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  1. I'd love to do this as well. Mine is outside the 2010 window, 2013 CTLSi, but I just don't have any desire to get in a cessna or something else to get IFR training. If you find a path to this please keep us updated.
  2. Agreed. Nothing against engineers but I think they should be required to assemble and service what they design!
  3. mine were both located behind the pilot screen tucked way forward and lateral. Sorry, no pic.
  4. okent

    First flights

    Thanks for this post. Made my day.
  5. okent

    Help please

    Carl Potter is their transition pilot. I used him for my training and to finish up my PPL. Good guy.
  6. okent

    Ice is nice...

    Awesome! I've got a brother in Fargo, this makes me want to brave the cold and go up for a visit.
  7. My first CT had a black sharpie dot on the windscreen. Previous owner must have thought that was a good idea. I like the tape idea.
  8. I see 7,13,16,8,_,9 Just can't see that one listed as need to fly.
  9. okent

    Ice is nice...

    Great post! A question on your heater, how well did it work? I had a 2008 that was marginal and my new to me 2013 is much better. It's in the teens in Tulsa this week but I'm on call till Monday morning and thought about going up then.
  10. AGLyme, it was on my list too. The service/support access here in Tulsa made the decision for me.
  11. I was just talking to the JMB dealer and they mentioned this guy. Turns out he's an Edge Performance dealer as well. I put in an order for an Edge engine last year before this guy was up and running so I went with the dealer out of Canada. Good to have him close since I'm in Tulsa. I'm planning on flying up to Kansas for a test flight in a VL3 and will swing by and visit with Michael if possible.
  12. Yes, my thoughts on crosswind should have included that the instructor is the final authority as to limitations.
  13. I'm guessing that somewhere in the +4/-2 G limit is where this all meets. I had thoughts of putting together a spread sheet that calculates the G stress on the airplane at variable weights but I didn't really see a good reason for it. I have a spread sheet that calculates my Vs based on actual weight at bank angles up to 60 degrees. Also does Vs x 1.3 and best glide, all based on weight. That way at a glance I can tell what these speeds are based on a given weight. If If I remember right the 1500lb number is what the aircraft is certified for in other countries(I could be totally wrong so don't hold this against me)
  14. That makes sense. I was wondering the same thing.
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