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  1. I know, I know, this should be simple but how have you polished your yellowed beacon and wing lights? What product, preferably from local stores? By hand? How hard? Thanks Robert
  2. I heard this is very common that the battery is dead or so the device thinks. Here is a video that helps with that ... worked for me!
  3. So sorry Mike, fingers crossed for getting it fixed before your planned flying vacay!!!!
  4. Yes for now and this really makes me look hard for indoors 😉
  5. Got to my 2008 CT to find a nicely written note that my elevator rod had broken ... As it turns out the 5mm thread rod end bearing was corroded and broke in winds from the back. Just glad it didn't happen flying. FlightDesignUSA was awesome finding me a replacement part, even in times like today. But it reminds me how important pre-check is and hopefully for you a reminder to check corrosion on that part. On that note, what is everyone doing around locking their stick when parked? Robert aka TheFrisco
  6. Anybody seen that turning on landing light causes serious humm on radio? And yes it's the LED version. Arian says there is a capacitor somewhere on the hot side of firewall but haven't found that one. Appreciate your ideas. Thanks, Robert
  7. Can you please send me a picture or drawing where yours was binding? Thanks!
  8. Well those for sure were super tight, so I did as you suggested and its better, still not great but for sure better. THANKS FOR THE TIP!!!
  9. FYI I took @Eric awesome checklist and reformatted it a little bit, just so there is 1 columns and numbering, found it easier to read that way. Still for the D100/D120 Dynon series, hope it helps. Robert ctls_checklists v02082020.ckl
  10. Great to know, thanks will ask my A&P at annual
  11. Had a bit of a rainstorm yesterday and came down to the plane today with a huge puddle on the right side, behind the seat, underneath the netting. Any insights how to prevent that? Did I mention that I had the spare handheld radio laying there which now seems dead 😭
  12. That makes me a little depressed, was totally counting on helping this some but from your response I guess I am stuck with the "sedan feel", maybe more tractor than sedan to be honest 🙄
  13. Thanks @Tom Baker, as always active and helpful here! Here is the bummer, taking the springs out (=lighter springs) did help but FD says that makes it experimental. Well I guess this annual in April the wings have to come off and I will make sure all turn buckles etc get lubed well, hope that helps. Any pics of the new spring system? Does the spring tension get less when somewhat extended? Robert
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