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  1. More news from Aero... LSA under development by FD's parent company, Lift. The Horten Flying Wing... https://generalaviationnews.com/2019/04/09/new-lsa-east-meets-west/
  2. And, as we all know.... it's worth the wait!
  3. BTW... both Foreflight and Wingx have these built-in... 'makes doing the corridors super easy
  4. Congratulations! And Welcome to the forum! I see Aircore Aviation in Arlington is a FD service center and involved with several LSA brands... maybe they have some names? Darryl Swenson, until recently a CT Flier, lives in Friday Harbor.... maybe he's got a connection? https://www.facebook.com/darryl.swenson.7
  5. Re: Crosswind. In my two SWs, I've landed a few times with direct crosswinds 19G25, 25G34, 15G20, 17G28. Also 28G38 down the runway. I would not seek out these conditions for fun, but it's good to know the CT can handle it. I don't think there should be much difference between the CTSW and the CTLS,
  6. And, here's Dan's expanded article about AeroJones and the CT in the Asia-Pacific area... https://www.bydanjohnson.com/ctls-flying-high-in-asia-pacific-as-aerojones-gains-full-approval/
  7. I use usairnet too, but also http://www.weather.gov/forecastmaps and also windy.com Windy has a complex interface, but lots of info and aviation-specific features
  8. Very nice video from Dan Johnson showing parts of his recent trip to China, to help promote Sport Aviation. The CT plays a big part, and is shown throughout the video. Nice shots of AeroJones production facilities.
  9. WooHoo! Shoot a Barbie into orbit next July 4th???
  10. A fairly comprehensive account of the incident and DB's checkered history... http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2018/01/vans-rv-12-n262ws-world-adventure.html
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