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  1. Hello, I am trying to find the best place to put the gopro for recording flight training that captures the cockpit facing forward that you can see the individuals /takeoff landing. Thanks again
  2. Hello from Ontario canada. I am trying to find out where I can purchase brake pads for a 2005 CTsw, they are the silver marc ones. Thanks again
  3. So who between the two (flight design USA) or Gold Fren can deliver them to Ontario canada the quickest and cheapest. Thanks again
  4. Thanks again but do I order them from the United States chapter or European firm? I don’t know how to order them? any suggestions and I believe they are the silver ones.
  5. I’m a new ct owner of a 2005 CTsw and I’m trying to find brake pads for them. I’m in Canada but does anyone know where I can buy them? Does Aircraft spruce sell them ? Thanks again
  6. Hello, the dipstick to check the fuel on my 2005 CTsw has a left and right . Which one is the right and which one is the left ? Is the right tank looking at it from the front or from the cockpit. Sounds stupid I know but I’m confused! Thanks
  7. I also heard that if I apply the hand brake all the way and then put the parking brake on then that will keep the plane stopped, or do I need new brake pads . Thanks again
  8. Also my parking brake won’t keep the airplane stopped past about 3000 rpm. My airplane log book shows that the brake pads were never replaced , could this be the issue ? (2005 CTsw with 300 hours tt) thanks
  9. Hi there, just wondering if replacing the hand brake and main brake switch is expensive and time consuming. my 2005 CTsw hand brake and main on/off brake switch lately hasn’t been holding the aircraft past 3000 rpm on run ups and I’m concerned . Is it a big job as braking is important especially when I can’t even do a proper run up as I can’t hold the plane from moving forward . Thanks again
  10. Hello fliers out there, anyone have a great way to calculate W & B on my new CTsw? is there an easy app as there are few out there or even a document no issue what it is . Thanks and be safe !
  11. Hello, I’m looking at finding a flight school that teaches on the CTSW in the US especially in the northeast. Thanks
  12. Hello, looking for info from the experienced instructors and schools to get more info on the CT2K airplane. Is it a good training aircraft for an advanced ultralight flight school? Thanks in advance
  13. Hello, is is it difficult taking the wings and tail off a CT2K and shipping across the ocean from Europe? Has anyone done it, any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hello and thanks, how often does the prop need to be inspected and totally replaced on a 1999 CT2K aircraft? Trying to get confirmation from an owner that has his CT2K for sale. Thanks in advance
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