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  1. In talking with my insurance broker the very first comment she shared around SW's was check damage history, with her seeing a high number of claims & history on the gear legs. Now in fairness, she insured at least one college flight school, private owners are probably a different story. I also recall someone here (Al Downs?) who does rental talking about having a trash can collection of multiple legs. When I was shopping probably 50% of the birds I looked at had nose gear replaced too, that seemed equally common. Granted, I was looking at the lower price point older SW's, which is probably part of the correlation. Those are the data points I'm basing the comments around.
  2. Or just do some hard landings on the other side that sits high, I think that is why the Dynon has that nice long horizon line - it's like a built in level! Seriously now, if you're shopping on a budget don't rule out the bird - just don't be surprised by unknowns. These are pretty simple machines structure wise, price in the required fixes and a gear leg is not a big deal - many of the SW's have had a new one (or five) installed.
  3. We're still a week out but looking like trip might push to later in week, still trying to get in on Tue or Wed - hope this blows through quicker...
  4. Yeah - having a southern arrival and being separated out of the main LAL approach would certainly take some pressure off. I'm encouraged with how the weather forecast is trending on my route and at the event, looking like good odd's I'll make it.
  5. Planning Lakeland LAL to general aviation camping area.
  6. Lastly - depending on what version legacy product you're upgrading the power input may be at the new location. I bought two older systems, the Digiflight was old location, the Digiflight II VS was newer power pin. I learned this as I used the older wire harness on a newer head.
  7. Microsoft Word - PZ24006014_00.doc (flightdesign.com)
  8. And be sure to swap the pin as it's the 12+ feed wire, I've heard it will toast the new unit if not switched, regardless it won't work until power input moves location. This will require the appropriate terminal removal tool to remove from connector body, available for a a few bucks on eBay.
  9. The Correct Source for TruTrak Support - Autopilot/Traffic Watch - CT Flier Forum This link contains the contact info for doing the upgrade / replacement.
  10. I went to Zone for one day of rental as part of transition training prior to buying my '06 SW, seemed like a decent outfit but I only met one instructor as the Cleveland airshow had the main group over in the city preparing for event. The LS they rent might fly a little bit different than an SW, heavier control feel, etc. There are few CT instructors around the country, you're lucky to be near them.
  11. Don't know a thing about it, but have seen this advertised a long time (year plus), in fact this is the one I thought CTDan was buying last year - he found another similar low time SW in the northeast. You can search his account on that story, it required some service bulletin catch up / lack of maintenance type stuff, and I believe he has a decent final outcome but the money outlay became more than anticipated - so make sure you confirm all the things that are in SB's and such. There are lists available on Flight Design websites: SERVICE DOCUMENTS - FLIGHT DESIGN FORMS-MANUALS « flightdesignusa A quick way to discern shape of plane is to understand who has been doing the maintenance, a shop that does mainly GA aircraft can point to things being behind & overlooked, whereas a shop that knows Rotax and FD (say FD USA was doing the maintenance) is a much better situation. And the low hours of that plane might mean owner has not been flying it, so spending money on maintenance is not a priority either. Main questions I'd start with are: How long has airplane been tied down outside, decals on one side look pretty crispy, that is a bad sign for things. Not just the appearance, but corrosion everywhere within airplane and deteriorated foam core on the composite structure. These airplanes often have electrical issues with connections and stuff, this might take things up a notch. What are the times on major items (Rubber change, Chute repack, Rocket replacement). How's autopilot function, any EFIS issues (legacy Dynon have frequent display and operating issues), plan on these being pain points. If major items are due soon, the price is way off. That price is about market for that plane if everything is tip top. Consider this one, I've seen it and a lovely airplane, 20k more but no gremlins to sort out BARNSTORMERS.COM Find Aircraft & Aircraft Parts - Airplane Sale, Jets, Helicopters, Experimental, Warbirds & Homebuilt Or understand what is needed in a very thorough pre-buy, say by FD USA, and bake that in the offer.
  12. Here it is, and still planning to make it this year. Midwest LSA Expo | Our SECOND DECADE of Aviation Fun
  13. Getting closer - have the week off and will start to pick the dates as weather forecast firms up. Presently thinking of shooting down Monday 12th to near area and hoteling it that night, then arrive day 1 on Tue 13th, camping a night or two. If weather is crappy I'll push later in the week accordingly.
  14. Yeah, it is April 1 today you know...
  15. After a long time of researching / flying / considering what new headset to buy, I popped on DC One-X. Arrived today and went on a short hop, I'm giving these the 100% worth every penny endorsement. Quality, Comfort, ANR is amazing, love the sound quality of intercom and music input. Completely happy with them.
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