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  1. I have zero concern about contracting it, young (ish) and super healthy, heck - I probably already have it, been out of country and in several states recently, work in sales and shake A LOT of hands... The situation is on verge of going exponential cases this week simply because people are passing it around, and I'm following the stay at home order to the best I can. Watch NY city over the next two weeks, then we'll see what is coming for the rest of country, at least other major metro areas. If I'm wrong, I'll consider it doing my part to help, no loss. If I'm right, I'll have a 2018 CTLS upgrade in the hanger a lot sooner than I was planning.
  2. This will be a very critical week in the US, watching the data closely, and not liking the curve. Fortunately my industry and employer supplies to medical field and we're classified an essential business. I have seen the auto supply chain come to a quick halt this week, my auto industry pals are reporting large lay off's today - not good. Another interesting bit of news, I sold a pile of rapid tooling mold base inserts to several automotive shops today, they are selected to build injection molds with 1 week lead times for General Motors in support of the respirator project to build capacity on this upcoming urgent need. 1 week lead times are unheard of for steel injection mold builds, that is usually just the design time, forget manufacturing. One shop bought 40. I'm an eternal optimist on most all things in life, and will weather this storm, but buckled up hard around home and financially as I'm seeing things becoming far worse before improving - I hope I'm wrong. A couple weeks ago I filled several gas cans to keep ready in hanger, I'm self quarantining just fine in the CT, flew yesterday in a CAVU beauty of a day. Plan to stay away from gas pumps until Michigan lifts the stay at home situation, that is at least three weeks from today.
  3. Slow day of posts... Here's something to get the party started. Me and county airport pal's flew to center of Michigan (Clare 48D airport) for lunch on Saturday, was 86nm hop from Y83 Sandusky where many of my friends hanger their birds. On the flight back we left in this sequence: First off Citabria 7ECA, then 172, Cherokee 160, and myself. The first three departures were fairly close, about a minute or so apart. I had to hang back a couple more to allow oil temp to reach min, then launched. Took about 10 minutes before I had visual on the 172 and Citabria, went by them in no time. Citabria was showing 85k ground speed on ATS-B track, compared to my 111k, slight head wind component. Took a while longer to pass the Cherokee but still had him well before the halfway mark, he mentioned it was throttled back some but would not hang with me even full power. When I landed the Cherokee was entering pattern, I think he tried to reel me in and could not do it. The 172 and Citabria were 10-15 minutes later. I was in the ~5100+ RPM range, not pushing it to max cruise. Flying these CT's is such a treat.
  4. Nice set up Madhatter. Flew 1.3 hours today and love the glass, far better than I thought it would be. Could see clearly even with my polarized sunglasses, synthetic vision is interesting to have the runways shown on screen just as they appear out the window. Need to configure the GPS side for what I want shown, and learn the menu selections & personalize the controls, but relived no technical glitches to debug. Now to study the user manual and tap into the rest of what this unit offers.
  5. New panel is in, will launch in the morning for first flight. Wiring / plumbing and most of the hard work is complete, will paint and laser etch some markings to finish it up when weather is better. The open slot on left is USB data in for EFIS updates, currently have some serial wires hanging out for ADS-B data in from the Stratux, awaiting some connectors and bits for that part of project and don't want to pull panel when ready to test that out.
  6. Plus and minus points with opinions here as well, won't argue for or against tundra but will share my observations for what value it has to discussion. My strip is on clay ground, the type that when wet is as soft as pudding, and fully dry cracks with wide gaps like a dry lake bed, becoming hard like rock. It holds water well for turf staying green year round, the grass roots are what hold it together from being a crazy mess when soft. So that's the picture here, my feet sink in this time of year walking around, soft stuff when wet and not frozen during spring. My old C-150 had the equivalent to CT tundra size tires, and it would take nearly 80-90% power just to taxi making some decent ruts behind in these soft seasons, in these conditions I'd only fly solo and developed a technique to pop it off having a Robertson STOL kit as well. With a mild winter I've had a few days where I've been out in this very soft field situation with the new CT, and mine is small tire. The lighter weight of the CT is a big plus for either tire set up. I thought I'd have to ditch the small tires at least on mains, and would be in bad shape on this soft ground. In reality it has worked fine, I'd have to pull the C150 with tow bar and ATV out to the runway, the CT is able to be hand pulled in what would have my Cessna stuck. Most of my take off and landings on grass won't lead to tire wear issues. I'll probably stick with the small tires, but do plan to pick up larger set if I ever score the tundra wheel pants, would not want to run tires without pants as dirt would fly up on plane. On that topic I know a lot of pilots would harsh on me for keeping pants on year round. I monitor what collects in pants and clean them out, in 20 years I've not seen anything even close to a concern. Tire size is not as big of factor in soft field operations as I thought it would be.
