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  1. I've got about 200 hours in my CT. Yesterday I flew it for the first time in 6 months to go get new tires put on. Talk about getting rusty! Winds were almost 90* cross @ 11kts. By the time I got off the runway I had practically ran off into the grass. Guess it's a good reminder to not let flying go for so long. Plan to spend the next few weeks getting myself comfortable again.
  2. Tommy, I am in Cleveland. I'd be willing to take you up depending on my schedule. I'm in the East Suburbs and keep the plane at KCGF. Shoot me a DM.
  3. This is what I ordered from Desser the other day. All new tubes and tires for mains and front. I went w/ the 11/32 monster tread tires. My understanding is they way quite a bit more but can take a lot more landings for only $30 more a tire!
  4. I wasn't trying to start any arguments. 🤦‍♂️ I ordered tires & tubes when I saw the cracking.
  5. I'm not entirely sure it's fuel at this point. I drained a little out of the oil tank yesterday and then burped the prop 20 times to push whatever was in the lines and crank out back into the container. I then did a full oil change, burped the prop a few times and now have clean oil, at the right level and am getting 55pounds of pressure while running. I still chose to not fly after the oil change as I noticed I had two tires that were dry rotting so I ordered some from Desser and will hopefully fly next week some point to make sure everything is ok. I'll plan to keep an eye on the oil level and color every flight. With Regard to what you had said Corey about the fuel regulator going bad and brining fuel into the oil. Would that cause the oil to have some milky white color to it? I figured that would be indicative more of water / coolant then fuel. See the attached photo:
  6. exactly what Arian said. I’m going to do a complete oil change here in a few hours and see
  7. No but I use 100LL and there’s not really a smell
  8. yes I mean the oil tank. As to where the missing oil went causing it to recede back slightly below the opening , simple all over the ground and the cowling. the reason behind draining some before burping it again is simply so it doesn’t again overflow and cause a mess. Why not drain it entirely then burp it all out? I was told if you burp the empty oil tank it will suck air into the system and to never burp it empty.
  9. So I spoke with Arian and Roger about this yesterday and wondered if anyone else has experienced this. I have a 2014 CTLSi. I had an annual done in November, and flew maybe 10-15 hours after. I haven't taken the plane out or ran it since probably December. Yesterday I went to the Airport to go fly for the first time in forever. When I opened the door to the oil reservoir and took the dip stick out and laid it on a paper towel the oil level seemed fine and the oil was a nice brand new amber color. I burped the prop and walked back over to the side to take a measurement with the dipstick and to my surprise oil was flowing out of the canister, into my cowling, down my muffler and dripping all over my front tire fairing. Looking inside the reservoir with a flashlight revealed the oil level is literally 1" from the top of the reservoir. I know my AP didn't overfill the oil during the annual as I had flown several times after and never had this problem occur. Arian said he hasn't heard of this before given it's fuel injected but said that it's possible that over 6 months I had a very small amount of fuel leaking through the injectors that would have been pushed into the oil reservoir when I burped the prop. Roger also said that would make sense. I can assure you from here out I'll be shutting off my fuel every time I exit the plane. The remedy I have gone over with Roger is to drain my oil take maybe 6 oz. Put the drain plug back in, burp the prop a ton of times forcing whatever oil/fuel mixture I still have in the crank out back into the oil reservoir. Drain the reservoir completely, and do a fresh oil change. I plan to do this tomorrow morning and hopefully fly tomorrow. Has anyone else ever ran into this? I use 100LL.
  10. Did mine two years ago and it took about three weeks as well.
  11. Arian, can you find out if they have an ETH / BTC wallet we can send Crypto donations to?
  12. I just called Robert who is a friend of mine (FlyingFrisco) , he indeed sold the plane two months ago.
  13. I just wanted to follow up with everyone as to how this went. I was able to grab the springs like I said and give them all a good stretch. I reinstalled the window a few weeks ago and tested today. Zero vibration anymore. The plane seems like an entirely new plane. I've never had a cockpit this quiet in the 200 hours I've flown her! I wonder if these things just weaken over time or what. Regardless, I'm ecstatic and can't wait to go flying.
  14. I get this every winter, and alas it is back again! I just let it go! I maybe have 1-2 TBSP when it occurs.
  15. Anymore pics of that? Love to see it!
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