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  1. Offering a Garmin 696 (used only 82 hours) with manuals, the original Flight Design back plate (A 4952178) and a new, never used Carb/ Cabin heat relocation kit (DFK34001002). If you have a 2007 or 2008 with a Garmin 496, this is what you need to update to the 696. 696 needs battery. $700.00 PM me.
  2. But, our planes are brand new with modern avionics compared to GA planes. The Flight Design is a true cross country machine that can get into 1200’. And, it hard to beat 5 gph.
  3. I’m more concerned about our values when Light Sport moves to 3600 pounds.
  4. I have flown 3 LSs and 1 SWs and they all land differently. One thing that will save a bad landing is to squeeze a little power into it if you feel a little high and getting slow.
  5. If your 2008 has the original Marc Ingegno brakes (gold wheels), they will need to be pumped. There is a spring that pushes the pads back when pressure is released which is normal for that brand.
  6. I have a friend that can laser cut a new plate if you need to move things around. I think that a horizontal unit would fit above the D100.
  7. Tip

    Engine removal

    I can almost guarantee that your coolant leak is coming from that worm gear clamp. A constant pressure spring clamp & a new hose will solve it.
  8. I’ve wonder if a person could use the hot water from the cooling system to supply a heater core from a Side by Side UTV?
  9. Thanks Todd. Marble Canyon is on my bucket list.
  10. What are you Skyview owners doing for a SV-BAT-320 replacement when the backup battery test fails?
  11. Apex Batteries sent out an email offering a 5% discount when using the discount code : BLACK https://www.apexbattery.com/
  12. Tip


    New Flyers in Columbus, OH has 3 or 4 CTs in their flight school.
  13. I flew my plane this morning and it is streaking fuel from the flange. I will have it fixed before I fly again. This is the sixth one that I have been involved in repairing in 4 different CTLSs. Do not put air pressure in the tank. You can see in your picture the the flange has come up and brought the paint with it. Please read all of the posts that I copied and pasted above.
  14. From my experience, if you have streaks, it’s leaking.
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