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  1. AIG Aviation Everyone else was about $1000 cheaper but had hour requirements that were just unreasonable. It was something like 25 hours of dual or 250 hours minimum IN TYPE.
  2. That's cool. I noticed on takeoff you were off the ground before your airspeed was registering. Were you light on gas? Also did you hold it in ground effect for a bit? When do you start to take out flaps? Great video. Keep them coming!
  3. Too bad there's not two of them! Seems like a reasonable price Frisco.
  4. I use the checklists as a backup. A good example is once I get to cruise and trim up everything I then go over the checklist. On more than one occasion I forgot to switch to -6 flaps. Being honest with myself that I can and do forget procedures drives me to keep the checklists around. Also, I may be the only one who can't read the dang small print on the FD checklists. I made my own with font suitable for a 50 year old.😎
  5. 760 is just a hair smaller than the 696 doc if that helps
  6. I plan for 121 knots True at 5400rpm and 6 gallons per hour. Usually fly at 4500 or 5500 MSL
  7. I put grip tape on the foot rest and then cut up some floor mat material and stuck it down with velcro. Not only gives the passenger a little more shoe grip/stability but also makes the install look a bit nicer. I'll snap some pics today and post.
  8. Sorry Tom, I was only talking about landing.
  9. Mike I totally agree. The footrest has made a huge difference in my wife's desire to travel in the plane. With the one I built you can flip up the part that lays on the floor so you can get to the storage area as well. It will also fold up like a book so it's small enough to store in the hat rack area. It was a pain to design and put together but worth it. Happy wife...
  10. Pitch for speed, power for descent. I spent a week at Stick and Rudder this July and the most important things were to set up your approach and apply the above. It's shocking how often I would be coming up short and want to pull back on the stick instead of adding power. Hard habit to break.
  11. One point that I think is important, even though the foot rest doesn't take up much leg room, it does shorten that distance a bit. You lose maybe 2 inches. For my buddies with long legs it just won't work even with the seat all the way back. I end up folding it down and they rest their feet on the pedals.
  12. Should be best glide speed, 78 knots, 0 degree flaps.
  13. I watched the video last night. I flew in there this spring in a 182 and thought it was a really cool place. Was just talking to my wife about flying there Saturday for lunch! Nice video
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