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  1. With all that is going on thought the world and our nation, this bring a great smile to my face and know there are still good people out there. Thanks to you both to allow us to enjoy this little piece of joy. Jeremy
  2. Thanks everyone for the feedback and I just finished watching the AOPA video regarding leases and putting a plane into an LLC. I understand that there would be level of tax regulations that come into play different than an average working person. I this a leaseback is similar to owning a rental unit, but the tax implications seem a bit different. I defiantly need to consult with an expert. The flight school has 2 other planes in leasebacks and might be looking at having a discussion with the other owners to see how their leaseback is set up along with taxes. Thanks again Jeremy
  3. I've thought about the differences between owning it myself or should I create an LLC and they own it. I will make sure I discuss it with a tax person specifically if there is some level of income. thanks Jeremy
  4. Andrew, that's the one, great instructor but unfortunately I couldn't fly in his Cub due to weight limitations. I think the CTLSi would fit my mission perfectly, but unfortunately don't have the means of owning one outright. This Pipistrel Alpha kind of fell into place as I was attending their free ground school and have been in contact with their chief instructor the past few weeks. I will have to make sure to evaluate the comfort level of the Alpha, but don't think this is going to be my forever plane as I'd love to build an RV-12 at some point. first things first and I have to get my Sport Pilot certificate. Ultimately, I'd like to become a CFI-S at some point and could use the Alpha for instruction if things fall through with the leaseback to the school. thanks for your feedback about the plane. Jeremy
  5. Posted on https://sportpilottalk.com/ also. I am looking to start flight training at a school which will be getting a Pipistrel Alpha Trainer soon. I have only flown an hour in a Kappa last year so don't have much to reference against. Looking for anyone that has any experience in one. The one the school will be getting is for sale and they would entertain a leaseback to the school with the new owner (maybe me). Secondly, does anyone have any recent experience with leasebacks. In my state, CT, this would the only LSA available for rent also which could open up some Private Pilots looking to fly without having to renew their medical. Here is an example that I have seen regarding leasebacks: - leaseback at a dry rate of $100\hr - split 80\20 (80 to owner and 20 to school) - Owner carries insurance and costs all maintenance costs example - plane is rented (school or other) for 30 hours in a month. Owner would receive $2400 (30hrs * $80\hr) and out of that amount would be loan payment, insurance (monthly amount), hanger rental (if required), and any maintenance items (25 or 50hr oil change, 100hr condition inspection). Are there any other costs that I would be missing (I know about saving for engine overhaul or replacement)? Advantage is that I would conduct all my own training in my plane and would only have a cost of fuel and instructor. Is this something realistically that could assist in paying for my training and maybe break even? I am not looking for this to be an income to the family, but as an opportunity to enjoy flying with the plane and be able to offset some of the costs of ownership? Lately, if people have experience with this plane, what are some of the average costs regarding maintenance? thanks for any feedback that you could provide either on the plane or the leaseback. Jeremy
  6. awesome picture, wife and I drove past that airport a few weeks ago but I prefer this view better. I love going up with friends that are still flying during all this mess. the view from 1500-2000' is much better than on the ground any day. There is some bad history with a Kappa and that airport, which is what halted my training.
  7. Here is a video of the Insta 360 OneX: My son is getting one for this snowboarding.
  8. the winglets (I think that is what they are called) almost look like the ones on the Pipistrel Virus SW. sorry, looked agin and it appears that the Pipistrel winglets curve downward.
  9. awesome, thanks for the update.
  10. Is there a place that would make it easily mounted in the cabin or do they clip to a jacket or your clothes? Would love to see the final location and operations. Thanks
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