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  1. for the record, my problem was solved by replacing the fuel pump. which i later learned should have been done previously to comply with a service bulletin. no issues since. I did however have adjust the warning thresholds in dynon skyview as the new pump runs at slightly higher psi's. for my carb 912 i now routinely see....between 4.5 - 6.5 psi (off the top of my head).
  2. Hey Ed! I was just in Mammoth two weekends ago, people were telling me about you
  3. Winds aloft are forecast to be around 50mph...can I fly safely through this assuming takeoff and landing at airports with minimal winds?
  4. I’d be very grateful for the plans! Happy to pay for them as I realize you’ve put a lot of work into them.
  5. I want to buy one...or two (for a buddy with an SW, he can modify to fit)
  6. Corey: I frequently come to the forum looking for advice and answers. I often come upon existing posts/threads that you have contributed to. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! It’s terribly sad to hear that this is the end of your aviation journey since mine is just beginning. Best of luck in IT! Lots of guys get to work from home. Make sure you invest in luxurious pajamas, an ergonomic desk setup, and a proper chair! Godspeed!
  7. There is no legal requirement for a DPE to have already had time in a CT. The DPE may decline to do a checkout in any aircraft they aren’t comfortable with.
  8. I did my private pilot check ride (in my CTLS) in San Diego with Barry Brocato. He’s also a pilot for American Airlines so perhaps his day job may take him up there. If not, it’s a beautiful 4hr flight down here to San Diego. If you come down, let’s get a picture of our birds together! His email is: barry767@cox.net
  9. Landed safely at MYF. It dangled for 4 hours, then fell off on short final. Felt silly arriving home to a parade of fire trucks on standby, sure glad to be home safe
  10. Thought i hit a divot or small pothole on takeoff at Tucson. Now I see my pant skirt is dangling. Told ATC to let TUS know there’s definitely something on their runway. Will tell MYF about it on arrival so they know I’ll need time and spacing, might pop a tire. I assume I’ll need to do a full flap slow approach and hope not to lose the tire or centerline.
  11. On the north side a reciprocal radial would run to approx: CHATY haven't experiences the ATC sequencing yet. Just the flight planning with an instructor.
  12. Can’t you use ForeFlight to send a flight plan to either your ifly or your Dynon? Here’s what I did: using ForeFlight zoomed into the LA TAC I came up with this basic route: KMYF FERMY LAX (the vortac not the airport), that FERMY -> LAX leg is almost perfectly on the 123 radial, as seen in the screenshot, I can use my finger to move that waypoint a bit right and get it perfectly on there. Then I can send that route (which not has a gps coordinate in place of FERMY) to the Dynon panel and autopilot will fly it. Also ForeFlight let’s you click on a leg and see its magnetic course, it reports FERMY is about 3 degrees off the 303 course that’s atc prescribed, by subbing FERMY for a gps coordinate to the right I can check the leg course and be happy when it hits 303.
  13. Heads up, the carbureted versions of the CT which run the Rotax 912ULS do not have to worry about any leaning. Just running carb heat occasionally if conditions permit carb icing. No mixture control. When I bought mine in June, there was a 10-20k premium for injected models, I realized I was unlikely to recoup that in fuel anytime soon.
  14. I’ve been worried that going experimental will be challenging in its own right (paperwork/time), and that it might affect resale value (especially a concern since the bank still owns 80% of this thing). So instead I’m registering for the 15-day Light sport repairman course with Rainbow Aviation. It’s $4k (not cheap), and I’m not looking forward to being in a classroom for 15 days straight. However, once done I’ll have some ability to tinker within the limits of whatever I can get FD-USA to sign off on with LOAs. That’s the thought at least. Dream to do list: Garmin GPS175, Dynon Radio, Dynon Control panels for AP and bugs, alternator (I feel like I’m out of amps already...), yaw damper (not sure this would be worth the hassle, but I’m curious), maybe the heavier duty AP servos (Maybe it won’t tell me to adjust trim all the time), and somehow way more landing LIGHTING (I can see much on the ground at night, I’m missing taxiway turns).
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