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  1. On the north side a reciprocal radial would run to approx: CHATY haven't experiences the ATC sequencing yet. Just the flight planning with an instructor.
  2. Can’t you use ForeFlight to send a flight plan to either your ifly or your Dynon? Here’s what I did: using ForeFlight zoomed into the LA TAC I came up with this basic route: KMYF FERMY LAX (the vortac not the airport), that FERMY -> LAX leg is almost perfectly on the 123 radial, as seen in the screenshot, I can use my finger to move that waypoint a bit right and get it perfectly on there. Then I can send that route (which not has a gps coordinate in place of FERMY) to the Dynon panel and autopilot will fly it. Also ForeFlight let’s you click on a leg and see its magnetic course, it reports FERMY is about 3 degrees off the 303 course that’s atc prescribed, by subbing FERMY for a gps coordinate to the right I can check the leg course and be happy when it hits 303.
  3. Heads up, the carbureted versions of the CT which run the Rotax 912ULS do not have to worry about any leaning. Just running carb heat occasionally if conditions permit carb icing. No mixture control. When I bought mine in June, there was a 10-20k premium for injected models, I realized I was unlikely to recoup that in fuel anytime soon.
  4. I’ve been worried that going experimental will be challenging in its own right (paperwork/time), and that it might affect resale value (especially a concern since the bank still owns 80% of this thing). So instead I’m registering for the 15-day Light sport repairman course with Rainbow Aviation. It’s $4k (not cheap), and I’m not looking forward to being in a classroom for 15 days straight. However, once done I’ll have some ability to tinker within the limits of whatever I can get FD-USA to sign off on with LOAs. That’s the thought at least. Dream to do list: Garmin GPS175, Dynon Radio, Dynon Control panels for AP and bugs, alternator (I feel like I’m out of amps already...), yaw damper (not sure this would be worth the hassle, but I’m curious), maybe the heavier duty AP servos (Maybe it won’t tell me to adjust trim all the time), and somehow way more landing LIGHTING (I can see much on the ground at night, I’m missing taxiway turns).
  5. PLEASE PLEASE post pictures and part numbers, can't wait to see your handiwork!
  6. You’re doing many of the same changes I want to do. If You find a buyer, see if they want another set of those old electronics in a few months. any reason to go EXPERIMENTAL over these changes? I assumed FD-USA would grant an LOA. Is it that you want to do the work yourself?
  7. “Someone” installed the latest and greatest Dynon updates on my dual 10-inch system. Works great. No issue with sensors, red x’s or anything else. and if there was...there’s a thorough installation guide (for the entire skyview system) to trace it back and figure out why.
  8. That’s my question too...I’ve heard that SkyView can follow vnav paths from an IFR certified god navigator (like a 430w or the new 175, 355, 375) but does it have any sort of VNAV capability on its own?
  9. You mentioned a VNAV approach option, is this within your skyview map menus? Or is this through a connected garmin nav device?
  10. Todd, Did you ever figure this out? Supposedly there are secret switch settings that allow for -12 flaps and higher cruise found in Euro models.
  11. thanks for the suggestion! I'll look into it.
  12. I’ve been running ONLY 100LL...
  13. Hi guys, twice I’ve had this happen, fuel pressure drops and sky view starts freaking me and my CFI out with alarms about fuel psi, it goes as low as 1.4psi and doesn’t recover to normal (over 2psi) for about 2 mins. Approx 10 gallons of fuel, coming in for a landing. Using some forward slip. first time was a somewhat hard touch and go Second time was today (days later, many normal flights in between), come in for a landing, crosswind gusts so we go around. Full engine throttle and steep climb angle (~68kt) then fuel pump starts alarming again. anyone else have this happen? Very stressful.... as soon as engine throttle is reduced or level off things are normal again. does NOT happen every flight. Thoughts?
  14. In all seriousness though, I spent a lot of time looking at different CTLSs, and even though some had 7” glass panels and others had 10” glass panels, the mushroom stack looked like it was the same overall size. Just different size cutouts for the screens. And I’m not sure what that material is, but I’m sure it’s some common sheet material that is widely available for custom cutting by any A&P who lays out panels.
  15. Part number is: Magic_Mushroom only sold in Colorado
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