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  1. 2018 LSA EXPO - Where's FD

    They are at N308
  2. KLA-100 gets first cert

    The KLA-100 has passed cert in S.Korea and on it's way to eventual ASTM certification, and sales around the World. Vessel also hinted at a project using the airframe as a drone for "public service" https://www.bydanjohnson.com/vessels-kla-100-wins-approval-south-korean-aviation-authorities/
  3. It's a Beauty! What is the useful load?
  4. Flaps Issue

    Cold weax has definitely affected my flap operation, not that it gets cold here much. But when it gets down below 40, my flaps definitely growl and move slower. I'm guessing the extra air pressure needed to add more flaps, just makes it worse.
  5. The Beacon is out there as another choice... http://aviation.levil.com/beacon-978.html
  6. Merry Christmas & Happy 2017!

    The Best Ever Holidays to all.... and a great 2018, 19, & 20!!!
  7. Website error 500 for anything flightdesign.com
  8. BRS deployment from unrecoverable spin

    From Reddit... I have a bit of inside knowledge on this one. I know the pilot involved (he is a New Zealander) and first saw this footage on his cellphone after he took the SD card out of the GoPro and plugged it in. The incident was in China and the aircraft is a Chinese built Sportscruiser LSA. He was doing the test flying for the factory over there. He told me that he had spun this aircraft many times before and had no issues, but this time it just wouldn’t recover no matter what he did. He also said he held off deploying the BRS because he wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to land in a nearby swamp. Yes, he got a sore head from the canopy, but that was all the injuries he received. The damage to the aircraft was minor and it was flying again later that week. He is a highly experienced aviator having been an airline pilot, owned his own flying school where he was chief instructor, and been the test pilot for numerous homebuilts and new designs including the “Kahu” gyrocopter and “Furio” fixed wing kit aircraft. (Both NZ designs). He has been an airshow pilot for many years, displaying those Kiwi designed machines as well as doing an act as “Darkhorse 16” in a Hughes 500 chopper. He also does the “stolen aircraft” schtick in a Cessna 152 Aerobat. If he says the aircraft wouldn’t recover, then I would believe him over any armchair experts watching the video of a video on Reddit. I’m not sure how this video got made public but it has, so I thought I’d better put my 2 cents in before the knocking machine gets too much momentum.
  9. Alternator light

    ditto here... (ctsw2006) random light (not often) during warm up, unless rpm's are higher. Never seems to happen later in day
  10. Check this out!

    WOW! Professional Aerobatic Pilot Stefan Trischuk gives the Pipistrel Virus SW a workout. Aircraft - Pipistrel Virus Short Wing Engine - Rotax 912iS 100 horsepower fuel injected Propellor - MT hydraulic constant speed This Aircraft is registered as Canadian Amateur Built with the Aerobatic restriction removed. The documented G force limits are +4G -2G at Maximum Take Off Weight (MTOW) 600kg (ultimate load safety factor 1.875 +7.5 G and - 3.75 G at 600 kg) In this video the takeoff weight is 460kg. You can watch a wing destruction test here https://youtu.be/tFqioA8OYCM Filmed at Estevan Saskatchewan, Canada airshow 2017.
  11. ICON Fatal Accident

    Perhaps, we can all agree that the FAA ADM "hazardous attitude" term "macho" applies... perhaps with a bit of impulsivity and invulnerability thrown in....
  12. ICON Fatal Accident

    More video, from prior to the event.... with even more, worse, low-level showboating... More video
  13. ICON Fatal Accident

    Video of crash... plenty of evidence of showboating... but, based on some comments, there "could" have been a control issue... warning rough language
  14. ICON Fatal Accident

    Too little, too late.... Icon's very recently issued "Low altitude flying guidelines", published just over 2 weeks ago: https://www.iconaircraft.com/updates/2017/icon-aircraft-low-altitude-flying-guidelines
  15. ICON Fatal Accident

    Eegad... another Icon A5 fatal crash.... RIP Roy Halladay http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2017/11/icon-a5-n922ba-n529pg-llc-fatal.html http://www.wtsp.com/news/former-mlb-pitcher-roy-halladay-killed-in-gulf-of-mexico-plane-crash/489944976 https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2017/11/07/roy-halladay-plane-crash/841101001/