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  1. Tip


    Hi Philip, Call AOPA.
  2. Tip

    No fuel crossfeed.

    The early 2008 LS planes were shipped without 90 degree elbows at the wing root. The newer planes are using a spring in the gas line instead of the elbow. Look at and feel the gas line through the sight tube holes for a pinched line. I don’t know the physics of it all, but a pinched line at the wingroot will act like you are discribing.
  3. Tip

    Replacement screws/bolts

    Fastenal is a good place to buy small quantities.
  4. My Pennsylvania group (3 planes) made the flyin in 2015. We got ahead of the weather that stranded Bill and Andy for a week on the trip home. We flew from daylight till dark which is only 11 hours in October. That year, pilots for California didn’t make the flyin because of weather. Last year, our group flew to Paige the week after Labor Day and spent a week. We were tied down when a massive thunderstorm came through that blew a hanger over. You can’t predict the weather.
  5. Maybe consider a date in September. The shorter days and Autumn weather make it tough coming in from the eastern US.
  6. That’s great! Enjoy your trip to Page. I wish that I could be there.
  7. Hi Bill, Did you put 10” Skyviews in your SW?
  8. Tip

    Exhaust Departed in Flight

    My tailpipe broke at the elbow with less than 50 hours on a 2008 LS. Flight Design replaced it.
  9. Tip

    Marc Ingegno Brake Parts

    I have 400 hours on the Goldfren pads and don’t plan on changing them anytime soon. CT_MATT & I don’t have problems with the Marc brakes.
  10. Tip

    Blue LED

    Does anyone have a source for the blue LED bulbs that light up the site tubes?
  11. Tip

    Hey Russ, 

    This is Tip Ruffner from Indiana, PA. I noticed that you had your LS advertised and now it must have sold. I would like to sell mine. It has 900 hours on it. What should I expect to sell mine for? It’s in great shape and I would like to buy a newer one. 

    Do you have the Zenith that you built?

    Hope all is well! 



  12. Tip

    E-scooter for the last mile

    I looked at one at Sam’s last week for $150.
  13. Tip

    Fuel caps

    If you cover the LS caps with bolus tape, it will blister where the gas is weeping.
  14. My son & I flew into Chandelle (0N4) which is 3 1/2 miles from Dover Speedway. From there, we rode Razor scooters to the track & back. The scooters fold up & fit easily in my LS.
  15. Tip

    Prop Issue -- Cosmetic or Serious?

    It’s not my plane, but one that I saw. Tom’s right. What most people call the back is actually the “face”. The side you see from the cockpit.