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  1. Thanks SportFlyer1 and John Vance!
  2. I just talked with them today and I guess that local station now only has 91 octane without ethanol. I'll run by this afternoon and doublecheck. I asked them if there was any way to get the 94UL at KRVS and they said they haven't found a way. They have something like 20 planes within 50 NM of the field so I can't imagine there isn't a market. May need to see what it would take to get a tank and pump added.
  3. SportFlyer1, is there any particular type of SD card that is necessary for the 696? I will just buy a second card like you have and rotate them out.
  4. Thanks for the info Skunkworks85. Not what I wanted to hear but maybe there's a market here. I think there are 8 FD planes on the field plus whatever else can use 94UL. I'll do some poking around.
  5. Thanks. I'm at KRVS and there are zero options except jugs. I just wonder how much of a hassle it is to get this on the field. I will call and see if there is some way to get some delivered by the barrel. If cost is least comparable to on-field 100LL it would be worth it for me.
  6. Crazy question: Where can you get/order Avgas UL94?
  7. TargheeDon, any concerns about moisture absorption with PLA vs ABS?
  8. Silly question: the GPS ground speed indicated is correct but does the dynon display the calibrated speed based on altitude data or GPS signal? I know the IAS is from the pitot.
  9. Update, line was removed and blown out. On takeoff run the stall warning came back on and aborted. Plane will be getting a checkout next week. 😞
  10. Wow, I thought it would have been more than that.
  11. Thanks Tom! That was my guess since it was lightly sprinkling. I'd think there would be a drain hole for that system unless the plane should only be flown in dry conditions.
  12. Went on a cross country over the weekend and plane was fine. had to park for a bit to let a storm blow through and when I took off after there was a very light sprinkle. On takeoff at about 400ft AGL the AOA went to red and stall warning went off. Pushed the stick forward to level off and checked speed on D100 and GPS and all good. Airspeed remained alive and matched GPS. Turned out of pattern and headed home and stall warning stayed on. It was just me so I switched off the intercom and could still use radio so I didn't have to listen to the stall warning. Landed uneventfully and at the hangar the pitot looked normal, no but in the hole I could see. Anything obvious I'm missing? I had read where rain can block the pitot but I figure that would have killed my airspeed indication. Thanks in advance.
  13. The red light gives you the status of the battery. Since it has it's own BMS(battery management system) on board to manage charging from the generator it will notify you if there's a problem. I got a card that shows what each LED light sequence means.
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