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  1. Grass strip Fly Boy, be aware when your practicing engine outs, if your prop stops, glide goes to hell real fast. I don’t know exactly but I think I was coming down at about 1200 fpm at 65 knots when my engine seized.
  2. I’m looking at different CTs to buy. One plane I looked at was all up to date except the chute repack expired several months ago. Owner declined to do it because he said that buyers “don’t care about that”. Labeled the chute handle “inop” I care a lot about that since I pulled the ownership transfer handle a few weeks ago. I told them I wasn’t interested unless they do the repack first. Curios to know what you guys think.
  3. Never thought I would see myself in the accident data base.
  4. Thank you Tom. I may need to reconsider. 90% of the time I’ll be on pavement.
  5. I hear you. But the plane was maintained by Flight Design! I imagine the pre buy guy would just be talking to them which might be a waste of time and money. But then again another set of eyes on couldn’t hurt.
  6. Reason I’d prefer Tundra is that extra margin of safety if I hit a hole. I flew my old plane on grass, but it was jarring and unpleasant on a rough field. Plus I think the airplane just looks better with the bigger wheels. Thank you for the info Gents.
  7. I’m looking to replace the airplane I just crashed. I would prefer Tundra landing gear on my new plane. Is there a kit to upgrade to Tundra gear if I buy a plane with standard gear? Or should I just look for a plane already set up with Tundra gear. I was willing to fly commercial to see the airplane. Owner said we couldn’t fly it. Deal breaker for me.
  8. Looking at the logs is weird. Annual inspections are missing but flight hours accrued. He apparently flew it out of annual.
  9. I don’t know. It was an SLSA. I paid a guy to keep the airplane safe and current. See the loose hose? That’s how we found it after the crash.
  10. Are those Tundra tires? Any difference in cruise vs standard?
  11. Fantastic pics! That is some dramatic terrain. I hope to get out there sometime and see it for myself.
  12. I’m looking at an airplane that has from day one been maintained by Arian at Flight Design. He has done all the annuals. Log books are clean. Would you guys buy a plane sight unseen under these conditions? Or would you still get a pre buy inspection done? appreciate any thoughts.
  13. On a happy note a friend let me roll his RV8 and it cheered me up! IMG_2376.MOV
  14. Airplane is in a storage facility in Atlanta. NTSB and my insurance company are trying to get Rotax people or Lockwood people to look at it to determine probable cause. I don’t think we will ever know for sure. I have my thoughts but won’t ( can’t) express them here. Remember, I had just picked up plane from annual. He had the plane for two weeks. Avemco is paying the claim. They looked closely but could not find a reason to deny it. Thank goodness I was current on everything. Avemco has been very professional and helpful.
  15. I know. I’ve looked. I got a letter in the mail today from “backtothecockpit.org.” Apparently it’s a thing to experience ptsd after crashing a plane. This group offers assistance to get over it. It came at a good time. I’m grateful to be alive, but I’m also depressed. Not sure I can recapture the joy.
  16. Airplane has been moved to Atlanta. FD and Rotax reps will inspect. Insurance guy said he will keep me in the loop. Will advise if I learn anything.
  17. Turns out I flew over a 1900 foot paved strip. 25SC. It’s not on the charts. Just damn.
  18. My insurance adjuster told me his experience has been that certified aircraft shops are much more professional than LSA shops. If you have an SLSA airplane, we don’t have the maintenance options certified airplanes have. Every A&P can work on a lycoming or Continental. I hope someday it’s the same with Rotax.
  19. He did the hoses last years annual.
  20. Your right Tom. Oil showed on the dipstick.
  21. Is that the temp sensor or something else?
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