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  1. It is very stiff. Pretty heavy gauge aluminum. And I have a strut riveted as well.
  2. Just made a pair in case anyone else wants some ideas.
  3. Anyone have pictures or ideas on clip on Rudder Pedal extensions? My friend and Kids have short legs and can not reach them. Pictures would be great if anyone has some. Thanks Dennis
  4. My tender is made for that battery.
  5. Not familiar with the keep alive wire. When I shut off the master the Dynons power down. Is this different ?
  6. Sorry if this has been already discussed. I usually run a battery tender between flights. Forgot to hook it up after a 2 hr flight and a couple of days later the voltage was at 10v. I show 13.6v + when the aircraft is running. Shouldn’t this indicate a charge? I replaced the battery 5 months ago. I have dual dynon first gen stuff Appreciate any input. Dennis
  7. Speaking with Arian at Flight Design, there is a gasket that we can access after the Allen head screws are removed around the fuel cap. He suggested Permatex No 2 on that gasket and that should fix the issue. (O rings are in good shape) Anyone have suggestions on removing these Stainless Flush Allen Screws. As you know stainless hardware is pretty soft, and when I try and turn the screws they feel like there are gong to strip out. I am thinking there might be some sealant on the treads. Any help would be much appreciated! Dennis
  8. Little off subject. Anyone know what this ball thing is for
  9. I think it depends where you are trimmed is to start with. If you are over trimmed right to correct something then that makes a difference.
  10. With my original tundra wheel pant it did the same but would continued the left yaw until I would chicken out and Correct with right rudder. I cut and reglasseed the front of the wheel pant and it now behaves like what you are describing. No wheel pant was much better. I am going to adjust the wheel connecting rods to see if that will help before I cut down and reglass the rear of the wheel pant. Can you take a side picture of you front wheel pant for me. Thanks.
  11. If any of you have a side photo of your nose tundra pant, I would appreciate it.
  12. I have the drawing from Germany and it appears the gear should be lined up worth the center line of the airplane. I trimmed off the front of the nose pant and it made a very big difference. But still doesn’t fly as nice as with out the pant. I really appreciate all of your feed back. I will pull the cowl off and re laser it.
  13. I thought the new ones have electric trim and heated pitot tube
  14. Side picture would be better. Interesting to see how much surface area you have up front in front of the tire on the new tundra pant.
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