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  1. Probably 2 new batteries.
  2. We found this on a recent inspection. A friend bought a 2015 and the site tube was rubbing the bulk head.
  3. Where’s your plane coming in from? I would find a CFI that could fly it home with you, Get your transition enroute.
  4. Hey Darrell, You should have stopped in. I was at the airport most of the day waiting for my friend and his wife to arrive in a CTLSi he just bought in South Carolina.
  5. A friend just bought a 2014 CTLSi this week. Had Rotax fixed these issues by 2014?
  6. Tip

    EGT alert

    Hi Bill, I had to replace a sensor that was doing the same on a 200 hour engine. Aircraft Spruce has them.
  7. Has anyone recently sent their chute in for repack? I’m curios to know the current time frame and cost for a repack and rocket replacement?
  8. Looking for a low time CTLS.
  9. I have both. It’s an extra great day when I fly in the morning and go to the lake in the afternoon!
  10. I have pulled wings by myself using a Harbor Freight scaffold under each wing. You can pad it up really well and the caster wheels will roll and also lock.
  11. I would use Fluid Film for this application. I also use Inox, but FF would probably last longer in this hard to reach location.
  12. Tip

    fuel leak

    Or is it a CTLSi?
  13. Out of stock here also. https://oil-store.com/product/aeroshell-sport-plus-4-case-12-1-liter/
  14. My ‘08 LS with factory tundras had brackets with 4 holes.
  15. A google search of that N number shows pictures of the plane on floats. Are there modifications to the fuselage to accommodate floats?
  16. Very nice! Congratulations! And it’s a Jubilee.
  17. thanks. what does one wing weigh? I was told by Daniel from Flight Design Germany that they weigh 70 pounds.
  18. I have done wing pulls myself uses a scaffold under each wing. The dolly wheels make it easy. https://www.harborfreight.com/900-lb-multipurpose-scaffold-63050.html
  19. I have seen several CTLSs were the push pull wire bows and the carb heat stays on once it’s apply. It would be a good practice to reach in behind the balance tube to verify that the interlock setup is throwing both ways.
  20. I think that this is it. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/prm-1070
  21. One hundred dollars an hour for fuel is a deal breaker for me.
  22. Arian put a fuel pump on my plane while I watched years ago. I feel that his work is top notch. I would go to wherever the plane is with check in hand, look it over and if it’s what was promised, fly it home. You know what to look for as a owner.
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