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  1. I just called Robert who is a friend of mine (FlyingFrisco) , he indeed sold the plane two months ago.
  2. I just wanted to follow up with everyone as to how this went. I was able to grab the springs like I said and give them all a good stretch. I reinstalled the window a few weeks ago and tested today. Zero vibration anymore. The plane seems like an entirely new plane. I've never had a cockpit this quiet in the 200 hours I've flown her! I wonder if these things just weaken over time or what. Regardless, I'm ecstatic and can't wait to go flying.
  3. I get this every winter, and alas it is back again! I just let it go! I maybe have 1-2 TBSP when it occurs.
  4. Anymore pics of that? Love to see it!
  5. Is it just me or does that mushroom look wrapped in leather with deviated colored stitching? ....
  6. I'm in Cleveland Ohio so not much in the way of Mountains! Next time I get some lower surface winds and 50KT and above aloft I'm going to set out to set some new records in my bird!
  7. Maybe another time! Don't forget we still need to meet up sometime! Whether I fly up there or you come out to Cleveland. Even if it waits till summer would love to meet up!
  8. 166 Kts GS? Christ! I once eclipsed 168mph ground speed and was amazed! I don't want to sound stupid but there are no GS limitations correct? I'd personally be afraid to go up into 70KT winds even at altitude... Are there no concerns with that and maybe my over anxious mind is just saying it's a bad idea?
  9. I was able to grab the springs with some needle nose pliers and stretch them all a bit, which should give me more tension pushing out against the window. I went to install them back in the other day and it's a pain in the ass. A 35* hangar didn't help either. So I got frustrated and decided I should pack it up for the day and attempt the install again some other time. I think tomorrow I'll get back to the airport and give it another go... Any tips for reinstalling would be appreciated. I took the method of installing the top rail entirely. Then I put the bottom rail on with just the one middle screw. This allowed me to compress the springs and the plastic bar they are attached to into the top rail, and then I could pivot the bottom rail downward on that one centered screw and work the window into that rail, or so that was my thought process but it didn't work as planned!
  10. So I'm still trying to get my window fixed. Got the plane back from Annual and somehow the AP never looked at this problem as I requested! I decided to be ambitious last night and removed the rails and the window off the door. I can't imagine this going back on easy. To remove it I took out all of the screws on the rails exceept the middle one, angled the rail upwards and wiggled out the little window however I was nervous the springs were going to rip out of the sliding window as they were flexing all over the place. My question now I guess is how would everyone go about trying to stretch these springs that appear to be embedded into the glass. My thought is maybe if I can stretch them all out a bit it will once again hold tight to the rails/window and not vibrate. As my issue with the vibration was always solved by pushing that little sliding glass window outward. I also included a picture of the rail as I noticed to tiny cracks in this, however I can't see this having to do with the vibration issue since again pushing the window outward fixes it....
  11. So your an hour from me, and probably get the same exact weather. I thought the thermostat was beneficial for us, but you mentioned earlier taking it off?
  12. Tom, as someone that lives in Northeast Ohio and stores his plane in an unheated hangar do you recommend both?
  13. Jim, isn't that the exact purpose behind the Reiff and Tanis, that they pre-heat the engine oil?
  14. He does such a good job talking you out of it, until he doesn't Thanks Corey!
  15. CTLS or CTSW? I don't think I've ever seen a CTLS for under $90k?
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