away and a full set of Bruce covers (prop, wings, fuse and emp). Granted this is not the best solution, but with only the lower fuse and landing gear uncovered I think it'll do to keep the CT in as good of shape as I can. Every other flight I wipe her down and apply Composiclean spray wax. I'll do a proper buff/wax every year before the summer as well. Not everyone can afford a hanger, and at $400 a month, it's just about $5K per year. I don't feel (and I might be wrong) that the depreciation will be greater than the hanger costs. Obviously there are other benefits to a hanger, but for the cost and my personal wants I opt'd close to home and covers.
  4. DaMan do you have the CAD file for the left panel?
  5. Mark, it's hard to give you a cost to upgrade since it really is dependent on what you want to upgrade to. For example a full Dynon Skyview suite can run you into the 10's of thousands (GPS, dual screens, redundant ADHRs, ADS-B In/Out, Autopilot, etc..) just for equipment or you can swap steam for a used Dynon D100 about 3K in equipment, then add in the labor. I'm about to submit an MRA to re-arrange my panel and am considering replacing my D10 for the D100 so I've been doing this homework as well. Would you mind sharing the pricing difference between the 2 aircraft you are looking at (if you dont want to share the sale price, just share the price difference)? If it's $5K delta I'd go for the glass cockpit at time of purchase, it you're talking $10K+ price delta then it's time to fine tune some quotes. I did the same thing and took the steam gauge model (D10a + Steam backups), not only for a much lower cost, but also a fresh overhaul (150 hrs SMOH) on the 912. The fresh overhaul sold me on the deal, if the comparison was equipment only as yours I would have likely taken the glass instrument unit.
  6. And to keep with the OPs request I have done 2 things, loaded my W&B using his loads, as well as my own loading with full fuel. Both are very similar and show us out of the forward CG envelope based on the graphed points.
  7. Took me a while, but I dug through my notes and here is where I came up with for the 3 weight vs. CG limit scenarios mentioned above in my previous post. As I was reading through the many W&B threads I noticed that some folks had comments about being out of CG when loaded in many typical ways, as stated by other above and on other threads. I spent time online searching and found a few supplemental documents that CTSW renters/partnership folks had drafted. 2 of them pointed out the different CG ranges for different weights and highlighted how they came to this conclusion, using the AOI. If you pull up the AOI and go to the W&B page the image below can be found. When you take a closer look at the graph showing the CG envelope you can clearly see that there are in fact 3 weights called out with specific CG limit points at each. I then used the graph to plot the weights and CGs (see sample below) to get me the values to plug into Foreflight to generate a very similar CG envelope profile as shown in the AOI (it's not perfect since you have to extrapolate the weight and CG due to the missing granularity in the graph's values. Below are 2 scenarios showing in and out of CG by only adding in 20 lbs in the baggage. That all said I am by no means a professional nor am I claiming to be correct in the matter. I'm only trying to get the right answer to make sure I am in compliance with the W&B needs of out CTSWs. I would love to get some feedback on my methodology (good or bad) to help me and others figure out what the right answer is for W&B calculations for our CTSWs. I'm not here to debate my view as right or wrong (above are my opinions only), I'm simply here to learn as a new owner of a CTSW.
  8. Anyone know what I can get the bulbs for the control/gen lights like shown below? Tried the hardware store, auto parts, and Batteries + Bulbs but no luck. Assume I'll need to contact FD, but wanted to check here first.
  9. I'm strongly considering reconfiguring my panel, keeping the same instruments just moving them to better locations. The current layout is a very inefficient use of space, my com radio and Dynon D10 are in the left panel, with a RAM mount holding my 696 off to the side, center panel has back up ASI, ALT, VSI and Slip/Skid Ball, right panel houses my xponder, FLYdat, breakers and warning lights. My goal is to get the backup gauges into the right panel with my D10, keep the RAM mount by repurpose for my ipad, move the 696, xponder and com into the center panel and leave only the FLYdat, breakers and warning light in the left panel. Question is as long as a qualified person preforms this, do we need approval from FD to reconfigure the panels.
  10. If anyone is interested here is a file with some interior labels I had my daughter print and cut on her Cricut using premium label material with a UV post print/pre cut overlay. CTSW Lables.pdf
  11. I'll have to circle back, I spent a bunch of time figuring out how to load W&B when I got the CT earlier this year. The more I think about it I believe these numbers came from a discussion I had on my field with a CTLS owner who extrapolated them from the W&B chart. If you look at the W&B chart in the AOI or the one posted above you will see the correlation between my numbers and the chart. I have notes on how I came to this conclusion and will pull them and share the info once I locate them.
  12. Skunkworks, I see the same issue you do. Full fuel, myself and a passenger and I need to add about 35 to 40 pounds to the baggage area to get within CG range based on weight. What I think the issue is here points to the forward CG changing at different weights. My AOI calls out 3 different forward CG limits at 3 weights. 13.6 in @ 805 13.3 in @ 995 15.1 in @ 1320 That said, are many of you calculating the forward CG at the max, in my case 13.3? Or are you plugging in the various CGs based on weight?
  13. Garrett if you are able to get the files can you confirm back on this thread? Save FD a few calls.
  14. Thank you all for your replies. By no means am I looking to be foolish in any way. I did want to understand what the "rules" are so that I know where we. For example, seeing it's taking about 4 weeks round trip for repack/rocket replacement. I wanted to understand whether I could fly over to the mechanics field for removal, then return the place back to to my home field for other work to be completed by the avionics shop while the BRS is out, then return for the reinstall and my annual condition inspection.
  15. quick update although I forgot to take a photo. Flew with the holders yesterday, they worked great! Some 3M VHB (clear kind) works great to hold them in place. My CTSW does not have the map holder in it so these mounted just above the BRS handle, perfect spot to leave slack for the plugs to reach the jacks and easy (this is relative) to get to the volume and power button. great to not have to worry about the remote falling behind the seat or putting any unneeded pressure on the plugs. Great, simple and inexpensive way to clean up the cockpit a bit. Pics to follow next time I'm out.
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