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  1. Roger is back! Good to see you here again. I go over to the Rotax forum occasionally so I don't miss any of your excellent posts.
  2. Andy, I'm in the same boat. I bought my CTLS to learn to fly in and it is a great plane. I now have a change in mission where I need to be able to fly 500 and 800NM at least once a quarter with 3 passengers and occasionally 6. Also will be starting my IFR training. I partnered in a Baron 58P that is about an hour away but will need to build twin time so I'm looking at a B55 to acquire and fly locally. Hate to sell the CTLS but it just doesn't fit my mission any more. I also partnered in a Kitfox S7 and it should be ready by the end of the year. That way I have something to fly for local fun. Headed to Idaho/Stick and Rudder next Thursday for tailwheel and backcountry training in the kitfox. I may just keep the CTLS anyway. Hard choices.
  3. I do exactly like FlyingMonkey, adding choke first thing.
  4. Oh, it's never about saving money! I fly whenever I can just for the joy of it and time savings. Totally worth the extra gas.
  5. Nice! Having a plane really shrinks the world.
  6. Nice write up. I didn't try the mag check in the air but on the ground and noticed that if I did a quick key turn the engine would shut off but come right back when I switched back to both. My failure happened right around 800 hours.
  7. You may check with Airtime Aviation in Tulsa. They have a bunch of parts.
  8. I can't really express how happy I am that you can take your son flying. I'm so glad the footrest was useful. Please tell your son that he is very welcome and thanks for the video!
  9. Yes, please post a pic. Also, if anyone can get a pic of the water trap I'd like to add that to my plane as well. Haven't flown in an rain and have worried that I may loose airspeed from the pitot. I read a blog about the guy who flew from the US to Europe and he had a lot of trouble with rain in the pitot.(plus ice but that's a whole other issue)
  10. Curious, any issues with water entering the pitot tube? Wonder if its possible for enough to get in and block the system.
  11. 1650# is crazy weight! I wonder what the G limits are with that amount.
  12. Aaron, I remember your plane! Thats pretty cool. Rex is definitely the man. Glad he's local to me.
  13. When was your annual? I'm over there a couple times a week and most likely sat around your plane drinking a beer with him. Did you mention the fuel pressure thing to Rex?
  14. Great video! I've got a 2008 CTLS and am in Tulsa. We'll have to plan a fly in sometime.
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