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  1. Hi Chris, The plane is sold. Thanks
  2. Hi Sully, 

    I accepted a deposit this evening on my LS.

    Thanks, Tip

  3. Does anyone have a picture of the arm that releases the 796 on the back side of the panel?
  4. Here it is. It lets a huge amount of air in too.
  5. The majority of the water comes in through the holes where the flaps connect. It’s a good sized oval hole. If you remove your hat liner, you will see it.
  6. Does anyone have a template for the panel cutout for the 796?
  7. Great trip Todd. I buy my spark plugs at Advance Auto. The parts number is 4339 and if you buy them online, there is a 20% discount.
  8. LSBruce and I changed one out at Page four years ago on his LS. We have to drill a bypass hole in the NAPA thermostat.
  9. You will need a set of these. https://www.harborfreight.com/10-pc-metric-t-handle-hex-key-set-69370.html
  10. I am selling my one owner, always hangared CTLS. It’s in excellent condition and up to date with an April 2019 Annual condition inspection.
  11. Ouch. I just ordered 20 of them on EBay for $6.95.
  12. The carb heat cable may have an issue causing it to be on all the time. Or, your mechanic may have crossed the CEET tubes on the back of the air box which is easily done.
  13. I sure hope that BRS & Flight Design are looking into this. It looks like the rocket part is hanging off the side of the plane.
  14. What were your total costs and wait time with Carmo?
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