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  1. 9 gallons of 90 with 1 gallon of 100 would equate to 91. There is a difference in formula for scaling octane in 100LL vs auto fuel, but we won’t split hairs that fine.
  2. Agree on the ethanol topic until winter season comes and airplane may sit for longer periods. 34 gallons is a lot of fuel, and I like to keep tanks towards the fuller side. I'll run rec fuel and a bit of 100LL in the winter simply for the stability. This summer has been 93 plain all the way.
  3. Certainly a handy site, note the info is not always accurate - if not posted "rec fuel" and obvious at the pump then test it. I've been finding the 93 premium by me is only a percent or so ethanol. May be pure and simply the lower grade in the hose from prior sale is mixing in.
  4. If you're looking for stations to fill up the jugs: https://www.pure-gas.org/index.jsp?stateprov=OR
  5. Exactly my thoughts, especially when solo / lighter on fuel. Once I developed slower approaches and worked towards shorter runways and landing roll outs, everything improved. Seems the flair spends the energy better and plane settles. And don't discount gusty conditions, if it's calm or steady winds I usually have amazing landings, if wind is variable and any gusting - we'll you take what you get.
  6. CTSW - yes on all. Power off solo and rather light, the plane will do mild porpoise stall / recover / back to stall. Now, one could probably whip stall and tail slide if you got really aggressive on the entry, but steady smooth back pressure bleeding off airspeed leads to mild events. Go up to altitude and have at it, nothing crazy in these birds. Power on, stay coordinated and equally mild. These planes like to fly.
  7. I won't theorize on the differences between Bernuillian lift and Newtonian lift (or in this case down force) around rearward wind over an airfoil. If it's so windy that flap setting is a factor I'll go back to my initial point - which is proper control surface directions are more important. When it gets to be 30 plus winds you're not really taxing a LSA anymore, you fly the plane right into the hanger...
  8. The idea here is having the flaps up don't generate as much lift potential and keep you planted more firmly, this is relative to facing into the wind. One could argue some + flaps is better for wind from the rear. The comments you may have seen here on forum could also be skewed more towards the roll out phase of landing, where pilots often want to retract flaps to get the plane to settle down and allow more braking, which is different than taxiing in gusty conditions when relative wind may becoming from rear. The more important thing to keep in mind is the stabilator positioning, especially if taxing with wind from tail - keep it "dive / stick forward" so a gust of wind is less likely to flip you on the nose.
  9. This is a partial question you're asking, the 100 hour items would be covered here as well, and depending on what interval of the 200 hours the 600 hour items could be required as well. Is an oil change due, or not, how's the tires and brakes look, if it's just the basic visual items, no PM items needed, maybe closer to that 4 hour mark. If you're hitting the 600 hour trigger, and have not been keeping up on the PM stuff, then 16 hours could be real too. Not a simple answer, all depends on what items are needing to be addressed.
  10. Bumming I could not make it. Pushed 1 hour into marginal VFR and what should have improved only worsened, was not going to fly scud running it through IFR across 100+ more miles. Ducked in Ann Arbor for a stop to evaluate weather / allow it to improve, and realized Thursday was not going to work. It would have been a perfect day for IFR in a CT, a few thousand feet up I'd have been VFR on top all to solid VFR at MVN, need to get that ticket and think about a heated pitot for days like this, zero significant weather risk, just scuddy low bases. In the end it was a blessing I did not make it, upon my return home late last night I had a medical scare and was at ER until 4am, fortunately no cardio issues detected. I won't get into specifics, and diagnosis is nothing that would preclude me from continuing to maintain a medical, but sure is nice to own a LSA and not have to deal with that.
  11. I'm heading out Thur afternoon, nice tailwind forecasted to have me there ~ 5pm local. Have a pal driving in who will have a car there, we're planning on going out for dinner Thur night, welcome to join us. I'm staying at Holiday Inn Express. My cell is 586 876-7071 Will do show primarily on Friday AM then leaving noonish.
  12. I go back to the line - "what do you get when you mix politics and science? Answer: POLITICS!" I continue to be mostly social distant, easy working from home. I wear a mask when out shopping and such, would like to not wear one - but do my part. I really wish we as a nation could have had a real science based plan from the start, I won't outline all the stupidity many states (including MI) and the hypocrisy like that funeral example. We're now at the "15 days, no wait - 6 months to flatten the curve" storyline. Thankfully curve in MI is flat, my kids are back in school, and high school sports will be played state wide. Yesterday had news about "models predicting 411k deaths by end of year" sort of crap storyline, with next comment being this means its unsafe to go vote in person. I'm completely convinced however this mess started it has become exploited for political gain with total disregard of John Q Public. Back to the thread, weather is back to crappy forecast for Thursday. I don't rely on forecasts much past three days out, still plan for a Friday arrival, unsure if daytrip or spending one night. Unless weather is solid decent window, I'm questionable at moment.
  13. I've not seen any formal means of enforcing it, all self imposed. Until you go to the dentist and they ask if you've been out of state in the past two weeks. Complete honor system. Until big gov't starts tracking phone locations and travel patterns, but that won't come until another party is in control down the road... I'm looking forward to this event, might be the window we can still bounce around the country before everything goes of the rails in Nov.
  14. Forecast is looking much better as of the moment, and looks like I can take Friday 11th off work. Have not decided on Thursday night, or Friday AM arrival yet - but looking like Friday will have me on the field.
