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  1. Dear CT pilots, We are often asked for an Android version. Currently this is not yet planned. Since we are still developing too many features that make learning "memory items" even easier and more intuitive. If we offer an Android version, it should also be perfect. That's why we have to ask for some patience. We speak both with aircraft manufacturers, as well as with Apple to be able to offer practical solutions here in a timely manner. Some flying schools or clubs use an iPad mini for each aircraft - on which everything is loaded from the checklists, maps to the logbook. I would be very happy to learn which methods are missing in the app! What do you as an instructor explain to your students every day? Which mistakes are made again and again? Where does the knowledge have to get better? Together with "Flight Design" we would like to offer you an indispensable reference book! For quick communication or file sharing use: tj@easymemoryitem.com Thanks Tino Janke
  2. Dear CT pilots, "Flight Design" is the first manufacturer who use airliner processes in collaboration with www.easymemoryitem.com to achieve a new level of safety. We work together to make "Vision 2025" a reality. If you are interested in Checklists, Abnormals & Techniques, Memory Items and Limitations, please download the Easy Memory Item APP. https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/easymemoryitem/id1367457386?mt=8 We would like to invite you to improve Checklists and Techniques. To control limitations and to name everything missing. In the future the Easy Memory Item - APP should have a lot of ideas from "Flight Design" ready for you, which not only make flying safer, but also fun! We look forward to your feedback - the app is free for "Flight Design" pilots! Enjoy the flight safety Best Tino Janke tj@easymemoryitem.com
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