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  1. Hi Roger! As noted above, I am definitely going to ask the mechanic to do that during the upcoming maintenance. Thank you again!
  2. Hi everyone! I want to share a couple of updates. First cotton balls and Vaseline definitely great fire starter. Second after removing right panel and checking all grounds test flight did not experience the issue nor have subsequent flights. We were already due for a 35 hour oil change and have a new LED landing light and other minor items (including cleaning of ammeter shunt on left side) to address so will definitely be asking for a thorough look at our 35hr oil change this week. I also now have a rectifier on hand ensuring that if the current unit does not test 100% we can replace during this maintenance event. Thank you to everyone for your help advise and comments here!
  3. Thank you Odo. Are you literally suggesting to cover the whole shunt with Vaseline after cleaning?
  4. Hi Johnny! That’s actually what we were looking for yesterday. More pictures attached of engine compartment here. Please let me know if you spot anything, but we traced every known ground wire and all were secure. Thank you!
  5. Hi Roger! Thank you for your reply. I was suspicious of the shunt as well and hope to check that today. We’re going to do a test high speed taxi first to see if anything we did yesterday on the right side had positive results. I’ve also added a picture of the right side. If you see anything out of order, please share your comments. Thank you!
  6. Hi CT owners! I am the relatively new owner of N169CT, a 2006 CTSW and am a student pilot. I’ve been flying the aircraft since purchasing it in May 2020 and the only issue has been a defective ignition module which was replaced by the seller. Other than that no issues until now. When flying closed traffic recently, we saw an amperage spike ranging from +15 - +20 and the alarms on both Dynon devices (D100 and D120) went off. The spikes were not consistent and would cease if power is reduced. We immediately landed and proceeded to do a run-up to 3200 (our normal run up) and to 4000 and there was no issue. We then went to take off again, as soon as full power was applied we got a spike and alarm. The takeoff was aborted and we brought it back to the hangar where it sits now. After going through many articles with seemingly similar issues, we spent the last two days checking every ground connection we could find and ensuring nothing was loose. We also checked continuity of the ground from the Dynon D120 chassis to the engine mount and it is fine. Our mechanic is off this week so we’re on the ground until he is back on Monday, but if anyone here has any ideas, your suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Seth - N169CT
  7. Where did the sheep covers come from? Those are perfect and I need to order a set! Thank you!
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