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  1. i see one for sale in Minnesota but i never even sat in one.... any body near Grand rapids Mi I could get a demo ride in for a fair fee? I have a pilot certificate , multi, instrument, thanks
  2. Hi again... you answered my question about "VFR night option" and a thumbs up on John.... Do you have any insight on airtime aviation....Tom Gutman ?... looks like he has been selling flight design for awhile... thanks .... (I for sure need used)
  3. thanks tom.... let me ask it this way.... On the FD website the night flight option is $3200.00 what extra items are you getting? I'm not sure you need a landing light legally, only for commercial operations i think.
  4. I see it advertised more than once "Night VFR option" what is included with this option? Could not find it on the FD website, only has it as an option. I was also told they are all "Night certified" and its the pilot not the aircraft that determines it.
  5. Talked to who I believed was John Hurst, Has a CTLS for sale.. Really helpful person and was wondering if anybody purchased an airplane from him. thank you
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    Would like more info please also....
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