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  1. Thanks coppercity. I had been told there was a way to simulate instrument approaches but just couldnt figure how the TruTrak could manage the descent automatically. I'll start practicing.😎
  2. This may have been covered elsewhere but I couldn't find any reference by searching. I have a 696 and trutrack autopilot. When flying to an airport I get an occasional popup message about the approach being available or something. It is possible to load the GPS approach but can the autopilot fly this with GPS only? I loading and flew a "direct to" flight plan with an activated approach yesterday. I was at the designated final approach fix altitude and the plane lined up correctly on the runway. It did not descend along the glide path. Is there a way to make this happen? I'd like to practice some approaches with autopilot if possible, NOT fly IFR. Thanks
  3. Young people are getting sick and dying. There was a chief resident in Otolaryngology who died from this virus. She was just over 30 years old. Healthy otherwise. I have kids that age and they weren't really concerned until I relayed that bit of information. Granted, your odds are better if your're young but it's no guarantee that you'll make it. Not everything makes the news. One bright side, I got to fly an RV-10 yesterday and it was great! Flies like the CT but without the need for rudder. Crazy. Planning on taking out the CTLS Saturday to do a little social separation.
  4. I agree Warmi, it's not getting wide press coverage and I think in part because of the speed at which this has unfolded. Just think about what your concerns were 6 weeks ago. The old and frail die but the young and healthy are still getting really sick, even to the point of requiring a ventilator. I've been in the meetings in my city where we went over the protocol of who gets what resources and it's based on age and comorbidities. Very sobering to see. I just hope the measures in place are enough to save a bunch of people from illness and death. And that we can avoid the situation that is happening in Italy. NYC is sure headed that way though.
  5. That's what we are seeing in Tulsa as well. The young are getting very sick as well. They may live but are still going on vents. Just to clarify, the ibuprophen warning is now considered to be unfounded. The mortality is now considered about 1%.
  6. I agree with Darrell that the next 2 weeks will tell us what to expect. The spring break infections haven't popped up yet and when that happens everyone under 30 will start to take it seriously. I'm an ENT doc in Tulsa and Friday of last week was when things really shifted here. I expect this to be a serious issue for the next 6 weeks and then taper off. Good time to have your own plane, you couldn't get me on a commercial flight right now. FYI, the main spread is by hand to face contact. Unless you are in a confined space with a visibly sick person or they cough or sneeze then a mask really doesn't help much. If they are actively sick then a mask is helpful. N95/N100 masks filter particles .3 microns and larger and the virus is .12 microns, but the are better than a bandana. Stay safe and wash your hands often. Edited to add that the benefit of everyone staying home is that 75% of those infected have no symptoms and are just dusting the world with unseen risk. We have the young and middle age and elderly in the hospitals critically ill. It's touching every age group. Warmi, I'm not pointing a finger at you at all, just adding my opinion.
  7. One more question, with removal of the main wheel pants are you all seeing any appreciable decrease in speed?
  8. Really dumb question: Can the plane be flown without pants? I'm talking about the mains, not the nose wheel.
  9. I like your heel rest on in front of the pedals!
  10. Is there any benefit to the E-Prop? I read that Roger did a bunch of testing and found no real difference in the bunch he looked at.
  11. I appreciate the info. I never really thought about it when I was getting de-iced but that just goes to show me I should always check. I'll text the Gutmans and see if they can shed any light on this too.
  12. It must have been somewhere else where I read about using antifreeze to get frost off the wings. Guess I need to wash the plane pronto.
  13. Sorry John, I missed that. The link is dead on the MSDS but I just looked it up. PH is 7-9.
  14. I knew that alkaline can be an issue but just didn't know what the magic PH number is for our planes. My google-fu isn't great but from what I can find the de-ice fluid is tested and should be have a PH of between 6 and 10. So slightly acidic to basic.
  15. Thanks John, the type used on mine was orange. Interesting that there is a minimum rotation speed. It seemed almost like a super thin gel. Tom, with the alkaline PH is that an issue?
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