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  1. Don: Tried to download your stl file but am getting a Certificate of Trust flag and it doesn't give any option to get around it. Is it possible to upload it again or email it? Frank Fanelli
  2. Tom and Ed: Larger tank solutions like yours isn't an option for me. I drive a Jeep Patriot and it might be possible to put a hitch on it and tow a tank like Ed's. Will look into it. And you're right Tom. Found a lot of posts about the mogas fueling. So thanks to both of you for a quick reply. By the way the CT is N38BC. Frank
  3. Hi: New to the CT world. Purchased a used CTsw a few weeks ago that was flown with avgas. Would prefer to use autogas but none of the local airports sell it (northern Jersey). So I figure the only way to use it is to truck it in with 5-gallon cans. But climbing a ladder with 30 pounds of fuel each trip is way past my motivation and inclination. So does anyone know of a gas pump that could easily transfer the fuel from the containers to the tanks? Or am I stuck using avgas? If so, besides 25-hour oil changes anything else to look out for? Frank
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