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  1. Counting down to the trip! Unfortunately N89WD (CTSW) is in contract to be heading to her new owner in a week or so, thankfully the next bird (Vans RV-6A) is going to pre-buy and if all goes well I'll be flying her back from Florida next week and getting her ready for the fly in next month. Todd do we have a draft itinerary?
  2. I got files from FD by email. I don’t have that panel though. I will warn you that the files I received had some items that were off. The pilot side did not have the Dynon cut out level so my Atitude did not indicate correctly. The upper center panel was 1/4” too tall. if you get files do yourself a favor and have cardboard sample cut to ensure fit and alignment before you commit to final material.
  3. Just sent you a PM to a local CFI that owns a CT
  4. Couldn't agree with you more, it's not a heavy plane but it can handle a lot more than most people think. Love my CTSW, only thing I ever want more of is speed and that's really only on 350+ NM cross country trips. I fly from the SF Bay Area to Southern California often (heading out this weekend again) and I sure would love to bring that trip from 3 hours to 2.5 or less. I'm filling the speed need by joining a local flying club with, amount other planes (slower than the CT), a Mooney and 182 with rates low enough to justify using them for the longer trips. Edit: I personally have no issue with 3 hour trips, it's the significant other that get's restless after the 2 hour mark.
  5. Here you go. https://www.amazon.com/Unisex-Portable-Urinal-Female-Adapter/dp/B071KW29X1/ref=sr_1_39?dchild=1&gclid=CjwKCAjw87SHBhBiEiwAukSeUarMWrB7XzHSTS3u-T5pOHqxcm-9BmJVlFnTlf9QK47j-q677Sn2RhoCXHgQAvD_BwE&hvadid=502752616274&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9032017&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=9227890877048286759&hvtargid=kwd-1143406696479&hydadcr=29033_10193526&keywords=bottle+to+urinate+in&qid=1626181878&sr=8-39
  6. Never going to be an easy task, but I have found that this bottle helps with it's flat bottom shape and handle. $10 on amazon and fits in the foot storage area perfectly. Lucky for me we have an airport every 15 mins of flight time in California, so a quick pitstop at and uncontrolled field adds maybe 20 minutes and allows for a quick stretch as well.
  7. Glad you found a few options. I’ll tell you one thing. The CT is a blast to fly, don’t get hung up of the rudder needs they have. You get tuned to it quickly and once you do tail wheel is a lot easier to get down. . I’m considering joining the local club in Livermore to get access to some 4 seat options. As part of that process I would like to sell off have of my CT. Still keep it for 80% of my needs and leverage the club’s fleet for the other 20%
  8. I'm in the process if swapping my Bendix KX125 Nav/COM to the Garmin 355 GPS/Com, retaining the 696 for back up map and data and installing the HS34 to use my CTSW as my IFR trainer. I'm about 80% donw with wiring just need to get a couple days off work to head out to my A&P so we can install and wire it into the plane. I've done some instrument training already using the current Nav/Com. Are they sporty, yes. Can you get some very cost effective training in, absolutely! I wouldn;t get scared away, the sportiness is not as bad as many would think, when your head down in on instruments you are able to maintain to PTS standards, especially when you do most if not all your training in your own bird. MY 2 cents, worth exactly what you paid for it! Good luck!!
  9. Bob I'm out of Livermore and would be glad to take you up in the CTSW. Weekends are tough, but I can do Wednesday through out the day and most evenings after 4:30PM. PM me and I can get you my contact info that way.
  10. Happens on warmer days and extended climbs. I've see it on very hot days and if possible I stop the climb for a little bit, and pull power back to let her cool (assuming the temp keeps rising on me). if it just touches the yellow I don't believe it's a concern, but I'll let the repairman on here chime in. Never flown into Vegas, but had this happen up near Reno and I circled for a bit climbing gradually and I was out of it.
  11. There is a single pin that needs to move, can’t recall which pin but it’s definitely the power pin. Also the level button needs to be wired in as well. Almost a plug and play solution. Info came straight from Andrew Barker from TT, now a BK employee. Great guy, amazing customer service, answer all my questions and help me confirm I had the wiring correct between the AP, Dynon HS34 and Garmin 355.
  12. Yes you can pick up a new head from Mid Continental for $770 as of 2 weeks back. It's for the xCruze
  13. The gotrax g4 has 10” tires and does fine on dirt. If that bike was ok the g4 will be fine as well. Haven’t tried getting it into the baggage area through the bulkhead yet but I will on my next trip.
  14. Perfect size Ed. I picked up a Gotrax G4 a while back. Great scooter, but I need to remove the seat for it to fit well. Also 20 mph at around 20-25 miles range. Went with the G4 due to its 10” tires and a bit more comfortable ride on bumpy rural roads. These scooters are great “last mile” commuters. My main mission is short trips to run errands and also final mile rides when I fly to meet my kids at their rodeo events around the state. Seat removal wasn’t a deal breaker considering the added comfort of the larger tire size. for the CT family, if you want an easy way to venture away from the airport these things are great tools.
  15. Just did mine during the condition inspection. I used brass bushings and oversized them. Secured with fortified epoxy to keep it all in place Not sure how long the plastic will hold up to the vibration. Keep us posted.
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