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  1. New panel insert

    I can’t find it at IKEA in the US. Maybe in Europe?
  2. New panel insert

    Has anyone found a source for the original looking panel blanks?
  3. 912 ignition modules

    You could start a great business if you were able to repair these modules. It looks like that they all go bad at some point. Three of us that fly together have all replaced them.
  4. Wingtip Repair

    Hi Dick. My IA attended a Lockwood class in 2011. Cory is the closest for you and I that I know of.
  5. Wingtip Repair

    Lockwood has had composite classes in the past with either Daniel or Frank. Both guys are from Germany.
  6. Hi Bill, i attended it in June. It's a long three weeks but well worth it in the long run. Once you have your LSRM, you can sit for you A&P in as little as 30 months.
  7. Replacement Seat Belts

    I normally agree with Roger but not on this one. The factory belts will not stay tight and we all know it. Call Crow and order their belts. I have made two trips to Page with the Crow belts, that's two 47 hour round trips, with no issues.
  8. We spent a day at Arches National Park. It's in Moab, UT and we flew into Canyonlands (KCNY). It's a great day trip for the folks that have been attending for awhile. You need to rent a van at the airport and then drive the 30 miles to the park. Well worth the effort. Our departure was challenging with a direct crosswind @ 25G29.
  9. Thanks Olav. It would be great to be there! Our schedules worked for September and October's shorter days make the trip from PA a little more challenging. Hoping all have a safe trip. The sights can not be duplicated anywhere else.
  10. An added note, the tourist flights (Otters, Caravans, Skywagons and helicopters) flying up Lake Powell and to Glenn Canyon use 122.75. When we were there last month, it was busy! Classic FBO monitors 122.85.
  11. Emergency landing

    Hi Dick, How many hours did the LS have on it?
  12. Landing light socket

    Thanks Tom & Roger. At one time, guys were replacing the small light with a newer style & it required some fab work. Is that an option?
  13. So long Flight Design......

    Sorry to hear that you are leaving Flight Design, Fred. I always pay close attention to your posts as you fly more than most. Good luck with your new plane.