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  1. Thank you. I thought it would be pretty light weight!
  2. I appreciate that. Thanks.
  3. I am going to install the Whelen Nav/Strobes. Removed the screw on one of the existing nav light lens today just to see what I needed to pull off -- the old nav light lens is stuck hard to the wingtip. I pulled by hand but it does not budge. Must be installed with some kind of sealer around the edge. Any suggestions on how to get these off without damaging anything?
  4. Okay. New Battery is installed. I need some help catching up the paperwork. Does anyone happen to have the weight for the original battery box on the CTSW? Here is my dilemma. I removed the homemade battery box that was installed sometime in the past. It weighed 1# 2.9 oz. For the paperwork I need to calculate removal of the OEM battery box and battery then add in the new box and battery. I don't think the original CTSW battery box would have weighed that much. I appreciate any info you may have on the weight. As a side note, a previous starting issue resolved with the new install. Started on second crank.
  5. FD made the change to the MRA. "Updating weight and balance according to the applicable maintenance manual is required." This make it much easier.
  6. I requested the change. After looking over the maintenance manual it basically says to update the equipment list and W&B. I don't see any requirement for weighing. I'll let you know what they say.
  7. I don't like it either but guess it is a requirement. Tom what is the rule for this? I could easily weight the removals and new parts. Should I challenge the requirement?
  8. Per the MRA: "Scaling of the aircraft according to the applicable maintenance manual is required"
  9. My latest MRA to change the battery requires scaling. I have done this for other aircraft but never the FD. Does anyone have any suggestions? I only have one scale so will need to move it for each wheel weight. Should I do this with fuel drained from tanks or full fuel? Main gear fairings removed or installed? Should I expect, at level, the main gear to be higher or lower than the nose wheel?
  10. Wish I had known that before I bought the battery and box. I tried to get the BB-TH-CO approved and Arian said no.
  11. Just an update. EarthX gave me some bad data. FD will not approve the EXT680, only the EXT680C. I ordered the EXT680C battery and the BB-CO battery box from EarthX. I wanted to install the thermal improved battery box but FD will not approve that, only the BB-CO. I do want to improve the thermal protection so I will see if I can apply the stainless steel tape to help protect it (Manuf Approval #081107). Anyone have experience or recommendations with this tape and where to get it?
  12. I guess at some point, based on age, I will need to get rid of the airplane or not carry insurance.
  13. No past claims. No pilot issues. Only myself and a local instructor and we are both well qualified.
  14. I am using Aviation Insurance Resources (have for a long time for my Piper 180 and stayed with them when I switched to the CTSW). I will contact Avinsure Agency Inc and get a quote. Thank you for the info. Maybe others are in this same boat and can save with this discussion. The other thing that may affect it is our airplane is in our corporation name, not an individual.
  15. I have considered going ELSA. The one thing that has stopped me is insurance. On the last renewal I was told that ELSA insurance would be significantly higher because Flight Design does not build ELSA airplanes. The insurance agent used Van's RV-12 as a comparison. The RV-12 ELSA is not higher than a factory RV-12 because they offer the ELSA. My question is: What is your experience on insurance cost on ELSA verses SLSA? Mine is $1,436. My hull is covered for $40K. I fly under sport pilot rules. I am 70.
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