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  1. Following is a preview of what I'm doing for panel update. Keeping the existing analog instruments, and add EFIS. GRT Sport 7" fits in with little to spare, I've drawn up in CAD and doing more precise layout than this view, this just shows a more pictorial representation of the selection. A few other small items will be to left of display, USB port for database updates, maybe a USB power tap for feeding iPad / gear. Any suggestions on this topic of other odds & ends you'd suggest? Lastly, this EFIS can drive TruTrak servos, so I'm in the market if anyone has a roll servo for sale.
  2. Something to consider is buying one that already has a bit of "out in elements" to it, that way it's already reflected in the price & history. I see a recent ad here of a CTSW for sale that is LOADED with avionics, and see the graphics on wing are showing cracking from weathering, probably why the price point is where it is already... https://www.barnstormers.com/ad_detail.php?id=1549751&catid=20293 Then when you score the hanger take the opportunity to touch up paint, graphics, etc - all to your taste.
  3. I considered this, but the gap in graphics sort of has me committed to existing size & location. Another factor is I overfly Canada fairly often, and should I ever have to land there (unplanned emergency situation) a requirement is larger size N numbers, although this would be the least of my concerns not being in the formal CANPASS system. I carry my Nexus card which doubles as passport, and demonstrates I'm a vetted traveler of Canada, but imagine there would still be a whole lot of explaining to do.
  4. Thanks for the words of caution, I'm in tune with this, and I've yet to see anything larger than 9" on a CT, except for the oversea birds with large ID under wings. My take is the size of fuselage is limiter, and as the first paragraph states exception in (f), I'm interpreting this as why 9" is standard on aircraft as supplied by FD dealers. 12" would wrap so far around it would barely be legible.
  5. Will do when complete, awaiting the FAA form and if that is anything like a new registration it may be a month, or more.
  6. A while back I reserved a more meaningful N number for my CT, although I have already grown fond of "5 Charlie Tango" as a concise and clear radio call, I'm going to brand it my own going with N520DW - my birthdate and initials, mailed the start of documentation to FAA today. Found a very nice site for ordering vinyl online, was able to slant text and customize the size, among all kind of other options I did not select, here's what's coming: Website is: https://doityourselflettering.com Stuck with black with silver shadow, considered putting some red in as boarder but odd's are that won't match the red on my graphics, so sticking with safer color choices.
  7. Nice video, yeah - that's midwest winter aviating, can change quick. I enjoyed the music too, must won't according to the comments on my video with some rock mixed in, but hey - we're of that generation. Function is controlled by the detail shown here:
  8. Preparing shopping list for the panel project, will need a Tee into existing Pitot and Static lines. I'm seeing these are 6mm not 1/4", and have located some options on the fittings. Not sure what tubing to purchase, thinking Nylon? Appreciate some input on what type and possible sources.
  9. Greetings James, and welcome. As you share, this forum has tremendous support and lessons learned by those before us, so searching here usually reveals a pile of info on the ownership front. And I think owning going into this is a good move, once you're flying solo it sure is nice to fly some touch n go's whenever you want. I jumped into ownership (Cessna) with zero time as well, and the CT is fine choice. On that note, my first advise is don't overlook the simple things. For example, tire pressure - nobody will be keeping an eye on that for you in between the annual inspections, and tires have tendency to steadily loose pressure. Being a student pilot will invariably have a few rougher landings, couple them with low tire pressure and that can be the first link in a very bad chain of events. Keep us posted on your milestones along the way. You'll find some of the best people hang around airports & aviation, and this forum too!
  10. Looked at some of your other flights going into that area, might be poor signal region for low altitudes? When I did my recent flight ADS-B check I flew it at ~ 5k for :30 minutes, and ensured I was in an area with decent coverage. I've heard to come to a complete full stop on the runway to end the flight as well.
  11. If this helps, here is link to that flight, non-flight plan filed flights are only available to subscribers so here's some pic's too. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N716JC https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N716JC/history/20200212/1722Z/KCGF/KLNN/tracklog Looks like steady signal up to end of flight?
  12. I've done a couple at 30 degrees, and with my light loading it was an elevator ride, even with 15 I'm amazed on every takeoff how well this bird gets up. The cool dense air this time of year also adds a lot to the mix. When I bought the plane Tom Jr at Airtime was sharing he had used 40 degrees, gone full power then dumped the parking break and it did very short rolls - I've yet to attempt 40 degrees.
  13. Punch hard right rudder in a crazy side skid - no, ok seriously now, it's a mini that is 6" wide in the armor case, it's not much of an issue for me. Especially coming out of my old C-150 comparatively. A bit of head movement to right or left can see around it. With that said, I certainly would not want anything larger here in this placement.
  14. I'm travelling so don't have the exact part numbers, but can say it is for smaller tablets - but go to Ram site and they have sortable fields and you'll find plenty of options. Yes, these are robust and will hold larger tablets, go with the "B" series sizing, which is 1" ball diameter.
  15. Vigo L7, they are about $200, it's a 20W laser with X & Y axis driven head. USB connect to a PC, comes with software that is fairly straightforward but very poor instructions being a Chinese unit, sort of a software install project / debug game to get it running but not terrible if you have slightly above average PC skills. Below is a pick of both the unit and the software. Being each material is different, dialing in the optimum settings is usually a few minutes of setting experimenting. I started with a 3W ~$100 hobby unit, proved out that would remove paint off aluminum, and then recently bought this L7 which is closer to an industrial quality machine, and the software is very slick regarding it plots location prior to burning with a weak laser to preview project, multiple centering and location options, and plenty of power for anything I'm playing with. Artwork can be made in simple programs, (.bmp / .jpg / etc) or more advanced gcode and cad, and then brought into the software and scaled to size, or up / down. I've been drawing in more precise software to scale, then snap an image as .jpg, then resize the image in the software. It works very slick.
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