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  1. I wish it was that easy, I'd give up my plane, the pilot license, everything to get her back. Flying has not been the same without her besides me.
  2. Crossing the pavement at 60kt and then touch down before the first of 5 turn offs on a 5000k ft runway. I'd imagine when I was touching down I was 55kt. I'll work on getting this down to 42-45kt. I assume that small amount is a TON of excess energy.
  3. Mine is plugged in under the tray just aft of the throttle lever. I just pop the 4 screws on top, pull the tray out and the dongles are in there.
  4. I really don't want to drag it in behind the power curve, little to much pucker factor for this guy
  5. I always land and take of at 15*. I try to be around 65 kt over the fence and 60 over the threshold.
  6. The first flights I was out with a friend flying at night (I'm a sport pilot but he's a CFI and I wanted to try flying at night) I think that had a lot to do with those bounces, I just was not used to the perception. The second day, I just have no clue what I had going on. I just couldn't get it. I've had a lot of stress, girlfriend moved out of the house, works been stressful lately, and I've likewise been a bit fatigued so perhaps that added to it as well. I don't know, I just woke up thinking maybe I just lost it all and I need to sell the CT
  7. So I've got 120 hours in the CT and have never had any issues landing outside of my first few lessons. The last two times I have gone flying I have had huge issues sticking my landings. I was out the other day and had 4 bounced landings. Two of them I was stupid enough to let the plane bounce 2 or 3 times before going full throttle and around. The last landing I was finally able to stick it but when I landed I skidded all over. I decided to try again yesterday afternoon. Altimter 30.47, winds 070 @ 8kt taking off of RWY 6. Three attempts again to land resulting in three more nasty bounces. All I can think is that I added some extra air to my front tire a week or so back to match what was recommended on some of the threads here (I was a bit low before). Immediately after adjusting it I took a few flights and had no issues with bouncing. Fast forward a week or two and now I bounce every time. I'm so frustrated. Could lessening the front tire pressure help with this?
  8. Same thing top said on the 796. Enter Enter.
  9. I tried reapplying some and couldn't get it to slicken up. Maybe just needs a good buffing.
  10. Noticed the other day that it feels like the PIC side of the cowling seems to have no clear coat whereas the other side of my cowling seems to feel super slick and shiny. Is there anyway to reapply some clear or polish it back to a nice gloss shine? Thanks
  11. I'd love to! It's about a 4 Hour trip each way for me however and I work everyday but Sundays. I could try to get a day off but even at that it's a lot for me to shove into one day.
  12. Pretty surre there has been news. FD Usa has one and I believe it will be at the Midwest Light Sport Expo next month. Orders are open and I think the delivery dates were slated for December/January.
  13. Any good videos on how to apply the tape? When I do fairings I need to cut like 4 seperate pieces to work them around the curved wheel pant. I notice my AP does it w/ just one or two pieces. When I try to bend the tape around the shape I get a bunch of wrinkles...
  14. Tom since the front Pant requires a lot of work to remove, could I just do this with that one still on the plane? I assume if I'm careful enough I should have no issues? Also do you have a recommendation as to where I can buy the replacement tires and tubes for both my main and front?
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