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  1. Hello warm weather friends! I will be in the Phoenix area March 2-3 and was wondering if someone in the area would be willing to take me up to do some flying? I live in northern Indiana and have not been able to fly my CTLS since January 23. I have a PPL and 115 hours. Thanks, Matt Soliday
  2. Yep, part of the reason i picked there instead of KVPZ
  3. I'll check the setting and i saw those prior posts. Thanks!
  4. yes i was steady, also there were red categories in the other report. I am a new pilot and this is my first plane. Sorry for all the questions
  5. I'm a 3. Hangered at Michigan City IN. New pilot so open to anywhere in midwest
  6. Darrell, attached are my reports. Any suggestions? Flight Track Log ✈ N27SB 18-Apr-2020 - FlightAware.pdf PAPR_20200418_A2A5B5_424989388.pdf
  7. Al, did you find a fix for the shadow? I had the tail beacon installed and am not getting a good report.
  8. Nice, I had Michiana Avionics in South Bend put one on mine last week as I have no mechanical skills lol
  9. Well I have drunk the CT kool aid and purchased a 2008 CTLS. Looking for for a used Garmin 39, 50, or 52. Any sellers?
  10. Thanks Al but that maybe a little far from me. Warmi, could you private message me the C56 info? thanks!
  11. Looking to buy a ctls. I live in nw Indiana, Porter county KVPZ with a ppl. Anyone know of an instructor nearby?
  12. Hello, I am new to the forum. I just flew a 2008 ctls this morning and I'm thinking of buying it. Before I get the inspection, I was curious if anyone knew what the discoloration was in the attached picture?
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