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  1. CTMI, Are you happy with this remote system? My door only has two buttons and I’m wondering if this would work for me? Thanks
  2. I have had issues when reusing the cork bowl gaskets. They tend to not stay in place when replacing the bowl which leads to a leak.
  3. Never, but it was a minimal weep. I found it on a Condition inspection.
  4. I’m fairly sure that this is what Roger is talking about.
  5. Have you had any electrical issues? The intercom is very sensitive to stray current. My experience is that the intercom breaker does not protect it in all cases. I cooked an intercom when my landing light shorted out.
  6. Most trickle chargers come with a pigtail so that you can hardwire it to your positive and negative. With this, you have a coupler that eliminates any mix up when connecting the charger. The coupler also provides some insulation.
  7. I replaced a 696 with a dock with a 796 straight fit. You end up with a lot more room.
  8. I’ve been following along on Flightaware and it’s showing that Dan landed in Kanas City, MO yesterday.afternoon. Congratulations!
  9. I fly into Rostraver frequently and have never seen this plane tied down outside.
  10. I had very good service out of the Marc brakes. 950 hours with minimal maintenance. The Matcos are definitely dirtier.
  11. MEH’s petcock wouldn’t let any fuel pass through. He had a spare, so we just replaced it.
  12. Hey Mike, Maybe bring the girlfriend back?
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