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  1. Edited to add that the whine is still there after annual. A&P will be calling PS Engineering to see if anything can be done. They swapped out for a new PS3000 and no joy. Would like to avoid wiring directly to the garmin radio. Will post when I have more info.
  2. I talked to the guys at Airtime and they are sold out as well. Good problem to have I guess. My hope is that the part 23 version and F4 come online quickly. I'm in need of 4 seats!
  3. And don't forget you never have to check if it's available. Most of my flying is short notice when I've got a time window or travel that's overnight. Hard to do that with a rental.
  4. Thanks but with one post I'll pass.
  5. Will you ship to the US and go through an escrow company?
  6. It's only a loss if you sell it when prices are low. I look at my airplane as a consumable and not as an investment. Same as my car and truck.
  7. The G3X will do all of your VFR navigation/autopilot so if you don't need to do IFR training in the plane then I wouldn't spend the money.
  8. Silly question, will this fit a 2013 CTLSi?
  9. I priced out a quick build high wing tsi and it was north of 300k. At that price I'll wait for an F4 with the new 916 engine.
  10. Thanks for the info. Glad you got out as well as you did. I like the way you verbalized that if you can't make the runway you will just pull the chute😎 That's why I fly a CT.
  11. Bill, glad you're OK. Glad the chute worked. It's why I fly this plane.
  12. I'm waiting on the 4 seat for the increased performance. The F2 is awesome but I "need" something faster and occasional 4 seats
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