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  1. It's not the FDUSA plane for sale. I looked at this plane back in April when I purchased mine as it was also for sale. I searched my e-mails but cannot find the owners information anymore. The seats looked awesome!
  2. Would this same issue exist on a CTLSi? I had some nasty creaking noises on taxi, I removed the main leg fairings to reveal that my black rubber padding between the fusellage and the gear had shifted on one and was completely missing on another. Replaced these and still have the creaking noises so trying to find the next culprit. The noise drives me insane. Easy to fix?
  3. It's just a bit of static muffling the incoming conversation when I'm on the mic. Doesn't make it impossible to hear, however can't adjust the squelch to get rid of it.
  4. I have this same issue on a 2011 CTSLi, I've got a lot of static even on close calls. The only thing that ALWAYS seems to come in crystal clear for some reason is when I am on with Cleveland Approach Control. Any CTAF usually has quite a bit of static / fuzz when I push the PTT button in. Think this could be the same issue? Any photos of where these connections are made / how to access them so I can try it? Thanks!
  5. I just ordered replacements as well since I was having the same issue. FD USA has them in stock and I think they were $10. I assume the installs pretty easy.
  6. Animosity2k

    CTLS crash

    Never heard of this.
  7. Animosity2k

    CTLS crash

    Thoughts and prayers.
  8. Took the top leg fairing off to check for the rubber pads between the gear and airframe. Found none in either of the two places I was told it would be, the top of the leg and inside the silver bracket. I’m guessing this caused the noise. Was advised to not fly on it much till fixed.
  9. To check this I will need to remove the bolus tape adhering the gear fairings to the fuselage right? Thanks!
  10. I found this still to be an issue in flight as I accumulated plenty of water in the baggage area. I was flying @ -6*
  11. Spoke to FDUSA and they said to check the pad between the fairing on the landing gear.
  12. I have the bolus tape all over and still have issues with water.
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