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  1. Hi Mike, The pump for the 92 Octane is a regular Auto Fuel pump, it’s located next to the white structure (in the first picture) about half way between the AVGas/Jet fuel tanks and the 2 boats. It’s not set up for credit cards, you have to pay inside. There is no grounding cable for the pump.. They also don’t have food there. Fila did say she does make Indian Bread on Wednesday mornings. Fila gave me her Cell number since the Airport phone is down. I just texted her to see if its OK to share it, she doesn’t want it posted anywhere but I can share it with someone who wants to fly there. Send me an email and I’ll give it to you if you’re interested. She also responded they have Jet/AVGas/Mogas available 24X7 365 days a year. Jim jmorfesy@gmail.com
  2. I just purchased a used CTLS last November. I plan on attending the Fly-in this year if they continue, looks like a lot of fun... Yesterday I did a day trip from Tucson to Cal Black Memorial Airport (U96), which is 30 miles from the Monument Valley Airport. Garmin Pilot (which I use), AOPA, and Foreflight all show the runway in Poor condition. The Airport Manager (Fila) said the runway was re-surfaced 3 years ago, I would rate it as Good to Excellent condition. They have 92 Octane Mogas for $4.00. Whoever plans 2020's Fly-in might want to add this destination for fuel. I tried calling the airport for the last 3 weeks before flying there, and never could get through. Fila said their phones have been out and they're so remote they haven't been able to get them fixed..
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