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  1. “Insulating the exhaust pipes (e.g. with exhaust wraps or ceramic coatings) leads to a significant increase in the component temperatures of all exhaust-relevant components. The significant addi- tional thermal load generated inevitably reduces proven durability of exhaust components. Exhaust wrap may also hold moisture, promoting corrosion. The use of any insulation material is not approved by ROTAX® and may result in exhaust compo- nent fatigue and damage.” Ill stay stock.
  2. Is this a legal modification for SLSA planes? I’d like to do that. I’m pushing 245 on warm Climb outs. Where did you get the wrap? thanks for info
  3. Got this massage today. I’m not sure what to do. Put the battery charger on and turn on the display for a few hours? thanks for any advice.
  4. If I was going to change engines and your experimental, why not go with the 915? I have experience in both the carbureted 912uls(my crashed 2008 N121YT) and my current 912Si. Power is the same, but fuel burn is better. Matched with E-prop I’m getting 123-125 knots at 5400 rpm pulled back to eco mode 4.6 gph. 2013 CTLS with tundra gear. It’s a very efficient machine.
  5. 490 hours. Perfect condition. Text or call if interested. 9126651119
  6. I just flew to Charleston and back. 200 miles each way. A guy with an old Musketeer came up to me on the ramp and asked “what is it”? So I told him, 122 knots TAS ( with tundra gear thanks Eprop) 4.5 gallon per hour fuel burn ( thank you fuel injection) . I never took on fuel and landed with a 3 hour reserve. I realized talking to him what a lucky bastard I am. I don’t hesitate to fly. If I had to feed my plane 8-10 gph of $10 avgas I would.
  7. Im at 25.5. Flew today. Takeoff was brisk. WOT level at 4000 feet gave me125-7 knots . That’s with Tundra gear.
  8. When there is no other traffic I like to fly a tight pattern pretending I lost the engine abeam the numbers or before. Power back, 70 knots, 0 flaps. 30-40 degree turn to base about 1/4 mile from end of runway.( watch the ball ) , no back pressure. Let the nose drop and loose altitude. 15 flaps. Tight turn to final. Usually have to slip the plane to get it down. It’s fun and good practice.
  9. 24.8 was their recommendation but the engine redlined at static run up. Currently at 27.5 degrees and turning 5300 in level flight. Will try to take out 1.2 tomorrow.
  10. Are you turning 5500 in Level flight? Thanks for your info.
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