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  1. Our group bought 5 of these last year. They work great. About half the price of the Aircraft Spruce.
  2. Tip

    Ice is nice...

    I once flew at -22 F in my LS.
  3. And the daylight hours are becoming shorter.
  4. If the ambient temperature was below 25 degrees, my Dynon wouldn’t come on. Dynon repaired the problem.
  5. Hey Bill, My guess would be 40 degrees. I had a post about it years ago. I’ll see if I can find it. There’s no doubt in my mind that it was carb ice. The EGTs started to move above the 1500s and just after that, the engine change sounds. Ivan looked over at me and said “did you hear that”. I pulled the carb heat on for about 30 minutes and we continued on a 4 hour round trip.
  6. I once had both EGTs go above the alarm setting. I’m convinced that it was carb ice. I pulled on carb heat and they returned to the normal range.
  7. I saw a Tecnam with one installed at TOMI Aircraft, Florida.
  8. okent, I noticed that your LS has sold on Barnstormers. Congratulations on the quick sale! It’s a great feeling to sell the old plane. I had two for four months.
  9. Available at Walmart.
  10. CTMI, Are you happy with this remote system? My door only has two buttons and I’m wondering if this would work for me? Thanks
  11. I have had issues when reusing the cork bowl gaskets. They tend to not stay in place when replacing the bowl which leads to a leak.
  12. Never, but it was a minimal weep. I found it on a Condition inspection.
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