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  1. One more question: anything special with mounting to the mushroom? I haven't dug into that part of the plane and was wondering if you had someone do it. Thanks
  2. Love the videos! What type of mount are you using for your iPad? I've got a samsung S4 that I'm using Garmin Pilot on and am trying to find a spot for it.
  3. It's just different to me. From my limited perspective this is the only forum where I've seen the option to downvote anything, only "likes" or "thanks". Bad activity get called out reported and/or to moderators and taken care of or the member gets booted. I "liked" your post AGLyme 😉
  4. Will do. That's where I got my plane and they just finished the ads-b install.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't know about the change in 2010. I thought that the only way to be O.K. to go with IFR in IMC was to to the ELSA route. My 2008 has the Dynon D100/D120 and I just added a GDL 39 and GDL 82 which talk to my 696. I wonder what other equipment would be needed to get it up to speed for IFR/IMC, if it's even possible to get a MRA. I would want to stay SLSA.
  6. Now that's interesting. I was under the impression that s-lsa was not able to be certified for IFR. I'd sure be interested in what it would take to get my 2008 ctls done.
  7. I think it's been mentioned but can someone comment on weight difference?
  8. okent


    Slight update, going with the GDL 39 3D. That way I can utilize Garmin Pilot app with SynVis.
  9. okent


    I completely understand, it's just my personal preference. An iPad and foreflight are definitely very useful tools. If I didn't have access to an IFR capable 182 for cross country I would do something else. My plan is to use this as a time builder and fly this plane for a year or two then look at moving to something with more seats. May never happen but that's the plan today.😎
  10. okent


    Update, I'm going with the GDL 82 and GDL 39. That gets me in and out for about 3k and no iPad. Install is about 2 days including a lithium battery.
  11. As I posted above I just bought a CTLS and am using a CFI who routinely ferries these across the country for delivery, also recommended by the dealer. I like his instruction style and can give you the name if you'd like. If it's an issue with the mods to post in the open forum just let me know and I can PM you. The only down side is that he would be out of pocket for my flight lessons!
  12. okent


    I have the same panel as Al and I'm looking for a solution that doesn't require the use of an ipad. I like the idea of everything mounted in the plane. The GTX335 and GDL 39 is probably the way I'll go unless something else will interface with my existing equipment. I priced a SkyView touch screen monitor with all the required add ons and it was about 8K plus install.
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