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  1. I went ahead and tried to taxi the other direction and get the same pull to the left (same direction).
  2. I will try all these things this weekend. I noticed the one time I was pushing hard on the right rudder to make the turn I almost felt a "click" for a second in it, like it was pressing against something and finally had enough give to pass it. It didn't change the characteristics anymore, I just noticed it once.
  3. It doesn't appear to be bent at all.
  4. It does have bolts on the front wheel I believe are for a tow bar. I've never used them so can't imagine they are bent as I didn't ever feel this before. I checked the wires that are visually exposed on the back of the rudder and they are intact and connected.
  5. Is there a particular reason outside of making it easier? It doesn't seem to change your turn radius or anything does it?
  6. I push the pedal all the way down and am not happy with the turning radius. It seems to be lessened from what it was when I originally got the plane.
  7. I was playing with this the other day. With both feet off I was getting a veer to the left.
  8. Seems this article has a lot wrong , I believe they said he just purchased it in the winter. Either way glad to see it was uneventful.
  9. That it. Not sure why they said the "brand new" given that it appears to be a 2012. Regardless a great save.
  10. Also interested. Been debating getting one for my sonex.
  11. So I've been flying a lot of tailwheel lately and not sure if it's just because I'm hopping back in the CT now that it feels this way or if it's something wrong. My right rudder seems to take some serious push to get the plane to taxi easily. IE: I'm trying to track the taxi lines and despite how hard I push it I can't turn hard enough to track them anymore. This was never an issue and now I'm constantly overshooting them. Is there an adjustment that needs to be tweaked with over time? Anything I can look for? Perhaps it's fine. It feels completely normal in the air, it's just when moving on the ground.
  12. Not sure if anyone else saw the article on Facebook on the Payson Roundups FB page. But it looks like a CTLS ran out of gas and made an emergency landing on the highway. I can't get the tail # off the photos but they list the owners name who states he just purchased the plane in December. Another viewer went on to post a takeoff video that was quite impressive! A curved highway road and a great departure! If whomever it is happens to be apart of these forums I'm glad to see all ended well! I tried to find the article on google for over a 1/2 hour but gave up.
  13. I busted CGF class "D" when I took my checkride out of LNN. About 30 seconds after departure
  14. KLNN is right down the street from my home base KCGF however I get all my maintenance done at KLNN.
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