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  1. It was the gasket that was not in place properly. It was pretty tricky to put it in. I took the bowl out, double checked the floats and then made sure the gasket went in properly. Then I test flown the plane for 30 min with various RPMs, no more gas smell and the carbs are dry! Thank you all for your help!
  2. So, I replaced the gasket and got a really good seal. After a 4,000 RPM run up my left carburetor is dripping like this. Right carburetor is completely dry. Normal?
  3. More updates: There is no fuel streaks behind the sign tubes nor on the wing roots/under the wings. The floats after drying for an hour weights 6.3 grams. There are fuel streaks between the bowl and the carb under the fuel line as shown in pictures above. Will try to tighten the fuel line crush washer.
  4. @Roger Lee @Tom Baker @FlyingMonkey@Warmi It does seem like there is a leak on the left carb between the the bowl and the connection point.
  5. Did you smell gas when flying with WOT then the smell goes away after you pull the throttle back to below or around 5,000 RPM?
  6. I just found Roger's video on how to check and take out the carb bowl. I will take out the floats to weight them. Will also follow FlyingMonkey and Roger's advice to check the fuel sight tube for fuel streaks or smell.
  7. No, they did not. The floats were replaced and weighted in May 2019, 6 grams each S/N 861-185. Could the float be the problem?
  8. I just had my carb synced 3 hours ago, engine was running very smooth. Did your gas smell go away after a few seconds in level flight? Did you smell gas after landing?
  9. It wasnt easy to get all the blades to pitch 5,500 rpm. It took me 3-4 adjustment to get there. But once it gets there, the plane performs extremely well comparing to the factory props.
  10. I'm SLSA, I was the one asked for approval few months ago. They granted it and I'm very happy with the e-prop.
  11. Thanks Roger, I will try to see if I can smell anything in the sight tubes tomorrow, I used auto fuel, will check for stains also. I also noticed that in the last few flight, I got high fuel flow alert on my first take off, it went away after a few seconds and never reappear again, I wonder if all of these are related.
  12. I’m using e-props, the 5500 rpm is my WOT. I was flying on a bumpy day with a cross wind of about 20kt.
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