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  1. Thanks Tom, Yep that was going to be my next little task
  2. Hi all, Hoping someone has a pdf or file of the rear lexan panel in the baggage compartment that blocks off the control riggings. Its the panel that has the hole in the middle for the autopilot servo wires. I dont know if it never existed or if the previous owner never put it back but I wanted to but one back in seeing it has mounting holes on the frame back there.
  3. The Final product cut in Black Acrylic. Looks great in my plane.
  4. PM me guys and I'll figure out what shipping is and I'll send you the cad file
  5. Hey all, After seeing GrassStripFlyBoy laser that awesome panel I thought Id give some fabrication a go. I did not want to pay $300 + dollars for our plastic door lock guides that seemed to warp and snap. Due to temp changes and constant pressure it snaps at the thinnest point right around the L shape turn. Im sure age contributed because they are off my 2004 CTSW. Is there anyone interested in a pair? I would love it to have some of my work in the community. I could leave the screw holes out and you can trial fit them and drill yourself or you can try the current design. I am using 8mm stock and they are the exact thickness/match to my originals. I was going to cut a white plastic cutting board for the actual part. It seems to be pretty stiff stuff and could hold up to any passenger forcing that door handle. Any other suggestions to materials?
  6. Fuel valve replaced after it failed and leaked. Fuel filter is seen after the valve in mine
  7. Bringing this back to life. Does anyone know the right thickness for these 4002 retaining washer and snap ring from the link below? One of the inserts/grommets fell out of the cowl and I'm not sure which size is correct for a ctsw https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/hapages/4002camlocwashers.php
  8. Yea it's the least expensive order I've placed so far!
  9. Hey all, More issues with my CTSW. I was having issues with my Roll servo in my 2004 CTSW Flight Design. It never worked. I'm assuming the servos are just as old at this point. The aileron servo just clacks trying to move the control surfaces but it seems like it never had the oomph to move them. I thought maybe I had a bad shear screw. This weekend I had some free time (grounded due to a bad fuel value) and pulled the roll servo out and inspected the servo box and gear. It appears the shear screw on the servo control arm is still intact and roll pin inside the servo box is still in place. I did not see the pin in the bottom of the case and the main gear did feel like it was connected to the shaft. I was able to move my ailerons MUCH smoother with the servo motor removed and watched the gears inside the servo box rotate as well. In comparison to my elevator servo, the elevator servo has 0 resistance, I cant feel any resistance from that motor when powered off. Roll servo always had resistance when powered off tho. I could hear the servo motor moving when rolling the aileron on the ground. It is very noisy compared to the elevator. The elevator servo makes no noise and has no resistance(maybe I have a bad elevator motor too?) With the servo motor removed from the gearbox and powered on it did start spinning attempting to get on heading. While disconnected the servo motor feels like an electric motor when you turn it with your hand, I can feel the magnet's resistance, I can feel it notch around when I spin the motor by hand. Is there anything I can try on the work bench with this servo or should I just send it to you for inspection? Id pull the elevator servo to test but its buried deep in the belly of the bird and I really did not want to mess with that.
  10. FD has the valve for a mere 28 bucks! Higher than any valve should be but not to bad I guess since they are 20$ from Germany minus shipping. I also had to order 2 different sized oetiker clamps because they were not sure what size would fit the value. 13.8mm or 14.5mm...🥴 Now I need to add another clamping tool in the ole tool box because I have never used these style clamps on anything before. Thanks for the help you guys! Ill post back with the outcome of the project.
  11. Thanks all, Good to know cdarza, I'll call FD tomorrow 😊 Great tip tom!
  12. No kidding! Well hopefully FD has them and they don't cost an arm and a leg. If not I guess I'll make an order over to German and ship it back to the states. Thanks monkey Roger and Tom! You guys are always so helpful here. Will I need to drain my full tanks 😭 or can I use some sort of gas line clamp or hemostats ( care not to cut any rubber) to get the valve replaced?
  13. Hey guys. Went/tried to go flying today and found fuel on my floor when I opened up the fuel valve. After some brief investigation I found fuel leaking out between the black linkage arm and metal valve body. Is this a simple oring replacement or will I need to order a whole new valve assembly? Is something loose that I could have tightened on the black link arm. Fuel only pours out when I OPEN the valve. It stops once I close it. Seems like the best option is replacement but maybe someone else knows more about these valves.
  14. Thank you, best advice for a new low time pilot like myself. I'd love a strip like yours. I have not been able to get my approach speeds that slow. During my transition training we used 55 knots at 30 and 40 flaps. It's been hard to convince my brain and nerves of any approach speed below 55. I do float a lot down the runway because I'm carrying that extra speed. Took me a long time to figure out how to land without ballooning which has turned into long flairs wait for airspeed to bleed off.
  15. Here I thought I was gonna need to find some land with room for 2500 ft runway! I bought my CTSW in March and have not attempted soft field landings. Definitely a learning curve with this one coming from a tecnam p92. I just now am confident with landings on pavement after 40 some hours. Geeze! The wife in onboard with the future home with a grass strip and there are plenty of homes with 1000ft strips but trees on both ends. Glad to see the right skills can make that work. Time to practice
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