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  1. Appreciate the update - I keep kicking this around as things to get to.
  2. I'm a big fan of E-LSA, if you desire to do this know that it needs to occur with 30 days of the condition inspection, or you will need to complete a fresh inspection. If you're serious about it, might be able to integrate this at the time of sale right out of the gate.
  3. Glanced at the comments, someone referenced rescue cut things to assist removing the passengers, still - that looks like a rather hard lick to break the fuse at the rear bulkhead. Hope all recover well.
  4. I have a foil dryer vent tube, and noticed it's about the same diameter as the muffler opening. Was thinking I could loop a short run from that back to the inlet side of the heater to make it a closed loop and recirculate the air flow. But, seeing how it worked so well, I don't think I'll mess with it any further. I did pick up a very small room heater, like a third the size as this one, to toss in the cabin and preheat it, but have yet to use that.
  5. I've been using a small room heater for preheating, and was previously aiming it into the lower cowling opening from behind the nose gear. Bent some aluminum to match the shape of radiator, and now blowing in from the front. Used it for the first time today, much better performance, was 10F this morning and ran it a couple hours, good temp rise, quick start, and quick to hit 120F on the oil after start up.
  6. A strip of aluminum HVAC tape, across the top of rad, will work great down to about 25F, below there you can add a bit more beyond this. The oil cooler is on center behind the radiator, so placing a bit more just on center can affect the oil more. Typically I place this strip on in late fall, and it's all I need here in Michigan until spring. If you search some key words you'll find this is what most have learned to use in winter. It's very simple and works well.
  7. $15k on $210 hull is at least double of what a hull value multiplier should work out, that's strange.
  8. Here's another option for both classes, Rainbow Aviation – The Light Sport Professionals Not sure if you're seeking the 2-day or 3 week class. If two days, and there are enough people in CA to fill a class (~15), they may add CA location. I arranged to have them come to MI for a class in 2020. All it takes is an EAA chapter who can host the class, typically in a hanger at an airport, and an opening with instructor. I believe they moved out of CA just a couple years back. Second, curious what is the fine or penalty CA imposes on the residents for this. Michigan governor made a lot of headlines on executive orders, fortunately we reeled her in removing that power, and things have been what I'd say is normal life the past 6+ months.
  9. Is this on an SW or LS? If SW, remove the instrument panel and look on the firewall where the primary fuel line passes from the Tee on engine side, to a single line looping down to the fuel shut off valve, then it returns back through the firewall to engine side. The Tee fitting passes a port through the firewall, this is a typical area of leaks, I had it this summer but just to the point of smelling the fumes and fire sleeve getting a bit wet. It's a pain to access. I bought new proper fuel tubing, and the good clamps. Some use wire tires (band it?) and I'm not a fan of that. I bought extra clamps if you need one or two I can help.
  10. Nothing on my '06 SW, it was basic analog from factory.
  11. This past fall when I ordered materials from LEAF, I added 3 filters, extra oil, and the couple sizes of crush washers to have stock on hand. I don't think these will be a big problem, but when you need them it sucks to find things out of stock.
  12. 6M 20 Feet Long OD 6mm ID 4mm Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE Tubing Tube Pipe Hose | eBay This is just like the factory spec lines
  13. And if you want to adapt to 1/4" line on the panel side, or you're looking for other connection options, I bought some 7/32" ID rubber tubing at auto parts store, this will slip over 6mm and be tight to itself to join tubes together. This makes for a decent connection between the panel hard plumbing and the airframe lines as well.
  14. Yeah, it's 6mm OD PTFE (Teflon) tubing. I bought some off eBay. For fittings I've been using brass poly-flo from Spruce, they come in a couple different types, the 1/4" OD work. Can get exact part numbers if you want more detail on the fittings. Suggest you leave enough to loop a spiral back to the airframe side of pitot and static feeds, so panel is a bit more free when removing it for work later. Lastly I used poly pro cable wire spiral wrap to join the pitot and static feeds up to the panel to tidy it up, and provide some abrasion resistance if the lines are rubbing on the rough surfaces of mushroom, etc.
  15. I ran stratux for the past two years, the wifi out works fantastic, serial out is a major pain. Besides finding USB devices that are compatible the software add on for serial out seems flakey too, and the latest software that is supposed to allow serial out didn't work for my set up. I recently bought GRT Discovery, this was not available when I bought GRT EFIS, is new product. Discovery Dual Band ADS-B Receiver – grtavionics.com I'll tote the stratux on cross country as a back up feed to iPad
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