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  1. Outside of storage capabilities I think the CT makes for a great XC machine. I flew mine from from California to Ohio and did 6 hour legs without any issues, in fact I was quite comfortable.
  2. Alright, I will clean it exceptionally well before putting the velcro on as well as attempt to tie some sort of strip to the battery pack should it ever become loose then I could just reel it back in from within the wing.
  3. Tom that is a great idea! Once I actually remove the inspection plate on the wing and get up inside how much room is there for everything to move around? I'd assume theres not a way for it to slide all the way down to the wing root?
  4. I tried this dual lock first on my A20 holders and the sticky glue on the back didn't hold to the rear cabin wall either
  5. It's in a CT so no Acro! However the Velcro I use to hold my plastic molded Bose A20 holders and it consistently seems to fall off the back interior wall of the CT where I have it mounted.
  6. Was able to fix my Lane light issue, just need the wheel pant installed. I'll have my local AP do it. It's good to know though I'm only 2.5 hours from Tom! Never realized that! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  7. So I just decided to buy an extra cover from FDUSA it was like $12 shipped. I've got my hole drilled my concern now is when placing the battery pack into the wing. The pack I got is fairly heavy and I'm worried the in a steep turn etc it may separate from the Velcro I attach to it. Do you have any other solutions? Has yours come loose? I thought about tying a piece of rope to the battery pack should it break loose from the velcro I could still then fish it out of the wing? Thanks in advance.
  8. I will pass on messing with it and let the shop do it.
  9. Tom, so as an owner of an SLSA I will just need a supervisor to put my front wheel pant back on?
  10. Have flown all winter without the mains or the nosewheel pant on, no problems.
  11. They are all off, trying to put them back on. Took off for the winter.
  12. Do the fairing removals / re installations need to be in the log books? What would happen if there was an entry for removal, but no one ever entered the install?
  13. I have a LS as well, and I am equally as mechanically challenged.
  14. How did you drive that stake into the concrete?
  15. Tom, is there any youtube video you know of that helps walk you through this? Is removing the main something you can do as an owner? Thanks in advance.
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