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  1. Can imagine what you describe but have never noticed these for sale I can recall. How about click bond products Click Bond Floating Nutplate Kit | Aircraft Spruce Pricy and would be located under the thickness of the material, maybe not ideal but a floating nutplate to composite application
  2. Intellicast showing 52% chance of rain Sat, Windy.com looking like this on Sat. Could be a fine day, or could be stuck until late afternoon Sunday. Not wanting to leave anyone hanging on decision at last minute, let's punt this until end of next week. I'm good for 8th or 9th, let's pick this up after the holiday.
  3. I'm keeping a close eye on a system forecasted to pass through, let's try to make the call end of day tomorrow. What's others thinking at this point? I'd prefer to have a solid window of no precip.
  4. Yeah... as soon as I posted weather looks good there is system moving through. We'll watch as we are a few days out, and the 9th is now good for me too - opened back up.
  5. Thanks Roger, certainly not a fun task installing, but rewarding in the end.
  6. Update on the header wrap, several flights now into the hot summer weather, I was not struggling with high temps but would see them entering into the yellow on the long climb outs. Besides the lower oil & CHT temps, it's nice to pull the cowl and find the springs staying nice and clean too. I'm sure some of the exhaust leakage was corrected by cleaning and servicing the joints, but the extra benefit on wrap is bonus too.
  7. Weather looking good heading into the next stretch, I'm presently thinking arriving Fri late afternoon, dinner & hotel local, and then hang out Saturday with an afternoon departure back. But staying flexible, just sharing present thoughts.
  8. July 2 is firming up as the date - will keep the exact plans a bit fluid until we're closer and weather factored in.
  9. Interesting story on one of these birds, and very likely this one as the fella is from IL. Three years ago I sold a Rans S12 project as flip / part out side hustle, was across border in Canada and a USD smoking deal, but that's a tangent. The birdcage frame and last of the oddball parts went to a guy in IL, he was busy and after a few weeks he arranged a friend to come pick it up. This friend bought a Topaz that had a minor landing accident / gear breakage (I know, surprising to happen in a LSA...) He bought this plane from the insurance company, it was very new and very low hours, and for $20k. Imported the new gear leg and did minor repair to airframe, and was really enjoying it.
  10. Assuming you have the original (gold) wheels, these are from Marc Ingenuity - (marc-ingegno.it) I didn't dig too deep into this website but will point you this direction. I have a spare set I acquired but not exactly looking to part with them, if you're in a major bind I'd consider helping out. I think if I was facing a replacement I'd upgrade to Matco brand and scrap the Marc.
  11. The 9th is not carved in stone, there's not been a lot of input regarding date. If 2nd is not an issue we can move a week earlier. I'm planning vacation that whole stretch and completely flexible. Although it does sound like we're settling on Tom's home base.
  12. Latest revisions are nice, only downside appears I'll never attain that master star fighter level:
  13. I sometimes wonder if going the route of 80HP UL would be an option for me down the road, I see some of these engines low time and fraction of the price of the ULS / injected engines. The performance would drop but I fly solo and from low elevations, it's already a rocket ship. Buying lower octane fuel might afford some flexibility, such as the 89 rec fuel or just the cheaper auto grades. Couple this with an Eprop and maybe the end result is still a decent package.
  14. I'd sell the bird and buy a newer one, not that it can't be done but looks like a major hassle. I'm looking to upgrade to a low time Super Sport a few years old in a few more years, limited supply but I can hope. Might do a LS, but Super is the wish list. I have to admit the LS I flew back from CT a couple months ago was darn comfy having that shelf space, but I'm still in the SW camp.
  15. Appears we have interest, and Tom's airport makes sense - I like having 91 rec fuel available too. Let's tentatively peg date around Sat July 9th (maybe slide to Friday or Sunday depending on weather window).
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