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  1. I dropped the plane off for an oil change and to get my spark plug and coil wires replaced due to corrosion. I'll try this as well as what Dynon recommended when I get the plane home.
  2. Dwight, I am a subscriber and saw all of those photos as well and yes that looks like the flight didn't miss a beat. I had some people on the Dynon forums reply saying that my transmissions are actually perfect in the air, what I am missing on is ground to air communications. They said if my XPNDR was in ALT mode vs GND that could make all the difference.
  3. Got my FAA report back and it doesn't appear to have passed... PAPR_20200212_A99322_420608321.pdf
  4. I went back this morning to the hangar pulled the plane out and started it up. I checked my GPS screen and had all green and I think 10 connection points on the GPS. I went into the ADS-B Status screen and this time instead of STATUS:NOT FOUND. I had STATUS: NO SIGNAL.I decided to take off and within 2 minutes I had an ADS-B out signal showing. On the ground I couldn't seem to get it (although I did see other aircraft on my ADS-B that were in the pattern above me). I'm thinking since I had the plane on for almost an hour with no power source during all my updates I may have lost enough power to power up the ADS-B device maybe? I did not check the ADS-B status page in the air but imagine it would have shown a signal....I checked my flight on Flight Aware (N716JC) and I can see the entire flight so does that mean that my ADS-B was indeed working?Thanks!
  5. So I had a message that the software version of one or more of my SV-GPS-2020 devices installed was out of date and was told to enter the GPS FIX STATUS menu and press load to begin the update process. I pulled the plane out of the hangar and ran and successfully completed the update. When done I noticed I had two errors pop up when I exited the setup menu. 1) Position Source 1 FAIL 2)No ADS-B OUT : GPS LOST I checked my ADS-B Status menu and it says DEVICE: SV-ADSB-472 STATUS: NOT FOUND Any ideas? I'm based out of a towered airport and was supposed to fly somewhere for maintenance tomorrow but I feel pretty confident I no longer have ADSB IN/OUT capabilities...
  6. Darrell, what mount is that your using to put the IPAD up at the ceiling level? Will it hold an iPad Pro 11"? Thanks!
  7. I just filled up my flight design airframe logbook and was wondering can I buy any new logbook or do they have to be flight design airframe logbooks? Fd USA wants 60$ which seems a lot for a logbook.
  8. Nice work, if you start selling them let me know! I just ordered an entire replacement sheet of all the stickers used in the plane from FDUsa but would rather go with these! Wheres the ram mount going?
  9. Tom silly question but a while back I tried to remove the left side and gave up because the perimeter screws seemed to just keep spinning but not backing out. Any experience with this or tricks to combat that? As always, thanks!
  10. Got a LEVEL 3 BUDS tool, does anyone know where the connection points are for it on a CT? I am guessing that they are unfortunately going to be behind the dynon screens?
  11. Whats required to change from certified to experimental?
  12. Eddie I circled which plug / boot I have issues w/ is this the one you spoke of?
  13. Not sure, I also normally do not get any rough engine running when doing my Lane Check.
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