  7. Glad to see this settling in a good outcome, and simplicity compared to the more aggressive original ideas. One suggestion, (and note I've not checked into the type of rubber used here, or know what sheet you'll fabricate the new discs from). I'd recommend placing a larger diameter washer under the head of the bolt as well as between the last disc and mount location. The thinner section of disc may want to compress easier than the wider side, additionally the open / exposed area of disc that is not as supported in this offset situation may slowly "cold flow" over time and loose compression. A larger washer covering the entire surface would help maintain uniform clamp load. Probably a minor point.
  8. Sort of related to this topic, anyone replacing their Neuform - I may be interested in buying a blade (or two). One of mine has some cosmetic issues, nothing serious but would consider picking up a spare as they come available.
  9. These remain on my longer term wish list, but lately have been thinking of dedicated skies and swap the wheels out when time comes. Have you noticed any noteworthy flying characteristics or issues having these installed? I'm wondering if the nose ski tracks straight in flight or does it require a lot of rudder peddle correction? Nice looking airplane, appears to be a CT2K? Welcome to the forum, how long have you owned it?
  10. As I've looked at the clearance to the lower panel mounting screw I'm finding that being a packaging space issue as those have shared here, considered trimming the carbon near the fastener then thought better not. I think I'll leave the VSI out of mix, that is not as critical from a back up standpoint, and then will have some space left for possible needs down the road. I did locate all the particulars around pitot / static tubing, with info in the parts and assembly manual. For those newer members that are not aware, component parts are detailed in exploded views, a fantastic resource: http://flightdesignusa.com/support/resources/
  11. Exactly - redundancy is primary reason, having room remaining in panel, and already owning them, as well as I still like steam gages. I was lacking attitude indicator with very basic original panel, considered Garmin G5, the new uAvionix and Garmin "single" type instruments, and others. The GRT Sport EFIS is significantly larger with many other features, in a fairly low price point (starts at $1.5k, I went with $2k middle of the road having synthetic vision), even has free database updates. Their office is a few hours from my home so if I have issues down the road I can get service on the spot.
  12. The approach to landing phase has a lot occurring dynamics wise, power being reduced (P factor / spiral slipstream on tail), airspeed steadily reducing (less effective vertical stab), flaps being applied, heck - maybe even some of that wheel pant influence in the prop blast being reduced, etc. I noticed in my earlier days the ball really moving a lot until learning the feel of things, and I also found applying steady pressure would lead to an overshoot of the ball back the other direction when the input was finally strong enough to get the ball moving. If I find the ball slipping heavier I've been giving more a quick tap on the peddle to nudge the ball to center, seams to work and keeps from chasing it back and forth. Try faster & harder input, instead of slower steady pressure.
  13. Another thought here, I experienced for the first time why others have shared to pull up the flaps immediately at touch down. On my second airport landing wind was blowing hard and with 15 degrees all was normal touch down, then could feel gear/plane start to fly tip toe style right on the runway, hit 0 degrees and reeled it back in as fast as I could with brakes as well. Will make a note of that going forward.
  14. Was out this weekend, beautiful winter conditions for Feb (mild temps and lots of sun) except for windy - blowing steady teens and gusting into low 20's. Realized that at about 40 odd hours of CT time that is my new wind limit. Flew triangle shaped cross country hitting three airports, no more than 45 degree cross winds, and feeling like it is normal jump in and go without any stress as I left off in my old Cessna. I share this as I know many people have posted questions on how these CT's perform in wind, learning to land it well, and general comfort when it starts blowing. I think this machine is a sweet ride, even when the conditions are not ideal. I cannot praise these CT's enough, I'm having a blast in it. Especially when bucking a 40k headwind, that would be very painful in my old 90k Cessna.
  15. I'm considering it, but will be a last minute call depending on weather along the route and work situation. 914N miles for me, would probably spend night in Georgia then launch early starting fresh for mid morning arrival into LAL. Keeping that week sort of open, no dates set yet, but aiming for the start of show. I was planning it with a friend but he just backed out.
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