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  1. Any air coming through the seams where the ceiling meets the side walls? I noticed a lot of draft from there.
  2. It's an interesting discussion on possible changes in LSA. It's far enough away where I personally would not hold off on a purchase. Two seats and 120 knots is exactly what I need right now as a new pilot and my plans include 4 seats in a year or so. I will not change my plans based on 2024. One other thing is that the new regs will most likely be released in 2023 and then manufacturers will have to come up with an airframe that matches those if they don't have an existing product.(read more time until something is available) I personally am not in the market for a new airplane since my 2008 CTLS fits my needs. On the weight issue, can anyone speak to the weights that are allowed in other countries? For some reason I was under the impression that if someone buys a CTLS in, say Europe, the airframe is allowed a higher gross weight similar to the flaps that can go to -12.
  3. No worries. Tom was right, I was referencing the Experimental Exhibition option.
  4. Thanks for the info Andy. My kids are older now so taking a weekend to get the training is doable and I'm mechanically inclined and can follow instructions. That may be the best option.
  5. Will do. I'll get that posted tomorrow
  6. Wow! I'm pretty handy but I just don't know if I have the time to do all that. I could see myself doing this stuff once I'm retired but that's about 5-10 years away.
  7. I made my own paper checklists as well and laminated them. I added in the takeoff and landing distances along with v speeds and such so there is rarely a reason to touch the POH. You are welcome to those as well as my electronic checklists if you want to look at them too. Just let me know if you want me to post them.
  8. One other thing: someone put a black sharpie dot on my wind shield that is directly in line with the center of the runway when lined up. It looks like it's actually in between some kind of layer of the canopy. Really helps me.
  9. As a new CTLS owner who just passed his checkride I have used all the above comments to help me learn to land the plane. Stick to set your speed and power for climb or descent rate. One thing that I noticed too, especially on night landings, is to set up a stable 2-300 feet per minute descent. This allows me to fly the plane on to the runway. Also, I add just a touch of power, maybe 2400 rpm(ish) right before the flare. It really has helped me polish the landings. As I build time/experience I will add in the 30 degree landings but for right now I only use that setting on super still days. I also joined a flight club this week to have access to other planes if mine is inop for whatever reason. My CFI, who is also in the club, signed me off on the 172 yesterday after 1 hour of flying and 4 landings. That thing is WAY easier to fly and land. I feel like I never touched the rudder! I do believe the CTLS has made me a better pilot, especially after yesterday and I sure do appreciate the modern avionics in my bird.
  10. I was just reading about that and it looks like that would prohibit flying over any significant population density. A non starter for me. I think I'll just be happy with my 120 kts😎
  11. I hadn't really considered that because I thought there could be potential devaluation of the airplane. I guess since it would still be E-LSA there wouldn't be any way to take advantage of a constant speed prop or -12 flap setting.
  12. This may have been covered elsewhere but is there an approved seatbelt that can be swapped for the factory ones? 2008 ctls. Not e-lsa.
  13. From what I understand I would have to install a buy/install a Nav/Com of some kind like the GPS 175. It seems to do all that the older GNS 430/530's do plus more at the same price. I have yet to see a HS34 pop up on the used market but they seem to be available for about $650. I am assuming that the HS34 is required. I have no idea what it would cost to get those installed but my rough guess is 5K for the instruments plus half that for install, so maybe 7500?
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