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  1. Thanks Tom. I will check in to all of these. I know he did purge the oil system so I will ask about the o-ring set. On the firesleeve he used some kind of sealer on the ends and said he preferred that to the clamps.
  2. Here is the parts list and cost of my 5-year rubber. Comments welcome. I do plan to change the radiator rubber mounts also.
  3. Thanks for that clarification Roger. Mine would be due in November 2021. If I have him do it now with the wings off I believe that would give me the 3 years before it would be due again. I fly about 50 hours per year. The 2007 airplane has just over 400TT now.
  4. Doesn't say much if I found it under 3.6 Wings: Wing Attachment Area. . . I am going to have the mechanic do that inspection now with the wings off since it will be due at my next annual.
  5. A question, where can I find the 2-year inspection checklist/requirement for the wing carry through structure? Now is the perfect time to inspect this.
  6. Photos of 5-Year progress. Let me know if you see any issues.
  7. I appreciate the input. I will pay close attention to the fuel lines. Just for my info, what was the cause (bad hose, hose not on far enough, loose clamp, ???).
  8. New question on the 5-year rubber. I am picking up my airplane (CTSW) next week after completion of the 5-year rubber. The mechanic doing it has done many of them but this is his first Flight Design. My question is, when I pick up the airplane what should I look at. I plan to remove the top cowl and inspect everything I can see, hoses, engine mounts, security of things. Is there anything I should pay particularly close attention to? Also, plan to do a good careful runup before I takeoff. I appreciate your input.
  9. Hi Bill and thanks for the carb ice input. You are exactly right. No issue on several flights since.
  10. Today my check engine light came on several times. Cruise at 4900 RPM and the Left EGT signal was going above 1550 which seemed to be setting off the light. It would not stay there, but went back below 1500 each time. Tried some other power settings but problem persisted. Is there a common issue on the EGT? The right bank stayed around 1450 all of the time. Thanks.
  11. This morning there was only a couple of tablespoons. I could not see any leaks with the cowl off but did tighten the hose clamps. I assume this amount is nothing to worry about. Thank you for our help.
  12. Does your make 1/2 of the radiator wet in the winter? I pulled the upper cowl and could not see any engine or hose leaks. I will pull the lower cowl next trip to the hangar. Thanks.
  13. This morning if found an area of antifreeze on the floor. Dripped from the aft left cowling area. I did not see anywhere there were any leaks on the cylinder top seals or hoses on the radiator. Photos show the radiator, right of the dashed line looks wet. Outline of the floor spot is the area where antifreeze appeared. (Most spots on the hangar floor were from my old Cherokee.) Is it common for a radiator leak or could something else be leaking that I am just not seeing? The airplane has about 400 hours TT. If it is the radiator are there any repair options or just buy new?
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