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  1. thanks. what does one wing weigh? I was told by Daniel from Flight Design Germany that they weigh 70 pounds.
  2. I have done wing pulls myself uses a scaffold under each wing. The dolly wheels make it easy. https://www.harborfreight.com/900-lb-multipurpose-scaffold-63050.html
  3. I have seen several CTLSs were the push pull wire bows and the carb heat stays on once it’s apply. It would be a good practice to reach in behind the balance tube to verify that the interlock setup is throwing both ways.
  4. I think that this is it. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/prm-1070
  5. One hundred dollars an hour for fuel is a deal breaker for me.
  6. Arian put a fuel pump on my plane while I watched years ago. I feel that his work is top notch. I would go to wherever the plane is with check in hand, look it over and if it’s what was promised, fly it home. You know what to look for as a owner.
  7. Sorry to hear your story Andrew. I’m hoping that both of you are in the air soon!
  8. Hi Bill, Your next problem will be to find a replacement. I have been watching since April for a friend and have not seen a carbureted LS for sale. Barnstormers doesn’t have a SW or LS listed today.
  9. I have seen CTs with more damage repaired, but you also need a $25K engine. My prediction is that someone down the road will repair it.
  10. Bill, Is the plane repairable?
  11. That is the oil thermostat.
  12. I had an oil line touch an exhaust header and it burnt through the fire sleeve and started working on the hose. I caught it at the first 5 year hose change.That would do it. I agree that the Controller added to your work load and over all stress level eating up precious seconds.
  13. Wow Bill! Are you always that cool? I sensed no panic in your voice and I had the chills just listening to it.
  14. Thanks Bill for telling your story. So happy that you are ok!
  15. I’m so glad that you are safe. Like Jim, I have many questions. Especially firing the BRS.
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