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  1. Looking down the runway the entire time vs at the runway right in front of the cowling made all the difference for me.
  2. Indeed it is! What I noticed the most was that I was constantly playing with the stick until I was on the ground when I was out w/ my CFI again. The last few times I flew without him it almost felt like I would flare, hold the stick where it was until I touched down. The other day I felt like I had to constantly feather the stick to make for a smooth touchdown and to allow me to burn all that excess energy.
  3. Yeah, I'm not sure what happened to me.
  4. Should any AP be able to pitch the prop on a CT? Is there some directions on how to do it? My annual is next month. I may just wait and have the guys doing the annual look at the pitch as they are a FD distributor and repair center as the oil change guy is not...
  5. So today I finally got back in the seat w/ my old CFI to get over my landing issues I was having recently. I noticed that when we were taking off the RPM would not advance past 5,000 on climbout. I'm almost certain in the past I had always had around 5,200 RPM does that sound more correct? It was about 50* out, engine oil was at 125*F before taxi or runup. Once we did a lap or two in the pattern the RPM got up to like 5,100 at one point, but I don't think we ever passed that. I also had this same issue a few weeks back when I was out with a friend, only around 4,900RPM on climbout, and after 15 minutes of flying we were only then able to hit 5,500 RPM. Is this normal? I'm at 31 hours on AVGas and haven't had an oil change. I'm scheduled next week to get one. Could running a few hours past the recommended interval cause an issue like this? I really dislike seeing the extra power on climbout. Thanks!
  6. Just wanted to follow back up for anyone that wondered what happened to me. I went out with my CFI today (first time since I got my license , maybe 70 hours ago) and practiced two hours in the pattern landing at 15* flaps in calm winds. I was able to nail every landing. Instead of focusing on the speed once I came over the fence I just focused on watching down the runway and holding the plane off as long as I could, in many cases this resulted in the start of the stall alarm. I think I did something like 30+ landings and had zero issues. Needless to say my confidence is back, and I don't need to worry about my ex ruining my flying! Thanks for all the pointers everyone had, you were all dead on with my airspeed being way to high. I was trying to land the plane well before it was ready to quit flying.
  7. That worries me... *CORRECTION* Spoke to FD, those numbers were tested at 9g's.
  8. So you would not worry about having one wing with more fuel then the other? I plan to just fly w 7g in each wing to help keep the weight down
  9. So I've got a friend that wants to go for a flight, he's a huge guy @ 310lbs. Has anyone done this before? Obviously I need to adjust fuel, but I was planning to fill my side with less fuel then his, would that make sense? Any other tips other than maybe then add some additional speed to the usual numbers? Thanks!
  10. I wish it was that easy, I'd give up my plane, the pilot license, everything to get her back. Flying has not been the same without her besides me.
  11. Crossing the pavement at 60kt and then touch down before the first of 5 turn offs on a 5000k ft runway. I'd imagine when I was touching down I was 55kt. I'll work on getting this down to 42-45kt. I assume that small amount is a TON of excess energy.
  12. Mine is plugged in under the tray just aft of the throttle lever. I just pop the 4 screws on top, pull the tray out and the dongles are in there.
  13. I really don't want to drag it in behind the power curve, little to much pucker factor for this guy
  14. I always land and take of at 15*. I try to be around 65 kt over the fence and 60 over the threshold.
  15. The first flights I was out with a friend flying at night (I'm a sport pilot but he's a CFI and I wanted to try flying at night) I think that had a lot to do with those bounces, I just was not used to the perception. The second day, I just have no clue what I had going on. I just couldn't get it. I've had a lot of stress, girlfriend moved out of the house, works been stressful lately, and I've likewise been a bit fatigued so perhaps that added to it as well. I don't know, I just woke up thinking maybe I just lost it all and I need to sell the CT
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