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  1. It's stories like this, all through aviation, that remind us why this pursuit is unlike any other group / interest that people do.
  2. And the rest of story, here is pic of when pot released off back of panel and washer lifted up: And here is a view of washer (with stop tab / tang) and the face of pot with multiple locations to install that tab. Have not proceeded into what tab slot combo is needed, likely each location is one more detent stop forward and this needs to be reinstalled to all the way over to "flap up / manual" final detent stop. Unsure if someone changed this to limit -40 setting as max prior to my ownership, or if the factory build it as such - but nice to know I'm rocking the manual flaps!
  3. I'm on to something here - I just removed panel section, removed flap lever and pot nut, rotated around to detents and it remained to stop at -40. I thought I must have been confused before, but I also then pushed the pot / board looser to panel and noticed a washer float up off top of pot - and then it rotates around into the manual mode region! I'll grab phone and remove the rest of assembly off panel to determine the mechanics in this. More to come.
  4. Here's a tale and a question around flaps / manual operation. First - I've been searching past posts on this topic, and see my SW should be in the window of time with "180 from 15 degrees" manual feature as July 14, 2006 build date. The factory manual with my serial # on it includes reference to this feature, I reviewed to see if I was missing something, and what I gather is it simple rotates around continuing beyond the -40 detent, correct? I ask this because as other threads indicate, there is a stop for switch at +6 & -40, and I pushed pretty hard to confirm both ways. So, here's the strange thing - I swear when I had the switch removed from panel (entire unit detached, pot nut, lever, 2x screws above the LED, etc) for the new panel updates I've been sharing, I turned the pot and was surprised it went almost all the way around into that manual region 180 over from 15. I distinctly recall thinking - I wonder why I never noticed that much travel before. Now, maybe I was confused with the flap lever being off pot and apart, but I generally have a pretty good sense of expecting 5 notches and seemingly being a lot more, like double. So, before I open all this back up - thought I'd ask the question. Perhaps I influenced something with my new panel, unlikely, I examined closely the size of hole for pot as well as the tiny hole for keying post that engages backside panel for anti-rotation forces. I also just went and pushed on that small keying post to confirm it is not a release or stop / catch, not that either. I think this is a mystery worth opening back up, but also wanted to toss up here.
  5. I'll admit I was skeptical about what this might show, but after viewing it I think you might be on to something. I just did N # swap on my CT, and it was a major hassle for the same items mentioned here, old decals baked on and no integrity to peel off. I used a hair dryer very cautiously (heat guns are too powerful), too little heat and decals don't release, too much and they disintegrate and a concern on elevated temps in the composite resins. This guy mentioned this (comment was around clear coat on paint) and stated he set to 100 degrees steam temp. I like that little plastic scrapper also - finger nails get sore real quick. Then when the decals are off the adhesive residue is the next battle. That dissolver was slick, would be good to investigate what pH it is, but if only on a couple minutes and cleaned off / neutralized - I'd be using it. I went with Goof Off and had to use a lot to get things cleaned up. Then the last step - I was changing N # ID so the new decals would not cover all the old witness of nice factory finish with the older exposed surfaces looking like crap. Used some McGuire's scratch remover and a wool pad to wheel it all out - that was rewarding to bring out a nice shine and final clean up. No matter what the process is, it takes time and effort, but the reward is well worth it!
  6. On my mind, MI is quickly opening back up, this fly in is a sign of that, and restaurants open tomorrow state wide. Will keep an eye on the 10 day forecast and look to schedule this within the next month.
  7. Breakfast fly in in southern MI this Sunday, Coldwater OEB airport. Weather looks great, afternoon winds picking up a tick but long after we'll be out of there. How many are in? I'll be there.
  8. Jeremy - Don't know to much on this topic, but you'll find people who do this don't set it up under their own name, it involves forming a LLC. That leads to questions on what is tax rate on the income, and depreciation of the plane (buying a factory new one v/s a used plane may differ here, tax reg's change often). When you factor that in, and give up 20% off the top, I'd be confirming the expected revenue is way positive compared to the certain risks. (LSA's are more delicate in terms of rental abuse) I'd research those who do aviation LLC's, insurance carriers who have data willing to share some of that side, and visit with your favorite tax fella.
  9. Sold - I'll PM you in a bit, working outside until dark. Thanks, Darrell
  10. Have the new numbers on plane, FAA contact met me closer to home as their office remains closed for appointments, super nice guy and easy process.
  11. When I had passenger and full fuel nearing gross I noticed squeaking noise that appeared to come from landing gear leg attachment / behind seats. I'm in SW which is completely different than LS gear. Since I rolled my turf runway a lot this spring, much smoother now, I don't notice it anymore.
  12. Looks like the site is back up! Was wondering if I broke the internet or something...
  13. That is exactly what I thought, trace everything, and I'd also recommend taking a peek at pitot / static lines as I recently discovered one static line running to the mode C box having a rub & wear spot touching something at one time in it's past. It was almost to point of being a hole. My landing light wires are not factory, and I've not been happy with how someone ran them, more esthetic than concern but will take closer eye there. Good info Mike. When I did my panel project I was methodical to run new wires within existing bundles and such, and for the new wires to EFIS on pilot side I encased everything spiral wrap. The lower center panel was possible to have the wires not repackage in manner that did not "loop" correctly, with them being sort of bunched and close to touching the fuel shut off lever and rod, keep an eye on that area also.
  14. Update on this class, Rainbow confirmed it is still on, and the site shows 3 seats remaining.
  15. Correct. MSL around these parts is ~800 ft, fog coming off Lake Huron was about 200 ft layer at 500 AGL. I intended to shoot some landings at KBAX about 20 miles ahead of where that picture was taken in the thumb of Michigan, but layer was too thick and in an area with hundreds of wind turbines, airport was LIFR so headed inland to VFR options before returning back home on a 1 hour hop.
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