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  1. My early post on EAA 993 ‘s Jimmy Stewart’s project got removed accidentally.. This is a time lapse of the installation. https://wedflow.co/client/deliverables/jimmystewartairport
  2. Tip


    I saw a 2007 that the flapper wasn’t able to travel all the way because it would hit a screw head on the bottom of the box. The screw head needed to be ground down some and the flapper was then free to travel all the way.
  3. This company belongs to Ken Godin. Ken was part of the FDUDA Sales team when I bought my first plane in 2008. Great guy! Great products. https://composiclean.com/index.html
  4. Hey Andrew, i called & texted you. Get back to me.
  5. I would try attaching a plastic pipe to a shop vac. As you probe it, the vacuum will carry away the mud.
  6. Hey Adam, it’s great to heard from you on the forum. How does the Delta Private Jets work as far a costs. Is it by the hour, the trip, block time or partnership. Our airport is always getting calls from people wanting to fly out locally. We have a new 5500’ runway eager to provide some sort of service.
  7. You can’t go from 5 to 15 in one update.
  8. Hey Roger, Welcome back! You have been missed.
  9. I think that Flight Design USA has this plane for sale on Barnstormers.
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