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  1. Whine is happening without the engine running but also pre-dates me fiddling with the radio connectors. I'll try shutting off the GPS via breaker and see if it goes away. It's definitely not a big issue though.
  2. This fixed it! I pulled the center panel out and unplugged the coax cable from the radio, gave a bit of a turn to the place where it connects on the radio then reconnected the cable. Gave the other connector a good firm push in and wiggled the wires a bit. When I powered the avionics back up the radio was WAY louder and I was able to transmit from both headset jacks. I noticed I also have a really annoying whine on the intercom (goes away when the intercom is switched off) but I can live with that for now. Thanks everyone for all the help!
  3. Radio is a Garmin GTR 225. I can pull one of the panels off and have a look at the back to see if the connectors are loose. Thank you both for the suggestions and help. Will see what the shop says when they get back to me as well.
  4. Yes, have tried multiple headsets and played with squelch, turned everything on off, etc. Sounds like it's probably somewhere further down in the wiring then, will try and get some time again with the shop.
  5. I've tried both sets of plugs, would that show if it was the jack? The mechanic who looked at it last said he was surprised that the jacks used spade connectors rather than being soldered.
  6. Hi, I've had a gremlin for awhile now in my 2011 CTLS where when I depress the push-to-talk switch I can see that the intercom is registering the switch is down but the COM radio is not transmitting. Usually when this happened in the past it would have fixed itself next time I started up the plane but after a recent annual it got worse. The shop looked and found a frayed wire in the bundle in the front of the cargo area and spliced it. That fixed it for a few flights and now it's back to not working again. Anyone have ideas of what else it could be? I would assume the splice is bad maybe but when I looked at it it seemed fine (I didn't do anything except look and poke and pull a little).
  7. Just in case anyone in the future stumbles on this: I removed the right side panel (it was super easy, just a few hex screws) and the adapter was plugged into the back of the Skyview with a USB extension cable. I removed the cable and the adapter showed up fine. For the time being I now have the adapter plugged into the long cables that come out near the passenger footwell until I decide if I want to get another extension and/or have a few flights with the wifi working properly to make sure it wasn't a transient issue with the adapter. Thanks for the help everyone.
  8. Will check the spot behind the throttle first, good tip. For the display, do I just remove the screws and pop it out? Anything I should be aware of? Thanks both for the quick answers!
  9. Hi, My CTLS with classic Skyview has recently starting reporting that one of the wifi adapters isn't installed (the passenger side one if that makes any difference). It had been working previously so I'm pretty sure there is something in there that is either broken or unseated. Can anyone point me at how to get access to where it is plugged in so I can jiggle it and/or replace it if needed? It's not attached to the USB ports that are routed out the passenger side behind the panel (I use those for doing software updates). Thanks in advance, Chris
  10. Does it try and correct back or just continue to bank? The one on my CTLS will wallow back and forth a bit in TRK or HSI modes. If I play with the autopilot pitch roll settings it can go from a wallow to a bit more abrupt. I think I have the sensitivity maxed out and the gain to 0, which produces the least noticeable wallow.
  11. Just to close this out, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful 2011 CTLS. I had some help from the amazing @coppercity to ferry it to my home field in San Jose and learn how to be ready to keep learning.
  12. Thanks everyone again for the awesome help and discussion. I've gone from "this is an idea" to "cash in hand ready to buy" and I think I'm going to try to find something with Skyview already installed. There are a couple nice looking examples on Barnstormers at the moment so I'm going to try to pursue those first, but if anyone has an unlisted lead I'd love to hear about it. Also, how do folks normally relocate the plane once it's bought? It seems like the ideal thing would be to find a CFI who is willing to ferry it with you to get some CFI time in training and get the plane where it needs to go. Failing that it looks like I will probably need to travel for some CTLS specific training and then likely find a ferry pilot as I don't think I'd be comfortable flying across the country solo in a new to me airplane. I saw an old thread where someone mentioned a name for a CFI who will help with ferrying but if anyone has other names please let me know here or via PM.
  13. Thank you @oceanplexian for the really detailed writeup and @SportFlyer1 for the follow up. This is very helpful. I see a couple CTLS on Barnstormers right now that I think I will follow up on. Some other questions since this has helped so much: does anyone have any finance and/or insurance recommendations? The initial rate quote I got from AOPA is low enough that I think I'll finance most of this rather than go with cash but it would be nice to see if there are recommendations for places people have personal experience with.
  14. Hi everyone, Been lurking for awhile and recently decided that a CTLS would fit my needs almost perfectly (two people, VFR for fun, usually < 500 nm, want modern safety features). I'm of course posting looking for any interesting leads but I also have a few questions which maybe folks could help with: What sort of pre-buy do people normally do for a CTLS? Any recommendations on people or outfits to contact? Can anyone recommend a CFI around San Jose that has CTLS experience? I expect insurance will want a checkout + a few hours minimum. Almost all of my flight hours are in a Diamond Katana or a Citabria so I suspect it will be an easy transition. Are there any gotchas to look for? I see some models that have had a landing gear replaced but the consensus here seems to be that's not a big deal. Anything else I should be on the lookout for? I see some CTLS on the market with the D100 and some with the Skyview. People who have used both, is the Skyview worth a premium? Any owners can you post your empty weight and/or useful load? I think I'm fine here but I'd love to get an idea what real world numbers people have. For my search I'd probably like to stay under $100k so I think that rules out a CTLSi. There are a few 2009-2011 CTLS on Barnstormers right now that I will probably follow up on but if anyone has other possibilities I would love to hear about them. Thanks for the help!
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