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  1. I do like the lower rpm of older engines. Space in the plane different but I feel like there's more general body room in the CT.
  2. I didn't make the fly in but just so happened to be lined up to do pattern work at RVS and Tom Jr landed right in front of me. Caught up with him at his hangar and got to sit in the F2. Lots of room. Mushroom is now larger and taller. Nice looking airplane. Seats are much more adjustable. Did I mention lots of room?
  3. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think I had read where if you're burning 100LL the rpm shouldn't be run continuously under 4700.
  4. I don't know if you have your eye on a particular bird but I was visiting with Tom Jr at Airtime Aviation this morning and he said they should have two in their inventory shortly. It may be worth giving them a call. I have a 2008 CTLS that I bought last year to learn to fly in and got my ticket. Took a trip from Tulsa to Destin in July and don't really want to fly commercial ever again.
  5. I've noticed what I can only describe as intermittent static in the display. Like you would seen in the old tube tv's. Not constant, just intermittent, horizontal lines that will flicker at random places across the screen. Anyone seen this? Thanks
  6. Agreed. I read that report as well and thought the same thing. It took me a while to figure that out but once it clicks those bouncing landings just go away.
  7. I am certain it was under 1k.
  8. I ordered VGs a while back and spoke with FD USA. Cant remember the cost for approval but it honestly didn't seem unreasonable. I just haven't gotten around to writing an email to follow up since I'm considering selling mine and moving to a bigger plane.
  9. That may be what I need to do. I was part of a club but there were too many people and availability was just terrible. That's why I bought the CTLS. I realistically fly 100 hours a year and it's point to point. I'm just super picky about who I would share a plane with.
  10. I understand the dynamics of seats/speed/value. I am more of a destination person. I rarely just go up to fly around for a bit. Just got back from a trip to Boise in a 182 and let me tell you, after about 4 hours the idea of a faster plane was appealing. Flew with Stick and Rudder in their Kitfox and it was a ton of fun. For local trips I would use the CT but for anything longer than 2 hour flights it just makes sense for me to get something faster. My thinking is that I need to fly the twin as much as possible for the next year or so and trying to decide whether or not to keep the CT as well. I think ideally it would be nice to have a travel plane (twin) and a local plane (CT). Best of both worlds.
  11. Eric, I know of a 2013 with less than 200 hours on it that may be coming up shortly. It is a one owner and the mechanic is the same one who takes care of mine, meticulously maintained. I have personally flown it and it's a very nice plane. Not listed on any site. I'll check with the owner. He has a medical condition and just doesn't feel safe to fly anymore. I had offered to buy it earlier this year but he just wasn't ready to sell. I'm moving into a twin so it doesn't fit my mission anymore.
  12. Roger is back! Good to see you here again. I go over to the Rotax forum occasionally so I don't miss any of your excellent posts.
  13. Andy, I'm in the same boat. I bought my CTLS to learn to fly in and it is a great plane. I now have a change in mission where I need to be able to fly 500 and 800NM at least once a quarter with 3 passengers and occasionally 6. Also will be starting my IFR training. I partnered in a Baron 58P that is about an hour away but will need to build twin time so I'm looking at a B55 to acquire and fly locally. Hate to sell the CTLS but it just doesn't fit my mission any more. I also partnered in a Kitfox S7 and it should be ready by the end of the year. That way I have something to fly for local fun. Headed to Idaho/Stick and Rudder next Thursday for tailwheel and backcountry training in the kitfox. I may just keep the CTLS anyway. Hard choices.
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