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  1. So three of you have now mentioned in this thread the LSA Regs changing to allow more weight, possiblity of quicker speeds etc. Where has there been any solid information of this change happening? From doing some googling I can see that people also were having this same discussion about regulation changes on the horizon years ago that never panned out. Thanks!
  2. My airport does not have a hose for me to wash the plane. I'd imagine I am not the first person in this predicament. What is everyones go to for a safe waterless wash solution?
  3. Found the aux it was on the aft wall between the headset jacks sorta hard to see!
  4. Mine always rolls forward down to to the rudder pedals.
  5. Just suctions onto the window!
  6. For those of you like myself that hate trying to find a good place to lay your water bottle when flying I have come across these and tested it out the other day and feel it's a perfect for filling the lack of a cupholder in our plane. https://www.boatoutfitters.com/suction-cup-folding-cup-holder?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI95CK56zy5gIVUPDACh2GHA37EAQYBSABEgI1nPD_BwE#93=94
  7. I think I'm going to just try to suction the ipad to the Aera. I'd be willing to bet that glass is pretty strong.
  8. Man thats awesome! lll reach out to my local avionics shop for ideas. My only fear is in a few years when the ipad gets larger Ill be forced to recut again?
  9. So I've been contemplating removing and selling my Aera 796 and replacing it with my iPad Pro. Currently I run the iPad on a mount on the window however it blocks a good part of my view. I haven't updated the Aera since it came with the plane in 2012 and ultimately rarely ever even look at it when flying as opposed to my iPad. I contemplated just sticking the iPad mount suction cup onto to the Aera but don't want to chance cracking the screen and ultimately see no reason to not get rid of it at that point. Anyone have any ideas on how I can go about maybe mounting this in the center section between my two skyviews?
  10. I have the 10" Skyview with the Dynon 261 and 2020 Antenna but still cannot fly VOR/ILS am I missing something?
  11. Not to thread jack, but also wondered how I can equip the CT for IFR type training (not to be mistaken for planning to fly it in actual IFR) would just like to be able to log some IFR hours in my own plane as opposed to renting. Great post Frisco!
  12. Please post pics of setup as well! Thanks
  13. Is it really necessary or can I just live with them?
  14. So I really need to be looking for like a 100-125w heater which I would imagine wouldn't do much at all.
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