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  1. Does your filler neck weep fuel? It looks like a gas nozzle may have popped it loose. There have been filler necks & caps go missing in flight in the past.
  2. Tip

    Engine removal

    I have been involved in 4 hose changes and I use two pieces of broomstick. They work just fine.
  3. From 2011, Roger Lee Master Star Fighter Members 8,133 posts LocationTucson, AZ Report post Posted January 1, 2011 Howdy All, As you can see by my post it's the new year and I must be bored this morning. The weather is cold and time to talk about keeping warm in the cockpit. I can fly in 25F temps with only a pair of bluejeans (501's of course) and a short sleeve shirt. Here's how to maximize your cabin heating. First you need to make sure that your cabin heat is opening all the way. This and air leaks is the major cause for you not getting a good heat delivery to the cabin. Pull the cowl off, pull the cabin heat knob all the way out and from the right side of the plane look and feel to see if the little diverter door to the cabin heat is opening all the way. If not adjust the cable a tad shorter. If your diverter door isn't opening all the way the cold air is mixing with the hot air and you are loosing a lot of heating capability. Second take some 2"- 3" wide clear plastic tape and tape over the holes up above your head in the cabin on both sides. I mean all the holes including where the wing pin handles are too. All these holes need to be sealed. Sealing only a few will only force cold air out of another hole. Make sure that you have the wing root gaps on the outside of the plane taped over with your white bolus tape , too. Most of us already have this done. If you don't already know many of your cabin doors do leak some air, some more than others, but either way they allow cold air in. Go to the hardware store and get some 3/8" soft weather strip foam (not the harder black rubber). Apply this to theedge all the way around each door up against the black door molding all ready there. Now that you have no cold air entering the cabin the heater works very well. These few little procedures will keep you nice and toasty for the cold weather flying. p.s. If you want to take sealing the cabin one step further you can get a 2' square piece of 2" thick soft foam and cut it out to the shape that fits right behind each seat that is open to the baggage compartment and fill/seal this area off, too..
  4. You can get these at Craft stores. https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/208423/Sharpie-Oil-Based-Paint-Marker-Fine/
  5. One of the pilots at our field owns a machine shop and has rebuilt 4 trays for me. He replaces the back of the drip tray will a heavier piece of aluminum and they are permanently repaired.
  6. There is a replaceable wear pin in the nose gear assembly.
  7. If you have the gold rims, you only need to remove the outer half to fix a flat.
  8. Skywalker, My plane is sold but I continue to get inquiries. Is your LS for sale? If so, I’ll send any buyers your way.
  9. Hi Dick, The bottom of the tank looked clear, but like Mark mentioned in the previous post, the aluminum filter catches the frayed material.
  10. When I went to fuel my empty left tank up this morning, I noticed something that I knew didn’t belong in there. It was the hole saw cut out from the factory on a September 2010 build. Kreeme Weiss on one side and fabric weave on the other and a hole in the middle. I’m very happy I found it!
  11. A friend just bought a LS with these mats. They look like what Tom describes.
  12. Johnnyjr, i would consider selling the plate with the 696. Tip
  13. I replaced my Garmin 696 with a 796 and needed a new center plate. A friend laser cut one for me and it came out really nice. On the left is the one for the 696 and on the right is the new 796 one. If you are in need of one, PM me and I’ll put you in contact with him.
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