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  1. I know. I’ve looked. I got a letter in the mail today from “backtothecockpit.org.” Apparently it’s a thing to experience ptsd after crashing a plane. This group offers assistance to get over it. It came at a good time. I’m grateful to be alive, but I’m also depressed. Not sure I can recapture the joy.
  2. Airplane has been moved to Atlanta. FD and Rotax reps will inspect. Insurance guy said he will keep me in the loop. Will advise if I learn anything.
  3. Turns out I flew over a 1900 foot paved strip. 25SC. It’s not on the charts. Just damn.
  4. My insurance adjuster told me his experience has been that certified aircraft shops are much more professional than LSA shops. If you have an SLSA airplane, we don’t have the maintenance options certified airplanes have. Every A&P can work on a lycoming or Continental. I hope someday it’s the same with Rotax.
  5. He did the hoses last years annual.
  6. Your right Tom. Oil showed on the dipstick.
  7. Is that the temp sensor or something else?
  8. I’ve got the ok to share some pics and info with you guys. This is what we saw under the cowling. Oil lines were off both sides of the oil temp sensor. Hose would slip onto the barb and slid off just as easily. This might account for the sudden pressure loss and no indicated increase n oil temp. Mechanic told NTSB he never touched them. I flew 170 hours behind this engine in the last 12 months. It failed 40 minutes after picking it up from annual. After he had replaced oil cooler mounts. Thoughts?
  9. The oil cooler mounting grommets needed to be replaced. See it yet?
  10. I called BRS Aerospace yesterday and thanked them for what they do. They invited me to come tour the plant and sign “the book”. What book I asked. The survivors book. By the way, one strap of my parachute was not attached to the rocket. 3 people signed off on it. It’s hard to see and we all missed it at the last repack. Check yours.
  11. I considered a road, but by this time I was in a very dense residential area. It was not a good option. Power lines everywhere. I wish the controller had been more on top of the situation. He never knew where I was or even suggested an ident. His confusing and misleading guidance added to my stress level. It turns out I flew very close to a 1900 foot paved strip that is not on the charts. If the controller knew where I was he might have pointed it out to me. Regarding the pull, just a sharp yank was all it took. Regarding the cause, it was not a Rotax failure. It was not the oil filter or drain plug. That’s as far as I can go right now.
  12. Here is a clearer ATC recording.
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