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  1. Tom, I compared both and it they seem to match. I set up my first oil change for Monday and described what I've seen. The mechanic said it may be a bad sensor or a fuel leak. I haven't noticed any drips or stains under the airplane so we'll see what he comes up with then.
  2. My WOT at 5500ft MSL has always been about 5500+. Ill get it in for an oil change and have them look it over.
  3. I've got about 30 hours in my new to me 2008 CTLS. Has a 912 ULS. At 5300rpm I have been getting about 5.5-6 gph fuel burn. Haven't flown in about 2 weeks and this afternoon I was getting 6.5 to 7+ gph at my normal cruise. I had about half tanks with 91 octane no ethanol. Flew an hour and landed wit 15 gallons. Filled up with 100LL and Decalin. Fuel burn dropped back to about just over 6 gph at same rpm so still not what it was last month. The only thing that has changed was I pulled off all the sail tape from the seams around the wing roots and landing gear and had not gotten around to replacing it. Also my max rpm at cruise was just under 100rpm less(5500 instead of about 5600) and top speed was 5 knots less. I am due for an oil change too. Any ideas or am I just crazy? It's been hot and muggy. Could my gas have been going bad?
  4. I had the same issue coming back from Wisconsin with my ULS model. I had to fiddle with the throttle the whole time(5 hours). I shot for 5300 rpm which gave me 115 knots and 5.5 gallons per hour.
  5. One other point, I have the D100 and checked with Dynon about upgrading to the Skyview. They quoted 7K plus labor which I thought wasn't unreasonable. To stay with the D100 it was 4k which included a lithium battery. I just couldn't justify double the price so I stayed with the D100 option.
  6. Congratulations Chris! Looks great!
  7. If you do a direct comparison to lead acid then the ratios are (roughly) 4x the capacity in the lithium and 4x the charge/discharge cycle capacity. What most don't talk about is the discharge rate. The lithium battery will dump out more energy quickly if needed without damaging the battery. Most lead acid batteries can be discharged to only about 50% of capacity. So if it's a 50 amp/hr battery you can only pull out about 25 amps and your voltage will sag pretty bad. With lithium you can pull out 80% and the voltage will remain essentially constant. That means when you're taxiing on the ground at night you really can't run down the battery since there's so much power available. It's more up front but over the long term it makes sense to me. If you're just replacing the battery to sell then I'd put in the lead acid. If you are keeping the plane to use it's worth it for those reasons. That was the first thing I changed on my plane when I bought it. I plan to fly it for 2 years and then go up to a 4 seater.
  8. I agree EB3. Flying to Oshkosh this year flight following went away just past Chicago and ADS-B was very useful. Really makes spotting traffic a lot easier.
  9. Thanks Ed! I just dont want to push the engine too hard.
  10. The parachute is why I bought mine. Worth the extra expense to me too.
  11. I've got 2008 CTLS with the ULS and at 5500 ft I level out at 5600 rpm which is just in the yellow range. What is the max rpm that the engine should be run for a long trip?
  12. This may be a silly question but can you go back to LSA/non-experimental later if you change your mind? I figure it would require restoring everything back to original.
  13. He doesn't but I'm working on it 🙂
  14. Agreed. Really cool to meet them after seeing the youtube video's. Doug, my brother is in Fargo and we go up almost every year in the summer(not this year though). I'm planning on flying my plane up from Tulsa either this fall or next year. I'll post if I plan a trip. Tom
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