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  1. I’m going to replace the battery in my 2011 CTLS. Looking for replacement suggestions.
  2. Thanks Tom. That is what I used but DPE kicked it back.
  3. Check ride tomorrow. Can’t find my CTLS in the iacra database. Anyone ever dealt with this issue? Thanks.
  4. Does anyone have manufacturer name and part numbers for tundra wheels and tires that will fit a 2011 CTLS? Is there a source for the larger wheel pants other than FD? Thx.
  5. Anyone have a manufacturer and part # for cowl cam locks on CTLS 2011? Thanks.
  6. I need to order some spare tubes for my 2011 CTLS. Couldn't find this size on Aircraft Spruce website. Sources?
  7. Does anyone know of a flight instructor with CTLS experience in the Kansas City area? Does not have to have an airplane - can use mine. Thanks.
  8. Eric, I would also appreciate a copy. jim@mtwylaw.com. Thanks.
  9. I plan on using 91 for all of my local flying in my 2011 CTLS, but will be taking frequent cross country trips and will have to use 100LL. What kind of oil change schedule (and any other affected maintenance) do I need to adhere to? Thanks.
  10. New here , and new to CTs. The pitch trim wheel on my 2011 CTLS is so stiff I can barely move it. Can the lock nut be loosened or is a more complex fix required? Thanks.
  11. I just bought my 2011 CTLS from Airtime Aviation. Excellent experience. Would highly recommend Tom.
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