  15. In 100+ hours of owning my CT I've not lost a spring, but do deal with the length issue (low compression / loose fitting). I have a family connection in spring manufacturing, real high end medical device springs. Looking at the price of what market charges for these, and issues with lengths / forces developed, has me wondering if developing a range of slightly longer / shorter offerings, and in a more robust design / material, would be enough of a market. It's not like there is a lot to making a spring in todays world of NC equipment. One would think this is common across other Rotax exhausts? Do those in the know here see this on other LSA's too? Would appreciate some feedback to consider next step here.
  16. Never been to it, based on what I've seen on the web it looks like a fairly low stress easy going event. That said, our county airport had a breakfast fly in Sunday, it was one of the best ever with arrivals from all over the state - seems there are so few fly in's occurring that people are flocking to those still on.
  17. Still early to have complete and firm plans here, between work meetings and the 10 day forecast just now beginning to hit this window - I'm leaning towards heading out noon Friday, arrive later afternoon, spend the night and depart perhaps later morning Saturday. More to come. Weather up to the event is looking bit dicey, heavy rainfall / storms, gusty winds. I'll look to see this clear out and what has me thinking end of show, not the start. This is Mt Vernon forecast:
  18. Keep in mind the Euro $ quoted here is currently at 1 to 1.2 USD exchange today, that equals $15k USD today. Shipping to US would be adder until they establish a dealer network here, which if this is a knock off will never happen, Rotax would be all over that. Did they copy the Bing Carb too, NGK plugs, etc. I don't see savings here being worth it. Then when you decide to sell your CT that couple grand "saved" will be more than lost in the end. I just spent close to $300 bucks buying new Bing bowls with the solid boss design, and OEM gaskets. Gaskets are on Ebay selling "equivalent" as well (at least they are fabricated in US but from what material). What if I had bought the "China copy" of the previous revision, the pin fell out, fuel leaked and started a fire. Maybe I would loose the airplane, maybe loose myself if in flight.
  19. I should clarify my stance and attitude on this topic has nothing to do with either the people of China, or the members here on the forum either. This topic strikes a big nerve with me as both my industry and more directly my employer have been a heavy victim of IP theft. We're a global company and play by all the international laws and rules, one country (China) has been a blatant violator. Having unique and high performing components for the mold and die building industry, we refuse to manufacture in countries that have bombs pointed at us. We do sell a lot into China though, as companies specify our name in standards and they have to buy ours. This has lead to a revolving door of knock off's, can you imagine how it feels to travel to a trade show in China, set up a booth, and then walking the show find others who have copied what you've spent major R&D developing and internationally patenting? Not only do we loose the potential sale, it's worse, because the companies sourcing the work still think they are getting our product, are paying for it, and then when things fail we're called in and expend effort having to prove it's not our product and was a copy, only to still have the black eye with others who don't understand what happened. With so much of what we consume originating in China I realize it's hard to avoid, but once you start looking at the "made in labels" its so shocking how reliant we've become as a nation. The trend has changed though, following reshoring statistics in manufacturing there is a positive trend on companies understanding the total cost of manufacturing sourcing decisions. And Walmart is much better about made in USA than it was a couple years back, they're making great strides in stocking US product. I hope the trend continues, and that is one good outcome from this covid deal, regardless of political viewpoints everybody understands when the shelves are bare, or quality = health risk, that is not where we want to be and need change.
  20. I was repeating the tribal knowledge I've read here as well, and can't speak to what the design is. I would think, and only assuming so big qualifier here, that the material used to fabricate the mount is similar to 4130 and in a normalized heat treated condition. It's not likely the whole fabricated mount is heat treated after being welded up, but more likely the stock used to create it has something to it.
  21. And they may have copied the shape & design, which is very easy with 3D scanners and reverse engineering software, but rarely can they duplicate the metallurgy and heat treatment processes. Maybe ok for the Stihl chainsaw they copy too, when that dies a life is not on the line. I'll stick with genuine Rotax all the way.
  22. Would never consider it, the intellectual property theft that has been occurring in China really sucks. Not to mention the slave labor and so many other issues in communist land. I go out of my way to buy USA, point being I needed a new set of metric hex wrenches for the CT tool box. Went to Lowes, they had Craftsman and Kobalt, both made in China. Then to Home Depot, Husky - again made in China. Then to Menards and found Ekland - Made in USA, a quality T handle bent shape, dipped in plasti-coat, in a carry case. It cost $11.99 for the set, which is $2 more than the Chinese junk - and totally worth it. F China!
  23. Interesting find on the results, I think I could tolerate these on the underside of the stabilator. Keep us posted.
  24. The thing to keep in mind on turf is that ground varies in type, sand that is well drained and mostly firm year round, to clay that can be hard as rock when dry to soft and sloppy mud when wet. Flaps then are used to match the need. I'll fly 30 degrees for take off when really soft, but generally majority of the time 15 is used. Typically always use 30 degrees for landing on grass as they are shorter strips too.
  25. The mounts are heat treated, so the "possible damage" would then become is an area annealed / lower harness which would run the risk of dimensional distortion over time. A softer region of steel would not pose a risk such as cracking, the question is does the softer section loose some of the strength. To anneal low carbon steel the temp needs to be in the 500F to 1400F ranges, I'd think if the mount became 500F + there would be other signs of that much heat effecting things besides the mount. This could be confirmed by taking some hardness checks at the area in question, and comparing to other areas of the mount. There is a drop ball steel harness tester that is non-marking, but would need to remove the paint to test on the raw surface. I've seen skilled machinists take a file to a piece of steel, and with one wipe across the sample are able to get darn close to hardness value by feel and sound of the file. If you can't measure any distortion to the mount, and the only evidence is the paint, I'd not be too concerned here.
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