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  1. I can also vouch the $11 Dongles on Amazon also work fine!
  2. Read this, watched the video. I see the correct process, but not what to look for in terms of say an RPM drop when switching.
  3. Tom, when you say flight manual I assume you are referring to the POH?
  4. So I have a question with regard to the Lane A & B on a 2012 CTLSi. I started out learning in a 2009 CTLS and was always told to check for a 60-80 RPM drop when switching mags. I would switch to the First mag, watch for the drop, switch back to both mags and watch it rise back up. Then switch to the other mag and repeat. I was told by a few people with the fuel injected versions I should go to the first Lane, then the second lane, back to the first lane, then back to both. Is this the same way everyone else does it? I also do not notice more than 10 RPM decrease when switching compared to the 60-80 I got on the flight schools non fuel injected CT ; is this typical? Thanks
  5. New student pilot here (20 hours total flying when policy was setup) with a 2012 CTSLi that I purchased. For $1,000,000 liability and $115,000 hull insurance w/ a $0 deductible I am paying $1720 annually.
  6. Also did just verify that15.4.7 is what was installed on my plane on June 26th. It's in the logbook signed off by the A&P. Do I need to have a licensed A&P install the next update that comes out or can I do it on my own and is it fairly easy?
  7. Received this reply on the Dynon Forums.... Seems exactly the issue I am having and my skyview software was just updated June 26th when I had my PPI done. "Dynon Technical Support has acknowledged that a bug has appeared in the June 3, 2019 release of Skyview 15.4.7, wherein the indicated airspeed readout turns red about 85kt when configured in six-pack configuration. According to Tech Support, the item is on the list to be fixed, but there is no estimate when the bug will be resolved.For a quick fix I tried reverting to Skyview 15.3.5 (May 23, 2019), then installing the then-current Aviation Database, FAA_av1907_ob1904_15.4.7.duc, but still got the red IAS. So if you see red when you look at your six-pack airspeed indicator, at least you'll know why."
  8. Thank you for all your help! I am assuming I just want to take my numbers in IAS from the POH?
  9. Here is another photo I found from my trip back from California. 78 Knots, so again unsure of why anything would be in the RED at 78 knots. Even looking at the other numbers such as TAS and GS they don't appear to be anything excessive. Flight appears to be fairly straight, level and coordinated...
  10. Perhaps! On Sunday I will take a look and see if I can play with them. Unfortunately without flying I am not sure I will be able to troubleshoot any of it so my fingers are crossed the weather holds up.
  11. Where can I go to check these settings? And as you indicate they should be set for IAS NOT TAS correct? This happens often in the pattern. I'm at 70-80 knots level flight and I'm in the red. Or turning base and its red. Now that I think of it its very often always in red. I did a 2300 mile ferry ride home and it was read 3/4 of the time. I'm thinking some settings are way off. I assume I get all of these values from my POH? Sorry for all of the questions I am new to Aviation, new to FD, and just plain new .
  12. @FlyingMonkey See the photo I attached from a newer Skyview D1000 manual. It only talks about the "Ribbon" style IAS gauge but if I am correct these background colors in the red represent exceeding airspeed limitation V speeds. Im just confused on why they would be on at such speeds as I don't believe I was exceeding any limitations.
  13. Just for comparison here is the other background I meant. It's black not white.
  14. Have not really noticed. Seems the higher speeds are red, and the lower have the white background. I wondered if it had to do with flap speed limitations or a glide speed? I asked on the Dynon message boards as well! I'm also having an issue with the stall indicator going off on takeoff even with barely any back pressure or large angle of attack.
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