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  1. these are two toy we use to do the carburetors sync.
  2. Its Wednesday, time to change the view of my office. Go flying, enjoy the sky AeroJones CTLS reg: AJ-2188 Power by Rotax 912ULS
  3. two CTLS flying side by side over Pingtung county. AeroJones Aviation Technology Co.,Ltd www.aerojones.com E-mail: aerojones@aerojones.com
  4. AeroJones Aviation CTLS Full-Motion Flight Simulator the flight simulator can provide all predictable views during a flight, including geomorphic features, weather conditions, cloud cover, visibility, wind speed, etc. during a flight. Furthermore, various flight functions can be added, such as takeoff and landing routes, flight state simulation under different weather conditions and functional flight subject training. Therefore, even if the training is carried out on the ground, the simulator can still provide the dynamics and pleasure of a real flight. In addition to primary teaching, advanced simulation courses, and professional aviation flight training sessions, the simulator can also be used to provide the first aviation experience to beginners of an aviation club. AeroJones Aviation Technology Co.,Ltd www.aerojones.com E-mail: aerojones@aerojones.com
  5. Did anyone see this news on Neuform website? Our CT propeller supplier Neuform went bankruptcy on Jan 31, 2020. But luckily there is a new company Breezer Aircraft GmbH take over the propeller division. Hope the new company can continue give us the quality service. important-message-to-neuform-propeller-customers (1).pdf
  6. hello there, can you please share it again? I would like to see this interesting video
  7. Hello CT flyer just wondering if anyone is flying around the Asia country? let's have a chat and see where else we can fly I am flying in southern Taiwan. Our fly club operating 2 CTLS, one w/ 912ULs other one installed 912iS. it's great to flying here all season long.
  8. I will say stay with CTLS, F2 still a project. At least CT is a mature aircraft on the market.
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