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  1. AG thanks for sharing you follow up, I remember your post about the adventure you had. I've done the same here is CA. During this time of year we can wake up to clear skies along the coast and slightly inland with a solid fog layer down the entire central valley (we are separated by the mountains running north to south). Regardless of the planning we do it's always interesting to see what plays out in reality. I've done a few trips to Southern California that had me second guessing my decision, even with all the tech possible in the cockpit. All turned out well, we need to trust and verify our information. I trust the tech we use, but always use Flight Following and ask ATC for current weather confirmation/PIREPS. I had one trip recently were I left home to blue skiess in the bay area. Entered the central valley to solid blanket of fog below and blue sky above. 2 hours in this condition gets ones mind thinking. I was worried, but at the same time settled by the constant weather check on Foreflight and with ATC. Although this flight didn't end in Los Angelas due to the marine layer butting up against the mountains where I would normally decent below and into LA. It ended close enough for me to rent a car and finish my trip with a short drive. Moral of the short story... 1 - Trust your data 2 - Verify your data 3 - Know that a plan is nothing more than a plan and always subject to change pending real world condition. 4 - Always have a back up plan and be ready to use it
  2. Congrats Towner! You will love the CTSW., bought mine with no experience while working on my PPL. Dont regret it one bit, I've loved every minute of flying her. Since May 2020 I've racked up about 150 hours, frequent trips to SoCal for a beach weekend away as well as the Napa and Sonoma Valleies. I'm based out of Livermore? I'd be happy to take you up in my SW if we can make something work. I'm off the next couple weeks for the holidays. Also there is a friend and instructor based here in Livermore who also owns a CTSW that would be good for some training if you feel the need after you return her home.
  3. looks like it as of today. $19K and in stock
  4. 2005 CTSW, feel it, know why and it doesn't bother me at all.
  5. My instructor is well versed in CTSW and CTLS. He's based out of Livermore (KLVK). Message me if you'd like his contact information.
  6. Agreed, I've never lack nose down trim. I do get close to the end when full flaps and very slow, but never run out
  7. The floats were my problem for sure, they were over filling the bowls and puking the extra overboard.
  8. You are not alone Eddie, run the memory items and back it up with a quick checklist review. As stated the CT is simple and the check list os VERY short, why not use it. Granted climb and cruise are non issues in these simple planes, but backing up is never a bad thing.
  9. The smell was on and off, I'd say after minutes SNL it would go away (needed time to stop overflowing, then evaporate completely). After a few laps in the pattern working forward and side slips I called it a day when I smelled gas, parked, pulled my cowl and I had fuel puking from the overflow lines. The fix was the float bowls and cleaning the carb for my issue. Not sure if all CTs are the same, but my fuel overflow lines run into the bottom of the airfilter box, I had a puddle in the box (overflow was faster than the draining) when I parked and that made the issue obvious as far as where the fuel was coming from.
  10. I had a similar issue and mine ended up being the carbs were overflowing, had the floats replaced and carbs serviced/sync'd issue never came back. First indication was when I was practicing steep turns, second was working on side slips to align with centerline in cross winds and finally forward slips. Note that there was a delay from the maneuver to getting the smell so I first assumed it was happening in level flight.
  11. http://www.checkmateaviation.com/flight-design-ctsw-light-sport-aircraft.html Best $20 I spent, this is a nice quick reference check list. I have a more detailed custom preflight list I created in Foreflight, but for start up through shutdown this is my go to. It also contains emergency procedures as well.
  12. Ed are you running the 2 blade Sensinitch prop?
  13. great video by an amazing CFI here in the Bay Area. It's worth the 6 mins
  14. I know the feeling, I struggled with the same thing leading up to my checkride this past March. Funny thing is that once the pressure of the CR was gone and I was relaxed and flying as PIC my landings improved quickly. I fall into the rut of bad landing and just tell myself "back to the basics" 1 - fly the IAS, 2 - power for altitude, pitch for speed, 3 (most important to me) transition where I'm looking as the phases of approach change. Biggest thing I caught myself doing was not making that final visual transition to down the runway. I follow The Finer Points of Flying on YouTube, if you search Jason's videos there are a lot of good landing data points to absorb. He is an amazing CFI!
  15. You got your groove back, that's all that matters!!!
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