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  1. Thanks Tom! The POH only shows X-Wind demonstrated and no max wind or gusts. I downloaded a copy of the airplane owners manual and made a seperate binder with it.
  2. Did they ever provide these in a book?
  3. I do fly a CTLS , so I should just print these and make a binder like my other books.
  4. So I looked through all of my books and I do not have an AOI. I have a maintenece binder, and the POH, and a binder with all of the equipment in the plane as it was built by the factory. Where could I get one of these?
  5. All I can find in my POH is a demonstrated X-Wind component. Where can I find the max surface wind component? I was told I would need to be able to point it out in my upcoming checkride.
  6. Checked w/ Arian and indeed that was my 5year rubber entry. I will take your advice and plan to sign up for a class however.
  7. Ended up taking OP's advice and ordered a set on eBay. These are awesome! Perfect fit.
  8. I overnight it to BRS on a Friday, they had confirmed receipt on Monday. I think they had it for a total of 10 days and it was back at my FBO being installed. Way quicker than I had expected.
  9. I shipped via UPS and received back via FedEx
  10. Attached a photo of an annual from Arian that mentions "replaced all rubber hoses" would this be the 5 year rubber maintenance? It's on a 2012 and the annual was in 2017 so it makes me believe so.
  11. Tom does this HAVE to be done to be airworthy? I'll check the logs on the CT I purchased when I get off work. It is a 2012.
  12. Not to thread hijack but what is the time frame on the rubber replacement. Also have an annual due next month and want to see if I still need to get it done.
  13. Awesome, well I'm glad you chimed in! I'm loving this plane more and more every time I fly it! Perhaps I'll fly down and meet you one day.
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