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  1. The linkage on the backside of the air chamber has a very delicate spring that can keep the flapper from closing all the way. I agree with Tom, reduced take off power sounds like a carb heat issue.
  2. Did you accidentally change the Baud rate?
  3. I have pulled wings by myself using one of these with some padding under each wing. Make sure that you support each flap as they come out of their sockets.
  4. A friend who received the government’s $500 rebate on his ADS-B install says that it’s a taxable event. He also said that a 1099 would be sent out but none was received. Thoughts?
  5. Three of us in CTs flew to Page and back in 2015. Three plane can’t land at the same time anyway. We were always on final, base and downwind at every stop.
  6. I’ve had two CTLSs with tundras and I would say, yes. Maybe 3 knots. I think that it’s worth it though, I got 950 hours on the original AirTrac tires. Sorry for all that’s happen to Tune and the Nashville area.
  7. My bet is My bet is that is process can only be done by someone factory trained.
  8. Where are these shims located? Do you have a part number?
  9. I changed the N number on mine in November. I was surprised at how quick Oklahoma City was with the process. A lot different than registration.
  10. Originally, the capacitor should be located zip tied to the back side of the motor mount frame above the battery, inboard from where the BRS strap is mounted. It’s in fire sleeve. Forum search, Capacitor. There is a lot of information on previous posts.
  11. Enjoy your trip and fly safe. You two do amazing things🛩
  12. Hi Ed, Spot asks for a username and password.
  13. Tip

    Engine removal

    The shimming at the firewall affects the rudder linkage.
  14. When we dremeled a groove as Roger details, we used the West Systems Epoxy with milled fibers.
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