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    11th Annual CT/LSA Fly-in, Page AZ Oct 17-21

    And, as we all know.... it's worth the wait!
  2. I've been following some threads on other forums about "cleaning/protecting your plane". Washing, waxing, bug cleaning, belly cleaning, etc. A variety of names popped up, but one that I'd never heard of seemed to get mentioned a lot. Wash Wax All. As it turns out, I inherited a bottle of their cleaning/waxing product when I bought my new CT. I've been using it for several months and like it a lot. Has anyone else used it? The product can be used with/without water. It replaces the Turtlewax ICE I had been using, and is used in the same way. It's pretty much pH neutral, about the same as salt water. They have a bunch of products, including one that seems to be meant for the belly. Their degreaser/cleaner is mild (close to the middle of the ph table). Anyone ever try this?
  3. BTW... both Foreflight and Wingx have these built-in... 'makes doing the corridors super easy
  4. CT4ME

    Looking for CFI in Washington

    Congratulations! And Welcome to the forum! I see Aircore Aviation in Arlington is a FD service center and involved with several LSA brands... maybe they have some names? Darryl Swenson, until recently a CT Flier, lives in Friday Harbor.... maybe he's got a connection? https://www.facebook.com/darryl.swenson.7
  5. In light of the new, clarified, ADS/B information that just came out regarding LSA and experimental aircraft, I thought there should be a current thread with information on new, lower cost, ADS/B solutions. Competition should kick in here soon. NavWorx has a unit that might be an answer for many of us. Their ADS600-EXP is only $699. They told me it would display traffic on my 696 at the same time it provides traffic and weather information to WingX (via wifi) on the iPad. Using my existing Garmin GTX330. http://www.navworx.com/index.php more info: http://www.navworx.com/navworx_store/Experimental_Aircraft_Transceivers/ADS600_EXP.html
  6. CT4ME

    CTLS vs CTSW

    Re: Crosswind. In my two SWs, I've landed a few times with direct crosswinds 19G25, 25G34, 15G20, 17G28. Also 28G38 down the runway. I would not seek out these conditions for fun, but it's good to know the CT can handle it. I don't think there should be much difference between the CTSW and the CTLS,
  7. CT4ME

    CT & LSA in China

    Very nice video from Dan Johnson showing parts of his recent trip to China, to help promote Sport Aviation. The CT plays a big part, and is shown throughout the video. Nice shots of AeroJones production facilities.
  8. CT4ME

    CT & LSA in China

    And, here's Dan's expanded article about AeroJones and the CT in the Asia-Pacific area... https://www.bydanjohnson.com/ctls-flying-high-in-asia-pacific-as-aerojones-gains-full-approval/
  9. CT4ME

    Favorite weather app for planning?

    I use usairnet too, but also http://www.weather.gov/forecastmaps and also windy.com Windy has a complex interface, but lots of info and aviation-specific features
  10. Mine have been great, since these:
  11. CT4ME

    C4 project is alive!

    From Sport Expo 2018.... https://www.avweb.com/avwebflash/news/Sport-Expo-Flight-Design-Reviving-the-C4-230217-1.html Audio podcast 8+ minutes, with Peghiny talking about the status of the company and the C4 project https://www.avweb.com/podcast/Podcast-Flight-Design-General-Aviation-Revives-C4-230218-1.html
  12. CT4ME

    Ballistic Recovery System

    WooHoo! Shoot a Barbie into orbit next July 4th???
  13. CT4ME

    Dan Bernath RIP

    A fairly comprehensive account of the incident and DB's checkered history... http://www.kathrynsreport.com/2018/01/vans-rv-12-n262ws-world-adventure.html
  14. CT4ME

    Dan Bernath RIP

    So much to say but, as mom said "if you can't say something nice..." https://www.news-press.com/story/news/2018/01/24/fort-myers-man-identified-pilot-who-killed-bonita-springs-plane-crash/1061153001/ http://thisainthell.us/blog/?p=77345 Check out the tower communications here, he drove ATC crazy: https://www.fox4now.com/news/local-news/victim-of-fatal-bonita-springs-plane-crash-identified
  15. CT4ME

    AOPA article 12/21/17

    Nice video with recent (Jan '18) status information. Tom Peghiny and the new FD CEO Lars Joerges.
  16. CT4ME

    2018 LSA EXPO - Where's FD

    They are at N308
  17. CT4ME

    KLA-100 gets first cert

    The KLA-100 has passed cert in S.Korea and on it's way to eventual ASTM certification, and sales around the World. Vessel also hinted at a project using the airframe as a drone for "public service" https://www.bydanjohnson.com/vessels-kla-100-wins-approval-south-korean-aviation-authorities/
  18. It's a Beauty! What is the useful load?
  19. CT4ME

    Flaps Issue

    Cold weax has definitely affected my flap operation, not that it gets cold here much. But when it gets down below 40, my flaps definitely growl and move slower. I'm guessing the extra air pressure needed to add more flaps, just makes it worse.
  20. The Beacon is out there as another choice... http://aviation.levil.com/beacon-978.html
  21. CT4ME

    Merry Christmas & Happy 2017!

    The Best Ever Holidays to all.... and a great 2018, 19, & 20!!!