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  1. Care to shoot me a private message with what place in Ohio you are speaking of? I do my service here in Cleveland and want to make sure I'm hopefully not being shortcut at all.
  2. Good comment Corey! I don't have any spare tubes for my CT and now that I think about it I should reach out to Arian and order one. Thanks!
  3. If you check out my other videos I posted you can see the setup in the NYC video when I land at JFK. It's a 15ft telescoping microphone boom that you'd typically use for cinematography. It sticks out about 3 feet past the prop and has a 360 camera mounted to it.
  4. I haven't noticed any reduced speeds or yaw. There is some serious bouncing in the camera boom stick but the stabilization handles the vibration well.
  5. Had a great time flying with some buddies earlier in the year. This was my first time "formation" flying with other people! I will tell you it was a bit nerve wrecking for me at first! If you check out the 2:40 second mark you can see the commanche passing underneath me.
  6. I have a 15 foot telescoping microphone boom, I have a power pack stored in one of the inspection holes on the wing w/double sided tape and a hole drilled in the plexiglass that runs a power cable to the camera so that I can keep my 360 camera on for over an hour. If you check out the end of the below video you'll see some good shots!
  7. Animosity2k

    NYC in my CTLS

    Finally getting around to posting some videos I've done in the CT. Here's my trip to NYC w/ a friend
  8. Welcome to the CT Family! I've been an owner for two years now and after almost 200 hours on my CT I can say I love it as much as I did the day I got it!. While I don't get this on approach to land I get the AOA buzzer going off on 1 of every 5 rollouts on takeoff. Not exactly sure why either so I'll keep an eye open as to what others think your problem may be and maybe we can both figure this out!
  9. The 2014 CTLSi uses a little bit different of a window with spring coils instead of the metal tabs the mecaplex uses to stay pushed outward. Does anyone know if the Mecaplex rails will directly replace the ones I have?
  10. Does anyone know where I can order a whole new window vent assembly for a 2014 CTLSi. I need the rails and the sliding window itself. I looked online for a place to buy Schreder window vents which seem to be common on gliders (although I don't think this is an identical part to what I have) but I can't find anywhere to purchase it. Thanks in advance.
  11. I went ahead and tried to taxi the other direction and get the same pull to the left (same direction).
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